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Saturday, December 24, 2011

He's My Quackeroo!


He makes me soooo happy with his little ways

The waddling walk as he heads toward the kitchen, to reconnoiter his beloved hash-browns.

Teeter-tottering on tiptoe, metronomic side-to-side, while grooving on Kipper the Dog or Sheriff Woody.

The squeals of writhing delight as l.d. closes in (yet again!) to gobble up his toes.  All of 'em.

The peculiar, sober, endearing stiff-armed hand-clapping (lack of fine-motor control at the wrists).

The little circle traced on the carpet when taking turns parading with the other kids while watching The Snowman Promenade.

Passing by the room with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer blaring.  All day.  In sweltering July.

Then Hark the Herald Angels and Jingle Bell Rock for a week in September.  It's Always Christmas with the Quackeroo -- tho he takes a brief break in January and February, to be fully-charged with Christmas Spirit by March.

His little ways.

Back in the mid-oughts, little dynamo was so weak, and the East Coast so oatmeal-onerous, that the brief visits were a blur.  On the first occasion, a stay of about a week, while l.d. collapsed on the bed, the Quackeroo would spend long stretches with the remote, trying to teach l.d. the "Donald's Duck" song -- from a videotape that'd he'd looped so many times it was only audible and visible intermittently.

It was thus quite slow progress, a bit like learning a foreign language, or the nuanced communications of nonverbal autistic kids.  After awhile l.d. could sing brief phrases -- most of the chorus -- and over a couple years pieced together most of the rest.  :O)

Eventually the song became one of our favorites, with the lyrics slightly  personalized.  On those days that l.d. could risk hoisting him up -- which he begged for often, raising his little arms -- he'd rest his head on l.d.'s shoulder and, very gently, pat l.d.'s back.

LOL!  Comforting little dynamo!

The greatest blessings God could have bestowed on a chump like l.d. were a good father and the love of such an extraordinary boy -- a young man, now.

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends have been special favorites with autistic children, especially nonverbals, for at least a decade.

It's been many years since the Quackeroo and little dynamo have been able to visit.  But we're never apart in our hearts.

Hope you enjoy this Christmas present from us to you.

Now everybody loves him
They love to hear him quack
And when we have to say goodbye
They ask when he’ll be back

He’s captured everybody’s heart
He knows just what to do
Now everyone calls him Donald’s Duck
But he’s my Quackeroo!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

El Lucero in the Cielo with Diamantes

El Lucero de la Grada
Monastery of Carmel, Cuenca de los Andes, Ecuador

The masculine trinity crowns Mary as "The Brilliance of the Stairway" but, uh, what's that triangle doing on Dad's head? 

Is it a Party?  It's New Eve's Year?

Cappy Pappy.

Plus, God's got daisies on his robe.  A Hallmark Cards Creator.  Frat Father.

Jesus gets the merovingian fleur-de-lys wrap with who-gnows-what coming outta his head.  Many bebe "cherubs" attend, cumulus cutesies.

Couple years back, Pope Benedict Arnold speechified twice about the global "oppression of women" during a Good Friday observance that commemorated the day pretty much everybody mocked, tried, tortured and murdered the epitome of masculinity, Jesus.

Mary (Lucifer, Venus) is de-facto worshippee of the Catholic Church, under softeners like "devotion" and "veneration."  Likewise, woman dominates the "christian" churches, feminism's the actual religion of the modern West, and matriarchy's the operating socio-political system of America, and increasingly of the planet.

Pre-christian goddess-worship slowly invaded the early church beginning, unsuprisingly, at the gnostic and satanic hotbed of Alexandria, Egpyt, where Her Herness was zombied back from pagan graves and hailed as Theotokos (Bearer or Mother of God) by Origin et al.  By the fifth century, rumors circulated that Mary was so cool, she'd been zapped to heaven.

By the seventh century the physical Assumption was broadly accepted in  christian churches.

But the dogmatic and "infallible" Assumption of Mary (bodily ascencion) wasn't proclaimed by Catholic Rome until very late in the Game -- November 1, 1950 (Pius XII), seconded by John Paul II in 2004, during his homily at Lourdes, France -- site of the famous Marian apparitions of 1858.  As at Fatima, Portugal, the "Holy Mother" manifested in France to a female child/ female children.

The Catholic Mary is "co-Redemptrix" with Christ, a blasphemy foreshadowed in Genesis: woman seeking affirmative-action deification and immortality.  No mere male God will tell her what to do! 

She has Rights, and people paid to enforce them!

John Paul II, staunch mariolatrist, devoted his papacy to Mary, attributing his 1981 assassination-attempt survival to the intercession of "Our Lady of Fatima."

Not to Jesus. Not even to God generally.

But to the very goddess that hates his guts.

In that shooting, two women -- Ann Odre [odor] and Rose Hill [self-explanatory] also were wounded.  Rose odors are proverbial Mary-markers.

Reportedly, the Lady of Fatima then guided the Pope's recuperation.

Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation and Research Center, Houston, Texas, site of Gabrielle Giffords' restoration

Mustn't overlook the research element of the Center, nor the solar-optic O, whose "breakthroughs" pierce the blood-red heavenly roof.  The hermann occult trig-sig is androgynous, her + man.  Mel Gibson captured this genderless golem well in his film, always stalking Jesus.

Ah!  The brilliance of the stairway, the divine stagelights radiant.

Our New Leaders of EARTH and SPACE!   At last, a true Uni-verse.

And our New Leaders are FUN-DEAD!

Selected and endorsed by GABBY GIFFORDS!  Hard-charging and extra-empowered Congresswoman from AZ!

Married to a hard-charging, brave, kinda-ptah-lookin' cool astronaut!

HOORAY for OUR LEADERS, let's see . . . girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl something at least potentially male if aged girl girl girl girl girl then whatever's left there at the end after the Fund's been defunded and all the stars packed up and gone home.  (You listening Clyde?)

Fur back in spacetime as the I can sea.  Inter gal acticvists.  The ole Shinar Shimmydown.

In a recent confab with U.S. Greek Orthodox Chruch Archbishop Demetrios, Pharaoh Barack Obamun quipped:

"I will tell Michelle I have been compared to Alexander the Great. I will see if that gets me a little more respect,” said Obama, who conceded: “She's still the boss."

Barry finally said something true.  Once every three years: must be in his contract.

Fatima's Port-u-gal was instrumental (Henry the Navi-gator, Order of Christ, Lisbon Treatry, etc.) in the Queen of Heaven Revival, including the Portegee settlement of New Bedford, Massachsettes, whaling-port, birthplace of American feminism, host of King's Highway East.  Plymouth Rock.

The Earl and Duke titles of Bedford, England, are held by the Russell clan, progenitors of the Russell Trust Association -- otherwise known as the transgenerational Skull and Bones society, guides and guardians of modern Western civilization's solves and coagulas.

Near New Bedford is Provincetown, MA, and the Provincetown Spit on high-brow Cape Cod -- Sodom-on-the-Atlantic, sting of the scorpion,  notorious for its celebratory homosexual community and its summertime Gay Pride Festival.

Apparently both ends are under investigation simultaneously!

Red-dragon Eye D --

MYCHIP (Masonic Youth Child Identification Program) has identified more than 275,000 children since its inception in 1988, and it continues to assist families today.

The program provides tools to help law enforcement authorities find and identify a lost or missing child. The Masons of Massachusetts, partnering with the Massachusetts Crime Prevention Officers Association and the Massachusetts Dental Association, donate MYCHIP resources to make this service available to the public.

The red-binary star Antares ('rival of Mars') in Scorpio is, like the Virgin Records logo and geomorphic Japan, a type of twin red-dragon -- Kalb al Akrab, the heart of Scorpio.  Beta Acrab is the Scorpion's Eye.

Both Akrab and Acrab approximately reverse Barack.

Antares, a hot Red Giant, flares crimson and clover, over and over, as AF recently commented concerning the New Gabby:

GG's 'eyes' flicker red and green , a characteristic of stars, notably Sirius , when they are close to the horizon.

Pope Highlights Mary's Role as 'Woman of the Apocalypse'

Pope Benedict XVI reflected on the biblical description of a “woman clothed with the sun” in his remarks at Rome's Spanish Steps on the 2011 Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

“This is the labor of the pilgrim Church on earth, that in the midst of the consolations of God and the persecutions of the world, she must bring Christ to men.”

“While in fact Mary is immaculate – free from every stain of sin – the Church is holy, but at the same time marked by our sins.”

“That is why the people of God, pilgrims in time, turn to their heavenly mother and ask for her help,” explained Pope Benedict.

The woman giving birth to Jesus wasn't "free of sin."  The Bible does not report Mary's ascencion into heaven, a matter of such extreme import for Church instruction that its canonical exclusion seems unlikely.

The Bible does not instruct "the people of God" to turn to "Mary their heavenly mother" for assistance with either earthly or heavenly matters, nor to "bring Christ to men."  The Old Testament points to "Yahweh" or God, the New Testament to Christ.

Again, should Christ have wished for the "people of God" to seek Mary for help, doubltless he'd have spoken it plainly -- or at minimum, vouchsafed it to an apostle for later transmission.

In Matthew 12, the scribes and pharisees are goading Christ for a sign . . . for more miracles, for proofs, what have you done for me since noon.

Instead, Jesus rebukes them with a lesson on exorcism, then starts waxing eschatologic:

For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly, so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

Here, "Jonas" is overtly the historical biblical figure, but covertly an endtimes forerunner in the spirit of Elijah/Elias/Elisha/Baptist John.

Then Jesus goes off about "seven wicked spirits" (the seven chief earthly empires who coalesce in the Antichrist, which the "whore" of Revelation rides across time) and a final evil generation.

Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.

Immediately thereafter, this strange and telling episode ensues:

While he yet talked to the people, behold, his mother and his brethren stood without, desiring to speak with him.

Then one said unto him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to speak with thee.

But he answered and said unto him that told him, Who is my mother? and who are my brethren?

And he stretched forth his hand toward his disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren!

For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.  (Mathew 12: 46-50)

Jesus' blood-kin -- mother Mary and brothers -- were outside the house that temporarily sheltered Christ . . . outside his Presence, asking for converse within.

Does Jesus immediately usher-in the Co-Redemptrix, the Glorious and Brilliant Queen of Heaven, the Lady of the Cosmic Lake?

Does Jesus desire that the People should note the Equality of Mother and Son, that together the two might plan the works of salvation, of the Kingdom, and of everlasting life?

Eh.  Not exactly.

Instead Christ languidly points out his personal kinship with those who follow him, in his words and works, and those not present who do the will of his Father.

While the 'Co-Redemptrix' cools her heels.

She doesn't stroll in and assume attention and command -- she waits outside in obedience until (if) she's admitted.

End of incident.  End of biblical Chapter.

Now, does that sound like the same being who wafts around the atmospheres, issuing commands in the name of "her" son -- though he's truly the son of his Father.  She is only a carnal vessel.

Does the obedient and submissive Mary, the real and biblical one, sound like the 1948 apparition at Lima City, Phillipines, where yet another female child was told:

I am the Mediatrix of all Grace

. . . who then promptly demanded a statue of herself be erected on-site?

Sounds like a creature of pride. . . of the wish for empowerment, command, control.

The 1858 mondo-appearance at Lourdes delcared:

From here I bless my Movement

Your Movement?

Therefore I am asking you today to consecrate to me all this period of time, as though it were a more extended and continuous Marian Year. Open to me the doors of your hearts and let me work in you. Open to me the doors of your families, of your parishes, of your religious houses and let the immaculate light of my presence enter in. . . .

. . . ielle Dee Giffords.  Airport Security, paging Congresswoman Gabrielle Dee Giffords.  Please pick up the White Courtesy Telephone.  Paging Congress. . . .

The "Marian Year" resonates Daniel 7 in which Antichrist "thinks to change times and seasons."

Doubtless Jesus loves his earth-mother. . . but doesn't let it get in the way of Father's Business.

Feminism is the White Woman's Burden. It seeks to enchain men wherever they are, and to displace local culture and tradition with feminism. While corporations such as McDonald's and Coca Cola may be the face of western culture and imperialism, feminism is the spirit, the real issue. Feminism is the soul of the West now.

W. Bush with his oil lust is not nearly as imperialist as Hillary and her aim to privilege women globally at the expense of men. Bush wanted money and oil; Hillary is not so superficial. She wants the hearts, minds, and souls of women and girls. After all, guns and bombs can only go so far. The real revolution is in de-feminizing women and girls, getting them to act, walk, and talk like men.   (Alcuin)

Homo Androgynus, Justin Bieber

"In Vedic mythology, the twin cosmic Ashwins (or Asvins), are often depicted as twilight, one half light, the other half dark, personifying the two luminous rays which precede the break of day, or, otherwise, the dawn of a new frame of mind. As Romulus and Remus, they founded Rome, the center of the empire of the gods. They were known in Greece as CASTOR AND POLLUX, who live today as the constellation of Gemini, eternal gaiety found in the nighttime skies. They were later called the DIOSCOURI, who, like QUETZECOATL, were also associated with the stars, guiding lights for those hoping to break out of the mortal sphere into the heavenly realm of the gods. Appropriately enough, the DIOSCOURI literally embodied energy.  (Mythological Antecedents and Gods, Paul Chiumbolo, emphases in orig.)

The sacred marriage of the Gemini Twins produces the divine androgyne, whom the occult perceives as God. Androgynes have both male and female sexual characteristics and organs, and may also be called hermaphrodites, a term derived from the Egyptian god, Hermes Trismegistus. Many occult symbols express this duality: the two-faced Janus, two-headed eagle, and the symbol of the Gemini Twins (`), which is eerily reminiscent of the Twin Towers.  (source)

fraternal astronaut twins, Mark and Scott Kelly

Thesis, Antithesis

Solve Xtracta

Summary --

Some modern Marian visitatitons probably included hologrammatic deception, with "Mary" issuing apoclayptic prophecies, instructions, and commands . . . expanding dogmatic mariolatry in the Catholic Church. . . global feminism/matriarchy and gender inversion/alchemical androgynization. . . fatherless United States consolidating and exporting Woman's Nation. . . masonic dominance of government/intelligence. . . the Amalantrah and Babalon Workings. . . deaths of the state of Virginia's Synchronicity Foundation honcho and daughter in the Mumbai Massacre, after Foundation members witness repeated visitations from a female claiming to be "Mother Mary". . . Oprah, Condi Rice, Michelle Robinson and Gabby Giffords as (anti)Queens of the South . . . the latter with survived-headwound, likely antichristic shockwave projected into past 

When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom
"Let it be"

Let what be?  Something you saw on SandOz?  Mommy drops outta the sky and you feel all safe and snuggy again?

Don't be so eager, Paulie.  Maybe The Goddess is an ex-wife. :O)

Lucy in the sky with diamonds on the souls of her shoes.

Ka-Hathor weds Dragon-Prince Bill (officiated by a Druid! ta da), then Benedict verbatims about Mary as ark of the covenant and apocalyptic Queen of Heaven.

The star-crowned and sun-clothed "woman" of Revelation 12 isn't Mary, Jesus' worldly-mother, but the inner church, eschatologic "Israel," scattered amongst the nations, yet concentrated in Babylon itself. . . in America.  Woman = Church is a common biblical convention, as is Christ's Bride = Church.  For this elect -- and not for Shinar and her lackeys -- was the United States permitted.  And for that elect America was blessed and sustained.

World-conqueror Antichrist enters with "lying signs and wonders" and initially is facilitated by the Whore of Revelation, the extraterrestrial, possessing spirit of Babylon, Soul Sistah Shinar. The accumulated evidence suggests a coming demon-stration far beyond mere holographics, subterran sound-systems, rustic child-possessions, and mass hypnosis.

Even The Econmist advises we Beware of Falling Masonry.

Like lightning baracking down from heaven.

Italy's Castel Gandolfo is long a hotbed of goddess-worship, with its attendant Dianic Nymphaeum (an ancient sex-magick ceremonial site in the "sacred whore" tradition); its Church of Santa Maria Assunta ("ascended" by Assumption); and its Church of Our Lady of the Lake on the shores of Lake Albano.

Last August 15 at Gandolfo, for a homily at the Feast of Mary's Assumption, Pope Benedict preached:

In the first reading, we heard: "then God's temple in heaven was opened, and the ark of the covenant was seen within the temple" (Revelation 11:19). What is the significance of the ark? What does it appear to be? For the Old Testament, it is the symbol of the presence of God in the midst of his people. But now the symbol has given way to reality. Thus the New Testament tells us that the true ark of the covenant is a living and concrete person: it is the Virgin Mary. God does not dwell in a piece of furniture, God dwells in a person, in a heart: Mary, she who bore in her womb the Eternal Son of God made man, Jesus Our Lord and Savior.


Now the symbol has given way to reality.

Again, suggestive of a mass "illumination" or visitation.

See?  Little dynamo goes on "vacation" last summer and look what The Popester cooks up.  Hands out the ark to his mistress.  Princess Cruiselines.  Columbus' Santa Maria.

What next?  Golden calves in St. Peter's Square 'n Compass?  ;O)

Our Lady of the Sign -- Ark of Mercy
St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish, Chicago (note crescent -- an ancient feminine fertility symbol related to a visible phase of Venus when low in the atmosphere)

Yes the "ark" is a being, not a thing.  It's been fun watching folks chase after the china cabinet with processions and "discoveries" and lectures and DVDs!  Heap big wampum!  Anyway, the day will come when god will open (reveal) the ark in heaven.  But that ark is not Mary, nor does the Bible anywhere contend that Jesus' birth-mother is the ark of God's covenant . . . a covenant made long before Mary's birth.

Katie Couric, Women for Women for Women Etc dot com, somewhat reminiscent of the Gabby Giffords Leadership Team E-gal-atarian Fund 

Almost half of all Americans are poor/low income, and a handful of Walton Family members (Wal-Mart) have income greater than the bottom 30 percent of U.S. individuals.

In Biblespeak such economic iniquity is representative of the "whoredoms" of endtimes Babylon, with whom the world's nations trade, and to whom their luxurious goods are peddled.

The merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies  (Revelation 18:3)

Grandma Owns the Nanny State

Senior women age 50 and older control net worth of $19 trillion and own more than three-fourths of the nation’s financial wealth.

Over the next decade, women will control two thirds of consumer wealth in the United States and be the beneficiaries of the largest transference of wealth in our country’s history. Estimates range from $12 to $40 trillion. Many Boomer women will experience a double inheritance windfall, from both parents and husband.

Wealthy boomer women are the marquee players in our country’s culture and commerce. They are educated, have a high income, and make 95 percent of the purchase decisions for their households.

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care.

Poor, oppressed victims.  Held-down and discriminated-against by The Evil Patriarchy.

Greed, runaway mercantilism and materialism, selfishness, and pseudo-legalistic iniquity are major culprits triggering the judgments of Revelation.
Here's the self-identified "Toughest Sheriff in America," Jailin' Joe Arpaio, Star-Bearer of Maricopa County in Arizona, who makes his political and economic capital caging and demeaning the sons of the nation. 

JoJo left his home in Tucson Arizona
bought some California grass
Get back to where you once belonged
Your Mama's waiting for you
with her high-heel shoes
and her low-neck sweater

The report outlines how Arpaio's office has committed a wide range of civil rights violations against Latinos, including a pattern of racial profiling and discrimination and carrying out heavy-handed immigration patrols based on racially charged citizen complaints.

The Justice Department is indicting Joe for civil rights violations, and no doubt he violated a mess of 'em.  Proud of it too. 
Looks like you plumb run out of pink boxers, Sheriff.  Now the posse's huntin' you.

The law's a funny thing, ain't it?

One day you're it, next day it's somebody else.

Like a pair of pinkies just waiting, with Jailin' Joe stencilled on the front, and America's Toughest Sheriff at the caboose.
Payback's a bitch, and she signs your checks, Joe.  Just tell the folks at Lake Lockdown that Gabby sent ya.