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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"No Woman Is Illegal": The Mothership Hovers

Virgin Records logo

She cried to the Southern Wind
'bout a love that was sure to end
Every dream in her heart was gone
Headed for a showdown

Bad dreamer what's your name?
Looks like we're ridin' on the same train
Looks as though there'll be more pain
Gonna be a showdown

And it's raining all over the world
Tonight's the longest night

(G. Lynne)

Ravings herein seem decidedly less rave-like as our Arranged Future streaks into the Present. Occasionally a truly spontaneous, gut comment emerges from The Program.

LAS VEGAS STOP: Clinton pitch hits home

A man shouted through an opening in the wall that his wife was illegal.

"No woman is illegal," Clinton said, to cheers.

Three things leap out.

1) How would "No man is illegal" play in America? Anywhere in America -- to ANY audience? Cheers and thunderous applause? But why not? We all claim to support equality and justice and fairness. Dissonance, megacognitive.

2) The unconscious desire revealed by the intutional emotion of the moment, expressing Hitlary's "inner truth," her religion -- in this case, the Goddess. Women, for the most part, have always wanted their own god, and since there's only one, and he's a he, they conflate others out of themselves. Ignorant and/or weak men collude in this.

3) The certainty on the part of Hitlary's conscious and unconscious that such a chauvinistic, hateful, malevolent, and impossible statement as "No woman is illegal" would be received in a "free" and "democratic" society not with scorn, refutation, and mass rejection, but with cheers. This indicates the level of shared, willed denial or "forced unconsciousness" in the population -- a ripe population, a slavering population, available for further manipulations.

The American Experimenters smell victory, close in on the quarry, the prize.

At first in blurted, off-cuff remarks, the NWO reality, the New Age of Madonna Womanchild, pokes through the tatters of America's "patriarchal" mask. In particular, the American Left's pretensions of being anything but shills for the Global Gynogulag are destroyed by Ms. Clinton's beloved blurt. Hopefully destroyed forever.

Not that "It takes a Village" ever needed translation for any but the Left's Troo Bee Leavers. And for many females, of course. See willed denial, above.

Thus our ahem choice is twixt an overt (and massively popular, the truly skeery point -- those delirious cheers!) matriarchalist, who pines for the Good Old Days of MotherRight (and a bloody horror it was), and the, er, patriarchal Republicants, patriots standing foursquare solid as, uh, well . . . goddess-worshippers actually, pirate death-frats obsessed with sodomy, sadomasochistic witchcraft, global economic power, and serpent-cultism.

Some choice. Ain't the devil and the deep blue. Just plain devil.

Shit mebbe they'll offer us Skeerie Kerry again!!

Speaking of the Boomer Left's successes at pseudo-revolutionary politics, Sara Jane Moore recently was declared Legal. She'll be right at home in American society. Hillary and Chelsea were so pleased they went shopping!

Hell, Texas'll probly welcome Sara Jane with open arms. She could open a Christian Bookstore on Peckerwood Hill.

By Nick Pisa in Rome

Last Updated: 12:45am GMT 31/12/2007

The Roman Catholic Church has vowed to "fight the Devil head-on" by training hundreds of priests as exorcists.

Father Gabriele Amorth, 82, the Vatican's Exorcist in Chief, announced the initiative amid the Church's concerns about growing worldwide interest in Satanism and the occult.

Noted also in the story by Nick ("Leaning Tower") Pisa was this addendum:

• A Roman Catholic bishop has caused fury in Spain by claiming that some teenagers "want to be abused".

Bishop Bernardo Álvarez of Tenerife told a newspaper: "There are 13-year-olds who are are in agreement and even want it; even, if you don't watch out, provoking you."

A spokesman for the 58-year-old bishop said he had never intended to justify "the abhorrent phenomenon of the sexual abuse of minors."
Last year the Pope stated that rebuilding trust in the clergy was an urgent task.

The pope, like all who consider themselves clergy, forgets that without the Spirit of Truth there is neither exorcism, nor church. Any church.

Does the Pope imagine lies and "convenient truths" oust the Deceiver?

Truth, or Belial.

Presumably, Bishop Alvarez will know better next time, hmm?

What was the daft man thinking?! He's a friend of Christ, or something?

Amongst the ruins of the Vaticanate, we find that Leo XIII's precog is placed in a synchro-historical context here, relevant to the "reforms" of Vatican II.

Remaining with the Knowing Knymph and the ascendency of Spotless Woman to the spiritual Pinnacle of Creation-- mere femaleness sufficient proof of Eternal Innocence and Moral Infallibility -- we again clamber aboard "Sir" Richard Branson's Mothership Earth, seeking franchises throughout Mothership Space.

Renegade priests
and treacherous young witches
were handing out the flowers
that I'd given to you

("Changing of the Guards")

Tariq Malik Staff Writer Space.com

Wed Jan 23, 5:31 PM ET

This story was updated at 5:16 p.m. EST.

NEW YORK - Future thrill-seekers will ride a sleek spacecraft berthed
under a massive, twin-boom mothership to the fringe of space in a design unveiled Wednesday by Virgin Galactic.

The SpaceShipTwo spacecraft and its WhiteKnightTwo [K2] carrier will begin initial tests this summer to shakedown the novel spaceflight system designed by aerospace pioneer Burt Rutan and his firm Scaled Composites.

Branson, Rutan

"2008 really will be the year of the spaceship," said British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group . . .

Virgin Galactic is offering tickets aboard SpaceShipTwo spaceliners for an initial price of about $200,000, though Branson said the cost is expected to drop after the first five years of operations. The space tourism firm plans to eventual launch flights out of a terminal at New Mexico's Spaceport America, with additional trips through the aurora borealis to be staged from Kiruna, Sweden.

. . . .

The development and testing plan for SpaceShipTwo and its carrier craft has been slowed by an accidental fatal blast that killed three Scaled workers last July at the Mojave Air and Space Port. Last week, California state occupation and safety inspectors cited Scaled for failing to provide adequate training for workers and fined the firm more than $25,000.

Rutan said his firm has been working with state inspectors and officials to enhance worker safety, but the actual cause of the blast during a rocket oxidizer flow test was still unknown. SpaceShipTwo's rocket engine will not be finalized until the source of the explosion is pinned down, he said.

Patricia Grace Smith, the FAA's associate administrator for commercial space transportation, lauded the commitment of Virgin Galactic and Scaled to safety after SpaceShipTwo's unveiling.

"It is the entrepreneurial spirit that will take this country forward," Smith said. "This is going to catch like a wild fire we have never seen."

[boldface and brackets added]

Sounds like three "workers" already caught some of your fire, Ms. Grace Smith.

Branson features in prior posts The Global Elders I and II, covering his multinational Virgin Group (Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin Records, etc.), and his championing of the Elders and the Madeleine McCann/Global "Security Systems" Machinations best exemplified by the split-iris of Madeleine and CEOP.

Branson's partner in the Elder Evocation is Peter Gabriel, and as reported in The Global Elders I:

During the writing and recording of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Gabriel was approached by director William Friedkin, allegedly because Friedkin had found Gabriel's short story in the liner notes to Genesis Live interesting. Gabriel's interest in a film project with Friedkin was another contributing factor in his decision to leave Genesis.

What is planned for Earth -- what, by Hillary Clinton's comment, is already far along -- is likewise afoot beyond Earth, inter-woven variations on Branson's Virgin Galactic theme. The Bechtel Constellation. The Branson Galactic Cluster. So forth. (Not that Branson's important in the big picture. He isn't. He's just a patsy, a punk with useful grandiosity.)

Distances, places, times beyond imagining are on the human doorstep. A future bountiful and joyful almost without end. Depends on humans. Decisions now determine, to great degree, the destinies of incredible, unthinkable numbers of future beings.

These times were long-anticipated . . . days when the stakes would be so, well, high. Vast. Knowing mathematically that the crisis would fractal at the last, the serpent intervened at the first, via Eve's desire for power (judgment.)

The proper order of the world -- man leads woman, god leads man and judges humanity -- was overturned, and death and suffering, the nightmares of prehistory and history, inevitably entered in. Woman cannot dominate man. This is the first disease, from which all ills come. It is an a-creational, anti-creational malady: it is chaos. It sickens and dis-spirits Earth and all its creatures.

Rather like the Matrix films, humanity carries a disease, whose root is spiritual and psycho-sexual, but not physical per se. Like all such primal organisms, its many hosts and vectors seek contamination of the universe.

Other interests favor quarantine unless and until the problem can be resolved locally.

Worms and crabthings, like the parasites that cling to the Manhattan Monster in the film Cloverfield. (Thanks to Fairhall.)

These parasitic "crabs" appear elsewhere on this site, e.g., at the base of the "Peace Fountain" outside St. John the Divine church in Greenwich Village, N.Y. -- and also simultanously in air and water as the O2/Millennium Dome.
A chela, as mentioned in the post "A Chelsea Morning," is the pincerlike claw of a crab or scorpion . . . scorpion being one of dynamo's favorite backcountry kebobs.
Why, looka there! It's Chel Sea Clinton, and by Goddess, she's not Illegal either! Isn't that wonderful for half of the human species?!
Uh oh. Goddess Alert! Call out the Reserve Flying Monkeys! The Illegal Half may be waking up.
By Sarah Womack, Social Affairs Correspondent

Last Updated: 1:29am GMT 07/01/2008

More than half of men believe the world is dominated by females and that they have lost their traditional role in society, according to recent research.
Asked what it means to be a man in the 21st century, more than half think that society tries to feminise them, turning them into waxed and coiffed metrosexuals, and 52 per cent say that men have to live according to women's rules.

The research also shows that just as many women feel their work-life balance has been stretched to breaking point.

Around 2,000 men and women were polled on the internet across 10 television regions for a survey commissioned by DMAX, a television entertainment channel.

Men say they "feel handcuffed" by political correctness - only 33 per cent feel they can speak freely and say what they think, whereas two thirds find it safer and easier to keep their opinions to themselves.

Perfunctory, and nothing will be done, to be sure. Funny that all these decades we've heard zippo from governments, universities, academics or media about the vast -- and vastly unreported -- discontent of males.

Men "lost" their role in society? Excuse-em-moi, but unlike Peter Gabriel, little dynamo didn't spend his life in limousines, expensive hotels, recording studios and secured neighborhoods.

While Mr. Gabriel was waxing poetic, lil dynamo was wiping alcoholics' asses, attending community college, and grunting in shops and factories and offices.

Had Mr. Gabriel done these things -- actually experienced what the average Western guy experiences -- he'd not be financing and supporting the feminist-stacked Global Elders.

For Sarah Womack's edification, men didn't "lose" anything. Jobs, kids, educational opportunites, fair access to justice and social services, the right to share first-class citizenship with other Americans -- these things were TAKEN from us. Don't give me that "lose" spin, as if this planned disenfranchisement were our fault, like misplaced house slippers.

Our franchisement in America, our opportunities and our futures, were TAKEN from us, usually via fiat and/or coercion by the State, and always after The People received massive conditioning.

Quoting The Aquarian Conspiracy, The Stygian Port speaks:

The high priest for Britain's Opium War was Aldous Huxley, the grandson of Thomas H. Huxley, a founder of the Rhodes Roundtable group and a lifelong collaborator of Arnold Toynbee. Toynbee's "theory" of history was that its determining culture has always been the rise and decline of grand imperial dynasties. Toynbee argued that this decline could be abated if the ruling oligarchy (like that of the British Roundtable) would devote itself to the recruitment and training of an ever-expanding priesthood dedicated to the principles of imperial rule.
Trained at Toynbee's Oxford, Aldous Huxley was one of the initiates in the "Children of the Sun," a Dionysian cult comprised of the children of Britain's Roundtable elite. Among the other initiates were T.S. Eliot, W.H. Auden, Sir Oswald Mosley, and D.H. Lawrence, Huxley's homosexual lover.

Aldous Huxley was tutored at Oxford by H.G. Wells, the head of British foreign intelligence during World War I and the spiritual grandfather of the Aquarian Conspiracy . . . . Wells called his conspiracy a "one-world brain" which would function as "a police of the mind."

Under Wells's tutelage, Huxley was first introduced to Aleister Crowley. Crowley was a product of the cultist circle that developed in Britain from the 1860s under the guiding influence of Edward Bulwer-Lytton -- who, it will be recalled, was the colonial minister under Lord Palmerston during the Second Opium War. In 1886, Crowley, William Butler Yeats, and several other Bulwer-Lytton proteges formed the Isis-Urania Temple of Hermetic Students of the Golden Dawn. This Isis Cult was organized around the 1877 manuscript Isis Unveiled by Madame Helena Blavatsky, in which the Russian occultist called for the British aristocracy to organize itself into an Isis priesthood. Huxley founded a nest of Isis cults in southern California and in San Francisco, that consisted exclusively of several hundred deranged worshipers of Isis and other cult gods.

The Stygian Port piece -- thematically coherent and incisive, if occasionally off drawing conclusions -- discusses important topics, including links between U.S.-British Intelligenge Operations (Project Monarch and various Tavistock abominations) and the "lolita phenomenon." The blog author is perceptive of cultural manipulations.

Another quote:

H.G. Wells said in his 1940 non-fiction book entitled "The New World Order": "... when the struggle seems to be drifting definitely towards a world social democracy, there may still be very great delays and disappointments before it becomes an efficient and beneficent world system. Countless people ... will hate the new world order ... and will die protesting against it. When we attempt to evaluate its promise, we have to bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents, many of them quite gallant and graceful-looking people." H.G. Wells called his effort to organize prominent intellectuals behind the idea of establishing a World Government "The Open Conspiracy" (a benevolent one) in his 1928 book by the same name.

That's the Wells who introduced Huxley to Crowley -- amongst other deeds -- thus what Wells considers a "beneficent world system" and a "benelovlent conspiracy" and what dynamo considers same likely differ.
Noted is Wells' calm (smug?) report that countless "malcontents" will die "protesting against it" [his New World Order].

But it will be shoved down our throats nonetheless, is that it? Blow the man down, hm?

The Mothership hums and hovers, part incarnate, part astral spectre. Not fully grounded. Yet.

When lil dynamo observes Western males under forty years of age, he finds only remnants of a masculinity our fathers took for granted. And they lived under matriarchy, also -- albeit one with significant masculine influence.

In twenty years hence, our matriarchal cultures, further entrenched and spread globally, will have so fundamentally altered our manhood, our conceptions and traditions of maleness, that neither boys nor men will remember who, and what, they really are.

Sons of our Father. Not NWO drones, not Permanent Illegals working for Maggie's Brother on Maggie's Farm.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

?How you lie, meek now

Giants 21, Dallas 17.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Livin' and Dyin' on Greenwich Time

"We're entering Nut Country"

-- J.F.K. to Jackie, November 1963, upon crossing the Texas State line

Following his recent praise for Texas and its thugee-matriarchal kkkulture, what should appear on Yahoo but:

Death penalty remains strong in Texas

By MICHAEL GRACZYK, Associated Press Writer Fri Jan 4, 3:51 PM ET

(Hope the above color approximates dried blood. No use pretending it's raspberry jam.)

Because the A.P. text is so directly applicable to "Lions and Wyverns and Wurms Oh My," it's reprinted fully below, with comments. First, tho, two addenda to that post.

1) The "lair" of Amanda Donowhore oops Lady Sylvia Marsh in Ken Russell's film was called Temple House. In Europe, towns and sites containing the word "temple" were/are often connected to the Templars -- those Goddess-Worshippers Deluxe, the human-sacrifice brigade.

Thus, Lady Marsh/the White Worm inhabits the "Templar House." In Russell's film, the Worm is depicted most effectively entwined around the Cross, its huge head draped over the crossbeam, screeching and hissing through massive teeth, enjoying its Triumph. A variation on the "Gnostic Cross." All around folks are being tortured, raped, and slain by Roman (=Empire) soldiers. Jesus is still alive, nailed fast, unable to intervene, in the ongoing agon of Greenwich Time. The crucifixion, like the Empire, never ends.

It's just a movie, though.
Show of hands please?

2) Forgot to mention the similarity between the tail of the Maya Scorpion Goddess and the "bone-ring" motif of the cockatrice and serpent from Chuckles Manson's "Christmas Day 2000."

The Maya were big -- reeeal big -- on splashy blood-sacrifices of human beings. Worshipped serpents too, like most Mesoamerican civilizations. Just coincidences no doubt.

The caption reads: "In the Maya Codex Tro-Cortesieanus we meet again the 'old goddess with the scorpion's tail', although with a very different graphic convention. In Nicaragua and Honduras, 'Mother Scorpion, who dwells at the end of the Milky Way', is described as many-breasted."

Dunno about trusting a text called Through Cortez' Anus but, given the sexual proclivities of the Bonesmen and other two-on-a-horse Templar Types, it fits.

Didn't L.D. call Tex-ass a Sodomite in his last post?

The videotapes from the cells and shower-rooms in Tex-ass' ubiquitous men's prisons must get passed around the most powerful offices in the State -- hell, the Nation. Wonder if Junior gets first dibs, before the Governor and other flunkies?

[Man, them longhorn folk are gonna scratch l.d. offa their X-Mas card lists!]

Multiple breasts appear in the goddess-iconography of other ancient civilizations (e.g., Greek Artemis, Near-Eastern Kybele, and Roman Diana.) Don't get confused, it's all one predator.

In the illustration above, the "goddess" offers her nourishing breasts to her worshippers, despite the fact that the "food" derives from her poisoned tail-segments. The icon suggest that the "goddess" reproduces herself, toxically, through her followers.

Noteworthy also is awareness amongst the Maya that this entity, though inhabiting Earth, is primarily cosmological in origin and abode, specifically dwelling "[A]t the end of the Milky Way."

In heaven, one might say. Our local heaven. Or what was meant to be ours.

Speaking of dicey little slices of heaven -- Paradice Slave dicey -- let's return to the Great State of Texas and its national leadership in spook presidencies, religious hypocrisy, greed, and human sacrifice.

Probly got scorpions too. Many-breasted ones.

The A.P. article continues in red, my notations in black:

HUNTSVILLE, Texas - In the middle of a prison cemetery known as Peckerwood Hill, inmates Mack Matthews and George Washington share a common fate.

Peckerwood Hill Cemetery in Predatorville whoops Huntsville

"Peckerwood," for our (three!) non-U.S. readers, is a Southern/Southwestern derogation for a male. It means, roughly, a punk. See, Texans are so manly, even the women (especially the women!) they aren't satisfied with filling cages with men, nor with executing them. Appropriating God's judgment is insufficient to their hungers. The Good Citizens must mock their victims after death also, hypocritically and blasphemously erecting crosses over the graves of those they kill.

New Centurions indeed!

"Pecker" is Southern slang for penis. Thus, the cemetery is inhabited by non-men, as judged by the Good Citizenry and its predatory leadership. Like Osiris under the Egyptian goddess Isis, such non-men have penises of wood, not flesh. And like Osiris, their penises (=manhood) were stolen by Set/Satan -- in this instance, the State, a word occulting "Set."

The men were among five condemned killers who on Feb. 8, 1924, were strapped into Texas' new wooden electric chair for what the Austin American-Statesman described as a two-hour "harvest of death."
At the time, state officials had just taken over execution duties from county sheriffs. They used the chair for more than 360 executions over the next 50 years.

Harvest. Of. Death.

Skull. And. Bones.

Although the death penalty is under attack across the nation, support for capital punishment remains strong in Texas, where a history of frontier justice, a law-and-order culture and conservative politics keep the execution chamber busy.

"It's a tradition here and something we want to do, and we're not going to back away from what's going on elsewhere," says James Marquart, co-author of a history of the death penalty in the state.

Something WE want to do. See anything about what God might want in there?

Prolly more churches in Texas than any other state. Thousands.

After they get done doing What We Want To Do (cage, torture and kill males in vain attempts to assuage their own satanic, raging, collective psychosis), they troop off to the local Church to pretend to each other, and to anyone else who'll buy it, that they're serving God.

See, like Mr. Marquart says: It's a tradition here, and goddamit we ain't changin'. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Harvest of Death. Couple sixers of Lone Star, then back to Church to prey some more.

No I'm not gonna go changing . . . so let the Voice of Freedom ring out through the Land: this is Our Country! -- Chevy Trucks Commerical

Texas retired the electric chair in 1972, after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that executions under state death-penalty laws were unconstitutionally cruel and unusual. Legislators quickly rewrote laws to reopen the death chamber using lethal injection, which was considered more humane. The revised law was approved by the courts in 1976, and executions resumed six years later.

"That's the context you have to put it in," said Marquart, director of the criminology and sociology programs at the University of Texas at Dallas. "We didn't wait for other states, other legislatures, other people to tell us what to do. They knew public opinion supported capital punishment and weren't going to back from it."

There's our old friend Dallas again. Dallas Pallas Athena. Our last post reported that Dallas County leads the nation in wrongful convictions. Whatta surprise.

I shouted out "Who killed the Kennedys!?

When, after all, it was you and me

(Jagger, Richards)

[During this post's composition, the t.v. running in the background aired a commercial for the upcoming Grammy Awards -- featuring two lines from the above "Sympathy for the Devil." Small whirld ain't it?]

They "lethally injected" J.F.K. in Pallas Dallas, obviously. As Downard's King-Kill/33 demonstrates far beyond doubt, the hit was an intricately planned, and executed, sacrifice to the Great Goddess, specifically in her Triune infestation. Downard discusses the trident aspect of Dallas' Triple Underpass, the three railroad-yard "unworthy craftsmen," the association with the Three Sisters Mountains in New Mexico (related, magickally, to Oregon's Three Sisters peaks), the Three Masonic Steps of the "symbolical ladder," etc.

That Operation yielded Texan Johnson as president -- a high-ranking Mason. Then we "elected" Texans Spook Bush I and Spook Bush II along, of course, with all their Skull-and-Bones blood-baggage, butt-banditry, and satanic psychoses. We also got a permanently traumatized nation, ripe for mindfucking, resource rape, billionaire-bulding, and coup. (J. Edgar Hoover, mentioned in the preceding post, likewise was a 33rd degree Mason. Such a patriot.)

The Catholic Camelot King, head shattered, ritually executed before our eyes by the modern Templar/Jacobite/Gnostic members of the serpent "brotherhood" that was ancient before Sumer or Babylon were founded.

His Catholicism, in particular, made J.F.K. the ideal candidate for ritual sacrifice by interests antithetical to religion, to love of God or fellow beings. The Templars/Gnostics/Jacobins/Johannites/etc. fixate on "Johns" and severed-head "oracles," e.g., Baphomet.

John the Baptist was beheaded by matriarchal order (Herodias and Salome) as prelude to the crucifixion, part of a single, ongoing blood-ritual. Reptilian-predatory mentalities strive for ritual repetition as a way of freezing time, embedding programs, and occultly siphoning off resources (chiefly, human energy via trauma and, secondarily, sexuality. Both together if possible.)

As with the Baptist, John Kennedy's assassination was a preparatory, not a concluding, ritual operation.


John F. Kennedy, the one and only Catholic president of the United States, was a human scapegoat, a "pharmakos." "Pharmakos" or "Pharmak-vos" can mean "enchantment with drugs and sorcery" or "beaten, crippled or immolated." In alchemy, the Killing of the King was symbolized by a crucified snake on a tau cross, a variant of the crucifixion of Jesus.

Jesus Christ was tortured and murdered as the result of the intrigue of the men of the Temple of Solomon who hated and feared Him. They were steeped in Egyptian, Babylonian and Phoenician mysticism.

Masonry does not believe in murdering a man in just any old way and in the JFK assassination it went to incredible lengths and took great risks in order to make this heinous act of theirs correspond to the ancient fertility oblation of the Killing of the King.

Returning now to the A.P. article:

On Monday, the high court again hears arguments about whether execution is cruel and unusual punishment, this time considering the claims of two Kentucky inmates who contend the three-drug injection could cause excruciating pain. Executions across the nation came to a halt in September after the court agreed to hear the Kentucky case.
Since capital punishment was reinstated in 1976, Texas has executed 405 inmates — more than any other state. Virginia is second with 98.
Texas also leads the nation in the number of prisoners convicted and later set free after DNA evidence showed they were innocent, although none of those 30 cases involved death row inmates.

Come on sluggard Virginia (Virgin Goddess)! Let's fill those syringes up! Time's a-wastin'!

Texas "might sentence people to death at rates that are not horribly out of line, but they execute more," said Michael Radelet, a University of Colorado capital punishment expert. He said execution figures may reflect differences in attorney compensation, lack of public defenders and lack of attorneys to pursue appeals.

Twenty-six of the 42 U.S. inmates executed last year were in Texas. No other state did more than three. In 2006, Texas executed 24. Ohio was next with five. It's a scenario that's played out nearly every year over two decades.

But even in the electric-chair days, Texas was among the most active death-penalty states. The graves of Matthews and Washington are surrounded by others marked with the two- or three-digit inmate numbers reserved for those on death row.

In 1923, the state took over execution duties from county sheriffs, who had conducted public hangings.

"Legal local hangings by the 1920s were a long-established part of the state's landscape," Marquart wrote in his 1994 book "The Rope, The Chair and The Needle." "Indeed, one of the most enduring stereotypes of Texas surrounds the public hanging of cattle rustlers on the range or in dusty frontier hamlets."

A list of executions in the U.S. from 1608 through 1972, compiled by capital punishment historian Watt Espy, shows Texas put 755 people to death, ranking behind Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania and Georgia.
But that number that does not account for at least 335 lynchings — only Mississippi and Georgia had more — over a 30-year period ending in 1918, according to an NAACP study published in 1919.

he lynchings, prevalent in former Confederate states after the abolition of slavery, reflected a trend toward acceptance of capital punishment as illegal hangings "gave way to state-sanctioned executions," Marquart theorized in his book.

"It's ingrained in the culture," he said in an interview.

Res ipsa loquitur.

As governor in the mid-1980s, Mark White presided over the executions of 19 men.

"I think people of Texas are most fair-minded when presented with facts," he said. "They're not mean-spirited, but are supportive of strict enforcement of law and severe penalties for those who repeat their crimes."

Unless you're rich. Or connected. Or female.

White, who was attorney general when executions resumed here in 1982, said he wanted his office to be aggressive when handling the appeals of capital cases. That policy remains in effect today.

"My approach was: OK, everybody has adequate time to prepare an appeal, but let's not delay it" and risk creating a backlog," he said.
That's what happened in New Jersey, which reinstated the death penalty in 1982 but executed no one after 1963. Last month, it became the first state in four decades to abolish capital punishment.

Other than a Supreme Court decision outlawing capital punishment nationally, there's little likelihood of Texas considering following suit.
The determined pursuit of the death penalty has left Texas open to criticism about overzealous judges and the prospect that innocent people may have been executed.

The judge issue intensified with September's execution of Michael Richard, the last inmate in the nation to be put to death before the Supreme Court agreed to take the Kentucky case on lethal injection.
Sharon Keller, presiding judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, refused to keep the court open past 5 p.m. to let Richard's lawyers file a late appeal that would have spared his life at least until the Supreme Court decided the Kentucky case.

Keller, who has declined to speak about her decision, has distributed campaign literature touting her qualifications as a law-and-order judge.

Sugar 'n spice 'n everything nice!

Like so many others in Gulag America, the Presiding Judge cynically and evilly panders to the public's thirst for vengeance, trading men's lives for political gain. Yes Ma'am.

Also fueling criticism of the death penalty are worries about potentially innocent inmates on death row. Questions have been raised in a handful of executions since 1982, but no one for certain has been wrongly executed.

"That may be the event that would end it," Marquart said.

No, that would be something else.

Eds: Houston-based AP reporter Michael Graczyk has covered capital punishment in Texas since 1983 and has witnessed an estimated 300 lethal injections.

So there you have it. Any Europeans thinking they've got it bad should visit the Great State, tour the devil's favorite workshop. Don't miss Marfa! Be assured there will be many more golgothic crosses cranked out and gleefully affixed to Peckerwood Hill by these "fair-minded" lovers of justice, under the Watchful Eye of their, and our, controllers.

The word predator, so beloved of the arbiters of law-n-order, infers prior arrangement of events associated with a specific time and purpose. Pre-date.
Now, why would the abstract, temporal-lobe concept of foreknowledge denote a word identifying hunting or stalking to kill and consume. <--- no question mark lol.

Naive and ignorant little dynamo once imagined that fallen America had strayed far from its ideals and intents. In fact, it is precisely fulfilling its real purposes -- a least the purposes of a transtemporal, multigenerational interest. About this, the citizenry knows almost nothing.

No do most want to know. Knowing hurts.

George Washington, like many Founding Fathers, was a Master Mason, though shying from much public/historical association. George was acutely aware of the light the future would cast upon him.

Seeing the future is something in which certain "masons," of any period, excel. Dangerous business, because there's always the chance one has missed something.


The Washington Momument glows, a gol-durned Masonic cliche, capstone 'n all.

Civilizations must be built, trite as that sounds. By builders.

We -- we being America, and to varying extents, the planet -- have made a bit of a bargain with the devil, it seems. Now he's done his bit, it's sayonara baybee.

What response might we expect?

Livin' and dyin' on Greenwich Time.

Must be the Season of the Witch.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lions and Wyverns and Wurms Oh My!

Amanda Donohoe as Lady Sylvia Marsh in The Lair of the White Worm

In closely related news,

Army Castrates Heraldic Lion

Published: 13 Dec 07 12:34

Protests from female soldiers have led to the Swedish military removing the penis of a heraldic lion depicted on the Nordic Battlegroup's coat of arms.

Thanks ever so much for the centuries of dying, boys. Now we'll just bobbit off that pesky smidge of remaining manhood.

Females rule the jungle, haven't you heard? These boots are gonna walk all over you.

You're welcome, girls. Perhaps, as with circumcision victims, you can use the glans in your skin cream, a product far more expensive than you imagine. Not that you care. They're only males.

Writhing, bound, agonized little boys for your Beauty Treatments. Of course, that's not predation. Little boys can't complain; their cultures see to that. No Homeland Security or Interpol or Eff Bee Eye hunting the Skin Cream Consumers, hmm? It's all good business, indeed.

Good profitable predation. Seems liberty-lover J. Edgar had plans for mass arrests of Americans he and his goonettes deemed unpatriotic.

Didn't end up needing it, tho. The fake "revolution" of the Sixties, especially the triumph of feminism throughout the West, effectively crushed working-class males by the tens -of-millions over the next four decades. The Right began its carefully crafted War on Drugs (War on Lower-Class Males) and the Left screeched for feminism and its endless anti-male customs, edicts, laws, and punishments.

With females first-class citizens and males something considerably less, our transgenerational, self-defined "elites" easily consolidated power. Who's gonna challenge them? Privileged females, busy buying crapola? Wall Street denizens?

Defunct or corrupted unions, families shattered, daddy dumped, the churches and workplaces emasculated, dis-spirited. Ah yes, the Unprotected Class.

Poor men, en masse, became homeless men. Middle class men became poor men. But girls and women became Empowered, and that's all that matters. Just in case any uppity males slipped their conditioning, tho, the Effing Bee Eye's Biometrics Database has got ya covered, pardner.

The whole East Coast is mob-mecca. Hmm . . . dangerous. Political dissidents, however, can't usually fight back.

Yeah. Real brave.

Someone wrote recently that Criminal Justice degrees (masons use degrees also) skyrocketed over the past two decades, along with hordes of lawyers, natch. Multitudes of female graduates demanding jobs in our always-expanding, steadily profitable, recession-proof Corrections Industries.

Will these virtuous, voracious masses of female cops, prosecutors, judges, prison guards etc. be seeking fellow females to hunt down and, er, correct?

[Yup, that was the Queen of Rhetorical Questions.]

Ms. America is deeply unsatisfied that she already cages one-quarter of the planet's "criminals." She likewise is unsated by the nation's gross (and, not that it matters, unconstitutional) practice of investigating, arresting, trying, convicting, sentencing, and caging (or executing) males at far higher rates than females. Equal Protection Clause, you say?

Might as well be Santa Claus. Anyway, he's just another Evil Male. Fortunately, the FBI has him Biometrically Filed. Ha ha ha.

Yet another example of blind goddess justice popped up while composing this post. Whatta coincidence.

Texas man freed after 26 years in prison

By JEFF CARLTON, Associated Press Writer Thu Jan 3, 6:25 PM ET

DALLAS - Three times during his nearly 27 years in prison, Charles Chatman went before a parole board and refused to admit he was a rapist. His steadfastness was vindicated Thursday, when a judge released him because of new DNA evidence showing he indeed wasn't. The release of Chatman, 47, added to Dallas County's nationally unmatched number of wrongfully convicted inmates.

"Every time I'd go to parole, they'd want a description of the crime or my version of the crime," Chatman said. "I don't have a version of the crime. I never committed the crime."

Fucking males. Always got an excuse.

Yeah, I've seen the supercilious little pricks on teevee, usually with a hideous female Parole Board Chair: "Well, Mr. Chatman, we can't rehabilitate you until you confess to your crime. You must take responsibility, Mr. Chatman. Rape is an especially heinous crime, a crime that your victim hasn't forgotten, and you have 88 years remaining on your sentence. Hopefully that will give you time to think about what you have done to your victim. It's the victims of society we're concerned with here, Mr. Chatman. You're a Perpetrator. We're only trying to help you. Parole denied."

Then they're off to the suburbs in their new Volvos, ho ho ho, full of smarm and self-righteousness, to gnash their Prime Cuts before another bigscreen Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit episode.

"It is time we stop kidding ourselves in believing that what happened in Dallas is somehow unique," said Jeff Blackburn, the founder of the Innocence Project of Texas. "What happened in Dallas is common. This is Texas."

This is matriarchy, Jeff. Until you grok that, nothing really changes.

Texas is a long-time Gynogoon, strutting through the past century like a genocidal step-uncle, holding the nation hostage to oil and terrorizing the male citizenry.

Greasy little fucks. Heads so fat they need ten-gallon hats.

It's no coincidence that the current White House traitors, including but not limited to Bushies, are powerful players in Texas and members of occult fraternities that worship and serve the "Great Goddess." What's life really like under the Goddess and her punks? Re-read Chatman's story. Multiply legion.

Hail Tex-ass! Courageous and chivalrous sodomite! Champion of the privileged and the powerful, can of Lone Star in one hand, fistful of Ben Franklins in the other, gold ring through your porcine septum.

(Appropriately, key "revolutionary" Franklin was a mondo Jacobite/Grand Orient Mason.)

Nor was Chatman's experience primarily driven by race, despite his statement. A few years ago in Kali-fornia a couple middle-school girls, late for class, claimed they were molested by a "homeless man." The cops grabbed the nearest homeless schmuck (not black) and that was that.

Schmuck would still be in a cage today -- tortured, raped and mocked by fellow inmates, to the delight of Americans -- had the girls not recanted and confessed their game (not only weren't they punished, the local D.A., a woman, called them the victims of their own excuse-hoax. Yup. On live radio. Proud of herself, too, and quite sure she'd not be challenged.)

No doubt the Parole Board would be badgering and mocking and hounding Schmuck today to "confess" his horrible crime, had the girls stuck to their story.

Kafka. So passe. So understated.

Boys and men will continue to be demonized and criminalized sufficient to keep The MAchine happily humming along at Full Gulag Employment.

Hey, ho, way to go Ohio.

“I’m not saying there won’t ever be a woman in La Crosse County who’s dangerous and needs to be locked up for the safety of the community,” said [County Supervisor Keith] Belzer. “I will say that would be the rare exception rather than the rule.” Belzer said women are almost always in the system “because of some kind of relationship with a man.”

See? It's easy, it's fun, it's very profitable, and it's ever so empowering. In Femamerica, it's impossible for a man, even a putative one like Ball-less Belzer, to grovel before and pander to women sufficiently.

True, sellout males hold most official positions, but they serve women, unquestioningly. They thereby squash male competition, award themselves Alpha status, make oodles of money, and please the ladies endlessly.

So who really has the power? The "patriarchy"? Men? Get real.

One gender is Served and Protected, the other is meat on the table -- unless, of course, you "Join with Sauron. It would be wise, my old friend." (Saruman to Olorin, LOTR.)

When men break Woman's Law, it's men's fault. When women break Woman's Law, it's men's fault. Welcome back to the Old World Order.

Don't wanna be Ms. Babylon's Mystery Meat? No problem. Just keep your head down and mouth shut. It's Somebody Else's worry, anyway. Hey, how's my 401-K doing?

A headless chicken's stalking through the backyard
with a talkin' cockatoo
Three Sisters got their Eye on you
And thing's ain't always what they seem
Every day here's friday the thirteen

(Friday the Thirteenth, words and music by the artist formerly known as 'Bato')

MANCHESTER, N.H. - Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday made her closing argument to female voters in a message that could be reduced to three words.

You. Go. Girl.

. . .

With daughter Chelsea and mother Dorothy Rodham in tow, Clinton's four-event schedule highlighted what could be a history-making nomination.

Chelsea Clinton Greenwich, as our last post discussed . . . with Mammy and Crone attached to the aging sea-Nymph.

Watch the claws mind the poison stinger and whoooee lookout them monkeys bite. (Apologies to Hopper and Apocalyse Now.)

Scorpion Goddess, Mayan Codex

Ben Fairhall's taken up the Greenwich thread again, cogitating the torching of the Cutty Sark and Dover's Triple-Goddess "biohazard symbol" that also appeared in post-apocalypse Manhattan in the recently released film I Am Legend.

Fairhall rightly connects this lunar symbol with the NWO Re-arisen Goddess Scheme and with collective human regression to hindbrain dominance (expressed ideo-politically as totalitarian matriarchy):

'Synchro-mystically', this fact yields poetic confirmation that the 'real' virus is no mere germ, but a state of being equally contagious and potentially much more deadly: the 'reptilian (or predator) consciousness.'

These critters, moreover, exhibit a distinctly draconian taste for the claret. Indeed, according to the uber-geek who sold me my ticket, I Am Legend should be classified not a zombie flick at all, but a vampire one; and the correspondences between the Victorian 'myths' of Dracula, and contemporary sightings of aliens, are so numerous as to lead to the inescapable conclusion that they are different renditions of the same phenomenon.

"Mebbe" to the UFOs, but an absolute "Yes" to the conclusions of mind- control and vampiric sorcery based upon the pathological enjoyment of trauma (to others!) and unquenchable thirst for blood.

Ken Russell's 1988 The Lair of the White Worm, dismissed by many as mere kitsch and camp, and based on the 1911 "novel" by Bram Stoker, superbly connects the threads of reptilian/predatory mentalities, vampirism, the empowered modern woman, malevolent empire (here, the P.K. Dick-esque Roman Empire), ritual human sacrifice, and sexuality, especially oral sex, a semi-cannibalistic act. The "gnostic cross" also figures prominently.

The film's askew camp veneer disarms the viewer admirably, and steers away dilettantes. Wikipedia's summary is very helpful, though truncated.

Lady Sylvia Marsh embodies the human, "surfaced" dimension of the White Worm. Englishwoman Amanda Donohoe's portrayal of Lady Marsh -- especially the moment where, fanged, she spews green slime across a crucifix -- is chillingly convincing. Convinced me, on first viewing.

No acting required.

One of the hardest things to understand and accept about human beings is that many of them are mentally ill, in a malevolent way. Precisely as Russell's film illustrates, Woman (collectively) colludes with Satan, or for secularists, with evil earthly powers and institutions. Her reward is preferential status over males (excluding elites, of course!)

Read Genesis. It don't lie.

Western men, in particular, cannot accept this in regard to many Western women. It means, by extension, that Collective Mama has a scary aspect, and that's simply too traumatic to men's minds and wallets. Rather than face uncomfortably facts, they'd rather exponent the crucifixion a thousandfold, endlessly. For Somebody Else, to be sure.

Wikipedia's brief Donohoe bio reports:

In February 1991 she took part in the first lesbian kiss on American television . . . Donohoe is a feminist, a socialist and an atheist.

[Gee . . . we are sooo stunned. As usual.]

Donohoe admits to having experimented with drugs but never became addicted. She dated Adam Ant in the early 1980s and punched an obsessed fan who threatened Ant with a knife and she lived with film maker Nick Broomfield for three years. She has been open about being bisexual telling Diva magazine "My first sexual experiences were with women and if a woman comes into my life who is absolutely stunning and satisfies me emotionally, intellectually and sexually I'm not going to draw the line and say 'I can't because you're a woman'". She has been romantically linked to Sandra Bernhard and Jim Carrey.

Finally, and not trivially, Donohoe's father worked for the British Foreign Office.

A. Hem.

Not only did the Empire never end, but as Ken Russell hints, this "White Worm" far, far predates Rome. Though Rome did a fine job serving her.

Appropriately, the film is subtitled The Garden of Evil.

Yo! for Ken and His Bad Old Self. Ain't you the sly nightflyer?!

And yes, me droogs, it's a long post, I know you're tired. Wanna play "Who's Tired-er" with little dynamo?

One day L.D. will tellya his Three Sisters "story."

For now, here's Wikipedia triple-triple on Les Neuf Soeurs, the Grand Orient masonic lodge in late-eighteenth-century France that organized home support for the American Revolution -- and shoehorned women's suffrage into the French Assembly alongside abolitionism (a tactic copied in 1848 by Lucretia Coffin and Elizabeth Stanton at the Seneca Falls Convention.)

Feminism, far from being a recent spontaneous uprising against "male oppression," is in fact an extremely ancient form OF oppression AGAINST males and masculinity itself, carefully shephered and plotted down the millennia, especially in machinations of the past three centuries. Establishment of the global Gynogulag WAS and IS the reason for the American "revolution."

Doesn't have to stay that way, of course. America can still choose otherwise. Don't look like she's gonna, tho.

Hilary Clinton is famous, of course, for her "It Takes a Village" neo-matriarchal rhetoric. Stupidly, L.D. never connected her "village" reference to its obvious correlate (see previous post, "A Chelsea Morning") . . . Greenwich Village -- and nearby Columbia (as in Goddess) University.

The Village, as its known, turns out to have been Ground Zero for much of the pseudo-revolution of the Sixties, particularly in artistic and political-activism contexts.

That's up next. God willing.