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Friday, June 29, 2012

Burn Baby Burn

Behold, I am against thee, O destroying mountain, saith the LORD, which destroyest all the earth: and I will stretch out mine hand upon thee, and roll thee down from the rocks, and will make thee a burnt mountain.  (Jeremiah 51)

The LORD's ancient curse against the vast and powerful mountain of Babylon the Great -- she who crushes maleness and fatherhood, she who rapes Earth for vanities and endless empowerments -- is in fulfilment, at long last.

Fill her lying mouth with ashes, LORD, that her barren soul might be matched.

Last summer in Philadelphia Fireworks we reported deep drought in the U.S. Southwest, along with the largest wildfires in the history of both New Mexico and Arizona.  This summer the heat's back on, with Colorado added to the (s)hit-list.  (Hey, park Anubis on your airport runway, you gotta expect some turbulence.)

Scroll to the bottom of the Wildfire List and check the 2011 and 2012 entries for Southwestern states.  (Perhaps it's like the earthquake increases, tho -- not more quakes, just more buildings and people! 

Hm.  OK.  That jive is starting to crumble.  Wait!  It's probably Global Warming!  That's causing the fires!) 

Not coincidentally, the American Southwest has been a hotbed (oops) of occult activity and spiritual warfare in recent years.  We may have mentioned this before.  :O)

The Jornada del Muerto rather bisects the Southwest, at its nadir, its southermost abyss . . .  and folks, if despite appearances you haven't yet figured out that we are officially In The Wilderness (tm) best stop here and go read the N.Y. Times.  Turn on American Idol.

The odds of recordbreaking-repeat wildfires in back-to-back years is statistically remote.

But then, God isn't a statistic.  Nor are his servants.

And He's only remote to Babs and Co.

In the Land o' Enchantment, the Las Conchas blaze of 2011 surpassed all prior state wildfires.

This year, the Baldy fire (pictured above) gathers top honors.

No doubt just an actuarial aberration.  :O)

Bad Baldy.  Bad! 

This is not a time for levity, do you understand what happened to Machine Gun Kelly?   (James Taylor)

top: Memorial for Loughner "Safe-way" shooting, Astronaut "Baldy" Kelly with Homeland Hebe Janet Napolitano, pictured praying rather histrionically for answers to problems she and her pals create, profit from, and then pretend to oppose: go figger

middle: Baldy joining abasements before Queen Michie, who should be home washing undies instead of feting herself grandly

bottom: helmet-headed baldster Ptah guides Gabby back to mid-air

quoted from Philadelphia Fireworks of July 3, 2011:

Jared Loughner shows Jackie Storrer the (not yet burning) Mountain cross-words puzzle at the Tucson Festival of Books; Jared repeatedly warned about misuse (especially governmental/official misuse) of "grammar" and "literacy" -- broadly, propaganda and the "law"

Jared assumes a martial posture, probably unconsciously.  An eager, sentinel stance.

In the bible, as in martial arts, the right is the hand of offense, strength, power.  Jared's left hand is crossed defensively over his solar plexus.  His right hand steadies the "cross-words" puzzle with its jumbled checkerboard, chaos out of order.

Jared's power-hand, trigger-hand, rests near the top of The Mountain, the 92.9 radio station sponsoring the Tucson Festival of Books.  As a media-outlet of significant size and impact, The Mountain radio-station is merely one of Babylon's thousands of mouthpieces, albeit relatively minor.  The twin peaks resonate the twin towers.

Christ, though Jeremiah, calls endtimes Babylon a "destroying mountain," partly in reference to Nimrod's Tower, but mostly accusing our voracious endtimes nation, the United Sisterhood of America.

One night soon after a small Hebrew group returned to Jerusalem from long captivity in Babylon, an angel awakened Zechariah.  Zechariah was one of the prophets aiding restoration of the Temple -- that many centuries later, Christ might preach from that humble "second temple."

The angel delivered a message applicable both to Zechariah's day, and our end-times: an encouragemet to Joshua and Zerubbabel, two helping rebuild the Temple.

Who art thou, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain.  (Zech. 4)

Here, the angel directly challenges and mocks the tremendous power of Babylon, in both its ancient (lesser, localized) and current (great, global) manifestations.

(For more, see Philadephia Fireworks' companion piece from AF, AZ U LIE KIT.)

In addition to peptalking that lazy dork Zerubbabel, Zechariah 4 prophesies the eschatologic victory of "small things " -- alluding to the millennial Benjaminites, few in number but grande in spirit, hearth-sharers of Judah . . . and also referencing the small and humble beginnings of the final Temple which, in our ridiculous presumption, we attempt to aid herein.

The angel (in this instance, likely Christ) makes it sound to Zechariah, and to us, as if "Zerubbabel" singlehandedly flattens Babylon-the-Great.  What a lovely heroic truth that would be!  If it were true. :O)

In fact, as with so many biblical antecedents (Aaron, Elijah, Samson etc.) Christ through our Father is doing great works, while crediting mere servants.

He's like that.

Opening the millennium, the dual metal-mountains of Babylon-the-Great were struck with flame, a warning and presage verifying fire in biblical prophecy as  principal tool of eschatologic judgment.  Christ does not suffer greed, nor the economic, psychological, ideopolitical and spiritual enslavement of his people.  Jubilee and sabbath were instituted to preclude those conditions.

They'd still work, if we'd let them.

Exemplified by the "world trade" towers, the material and financial glut of Babylon blinds its citizens to her iniquity, to the avarice and selfishness that's our national past-time, and to the glutted, cold mistress that she increasingly manifests internationally.

Babs has thugged, manipulated, and lied her way to victory each time before, it's always worked, and she sees no current reason why her sovereignty -- admittedly, sweeping the planet like wildfire -- will fail. 
Even the sky is ash-amed of America.  The clouds are reluctant, not wanting to water and encourage such a vile land. 
Apologies to the lizards, whose deportment is worthy by compare.  Rumor says snakes can go long stretches without H2O.  We will see.

When the LORD starts a fire in your nation, you'll never put it out with water or shovels or helicopters.  The only way to put it out is on your knees.  And old Babs, she don't do that.  She hires out her kneeling.  ;O)

Burn baby burn, the chant of the 1960's black urban-torchers.  Little dynamo thought that Mr. and Ms. Pharaoh would appreciate the title's humor.

Severe drought, constant record-setting fires in Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, tornados, 9-1-1 . . . these are just warm-ups.  Never has a nation been so blessed by God as the U.S. of A.  And never has a nation betrayed that blessing so comprehensively, deceptively, and viciously.  Had you told l.d. that forty years ago, he'd never have believed it.

He's a believer now, though!

We've written at length of the compressed-apocalypsis of Zechariah, especially chapters 4 and 5.

In chapter 3 the endtimes high-priest,  Joshua, is unburdened of his "filthy garments" and receives a "change of raiment," a purified and exalted spiritual condition.  Prior posts speculated that Joshua represents the hidden tribe of Benjaminites, at center of the "little people" or "small things" identified in Zechariah 4.  Part of the "filthiness" to which satan superficially and unjustly objects (before God) is the bodily-function soiling of clothing common to autistics and similar people with limited physical abilities.

Hear now, O Joshua the high priest, thou, and thy fellows that sit before thee: for they are men wondered at: for, behold, I will bring forth my servant the Branch.   (Zech. 3)

How do we know that Zechariah's vision applies to the endtimes, and not (only) to the Joshua as the "branch"at heart of the Second Temple?

1) "in that day" is employed contextually earlier in Zechariah, keying us that the events described are future, not present

2) a 'fair mitre' is placed on Joshua's head -- the Second-Temple Joshua was a high priest only -- Zerubbabel was the "governor" or practical authority;  but the mitre/crown signifies kingship, and thus combined office in the latter Joshua

3) during the time these events occur, or are set in motion, each man is able to "sit under his own fig tree"; clearly, we are not there yet

The "wondered-at men" reminds l.d. of certain adult male autistics, towards whom little dynamo indeed feels wonderment and wondrousness.  Often wonder-full, too!  The language in Zech. 3 suggests Joshua, in addition to duties as high-priest over the church/Israel (those persons chosen by God as servants) instructs and leads "thy fellows" -- certain autistics and other receptive individuals and groups.  This transpires over the "wireless wavelength."

Babs can't hack the code 'cause it's writ in lovey dovey.

Zechariah 4 closes:

In that day, saith the Lord of hosts, shall ye call every man his neighbour under the vine and under the fig tree.

This is an astonishing promise -- a true overturning of the current tyranny.

During the lifetime of Joshua -- as his influence settles on the world, and probably after Christ is enthroned -- the present systems of corruption, iniquity, and greed will be squelched and EVERY MAN (i.e., the righteous) will live on his own blessed and abundant plot of land --  not "granted" by evil people and templar banks and betraying governments, but granted by God's own representatives.  And thus, immune from revocation.

Never again will we have to endure homelessness and the monstrous behavior of iniqitous, selfish scum.  We will be settled and secure, under God's protection from our current predators.

Every treachery will be repaid, o Goddess of the Groves.

You better dig some trenches and light a big back-fire around your forests.  While you have a few left.

In Zechariah 4 "Zerubbabel" is informed that the Eternal Temple is composed and raised by God's own holy Spirit, not by material ingenuity or feats of profane strength.  As with the Second Temple, the escaped-of-Babylon "construct" the final Temple.

Zechariah is then shown the twin "olive trees" who pour spiritual knowledge and power from themselves onto the world as they "stand by the LORD."

Right after that, it starts to get really weird:

Then I turned, and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a flying roll.  (Zech. 5:1)

Now Christ, via Zechariah, tells us how we're gonna get from Now (enslaved and oppressed under the iniquity of Satan and Babs) to Then (each of us with our own "vine" and "fig tree.")

And don't underestimate the scale of our vast and bountiful God.  To Him, a millennium is a human day.  Christ is not chintzy.  Remember the loaves n fish givefest.  He's as generous with rewards as severe in indignation.

Love it, love it.

You won' be disappointed with your alloted "spread."  The colts will gallop all day and never come near to the landed boundaries.

Suddenly, in Zechariah 5, the Tracing Board goes 4-D and the players leap off the tessboard, and into our laps and lives.  No video game.

Suddenly we're catapulted with the prophet into a rhomboid-logic land of flying judgment scrolls, stork-winged women acolytes, and animate curses that breeze into the houses of liars, thieves, and false "ministers," tidily "consuming" the persons and their dwellings, "timber" and "stone" inclusive.

And again, when he bringeth in the firstbegotten into the world, he saith, And let all the angels of God worship him.

And of the angels he saith, Who maketh his angels spirits, and his ministers a flame of fire.  (Hebrews 1)

Fire -- wild, wild fire -- has a 'consuming' quality, certainly of timber and persons . . . and at high heat also transforms stone molecularly.

And suddenly we're confronted with Ma-lice herself, our dear beloved Shinar, the descended "goddess" who is finally shut-up in a lead-lidded basket.

Zechariah 5 sounds an improbable scenario for salvation-through-Christ . . . more appropriate to modern speculative fiction than irrevocable, holy ordinance.

Not so long ago, l.d. would have consigned such a narrative as Zech 5 to fiction.  At best.

Live n learn.  It'll go down just like old Zechie said. 

In fact, it's already happening.  Flames upon the Towers of Babylon, flames upon the groves of Homeland Shinar.

Flames from the barrel of Jared Loughner.

Shinar -- the personification of Wickedness and the Demon possessing Babylon -- is sealed with lead, the basest of metals, in an ephah or grain-basket.  She is the spirit of the rejected offering of murdereous Cain, of the economic iniquity and covert enslavement defining the Age of Agriculture.  She is the grain-goddess of fertility blood-rites -- Demeter, Ishtar, Ceres, Diana.

The grain-basket by which she enslaved and oppressed the nations -- and especially boys and men, who she used and abused -- is rebraided into a tapestry of her own eternal prison.

Annihilation is far too good.  She inherits eternal barrenness, pain, mockery, and shame.  Even the animals will flee from her.  The very plants will grow away from her in disgust. 

Fire upon the floor, fire upon the door.  A Queen no more.

And he set all the people, every man having his weapon in his hand, from the right side of the temple to the left side of the temple, along by the altar and the temple, by the king round about.

Then they brought out the king's son, and put upon him the crown, and gave him the testimony, and made him king.  (2 Chronicles 23)


late edit:

Oh look

The First Lady of US -- busy travelling the nation to raise money for further adventures in national bondage and lunacy -- is lecturing the planet on the nature and modern political relevance of Jesus Christ!

Yep.  Tireless Advocate of Jesus, that's our First Grrl. 

The African Methodist Episcopal Church in Nashville, rapt recipient of Queen Michelle's sermon, is another false "temple," like the Unitarian "church" -- a "respectable name" that fronts for feminist, Marxist, racist, victim-supremacist, and other "civil rights" bullshit.

As sniffed in Installing OS U and other posts, Nashville -- with its Bicentennial Mall Promenade -- might be the most powerful site on Earth from which to speak, acrsss both conscious and unconscious waves.  (Idea first broached by William Henry -- l.d. calls him 'Bill')  :O)

And l.d. previously called Nashville's Bicentennial Mall the Osiric Resurrection Chamber

On the left is Saddam's "new babylon" wannabe-knockoff; on the right, the real deal.  Note giant speakers disguised as buildings at bottom of frame.

Osiris is a black (sometimes green) deity.

Sol niger -- Nashville "Bicentennial Mall"

Nashville just happened to host the site where Black Widow Babs decided to equate Jesus with obedience to her feminist nation's sick ideology, under cover of a "church" whose sole interest is spreading a satanic gospel of self-oppression, matriarchy, and "special civil rights" for some.

Next stop on the national tour of our First Goddess?



  • Jesus Citizen - will he get a chance to vote :)

    'Who are you voting for Jesus'
    'I will not divide the people against themselves, nor will I set on high false gods'
    'Oh so you hate us for our freedoms'

    making Jesus a citizen of Am-Erica is an attempt to shrink him. Perhaps Michelle will present him with a Good Citizens Medal one day for services to her.

    Anyhow off to Memphis to suck up some o' that Lorraine Motel spirit and transport it back to the Lodge in Chicago.

    Am reminded of the forest fire in Israel over Hannukah 2010 - their symbolic pine trees burning, well, like non-indigenous trees would, possibly.

    Moslems from Arab countries do not understand homelessness.

    The Blue Michelle Icon - her look is of the little girl who wanted to be a Princess and found herself in company with Prince S.

    Looking at her you wouldn't have thought she's run there as fast as her hoppy feet would carry her - doesn't even look out of breath.

    A fine work, like yew wood , hard but flexible, perfect for the long bow , flying a great distance and piercing armour

    statistic - autistic


    By Blogger aferrismoon, At 2:06 AM  

  • nupe AF no vote for jesus he's a Convicted Felon, and the fact they murdered him doesnt get him off The List

    what a wise and just world!

    robinson's cynical lies are intended, in part, to salve "christian" females and excuse their voting/supporting more beestiness

    yeah the israel fire, also pine -- also recalled general leslie groves, manhattan project honcho

    he operated in the same general area as the fires, of course -- northern new mexico

    the arabic tribes, prior to modern oil money, couldnt afford the luxury of disenfranchising and persecuting their own males -- if only for reasons of productivity

    global empire u.s., flush for decades thinks it can afford to jettison its males in favor of women, wives and daughthers free-passed to the head of every class

    the desert would repay such foolishness and selfishiness with slow death (properly)

    strange, the true desert is in my land . . . i like the leadership of masculinity in some arabic peoples, it's still possible for a man to live with honor, there

    thank you AF

    By Blogger ray, At 9:31 PM  

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