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Friday, April 29, 2011

Liberty Road Ground Zero

Liberty Road, Virginia

At a local store l.d. encountered female employees decked in the pastel chiffons and broad, flowing hats of bridesmaid-wear . . . in honor, as he overheard, of today's Royal Wedding.

A global event, apparently.

Herd critturs. Dash of Sol, pinch of Luna. Or paraphrasing masked and anonymous:

"Cows can digest grass, but men can't. And neither can l.d."

As the Western Media gleefully trumpeted, Princess Ka-hathor Middleton most certainly will not obey Whatever Dilbert she's marrying, nor even utter such execreble and heretical words.

Popular portent of the neutered NWO.

Wives, be in subjection to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.

(Colossians 3)

In the West, husbands are in subjection to their wives, and males obey females. Or else.

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.

(Isaiah 3)

One woman, Shirleen Howard, was killed and found lying on Liberty Road in the Nathalie area of the county. Several others were injured.

Liberty Road in the State of the Virgin Goddess has two lanes, seemingly going opposite directions . . . but is, nevertheless, a one-way street.

Not many folks know. Ain't it a funny old whirld?

However, most houses are not designed to fly. It can be arranged, but sometimes landings are a bitch.

As April expired and the May Queen approached the "altar" with the Dragon Prince -- bindings courtesy Archbishop Druid Rowan -- tornadoes levelled Libertas.

Halifax Co., VA - There are no rules for how to respond to a tragedy. For so many in the Nathalie area, their lives are now completely different than they were just a day ago. On Liberty Road, the worst hit, a lot of this is still sinking in. . . . [H]undreds of cars idle down Liberty Road to see the 8.5 miles of destruction - the tornado's ground zero.

"Look, look everybody's got their cell phones, cameras snapping. So I guess it's just a tour, a sight," said Monique Howard.

The street has become sacred ground for her family since her aunt, Shirleen Howard, was killed when winds up to 125 miles per hour picked up her mobile home and tossed it 50 yards away. [emphases added]

"Tornadoes snake through East Texas town of Mabank"

Widespread roof damage was reported after a series of tornadoes struck the East Texas town of Mabank (MAY'-bank).

Boy. Howd. E.

The sights one sees from the heights of Peckerwood Hill.

Pay no attention to the pronunciation behind the curtain: it appears Ma's Bank (quaintly called "Texas") is open after all! Roof's done blowed clean off. No need to leave the front door unlocked.

We'll just help ourselves.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

More to the Picture I

Under an Aferris Moon and in Da Black Whole we've decoded a series of photos and stills that capture beestbelly zeitgeist.

Favorites include the Dallas Tripgoddess installment in LBJ that kicked off JFK and the NWO DeaLey Age.

Mom Ent of Imp Pact

Triangulation is for finding and/or fixing, a common geometric set of practical "solomonic" (goetic, kabbalic) magick, often attempted to bind or constrain demonic NRG. As with Zodie in his High Executioner Drag at Lake Berryessa, or the polka-dotted Love Field Trinity, costuming in such rites is standard. Triangulation shares prefix with likeminded trinity, transportation and tracing board. These are Cerelean/Demetrian agricultural rites.

Drawn into manifestation by occult preparations, and by "royal" blood, two female triangles cohere near impact, the Red and Black Trenchcoat Queans, with a superior (either sublunar or celestial) vertex above, puprlish, and a terrestrial vertex below: Jackie O, whose head and pink hat alloy the red and black, nestling almost geometrically 'tween.

In this case, because the king is already considered dead, the triangulation is for finding. Another one.

New Boss = Old Boss as Daley Center in Chicago/New Babylon rises all phoenixy from the blood-ashes of Dallas' Dealey Plaza, home of the Trinity River and Triple Bypass.

Following the Giffords' shooting, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley called for wait for it now . . . . . . Common Sense Gun Laws.

Ona Common Sense laws, to be shore, eh, Dick?

Mayor Dick recently passed the was sceptre to pal Rahm (De Bomb) Emanuel, Chief Arachnid to Mr. and Mrs. Pharaoh and the Chicago-Columbia Ma Sheen.

Like rose-futured JFK happily sailing down the Triple Underpass of Dealey Plaza, loving wife secure at side, head-shot Gabrielle Giffords, twinning headwounded William of Wales, is a gamepiece in a grand soulstruggle.

Head-wound survivors, especially during transitional/unconscious states, are especially susceptible to possession, influence, or extreme alteration of personality or character.

Last pungi post we scanned the Tucson Festival of Books photo, starring Jared Loughner and Jackie Storrer, connecting it to:

1) Loughner's literacy and grammar warnings -- those holding others to the Goddess Law Letter (dea ley) will suffer the Letter

2) Giffords as member of the U.S. House of Representatives' Literacy Caucus, and winner of the 2003 Arizona Family Literacy's Outstanding Legislator award

3) the Texas Schoolbook Depository overlooking Dealey Plaza that figured prominently in the JFK hit, supposed sniper bird's-nest of Lee Harvey Oswald, a Super Scapegoat forerunning Jared Loughner . . . continuing that fine traditon of JustSis Sistems as the TSD morphs into today's Dallas County Administration Building, where more citizens may be Administered-to; and

4) Michaelangelo's Last Judgment with flying-scroll brandishers, recalling both the scroll and ephah from Zechariah 5, and the two books of Revelation

Another Schoolbook Literacy Lesson: Gabby-in-Chains at a Grammar school modeling the Fashion of the New Order. (The Little Males were sent to recess. OK! You can come back in now, boys! We've all got our Uniforms on!)

The large crimson beads re-inforce the ubiquitous red-and-black color scheme. Part of the calendar in excised, with April reading Apri, suggesting anagram "pair" and also apres, meaning after. These interps are bolstered by the twinned 1000. The ther-mom-eter is rising, the telephone is ringing offa the hook.

Millennial signs everywhere, but Gabby's back is to it. Facing her audience she smiles nervously. Fiddles with her hands. Nervously.

Scroo-tin-ized here and at AF's, Giffords' iconic Arizona (Ona) Common Sense photo duplicates design motifs of the Last Supper and Last Judgment, either way = ov uh.

The still re-stages the stellar backdrop, dea-ley lectern, and Descending Goddess from the First Degree Tracing Board, intensifying the mnemonic, sympathetic magick.

Fairly drooling for Earth Kontrol, the Great Goddess hikes up her gown and sprints towards the lectern and its familiar id-serpent seal. You Go Grrrl!!

By close of the Sixties, America and the Anglosphere already had undergone a Romantic and Archaic revival that dwarfed the troubs, cathars, and Renaissance combined.

The soror-images present paired Rising Suns, probably analoging the "Twin Templar" mounted inconography. Soon after the Ona Common Sense sun rose in AZ, Gabby Giffords was shot while a third rising sun, drakonduo Japan, got all shook up. A to Z, alphabetic alpha-omega.

Of the Ona Common Sense still, AF writes:

The guy, behind and to the left, has his black hair parted towards GG; the young blonde girl on the right has hers also parted towards GG, creating B + W. Male + female. Left + right symmetries. Just in front of them are a white-haired and black-haired woman respectively. It's a human chessboard.

The First Degree Tracing checkerboard = Earth, the stellar object = "outer" space, and the stairway and figures, especially the lower three entities (Zechariah's Shinar plus twin storkwinged transporters) = mid-air, i.e., Earth atmospheres out, to furthest lunar elliptic.

Similarly, the Ona Common Sense tableaux displays the three atmospheres or spheres of influence/habitation. Seated on Earth/floor are two acolytes or worshippers, their blue and burnt-orange shirts exactly matching the terrestrial (lower) aspects of the AZ flag.

The upper AZ flag -- Copper Star and rays -- like the just-visible stars of the US flag, represents the heavens, or possibly a specific stellar event such as supernova. In between the seated acolytes and the AZ heavens, a la the Last Judgment, are the players -- partly mid-air, partly Earth. (See previous posts for graphics.)

The Last Judgment and Last Supper schema is inverted. Christ is ejected from the Center of the World, from power of speech and authority. Instead, at the lectern of communication and power, we find . . . well, Gabby Giffords. And very many others to come like her.

So . . . not a trade some are willing to make.

Behind Gabrielle is her celestial muscle, the Kopper King (manifesting partially in husband Mark Kelly, space-shutte commander) as US ruling the outer heavens.

Jesus out, Gabby Giffords in, imagine god's surprise. Seems like a fair trade, some housewife-playing-leader, for God's own son . . . who made this pathetic rebellious little universe.

Why not Kathy Lee Giffords, after all? Shouldn't she command God's people, too? Isn't she being sorta slighted? Or Wise Latina Sotomayor, she claims she's pretty smart . . . she only gets to be a Supreme Court Justice. That's not right, is it?


Arizona is the "Copper State". Copper (Kypros) is symbolically as well as etymologically associated with Cyprus (Kypros) and cyprian. The word "cyprian" indicates a 'wanton woman' and this meaning is traced through the word Kypris to Aphrodite Porne, Venus, Al-Uzzah. The "Great Whore" of mythology and those women who fulfill this role in magic sexualis are called "Copper Queans" or "Copper Queens".

Ona = She in Czech, so the Ona Common Sense banner is a type of flying scroll, arrows pointing in quite opposite directions. As in Michaelangelo's painting, an unseen war is underway. Adults to Gabrielle's left are neo-goddess worhippers. To her right, as discussed on AF's blog, we see dissent.

The Tin Man, having already fed the beest, is young, military-ish, wearing powder blue (celestial) and white (purified, like biblical Ancient of Days or the white-garmented). Presaging Jared's shoulder-bird, over the Tin Man's heart is a bird. Just below the bird is the word HOLLISTER, prophetic of the Japan quake, as Hollister in Kali-fornia is the "Earthquake Capital of the World."

Also suggested is holly, druidic sacrificial plant nonpariel, see James Frazer, Diana Nemorensis etc., and Christ as a holler-er.


Jesus has been removed from the cross and the three nails have transformed into the 3 metal limbs, the wheelchair carries him from the place of the cross, Golgotha. His ascencion usurped by The Virgin or childless congresswoman-cum-androgyne politician. The Copper star provides the metal of Venus often connected with 'morningstar' Lucifer, the Lightbringer.

Little Lulu.

always in and out of trouble
but mostly always in

Gabrielle is a Red-Dog Democrat, with strong Republican, or Conservative, leanings . . . a "crossover" politician.

Given this preamble, in post a'follow l.d. will grab the Ona Common Sense photo by its throat, praps it'll cough up a little more grok. We just bet it will.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Supper is Served

Mute in mid-air, the Jesus of Michaelangelo’s Last Judgment calls up the righteous with a righthand Great Conductor flourish. (Crows previously cleansed from atmospheres.) The hand, spread in affection and abundance, is – like the universe – suddenly and gloriously open to them.

Directly beneath Jesus’ feet, and between him and Earth, are messengers with pages from the flying scroll of Zechariah 5, that judges Shinar, her wickedness, and her lands.

Jesus, looking leftward, observes and hears his servants, who witness against those who abused and oppressed the righteous. One saint displays the knife and sheath of his flayed skin.

Such, as the otties say, "sturs the lord."

Through the living cloud of these goodhearted people, their mistreatment terrible and constant, Jesus stares down their once-gleeful oppressors. He is not happy.

At lower-right register, dark-hued beings "help" the proud to their chosen rewards. Indeed, one "angelic trumpet" assists almost corporeally in the nasty task, making damn sure target receives message.

One borderline entity -- slightly verdant from long exposure to copper, perhaps -- shepherds them with a chironic paddle! Jesus' left hand is rigid and bent in curse, half-closed . . . a martial position that "closes" the solar plexus, forever severing all connection between his loving heart and assorted scumbags. Batting leftie, Jesus compresses the unrighteous into densest gravities, ephah lead-cover-like.

Blue Dog (star) Democrat Gabrielle Giffords belongs to the U.S. Congress' 18-member House Adult Literacy Caucus. In 2003 Gabby received Arizona Family Literacy's Outstanding Legislator award.

On April 29, while Chuch of England "archbishop" and druid Rowan Williams ties the Royal Knot to Kate and William, Gabrielle Giffords hopes to attend the launch of husband Mark Kelly, Space-Shuttle Kommandante. By that same date, Jared Loughner must have his "psychological evalution."

Loughner communicated at great length about literacy, "grammar," and his disdain for duplicity in government, and in America.

On March 14, 2010, the Arizona Star newspaper photographed Jared doing "volunteer" work at the Tucson Festival of Books, where he balances a giant crossword puzzle before a game but befuddled woman named Jackie Storrer, clutching a Stores bag.

Cross words can be angry words, and/or words emitted from the Cross.

Check the Last Judgment again. The angels are holding the scroll wide open. Just above everybody's heads. It isn't a puzzle -- not really. It's certainly not a trick, or a code. It's an indictment.

As for Tucson Festival of Books, last post Your Preposterous Servant little dynamo fessed how worms fell on a Scotland schoolyard, at Galashiels Academy. Gala means festival. Schools utilize books, once neetly nested and stacked in Pallas Dallas' Texas Schoolbook Depository, now the admin building for her County Government . . . at 33 degrees latitude, near the Trinity River, site of Dallas' first masonic temple . . . where ghosts of scapegoats roam still, nibbling at moonrise on the grassy knoll, whispering to the spirits of dead kings.

Commenting on the Festival of Books photo in AF's fantastic post, AZ U LIE KIT, l.d. wrote:

you rightly connect it to Loughner’s online ciphers, and black apron to death (raising the Black Flag) a female, Jackie Storrer, tries to “figure out” Mr. Loughner’s 92.9 hurtz bluesclues, but it’s a Mountain she just can’t climb

it’s a Really Big Board, and she’s got a marker and is trying Very Hard but .... nope, eets a Mystery, like the SF hippies trotting alongside tourist buses, holding up large mirrors Ms. Storrer is grinning pluckily, people are watchiiinng.... but no

Ms. Storrer looks a typical middle class female american, not underfed and clutching something just purchased, labeled “Book Stores” with the “Stores” bolded an exulting figure sits injun crosslegged atop the “Stores” .... a figure not dismorphic to Ms. Storrer, and apparently sharing her tailor .... figure’s lap forms WHITE apron, so figure = female

Storrer is exactly antipodal to Loughner, the aprons reflect each other like an alchemical etching: her white triangular apron terminates downward, his is square, both masonic signi inverting the gender role, Loughner wears the (kitchen) apron -- the apron is a barrier to the genitals, implying either emasculation/celibacy (male) or domesticity/submission/virginity (female) Storrer doesnt have to wear her apron, she owns it and employs at will (buying stairway heaven, male apron)

Storrer has native tourquoise jewelry on both wrists and what is probably a small Squashblossom necklace, local tribe – land/native/natural transformed into accessory in the same hand

Returning us to hands and yes, little dynamo is a wee bit obsessive/compulsive. Thanks for thinking it.

That ole black-magick called love!

See Hillie and her Native American "shaman" -- to whom she bows her head, while warring on the God that created her.

In Tangled Up in Blue we report on suspicious deaths near Albuquerque, New Mexico, during the annual Balloon Festival.

Yup we said "festival" and yupp l.d. spent three years as an inmate (with bathroom privileges!) at Sandia National Weapons Lab in Albukookoo.

A hot air balloon crashed into power lines and burst into flames Friday during Albuquerque‘s annual balloon fiesta, throwing both men on board to the ground and killing one of them. [AP wire quote]

L.D. wrote: Someone died, and not mythopoetically. Prior posts discussed the efficacy and method of American Southwest “pre-indigenous” sorcery at Mesa Verde (Green Table) and other sites, including refraction in Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West.

Nine-year-old Christina Taylor Green, born on September 11, 2001 -- a date god brought to all our attentions -- was also shot and killed by Jared Loughner.

Our post "Travis Bickle Has Entered the Building" reported that Christina, sharing a middle name with First Lady and Love Field Goddess Claudia Alta Taylor Johnson, already had political aspirations. Christina very much wanted to attend the Neighborhood Meeting of congresswoman Gabrielle Dee Giffords.

Christina had just received election to the Student Council -- at Mesa Verde Elementary School in Tucson.

For more on indigenous sorcery and archaeo-astronomy at Mesa Verde and Chaco Canyon, see our 2006 post, Sam Peckinpah Era Un Hombre For Sure. Verde = green in Spanish, with Green as noun and greening as gerund ubiquitous masonic concept-themes and operatives.

Gabrielle Giffords' middle name, Dee, matches the surname of Queen Elizabeth Uno's chief sorcerer, John Dee. Gabby's husband, astronut Mark Kelly, shares a name with John Dee's partner, Edward Kelly. Dee and Kelly were the enochian magicians who spawned the 20th century tag-teams of Parsons-Hubbard (Babalon Working, 1946, Mojave Desert) and Crowley-Neuberg (Choronzon Working, 1909, Sahara).

Both rites were Dianic, designed to incarnate spiritual energies both as persons, and as socio-political aspects of "the goddess." In the Tucson Book Festival photo, Jared Loughner isn't looking at Jackie Storrer.

She's still alive, after all.

No, Jared is looking directly into the camera. At us. You S.

Like Christ in the Last Judgment, Jared's right hand is raised, supporting a testament, while the left hand covers his solar plexus, repercussions following.

Jared Loughner shot Gabby Giffords, a nine-year-old girl, a Federal Judge, and three others. He pled "not guilty."

He shot them, that's obvious. But is he guilty?

Before you jump that, remember how sure -- how absolutely and utterly certain The State and the Church and the Almighty People were about the guilt of that other guy with his solar plexus covered.

The rage, the projected darkness, the insatiable thirst for vengenace of an entire sinful nation, deep in denial of its own complicities. Busily setting court dates and scheduling psychological exams. Focusing on another Book Depository goat.

While Jared Loughner holds aloft another flying scroll for Shinar.

Through a messenger, or emanation, God showed Zechariah a vision of two endtime witnesses, "Zerubbabel" and "Joshua." Immediately thereafter Zechariah yammers:

I looked again -- and there before me was a flying scroll!

. . . upon which was written the judgment of Babylon.

Likewise, this was the sin of thy sister Sodom: pride, fulness of bread, and prosperous ease was in her and her daughters; neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. And they were haughty, and committed abomination before me: therefore I took them away as I saw fit. (Ezekiel 16)

In one paragraph, haughtiness (arrogance, pride) gets two mentions. Uh and Oh. Did Ezekiel call out endtimes Babylon five centuries before Christ . . . or five minutes ago?

I'll hold what you have to give me

but I'll use what I have to use

The lasers are in the Lab

the old man is dressed in white clothes

Everybody says he's mad

no-one knows the things that he knows

"Sedan Delivery"

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Trails to You

This old world keeps spinning around

it's a wonder tall trees ain't laying down

there comes a time

Dolores Mountain, Texas (dolor = sorrow or grief en espanol)

[April 10, 2011] DALLAS — A massive range fire burned as much as 125 sq. miles Saturday in West Texas, and firefighters were bracing for the possibility the situation could worsen Sunday because of dry, windy conditions. The enormous fire scorching largely Stonewall, King and Knox counties had become the largest in the nation, officials said Saturday . . . [T]he fire started in Presidio County on Saturday afternoon.

Pictured is Maria ("It's a Woman's Nation") Shriver, shown with pet bonobo, flashing Texas "long-horn" salute.

A few years ago at a friend's house, l.d. dreamed an enormous black dragon appeared in the evening sky, swooping towards his old catholic grammar school. Diving and circling.

Stunned schoolkids had to run for cover as worms rained down on their football pitch. From another report: Teacher David Crichton was leading a group of pupils playing football on an astroturf pitch at Galashiels Academy when dozens of the slimy creatures began plummeting from the sky.

Galashiels Academy is in Scotland. Celtic ga-la is a female name meaning "festival." Shiels simply identifies the huts, or shelters, beside the Ga-la river . . . so, gala was probably a water-goddess (nymph) sobriquet in origin. The area was heavily Pictish, thus matriarchal. Serpentfolk.

Ga-la, Ga-brielle, Ga-Ga (=dragon in Czech.)


You can open your eyes now, Hillie. No Hope or Change.

He's a phake, just like you and pharaoh.

Say hi to the flying monkeys for l.d.! They are certainly real.

Here's Heil Hillary with her phoenix lapel-pin. Note color scheme vs. AZ flag.

Gabrielle Giffords at Arizona Common Sense press conference

Flag of Japan (Rising Sun)

Twin Peeks. Rebuke du duex.

Said boy howdy, that thar's just ona common sense.

A bird is singing outside little dynamo's window, and although night comes on, it says the son is rising. No pretenders need apply.

Surely wickedness burns like a fire; it consumes briers and thorns,it sets the forest thickets ablaze so that it rolls upward in a column of smoke. By the wrath of the LORD Almighty the land will be scorched and the people will be fuel for the fire; no one will spare his brother.

On the right they will devour, but still be hungry; on the left they will eat but not be satisfied. Each will feed on the flesh of his own offspring. . . .

For to us a child is born; to us a son is given. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor. (Isaiah 9)

Many happy returns!

You and I, we were captured

we took our souls and we flew away

we were right, we were giving

that's how we kept what we gave away

(N. Young)

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Ona Common Sense: Judy's Turn to Cry

Christchurch was rumbled 'n humbled on February 22 -- 2/22 -- just before we hit blogspot's "publish" button for "Gimme Back My Apple."

Da Black Whole's wordpress counterpart is, of course, at ray222.wordpress.com.

The lack of standing, intact churches in Christchurch underlines that, yup, the Big Guy is shaking his churches -- and his people -- and he is Taking Names. This is not an exercise.

Last year 'bout this season we quoted ever-reliable sage Medea: The earthquakes keep coming hard and fast this year, causing people to wonder if something sinister is happening underfoot. It’s not. While it may seem as if there are more earthquakes occurring, there really aren’t.

Heh. Not too many of those articles recently. Double Heh.

What with the predicted Falling well-away, Christchurch rubbled, and the Fuck You She Ma re-actor rods inching ever-nearer to long-lost Core, waaaalll . . . bidniss be Looking Up!

Nothing like a solid 9.0 shaker, following bigwave, and Nuclear Threat to melt down a few glacial noggins, and shut a few mouths. The World Trade meltdown, noted sadly, was met by America not with acknowledgement of god's displeasure, and attention thereto, but with domestic and international repression, hysteria, puerile patriotism, price gouging, and the standard raging vengeance of Team Woman and Co.

Recently, AF asked the only important question: why Japan?

Last year we attempted to navigate the earthquake series from a biblical p.o.v., Seven-church Style.

The hit on Christchurch requires little explanation, snugging ineluctably into the event series, which began with the Mumbai Massacre in one of Inja's goddess-dedicataed cities. But, as AF wonders . . . what drew the repeating radio activity in Japan?

Though our intrepid readers (both of them and no, they are not paid) now understand America's secret founding origins, and the aims of its elite, popularly America in the 1940's was the world's pre-eminent Christian nation.

Many average folks believed in Jesus and, impossible as it now seems, often tried to emulate him. Even in the Fifties, when l.d. grew up, the U.S. was still, if only popularly, "under god."

Dragon-worship in the East, especially in China and Japan (and serpent-worship in India) derive directly from antediluvial serpent-tribe rites, customs, and bloodlines. Satan has always overshadowd the East, facing it directly, mouth open to dispense "advice." Even Alexander the Great couldn't escape the Beast of the East.

Here's an image similar to our graphic from "All the Dark Continents," published October 22 at wordpress.

Note head-wound at the crown of the Dark Continent. Subsequent to that post Tunisia and Libya have taken world-stage, first the Dec. 17 apple-snatchback from fasthanded Ms. Hamdy -- a representative of the Tunisian government -- that overthrew political Egypt and fired uprisings across North Africa and the Middle East.

Then, in February, Libya entered full revolution, with recent U.S. intervention. Lately we've warned against affilliating with the Western Witch's just-sis sis-tem, and against messing with god's folk. We have attempted to illustrate the consequences thereto.

Help in explication arrives from the site "God's Geography". I think these events in World War II were an example to show us what happens when you touch God's anointed (1st Chronicles 16:22). The atomic bombs were like a pair of huge hailstones dropped on the enemy as retaliation for an unprovoked attack on those who worship the Son of God.

Fat Man and Little Boy smote Japan, not in the name of American government, and certainly not in support of Lady Libertas and her gathering Grain Gynogulag, but in protection of Christian America, specifically god's "anointed" then and subsequent.

Japan's Rising Sun drakon culture was largely enspirited by Lucy Fer . . . below as doppledragon, suggesting binary, a la twin-sister Sirius. Recall Richard Branson's ongoing sublunar ventures in the Land of Enchantment -- his Sonoran Spaceport and his "Tubular Bells" Virgin Records logo.

(Japan illustrations via "God's Geography")

Doppledragon's northerly head is already severed, and the Sendai (send I or send AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence) quake occured near the beast's main joint, where its two bodies or elements intertwine. Africa's horn of power, communication, foresight, and threat, points directly at dubbledragon Japan. Re-attaching Madagascar and its severed nose to Africa gives us

new eyes to see. Suddenly, proboscis sutured -- if we can call that dangling beak a nose -- and tossing in Isis (eye sis) as Lake Victoria, named after a white queen of the West . . . we find ourselves right back in Oz, a-wondering where that water bucket is! (Apparently, Dragon Jr. of Nipponland was doused first.)

As the author at "God's Geography" well-sleuthed, in Malagasy, the language of Madagascar, the word for island is nosy, spelled nossi.

Science informs (with uncharacteristic intution!) that humans evolved maternally "out of Africa," with three-million-year-old Ethiopian "Lucy" a prize jewell of paleoanthropology. (No whining please. Mr. Science named her. Not l.d.)

Unearthed in 1974, Lucy belongs to class Australopithecus afarensis.

The braincase, occipitus, and lower fossa of afarensis closely match geophysical Africa. There's even a hint of indentation ("head-wound" of Tunisia and Libya, or is that Labia?) just behind the brow-ridges.

Oh, and occidentally, the occipital bun faces West. :O)

Stark differences in anterior morphology are indeterminate to compare, due to the extra-human (or nonhuman) horn, which distorts and radically distends the frontal (predictive and precognitive) lobe. Libya is invaded by Multicultural Amerika under a White House of African ancestry, whose closest personal ally is the most powerful African female on the planet -- our OWN Oprah.

The intense activity of America/the New Woman Order in Africa over the past decade is a worm, but no fluke. Of a piece now appears the demands for mass-circumcision of African males to "combat AIDS" . . . Oprah's girls-only schools . . . visitations by Heil Hillary to "fight the scourge of sex-crimes."


The endtimes beest is a global power, an ideopolitical belief system transcending race, nation, and geography. It's a "second-nature" system whose conditioning spans centuries. It's sweet deceit is so accepted, so ingrained that it's reflexive, automatic.

Everyone knows women are more loving, generous, moral, hardworking, safe, nurturing, and righteous than men. It's common knowledge. Hell, it's Ona Common Sense.

Africa is a disembodied entity, a floating skull, like the Baphomet of the Templars. It's influence is extremely ancient, and primarily psychic (rather than abstractly intellectual, thus, the horn) and somatic. It's somatic potencies, as if enhanced by its No-Body SinDrome, is sufficient to "overpower the saints" as the Bible puts it . . . tactfully.

Consider some of the less-salient influences of African peoples on U.S./Western culture over the past century. Sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, violence, vast city matriarchates, and gangsta-ism.

Do the Twist. Do the Limbo. How low can you go?

(The District of Columbia, apparently.)

Staring across the Middle East and Asia to Japan -- dragon station to dragon station, as it were -- Africa through its eye and horn exerts tremendous, possessive influence over the somatic and psychic/psychological character of those regions.

In the 20th century, that influence greatly expanded and deepened. America contributes the corpus, the spine and cohesive, comprehensive nervous system, of the disembodied NWO entity.

That entity's technology, communications, and cultural memes are planetary, and like Mother Africa always has been, the U.S. is now fully matriarchal.

Seemingly, the intellectual functions of Africa's damaged upper braincase, like Babylon's overshadowing entity, Shinar, relocated in the West. The sub-brainstem, the body itself, in its primal vegetal and reptilian organization, purposes, and functions, is truly the oldest brain, and makes the vast majority of human decisions, especially in realtime. . . though most imagine otherwise.

They will set themselves against you on every side with buckler and shield and helmet ; and I will commit the judgment to them, and they will judge you according to their customs. 'I will set My jealousy against you, that they may deal with you in wrath. They will remove your nose and your ears; and your survivors will fall by the sword. They will take your sons and your daughters; and your survivors will be consumed by the fire.

Christina Green, nine years old, born on September 11, 2001, was shot and killed in the Tucson Tragedy.

Above, Ezekiel 23 reports and prophesies judgment on an area or people for "playing the harlot," pointing towards Great Whore Babylon of Revelation, especially connected with idolatry and gross materialism.

The passage is specific in identifying the proto-malevolent "woman," whose punishment is madagas-scary loss of nose (a personal rebuke of her pride and vanity) and fire (a collective rebuke).

"My jealousy" isn't an abstraction of divine wrath, but god's ark or biblical "presence."

Recent GGG propaganda's been dense with global threats to femaleness, heavy on the sex-hysteria angles -- the Assange takedown by Interpol (a.k.a. Hillary and US); the Lara Logan/Little Lulu "brutal rape and assault," and so forth.

One of last year's agitprop horrorstories was Bibi Aisha, a completely innocent Afghan woman whose nose was severed by her misogynistic Taliban-insurgent husband.

Sounds like Invasion Grounds to l.d.! Shit let's invade everbody no need to bother Congress, we can handle this International Violence Against Women right from the White House!

What? You're against that? You mean you are for violence against women and cutting the noses off girls?

We'll be glad to lodge that in your Terrerist Phile. Lodge, get it, har har. [fineprint: any correspondence between Bibi and Baba purely -- even virginally -- coincidental.]

America taking possession of Africa's ancient (pangeac) headwound-at-crown via labial Libya (w/concurrent Tunisian "revolution") is twinned and personified in Prince William's 1991 near-fatal headwound and Gabrielle Gifford's mirror-wound 20 years later.

Brittannia begat Columbia soror-ally, virgin birth. The "alchemical wedding" of the Middle Ages was termed the "royal wedding" or conuinctio, an essential, and late, element of the "great work." William is brittannic heir, Prince of Wales/Commonwealth, son of the 20th century's chief Dianic Goddess.

William's betrothed to Katherine = Ka-Hathor, also goddess. But the Prince's alchemical, occult bride is Gabby Giffords, representing the antichristic aspects of head-wounded U.S.

Obvious signs: a druid running the "christian church" of England, and also officiating at the Royal Wedding . . . a female law-maker (Dea-ley) who serves (and personifies) Babylon, member of a "reformed" Jewish synogogue whose "rabbi" is named Staci or Steffi something.

Folks, this ain't rocket science or brain surgery. Uh . . . well, you know what we mean.

Strip off your pride, you're acting like a teenybopper runaway child scrape off the paint from the face of a little town saint

Arizona, hey won't you go my way?


Here's the Arizona Common Sense press conference, prior to the wounding of Gabrielle and dragon Japan.

Prognostic, the Rising Sun/Phoenix backdrops the tableaux, in concert with the "edited" banner revealing inner truth: Ona Common Sense.

As AF aided, ona = she in Czech. Thus, Gabby -- irregardless of whatever she's gabbying about -- is actually pitching She Common Sense. The NWO. Dea-Ley.

A modern Solar Goddess surrounded by an Arizona Amazona crescent of female first-row worshippers, Gabrielle commands from behind her lectern, miming the Descending Goddess of the First Degree Board.

Kow-towed before her, preserving her sacred imago, are two photog emasculati. A confused little boy, having been awarded a Giffords Sign, stares across at a blond woman and sees the future. With few exceptions, the only men present (aside from aforesaid cameraboys) are at the back o the bus – the most prominent has his head almost exactly centered in the Copper Star of the AZ flag, and is aligned vertically with Gabby... unsmiling, he looks, appropriately, like a Homeland Security Copper.

The Tin Man in wheelchair, having already fed the beest, is young, military-ish, wearing powder blue, with a bird on his chest, presaging Jared Loughner's shoulder-bird.

The Tin Man AND his bird are leaning/flying AWAY from Gabby and her Ona Common Sense lectern, like the natives and animals flee from Lady Columbia/Princess Shinar in John Gast’s 1872 “American Progress.”

In 1848 a sect calling itself the Friends of Human Progress broke from trad Quakerism. A few months later, these Progressive Friends sponsored the first official "Woman's Rights" convention in Seneca Falls, New York. Now the Progressives bask in their brief Rising Sun at Estacion Nigredo.

In the "Ona Common Sense" photo, two allied shoulderbirds align directly behind Giffords -- the nearest a dour female, and furthermost in orbit, head disgorging crimson and yellow bloodrays, is the Copper King.

Over Gabby's right shoulder is the unallied shoulderbird's dopple, black tee-shirt with gold slash. AF called him "the man in the VANS = vanguard of military force." (See comment thread for more detail on this and other relevant photos.)

Judge Judy, popular television icon of feminine jurisprudence, seems unaccountably to have lost her powers of speech, mid-air no less, and like other servants of Medea, has recently been found expounding live at Full Bab-el-on. :O)

Hey now! the elephants dance real funky

and the band plays like a jungle fire

Circus Town's on the live wire

("Wild Billy's Circus Story")

Here's one of Medea's Mouthpieces, the U.K.'s Daily Mail, trying to fob off the (tardily) growing panic over the yammermouth of Judge Judy et al.

Are U.S. Government microwave mind-control tests causing TV presenter's brains to melt down?

A bizarre spate of television presenters dissolving into on-air gibberish has sparked claims that the U.S. military could be to blame. In four high-profile cases, the latest involving fast-talking Judge Judy, the presenters have started off speaking properly but have then descended into undecipherable nonsense -- looking confused and unstable.

Huh. You don't say.

Micro Waves. . . coulda been a late valentine.

Strange that babylon = confusion.

But the LORD came down to see the city and the tower that the men were building. The LORD said . . . Come, let us go down and confuse their language. (Genesis 11)

But, but . . . not god. Please, no. ANYTHING but god. We've evolved, after all, so far beyond such superstitions. Lookit how Evolved I am!

See, it's pttiiiingg microwaved popcorn scalar baby HAARP easter seals, with taco sauce, beamed at us by our, uh, allies America, and eh bllrrff anyway goddammit I'm printing that in my rrrgggrrooonnkk dong! national newspaper and ooompah a-oommpah sticking by it too.

Never mind that Medea wouldn't confuse her own tongue. Volutarily.

Ah! It's a Good Millennium to be alive, si? Everything to look forward to; never get another chance like this -- not in all Eternity.

String bows, pick targets, any direction will do, hardly even need aim, the air's so thick. Just bite you off a BIG old chunk of our father's kingdom, so near now as to touch.

They came here by boat and they came here by plane

they blistered their hands and they burned out their brains

all dreaming a dream that'll never come true

Hey, don't gimme no trouble

or I'll call up my double

we'll play piggy-in-the-middle with you

"Common Sense" (John Prine)

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