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Monday, May 23, 2011

Histe Up the John B Sail

St. Mary's Church

In the blind Sunday night of May 22, 2011, when Rev. Justin ('Time') Monaghan heard the train a'comin', he jumped the tub walls, grabbed both plastic duckies, and rode 'er out. Yeehaw and splishsplash.

Lookit the rev'run, praying with renewed -- and sincere -- fervor!

But Elijah is already come; and they knew him not, but did whatsoever they wanted to him. (Matthew 17)

Rubba dub dubya three men in a tub. Y'all.

It was good enough for Noah and Jonah. Washin' up, washin' down.

We come on the sloop "John B"

my grandfather and me

(B. Wilson)

That'd be Ray Ruff. Mentioned last outing, in 1953 little dynamo got borned. The fittythree Worchester, Massachusetts twister now ties 2011 Joplin for largest U.S. tornado disasters on record.

Once again: silencio from Medea about how recent increases in quakes, vulcanism, and extreme meteorology aren't really happening . . . it's just greater population density. Oh, and buildings . . . absolutely . . . lots more buildings now. And that's your Noos at Elven, tune out again next time when.

Anything. But. God.

Certain plantation men and women integrated African roots, pain, and a little something else, and created songs of humility and trust in god. They were rewarded with prophecy, and kingdom. The ark went with them; they endured.

From faith in bondage, all the way down to Pharaoh and Beyonce and Oprah, full of libertas and rebellion.

Joplin recalls twin American music icons, Ragtime Scott and Wailing Janis, latter hailing from Port Arthur, Texas. One for NSpaceman. ;O)

(Boomers made Janis into a goddess; she didn't self-deify.)

The linked article above ends with a local woman commenting, "The tornado has split Joplin in two."

Jop is male, deriving primarily (tho not exclusively) from Biblical Job, who personified trust, strength, and patience during satanic attack. Lin is female, meaning fine jade or forest, connoting material/earthly elements, gross or refined . . . as opposed to Job's spirituality.

So: Joplin was composed of Eastern female and Western male, now torn asunder by tornado. Joplin also suggests Japan, with its dual dragon.

Think ye that I am come to give peace in the earth? Nay, but rather division . . . when ye see a cloud rising in the west, straightaway ye say, There cometh a shower (Luke 12)

St. John's Regional Medical Center in Joplin, Missouri, run by the Sisters of Mercy, stood splay-legged, directly in the tornado's path.

Bad idea. Perhaps the sisters weren't sufficiently merciful? Not that mercy is their business anyway.

Their business is obedience. For the few remaining.

Johannite pal, St. Mary's Catholic Church, was dopply disfavored, along with rectory structures and school.

Appraised, razed, and dazed, like the closing scene in the Coenheads' A Serious Man.

Only things left standing: a cross and a priest. In a tub.

He's sitting in the rubble going, "Well. I guess I'm done."

Start again from scratch with just the essentials oh and p.s. -- apparently god will decide who's a "saint."

'Midst the flying furnace, Joplin's other Catholic Church, St. Peter the Apostle, emerged unscathed.

When winds exceed 200 mph, you want the right foundation stones.

Hey now, the well run dry

pages of your book on fire

read the writing on the wall

Hoedown it's a showdown

everywhere you look see the fighting

hear the call

And you know it's gettin' stronger

can't fake 'em out much longer

(Turn to Stone)

Guess Joplin's lucky it didn't build a St. Mary Magdalene Cathedral! Hell-o Dan Brown you'll want a fast hoss.

Ding Ding Ding! Severe Whether Alert!

Laredo Tornado

Eleven days prior, on May 10-11, in that swollen tick called the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis -- where Dealey Plaza yet squats regal and unsated -- past-due notices began arriving.

You have been served. You have been served.

Have a great millennium.

We aim to please, and we're pleased to aim.

now storming fury rose

And clamor such as heard in heaven till now

Was never, arms on armor clashing brayed

Horrible discord, and the madding wheels

Of brazen chariots raged; dire was the noise

Of conflict; overhead the dismal hiss

Of fiery darts in flaming volleys flew

And flying vaulted either host with fire:

So under fiery cope together rushed

Both battles main, with ruinous assault

And inextinguishable rage; all heaven


(Milton, Paradise Lost)

At first it looks like Texas is being attacked from the sky.

Dozens of flourescent explosions sweep through the night in bursts of bright blue, orange, and green flashes.

Below is a still, but the videos are far jollier.

They have set up kings, but not by me; they have made princes, and I knew it not; of their silver and their gold they have made them idols, that they may be cut off . . . the workman made it; therefore it is not of God: but the calf of Samaria shall be broken in pieces; for they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind. (Hosea 8)

"Workman" = craftsman, ignorant of their own cornerstone, building idols to money and goddesses and themselves.

The calf resonates Exodus. Same game. Samaria combines Sam(ael) and Maria. Sam = Baal, Milcom, Osiris, etc.

The rebuke via Hosea generally targets idolatry, especially goddess-worship, which the Hebrew tribes (and spiritual "Israel") carried, and clung to, from early Caananite sojourns until, uh, what time is it now?

Whose statue stands outside U.S. court buildings? Whose statutes are kept inside? Hint it ain't Jesus . . . even little dumbname-o hips that. It's not God's chosen, the king, ruling in mercy and righteousness.

It's just sis. Wanting to be what she never was, and never can be.

Whose iconic statue welcomes foreigners to her syncretistic nation?

Ahab and Jezebel re-inforced Baal and Asherah shrines at their Sa-marian HQ. These Demetrian grain/fertility cults get a backhand slap in the "sow the wind" phrase, as do modern attempts literally to seed clouds, coerce the weather, and change times and seasons.

Poor cook he took the fits

threw away all of my grits

then he went and ate up all of my corn

Agriculture is a type of coercion, as invitees to the Cerelean Groves well-understand. In the future, it will be a gift, instead of a sly, grisly, constant demand.

"Sow the wind" means praying to nothing, or to no-one, like pigs flying . . . expending one's NRG on impermanent things. The whirlwind divides eternal from non.

Same wind that blows down the town, blows us broke and broke-up, home from our surfin' safari.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Belt an' Window

It's winter 1943 and the German 6th, punched-out froze-up and exhausted, just surrendered at Stalingrad; doom is upon the Reich. There's only one Fatherland, and they ain't it.

Near Guadalcanal the heavy-cruiser Chicago lists, lists, bobs, disappears into the Pacific. But landward on the island, the bloodtide turns.

A little boy's thoughts break the Emperor's concentration. The old man fingers his crown, removes it two-handed to a small rattan box. Gently, he re-fits the lid. Bushido is dead. Nothing ahead but transistors and transvestites.

By February 4 of 1943, Rommel and the Axis are forced wobbly from Libya into Tunisia, where Africa's crown was sore wounded, two hundred and fifty million years back.

Next day, February 5 of 1943, at Olympia Stadium in now-defunct Detroit -- Robinson's adopted hometown -- Jake LaMotta knocks Sugar Ray out of the ring, and into Robinson's first defeat after 40 straight triumphs.

Less than three weeks later (!) at the re-re-match, Robinson defeats LaMotta. In 1951, at their sixth and final fight, Robinson takes LaMotta's middleweight belt and crown. As the President said in masked and anonymous: It's a New Day.

Jake spent the rest of his days telling anybody who'd listen that Robinson never knocked him down. Which was true. Not a donut, but true.

In 1953 little dynamo emerged ten toed-n-fingered if not quite unscathed. The war was over, nobody even mentioned it anymore. Casualties were around though, if you cared to look.

On May 16 of 2011, spacemonkey spermatozoa Mark Kelly steered Endeavor into the celestials for coniunctio with ISIS, the International Space Station, as wife Gabrielle Giffords -- holding down the fort on Planet Janet -- cheered him on and up.

The launch was rescheduled from April 29 due to "faulty power units" . . . or heater pods something something blrf. In fact liftoff was intentionally coincident to Pharaoh's pilgrimage to Memphis, Khemic Khapital Deluxe, first nome of Lower Egypt.

On May 16 in flooded Memphis, the raging, serpentine Miss Iss Ippi having crested her banks, Pharobama descended mid-air for ritely worship of Queen Isis and Pappy Ptah, whilst theatrically assessing the Disaster Zone of a modern "democratic" nation and comforting his subjects.

Anciently, Memphis was called Hikuptah, from which English derives Egypt. Memphis is Egypt. It ain't somethin' else.

Alternately bald or helmeted/crowned, Ptah was (is) the fertility/resurrective patron-deity sacred to craftsmen. Extant as a metropolis at least to the fourth millennium B.C., the (croco)Nile annually flooded Memphis, until later dam/levee technology mitigated structural damage.

Annunciate Anubis sailed into London, then New York, extending the Egyptian masonic motif of NWO operations, pummelling the Dreeming Mind. Sheeple softening.

Ptah logically followed, an establishing force. The meaning is power, expressed publically. Like constructing pyramids for oneself.

The April 29 Royal Wedding didn't unite male and female oppositorums, nor was designed thus. It (further) united Western females, who by far were its psychological and economic target konsumers.

Closing the herd.

The pagan "Beltane Window" of fertility and blood sacrifice runs from April 29 to May 1, May Day. The Alkhemical Wedding opened the window, and on May Day, Osama sin Laden got his final Scapegoat Smackdown, under codename Operation Neptune Spear.

Not Neptune Trident, the common phrasing.

Neptune Spear . . . the aboriginal weapon, associated primarily with Africa. Trident or spear, same weapon, different hand.

Leviathan, Bistea Neptunis, Brittannia Rules the Waves . . . Neptune and trident continue the established trinity themes from Dealey Plaza (Triple Bypass, Trinity River, Love Field triplegoddess etc.) -- and reflect Twin Towers facing, see below.

Thus the Old Dynasty (Dealey Crowd, East Coast fratboys/old money, neptune's trident) unites with the New Dynasty (Daley Crowd, Chicago new money, diversity elite, neptune's spear). Both serve Shinar, the Goddess, collective feminine. Anciently, Egpyt was divided into northern and southern districts, like the Hebrew kingdoms of Israel and Judah after Solomon.

Beltane Windows: nominal Xtra charge

The WTC, here superimposed with Dealey Plaza, has design connections with the wealthy Bin Laden tribe.

Black Goat-he of the fambly. Sistem works for everybody.

Ptah presides over pharonic ascencions, or changes in pharonic dynasties. White to black, on surface. Male to female, underneath.

Now it's King for King
Queen for Queen
gonna be the meanest flood
anybody's ever seen

Oh Mama!
ain't you gonna miss your best friend now?
You're gonna have to find yourself
another best friend somehow

(Down in the Flood)

Readers recall the Love Field Installation photo, with LBJ snaggled and sworn as IdSerpent in mid-air over Texas Tarmac, triangulated by rising triple deal-ties Sarah Hughes, Lady Bird, and Jackie O.

Our previous post suggested the "scrapped" original launch-date (April 29) as pretext for another mid-air tarmac rite in Florida, involving principals Great Goddess Gabby and Pappy Ptah, mirroring the sororal Royal Wedding on the same date in England.

The Gnostic/alkhemical "royal wedding" aspect of the "Great Work" seeks elevation of matter (the feminine or woman) by techno-artifice into spiritual states and realms. The First Degree Board features a golden stellar stairway, partly because heaven's for sale or, negotiations failing, taken by force. Thus: Babylon the Great.

Putt'n in the Fix.

Here's the photo/still from the Cape Carnival, oop Carnevale, make that Canaveral. Compare to the First Degree Tracing Board, illustrating the goddess' re-ascencion. (See prior post for graphics.)

AF pointed out the ritualized Egyptian-deity stance and positioning of the figure at top-left, suggesting resemblance to Ptah. (Compare also Pharobama lead image.)

Ptah (pronounced pt-ooey) -- ok not really but you get the idea

Sheshonq -- Chief Priest of Ptah, with typical "aligned feet" spellcasting powerstrut (moonwalking? lol)

Put a chain around my neck
and lead me anywhere

("Teddy Bear" -- Elvis Presley)

Subsequent photos clearly identify the isolated tarmac figure as a bicycle cop (bike just to left, out of frame). However, rather than dispel the khemic overtones of the tableaux, the new pic enhances descriptions of the Kopper King from the "Ona Common Sense" photo and press conference.

In addition to fertility and inauguration, possession by Ptah/Sheshonq suggests an apotropaic dimension to these rites. By late April, the Nile ah Mississippi was guaranteed to test, and possibly crest, the Memphis levites uh levees. Meanwhile, Egypt was in post-revolutionary froth, citizens having poured through Cairo's streets like fill in yr own simile here. thanks a lot.

Cairo: largest city on the entire continent . . . front-n-center in Africa's "cerbral cortex" -- as Pharaoh was locus, chief executive, and deity incarnate of Egypt. (See post "All the Dark Continents.)

The Sinai, and largely the southen Arabian Peninsula, protrudes as uraeus from Africa's noggin, ready to strike, overshadowing the Middle East, Inja, and points east . . . a geographic analog of the pharonic uraeus, the motile tessqueen . . . in ancient Egypt, cobragoddess Wadjet.

The Sphinx is lithic equivalent, its uraeus snicked off. Now, what meanie would treat such a nice lady like that?

Some folk can't take a yolk. Yoke.

Know the answer to the Sphinx' riddle?

Boom Boom out go the lights. Did you say something?

Biblically, Pharaoh = Satan and Egypt = slavery, especially deceit and spiritual enslavement.

Pharaobama was marketed to America, and the world, as a kind of messianic "freed slave," representing the collective social liberation of african-americans, showing that the U.S. has finally Overcome, and the world finally can unite in egalitarian luv . . . when in fact he's an Instru-mentality of bondage.

Baldness and/or helmeted heads are de rigueur in this ritual schema -- recall late images of Loughner. Likewise, the Kopper King's hair from the Ona Common Sense photo is very short. He wears the Kopper Krown star as helmet.

As topper, there's

. . . Endeavor Kommandante Mark Kelly, pictured with Homeland Security Kaiser Janet Napolitano, at a service for the Tucson slain.

Perhaps Janet is preying for more Security.

Here's Janet Planet in happier daze, after dispatching a Fleeing Flock o' Perpetrators.

Yay Princess! You go! There's no place like Homeland!

About the only jobs for males in The Homeland nowdays, come to think, are in Enforcement or Security. There might be a few fastfood slots open.

The Prison Guards' unions are doing splendidly, however, thank you Jan and Co.

Returning resurrectUS to TwoSawn, where this particular Red Line thread hatched -- not with the shooting, but with copper mines and kopper kings like Joe Arpaio, self-titled "Toughest Sheriff in America" -- and his sprawling Tent City "jails" in the desert, male inmates outfitted in emasculating pink.

Indeed, the Red Line makes many stops, with direct connexions with Southwestern U.S. "law" industries, with masonic matrices, and with Jared Loughner's flying-scroll crosswords warning to US about the whole nassty business.

Tucson south of the Phoenix, like Memphis south of the Sphinx, Giza Pyramids, and Cairo. . . Tucson, where Jose Guerena was shot down in a SWAT bullet barrage before his horrified family on May 5 -- just after working a graveyard shift at the nearby Asarco Copper Mine.

Yup. Yuppers.

A buried detail MSM readers would not grok. Unless they endured this blog.

Guerra in espanol = war.

Jose from Joseph, Joseph from Joshua who

will branch out from his place and build the temple of the LORD . . . and he will be clothed with majesty, and he will sit and rule on his throne. And he will be a priest on his throne. And there will be harmony between the two. (Zech. 6)

Call it camp til Next Time when, god willing, little dynamo comes out swinging, soon as he hears that bell ringing.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

More to the Picture II (Don't Dream It's Over)

Dry -dock at the Cape of No Hope (or Change!)

at far-right, Shuttle Astronut Janet Kavandi (egyptian ka + van + goddess di)

Sure, they want your NWO in hevvun! MasterCharge and American Express accepted. Go straight on up!


Following Shinar around on a Flying Scroll is bumpy, but not boring. One day we's rasslin' Jackie Storrer's celestial-scale Crossword Puzzle, trying to exorcise the Matrix that she's become.

Next day, it's infiltration of the Ona Common Sense press conference of Gabrielle Giffords. Not that we knew we'd be there. :O)

Standing at the First Degree dealey (lectern), rays of blood and alchemical gold surround Gabrielle's head, before it is very ceremoniously blown open.

The Ona Common Sense still, examined in a recent post, is masonic in structure, Renaissance/medieval in composition, triangular in occult geometry, and oppositional in tone -- an eschatologic, martial tableaux.

A precariously balanced equation.

The imago's dopplings help unlock its predictive and instructive potential. We discussed the twin acolyte photogs fronting the scene/ario, whose shirts match the lower (terrestrial) colors of the Amazona, ooop, Arizona flag.

Identification of the pairings unthaws the frozen still; suddenly the pic resembles the "Gang Summit" scene from Gangs of New York. 'Cept, of course, this ain't a movie. This is as real as the hole in Gabby Giffords' still-open skull.


Right Vertex:

Tin Man with Blonde Attendant/Aide

Sister Silver Hair with Van Man (black shirt, glasses)

Left Vertex:

Blackshirt Man w/krewcut with RedShirt Woman

Beehive Hair Woman with Blondie

A female perches on each of Gabby's shoulders, corresponding to the "stork-winged" transporters from Zechariah 5 and masonry's First Degree Tracing Board, who overlook the shoulders of the descending "goddess."

First Degree Tracing Board, descending Goddess

Space Shuttle lauch, rescheduled, re-ascending Goddess Gabrielle

Following Ja-Red's intervention, did that extraterrestrial "goddess" stride into Gabrielle Giffords' noggin, and onto Checkerboard Earth?

And if so, did that goddess subsequently re-ascend, after adjustments to Giffords' neural wiring? Leaving behind some very uncommon sense . . . spare change?

Returning to the Ona Common Sense photo: behind the Twin Transporters is, as previously identified, the Kopper King, head (intellect, consciousness) centered in the Copper Star of Arizona. Two grey-haired guardians flank him just inside the margins of the flag, with two others at far exterior. KK isn't interested in Gabby, tho -- she's a known quantity, well under kontrol.

Instead, he peers down the right vertex, sizing the opposition, their backs beckoning, an easy kill . . .

. . . imagining he's invisible. Double heh.

(Don't turn around/the Kommissar's in town.)

The woman with two kids on the left vertex corresponds to the "Down's Person" over Tin Man's right shoulder, on the right vertex. These are wild-cards or, in the political terms of the photo, Undecideds or Independents. Note the Down's Person re-examining the "Giffords U.S. Congress" placard.

What . . . exactly . . . have I been handed here?

Arrows on the war-red banner underline the polarized, martial theme. Stage-front, Tin Man and Blackshirt stare mutual daggers, very real daggers indeed, with Blackshirt's right foot already raised in pursuit. Their female counterparts -- Blonde Attendant and RedShirt Woman -- mirror the faceoff, queens across the tessboard.

As they say in southern football: agile, mobile, and hostile.

Van Man and Blondie (white top just to Giffords' left) are antagonistic polarities, but Van Man is focused on Blackshirt. With unfriendly intent.

Within the major vertices, Van Man/Blackshirt/Tin Man form a separate, inner triangle. . . their own little war. The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good.

Similar to Van Man, the boy to Gifford's left wears a black shirt with a gold slash/design. The boy's shirt also contains grey, blending black and white. He's what everybody is fighting over. Sons of Adam.

Blondie and BeeHive Hair Woman, as hinted via their b & w clothing, are complementarily allied in warfare -- probably sorcery, witchcraft, necromancy, etc. Both could be looking at Giffords . . . or at Tin Man.

Set against them on the right vertex are Van Man and Sister Silver Hair, in green dress with wreathed collar. (Just a baby waiting/for her tomorrow.)

Sister Silver Hair is holding a "Giffords" sign, but . . . well, you see where she's lined up, staring down the Redshirt Woman (Rubedo Woman, drakon). At shoulder of SSH is companion Van Man, interrupting the Kopper King's Direct Line.

Your service has been suun disconnected.

The blue field of the American stars emerge directly from Sister Silver Hair's head, like a conical cap, topped by the eagle.

The April 29 "Royal Launch" of the Space Shuttle Endeavor, commanded by Mark Kelly, was postponed due to a "faulty power source." Kelly's wife, Gabrielle Giffords, attended and expects also to appear for the rescheduled launch.

Following that, a final shuttle launch titled "Atlantis" will help secure ownership of the heavens for the NWO Homeland. "New Atlantis," of course, was the seventeenth-century utopian (dystopian) novel by Francis Bacon, part of the masonic vision ("Great Work") culminating in establishment of America and the now-manifest NWO.

Shuttle Atlantis is set for liftoff on June 28. Rather like Gabby Giffords' skull, Bacon subtitled his book "A Worke Unfinished." Winky winky.

Giffords arrived in Cape Canaveral last Wednesday to attend the launch in what was the first time she has been seen in public since the attempt on her life.

An extraordinary video showing shot Miss Giffords making her painful way up a flight of stairs into the plane that took her to Cape Canaveral was aired by ABC. The footage is tangible proof of Mrs Giffords' miraculous recovery since she was shot in the head at a political rally in Tucson on January 8.

Don't leave me hangin' boss

Boss? BOss!!?

Endeavor Kommandante Mark Kelly gives Pharaoh the NWO salute . . . sighting down the left vertex, plumb-bobbing New Atlantis.

Gonna be a brief endeavor!

Little dynamo loves little sister.

Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup

there's a battle ahead, many battles are lost

But you'll never see the end of the road

while you're travelling with me

Hey now, hey now
don't dream it's over
Hey now, hey now

when the world comes in

They come, they come to build a wall between us
We know they won't win

(Neil Finn)