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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Kings of the Wimps

Today King George II, that predator-deluxe, that pussified excuse for American maleness, is revelling in his investiture as monarch. Forty million clams coughed up by Junior's corporate sycophants. Not counting massive "security" costs, of course. That tab goes to John Q.

Der Furhrer Jr. vowed to "end tyranny" throughout the globe.

Concurrently, Muslim men are observing the rite of Hajj, busily busily busily casting stones at a male scapegoat (as opposed to confronting their own weaknesses and failings, a much less festive proposition).

[via YahooNews]

Hajj Pilgrims Begin Stoning of Devil

Thu Jan 20, 7:27 AM ET World - AP

By ADNAN MALIK, Associated Press Writer

MINA, Saudi Arabia - Shuffling slowly but smoothly, huge crowds of people hurled pebbles Thursday at pillars representing Satan, symbolically stoning the devil in a final ritual of their pilgrimage, while Muslims at the hajj and around the world slaughtered sheep, cows and camels to mark the Feast of the Sacrifice holiday.

Most of the 2 million pilgrims were expected to begin carrying out the ritual later in the day, historically one of the most dangerous because of stampedes as pilgrims elbow their way close to the pillars, then return to Mecca to circle the holy Kaaba in the final ritual of the pilgrimage. Others would wait or return in the coming days, drawing out their spiritual journey through Saturday.

As the hajj, which climaxed Wednesday with prayers on Mount Arafat, wound down, Muslims here and around the world began celebrating Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of the Sacrifice. The holiday, the most important on the Islamic calendar, marks Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son for God.

It began with mosques — and in places the streets around them — filling up for dawn prayers and to hear holiday sermons. Later, families visited the graves of loved ones, gathered for big family lunches with the meat of freshly slaughtered animals, took children dressed up in new clothes to parks.

[Isn't this lovely? A family-values Sacrifice! A Blood Picnic of sorts....]

"I hope that next year the situation will have improved in Palestine and Iraq (news - web sites), so that their children can play, too," Samir Karim, a 38-year-old Syrian businessman, said at a Damascus park where he brought his four children.

Many holiday sermons on Iraq and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict — issues dominating the Arab world. At a mosque in Beirut, Lebanon, Shiite Muslim cleric Sheik Ahmed Kourani blasted the U.S. occupation of Iraq and its "invasion of our lands ... seeking to humiliate us."

In Beirut and on the streets of the Egyptian capital of Cairo, extra police patrolled areas where people would gather to ensure smooth celebrations. Along the Nile in downtown Cairo, rows of police kept traffic moving as Egyptians flocked to waiting boats to spend the day enjoying music and a cruise to picnic sites.

Streets in Baghdad, Iraq, were quiet Thursday in sharp contrast to Wednesday's wave of bombings. Iraqi cleric Mohammed al-Sumeidi spoke of the capital's plight in his sermon at a Baghdad mosque: "Baghdad is the city of science, city of kings, city of believers. It has now become the city of explosions and hideout of criminals."

At the hajj, a pilgrimage required at least once in the lifetime of every able-bodied Muslim who can afford it, a million animals were expected to be slaughtered, with much of the meat going to the poor. Many pilgrims will pay $120 at the hajj for an animal to be slaughtered and its meat shipped to needy nations.

Unlike past years, pilgrims began the devil-stoning ritual just after midnight on Thursday, taking advantage of a religious edict permitting the stoning before dawn prayers.

[Bonus Stoning Hours. And they call Islam "illiberal."]

Saudi authorities have been looking at many improvements — including erecting wider and taller pillars and adding two new emergency exits — to avoid stampedes like those that killed 1,426 pilgrims in 1990 and 244 last year.

"We were worried about the crowds and we had heard some real horror stories so we feel much better that we made it here early," said Ahmed Sodikin, 56, from Bandung, Indonesia, who came well before dawn.

About 10,000 forces — including traffic and crowd control — were patrolling the area Thursday to ensure the smooth flow of the ritual. Interior Ministry spokesman Brig. Gen. Mansour al-Turki said all was going smoothly as the day wore on: "Thanks be to God, no incidents so far."

[Well, unless you're the Devil, apparently.]

Egyptian teacher Ahmed Mohei el-Din, 30, who also performed hajj last year, praised the new arrangements, saying "I could walk and throw my pebbles. ... This year was much easier."

[end A.P. text]

There you have it. Pin the Blame on the Donkey is MUCH easier this year! Ahmed can now walk, throw pebbles, and -- if it weren't proscribed by Islamic Law, punishable by 100 lashes -- doubtless chew gum also.


After the boys are done playing Bad Evildoer -- same game we're running over here, que coincidencia!! -- they all mosey on over to the Kaaba, shuffle round the ole black stone, and commence to worshipping the Goddess.

Uh. Wait a minnit.

How can this be?

We've been assured for decades that Islam is a PATRIARCHAL religion, ruled by misogynistic males who spend all day whipping their women through the streets.

If so, then why are the Patriarchs all mumbling and stumbling around a feminine icon -- that revered black stone that represents the Great Mother, the primogenerative feminine principle? Their hypno-roundabouts are disturbingly reminiscent of that scene from "Midnight Express," in which the American protagonist is consigned to the looney bin in a Turkish prison where inmates spend all day catatonically circling a stone.

And why, in conjunction with what can only be characterized as matriarchal worship, do our Hajj Shriners combine their devotions with the scapegoating of a male "demon"?

None of this sounds even faintly "patriarchal" to da Black Whole.

Meanwhile -- back in Our, er, "Patriarchy" -- the King is glorying in his re-enthronement, and in corrupt Congress' genuflection to the Wicked Witch of the West, Condo Lease A Ricecakes.

The King is extra-pleased that he and his fellow-traitors have escaped responsibility for assorted torturings in the latest War to Secure American Freedoms. He and Ricecakes are especially jolly at having evaded responsibility for the Muslim Manpile Mess.

Remember the Manpile? That decidedly-non-Geneva-Conventionlike, nekkid Stack-O-Males presided over by grinning American guards, females included? That carefully planned and executed demolition of Islamic manhood?

To round out our morning, the Illustrious Yo-man, AngryHarry published the following relevant commentary today.

Maybe if enough American men would take a leaf out the Muslim box of tricks and have a good moan at the TV studios then media companies like Fox might provide its stations with TV spots that portray MEN a favorable way.


The American media are terrified of upsetting Muslims, Jews, gays, blacks, Mexicans, women, and goodness knows who else, but when it comes to men - No Sirree! - they are not terrified at all.

They laugh at them and jeer at them.

Even when they have had their penises cut off!

And this is because American men are wimps.

Did you know that there are five orders of wimps in this world?


There are.

And American males are in the highest category.

They are the Kings of the Wimps.

They make up the Supreme Order Of Wimps.

And their patheticness has allowed the evils of feminism and political correctness to spill out into the rest of the world thereby destabilising the whole planet.

As such, it is the job of American males to do something about this sad state of affairs.

It is their responsibility.

It is their fault.

And it is only they who really have the power to undo what they have allowed to be done.

You read all this talk on the various political websites about the great American Way, the wonderful land of the free, the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, the American Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and what a great country is America, and so on and so on - and it's all bullsh#t.

The country is currently involved in major wars all over the place (Iraq, drugs, terrorism etc) its citizens are losing their freedoms by the hour, and their men are little more than lackey boys for those with power - to whom they hand over about 50% of their earnings.

Their country is being invaded by millions of illegal immigrants. They are no longer even safe with regard to their own families and intimate relationships. They are at the mercy of all their women and children. They are forever being insulted, degraded, demonised and discriminated against by a great number of groups. And their entire kind is gradually being extinguished by a complement of vindictive women who have succeeded in reducing their birth rate to such a degree that they are rapidly declining in number.

And what do American males do about this?


And this is because they have metamorphosed themselves into the Supreme Order Of Wimps.

Whoa! Spot On, Harry! as they say in the Isles (well, at least they said that shit in old English movies)

Harry is correct-a-Mundo. American males suck dragging dogtit. "Wimp" is far too kind a word for our collective emasculation. We fear our own women, and we fear the tyrant drones -- Flying Monkeys like Junior Bush and Billy Clinton -- that serve the Mass Psychosis that the feminine Shadow has become.

We, as American men, ARE responsible for letting the Matriarchal Monster loose on the planet, and WE -- and nobody else, not Fathers4Justice, not the Muslims, not the Eskimos nor the Albanians -- are responsible for correcting our deplorable national castration.

Diverting attention away from our freefall into matriarchy by creating wars with Middle Eastern Muslims is macho posturing, weakling Cowboyism. We'd like to imagine we can regain our national and individual manhood by dropping bombs on impoverished countries and Taking Names.

But we can't.

That's just Big Sister stomping Little Sister. There is only one Goddess, she's just got lotsa names.

We can only regain our masculinity -- and our national sanity and righteousness -- by confronting our abdication of male ideals, principles, and behaviors. By acknowledging that we live in a matriarchy, that we have LOST our manhood, and that all the money, power, and sex in the world won't restore ourselves to ourselves.

So down with goddess worshippers like Bush and the mullahs. Let them crawl around the universe in unending circles, on their hands and knees, like the tykes before Mammy they truly are.

And bravo Angry Harry, for knowing a wimp when he sees one, and for not being afraid to call him out.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Supporting Monsters in Soddy Arabia

Whether it's Chile's Pinochet, Iran's Shah, or the House of Saud, why is it that the "Land of Liberty" consistently (and self-righteously!) facilitates individuals and regimes that torture and murder their own citizens?

Obviously the "leaders" of the Western world, particularly in the past four decades, have decided that supporting monsters throughout the globe is Good Business, filling the pockets of themselves and their friends and maintaining their power as America slips further and further into tyranny -- to take merely one example, the incarceration rate in the "Land of the Free" has risen 400 PERCENT in the past 3 decades.

Shore seem to be a lotta Evildoers around these days!

The vast majority of our caged Americans are MEN who are POLITICAL PRISONERS, having been incarcerated based largely on their gender, for "crimes against the public conscience" -- an incredibly hypocritical scheme, given the "public conscience" of U.S. support for the brutal House of Saud, the torture chambers of Egypt, Abu Ghirab, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

Hey, I thought our "democracy" came into existence as a reaction AGAINST a monarchy??

Yet how facile our "leaders" find it to support oppressive and brutal dictatorships and monarchies elsewhere -- all in the name of "Homeland Security."


Saudi Protesters Get Lashings, Jail Time

Thu Jan 13, 6:26 PM ET World - AP

By ABDULLAH al-SHIHRI, Associated Press Writer

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - A religious court has sentenced 15 Saudis, including a woman, to as many as 250 lashes each and up to six months in prison for participating in a protest against the monarchy, judicial officials said Thursday.

Men are lashed in public in Saudi Arabia but women receive the punishment inside a prison in the presence of female workers. Lashing is an unusual punishment for dissidents challenging the monarchy or calling for reforms. They usually just receive prison sentences.

A judge issued the verdict Monday against 15 of 21 people arrested during last month's protest. Individuals were sentenced to one to six months in prison and from 100 to 250 lashes, a judicial official in Riyadh said on condition of anonymity. He would not disclose the individual sentences.

The trial of the remaining six will take place after a month, he said.

The daily Okaz newspaper on Tuesday quoted the Saudi prosecutor-general as saying he will appeal for a tougher punishment for the dissidents.

The 21 had attended a small anti-monarchy protest in the capital Dec. 16. The protests in Riyadh and the Red Sea city of Jiddah had been called by London-based dissident Saad al-Fagih, head of the Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia.

In Jiddah, at least six people were seen being arrested and dozens were seen running from police.

Al-Fagih had called the protests through his satellite television and radio stations and Web site. In the group's boldest challenge to the monarchy, its Web site spelled out "immediate procedures to be taken after the demise of Al Saud" royal family.

Al-Fagih's movement says it seeks to replace the monarchy with a liberal, moderate system of government.

However, some Saudi intellectuals say the group is religiously conservative and that its true aim is to set up an Islamic government that would neither be liberal nor democratic.

temporary yahoo link:

[end excerpt]


That's not "deterrence," that's just plain-old-sadism, masked as "law-n-order."

You'd think that Condoleeza, Queen of Babylon -- given the history of her people -- might have a bit more empathy for oppressed folks tied to a whipping-post and flayed alive....

But naaah! Like her fellow "Christians" and "conservatives" in the halls of power, she's not interested in her country, nor in God, nor even in an abstraction of justice -- she's only interested in Her Career. In Condoleeza. Ah, feminism. What a catastophic success thou art!

It's fascinating that all these self-described American "Christians" -- the same Christians who watched the "Passion of the Christ" movie in horror of the lengthy and sick scourging of Jesus, tears streaming from their eyes, are amongst the most rabid supporters of King George and his bomb-em-to-hell approach to world diplomacy.

Perhaps those "Evildoers" in Saudi Arabia, having lived under the desert sun so long, have tougher hides than our pretty, snow-white Jesus? No doubt they don't really feel those 250 whip-marks -- well, not like a white man would, anyway....

I guess when we tear the flesh off falafel-chompers in some far-away country, it's not the same as skinning a white man who's our "religious idol," eh? I've got my SUV, "Everybody Loves Raymond" reruns, and heck, I even put the porch-flag up last week on Martin Luther King Day. Geez ... what are a few lashings, after all, between business partners?

We are known -- and judged -- by the company we keep. TWO-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY LASHES for protesting a bogus, sadistic monarchy. While Uncle Sam and his MissUS stand beside and count the strokes, cheering and the blood flies.

Is this really the Nation our forefathers gave their lives to nurture?

They must be loathing US from their graves.

We have become an abomination, the Antithesis of our Proclaimed Selves, a worldwide scourge of hypocrisy upon our own collective ethos.

Like so much else nowadays, the whole filthy Business makes me ashamed to be an American.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Surfing SpaceTime

[via YahooNews, temporary link here]

Black holes deform space and time around them: scientists

Tue Jan 11, 7:33 AM ET Science - AFP

SAN DIEGO, California (AFP) - Black holes, the universe's biggest vacuum cleaners, deform space and time surrounding them, two teams of astrophysicists reported on the sidelines of the American Astronomica Society's winter meeting.

John Miller, of Harvard University's astrophisical center at Boston, Massachusetts, was able to see gas particles literally "surfing" a space-time wave around a black hole known as GRS 1915+105, some 40,000 light years away in the Aquila constellation.

His observations have confirmed a key theory that nothing is able to escape a black hole's extreme gravitational field, not even light waves, Miller told reporters on Tuesday.

The data shows that "black holes are such extreme objects that they can actually warp and drag the fabric of spacetime around with them as they spin," the scientists reported.

"Gas whipping around the black hole has no choice but to ride that wave of choppy spacetime sea that distorts everything falling into the black hole," they added.

The space-time warp caused by extreme gravity was predicted in 1916 by Albert Einstein in his theory of relativity, said Miller, who did his reasearch with Jeroen Homan of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (news - web sites).

They made their observations with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Rossi-X Timing Explorer satellite, the most powerful orbiting X-ray telescope.

A second team of astrophysicists headed by Jane Turner working jointly with NASA (news - web sites)'s Goddard space-flight center and the astrophysical center of the University of Maryland was also able to see three extremely hot sets of particles the size of our Sun turn around a black hole at 32,000 kilometers (20,000 miles) per second -- more than 10 percent the speed of light.

In their observations, made with the XMM-Newton satellite of the European Space Agency, scientists were able to see for the first time a particle of matter spinning completely around a black hole.

The information should provide vital clues on mass and other characteristics of a black hole, Turner and her colleague Lance Miller of Britain's Oxford University said.

The small, but very black hole Turner and Miller trained their instrument on lies in the Makarian galaxy, some 170 million light years away in the constellation Coma Berenices.