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Wednesday, June 06, 2012


<-- Looka how easy God made it for little dynamo!

Is that user-friendly or what?  Did we sign for this Mail Order, then forgot?  "Yes" UPS?

Western Union . . . never fails.

God knows exactly how stupid and pathetic l.d. is.  It's a mathematical given.  God compensates by transoming over these set-ups.

So back to the tarmac we hotfoot dubbletime, chubby checkerboarding around when lo! the WITCH STEP lands all suddenlike, buzzing faint, Hodown Hop back In Again.  All the rage!

The ballet-leap of the subtile spider; the bunnyhop of the Mad Wasp, tracking two ditched rabbits, running.

AMaryKa Trina

(I know I know they're the same pictures I always run.  Thanks yes I am (somewhat) aware of it.  Think there might be a reason?  Documenting "rituals."  Sheesh.)

The Stairway's crammed with descending diva-deities.  So many Goddesses, just uno erf.

With Der Homeland now secured (hi janet!) out from Shinar the I-SIS Mothership Signal bleeps, rapidly reaching HomeHive: this planet is Open for Business This is OUR place nowCome and Git It!

Off the Golden Runway they race, like "Black Friday" Walmart shoppers, tracing the path of their Glorious Progenitor.  Ess.

Gabby re-ascending, Ali Shuffle by Pappy Ptah

Annunciate Anubis, tarmac, Denver International Airport

Like sublunar lurkers, the Stairwalkers aren't discernable by sapiens sensorium -- but leave debris in certain inter-spaces . . . at Arrival or Departure, say, or otherwise Doing Business with customs upon the Tarmac . . . obviously, a liminal zone favorite!

. . .  the Lawnching Pad keeps gestating iconic photos . . . skeleton keys to unseen battles all about, living tracing boards, supranormal snapshots that force open the eyelids of the Dreeming Mind:

$  LBJ and "The Gals" above Love, when the NWO truly went airborne

$  Gabby embarqueing, sited by Ptah

$  Anubis Occupying DIA

$  First Lady Michelle herself, taking the fatal WITCH STEP, sealing the rebellious ms-step of her Womans Nation.

Often we've investigated the spiritual link between Obama as Pharaoh/Egypt and Michelle as Babylon.  (Hillary, perhaps, carries Jezebel?)

In paganism, gnosticism, etc., the goddess is often called "The Lady," like the U.S. Idserpent's wife.  But the "Queen of Heaven" or "Goddess" is "first" among "ladies."  Catholicism also makes this edenic error.

The masonic Tracing Boards describe and compress collective ritual operations, and perform functional psy-ops, training/recruitment, etc.  Thus, like the blue-gowned goddess/woman of the First Degree Board, Me-Shell gathers her cerelean gown, striding to the Podiums of her post-arrival press conference or media briefing.  As on the Tracing Board, she has a global platform, a global voice in the collective consciosness.

The WITCH STEP hue matches the Tracing Board Stairway, gold or "yellow brick" with black lettering.

The single WITCH STEP stair is nearest to Earth, lowest in materia.  Both "First Ladies" stand at or upon the Final Step of the Great Work, touch-down.

The U.S. pedestelized femaleness, idolatry far beyond the Statue of Libertas.  Amaryka set the Goddess on "her own base" as Zechariah prophesied concerning Shinar -- the Wicked Woman, the Great Whore of endtimes Babylon who also appears in Revelation.

"VISITING FOR" is in celestial blue, and "visiting" aligned with the First Lady's head suggests possession (or strong influence) likely by Shinar or an acolyte . . . possibly a following Stairwalker.  Not that Michie needs much coaching given the gynocratic diktat of the culture that marinated her thoroughy and fabulously her entire life.  Still, a little Visit, a brief Academic Residency couldn't hurt . . . no need to take chances.  :O)

The Stairway that Lady Michelle descended is true-labeled:  VISITING FOR or FOR VISITING . . . the purpose of the First Degree Board's Golden Stairway.  (What kind of "visiting" is not mentioned . . . was it, Gabby?  Couldn't fit that on the ramp probly.)

Biblically, when God says he will "visit" someone, that doesn't mean find the Breakfast Tea.  It means run.

(Note the cap lettering.  Caps indicate a shouted warning.  Like this right here.)

The Stairway's terrestrial "lower end" or WITCH STEP script manifests midway up Michelle's calves.  The capital "I" in the word "WITCH" is occulted because Michie is the Witchie.  Bitchie.  Well one of them anyway.

"WITCH STEP" groks both the Stairway itself, and the activity being undertaken, by Michelle (profanely) and the Goddess, as manifested by Gabby etc (the celestial and mass aspect of the ritual, summarized by the First Degree Board.)

Jumping Spider

In the intervening 3 1/2 years of power since inauguration, the single giant Mother Spider of Michelle's red/black Election Night dress spawned multitudes of crawlies, now infesting space (blue backdrop of the "first lady's" dress in WITCH STEP photo).

Black demons litter the skies of the Goddess Gown, of the New Equal Order. Even Queen Michelle's Shawl is a mere wisp of shadow.  The anti-mantle.

The crimson "hourglass" from the Election Night maternal breast-n-belly fled Michelle's wonderful personage, and externalized into independent existences: the red warning-reflector at her feet, and the "OU ANK" appearing mid-way in the nine steps.

The truth had to get clear of her to be seen!

Eleven satellite spider-eyes peer out from Michelle's tummy, fallen luminaries caught in the web-heavy gravity of some dire gal-actic belt.  The First Arachnid's face is pinched and insectoid. 

The source of our lead photo? -- Aferrismoon's "The Dating Game" (big surprise eh folks?  that guy never comes up with anything interesting)

. . . again freeze-framing the spiritual moment, up-flipping the skirt of the Western Matriarchy.  (Oops thassa Hate Crime in Canada btw.  They'll extradite your ass too, happily . . . from anywhere on Earth.  Luckily AF isn't canadien.  But don't try this in your country, kids.  As usual l.d. counsels Safety First.)

"Dating Game" advice from Auntie AF:

ANK [ in Hebrew ] translates as 'lead' and 'plumbline'

One of AF's commenters suggested "OU" = the sixth Hebrew letter -- vau, i.e., "nail" -- and indeed the OU ANK script locates on the sixth step up, counting from below.  Biblically, six is the number of human rebellion.

In our post of March 6, appropriately concerning disobedience to God by the State -- A Meeting at Liberty City Hall -- we fused the "opening and closing" power granted by Christ in Revelation to last-days "Philadelphia" with "biblical kin" Eliakim/Elijah/Baptist John/Judah/Zerubbabel . . . all individual incarnate/historical persons, but carrying a single, elemental spiritual nature or charge.  These are "governors" that clear the King's Highway.  It's usually not pretty.

By same principle, a spiritual "charge" or authority was transferred from Elijah to "little brother" or "second son," Elisha.  Recall Jesus' lesson on (real) family, while his mother and brother waited outside the house: those who follow him in his Father's will -- not necessarily "blood relatives" -- are his true kin.  He honors his mom and loves his brothers, but point made.

The Jesus/Jeshua-spirit throve also in the two biblical Joshuas, and in Elisha.  These are high-priests.  Christ did not exercise "governorship" or kingship authority during his Lamb incarnation.  He was little brother to Baptist John, as Elisha was to Elijah.  The second-son, denied by primogeniture of natural birth-right -- the ways of Earth, the ways of Satan -- are superseded by God's pleasure, by God's new system.  By service and God's grace, the Second-Son inherits, and rules the eternal Kingdom.

So . . . sacrifice and service, circling us back to the "OU" and vau/nail interpretation -- because our March "Liberty Hall" post linked that "forerunner" or "first brother" spirit of Zerubbabel, John etc. to Isaiah 22:

And I will fasten him as a nail in a sure place; and he shall be for a glorious throne to his father's house.

And they shall hang upon him all the glory of his father's house, the offspring and the issue, all vessels of small quantity, from the vessels of cups, even to all the vessels of flagons.

In that day, saith the LORD of hosts, shall the nail that is fastened in the sure place be removed, and be cut down, and fall; and the burden that was upon it shall be cut off: for the LORD hath spoken it.

Where is the "OU" fastened on First Lady Obama?

It's joined at the hip!  :O)

The "ANK" lettering bisects her body, like an unfurled judgment-scroll out of Zechariah or Revelation.  ANK's Hebrew meaning, recall, is both plumbline and lead

The plumbline splits Lady Michelle horizontally, across the lateral or earthly plane of realtime/space.  While transiting, she is being transited.  The plumbline measures and judges her works/physicality, while the lead captures and contains her spirit, pushing it deeper down into gross (earthly)manifestation. 

The "Lady" is weighed, then weighted down, drowned in her own selfish gravity.  This presages the full "lead sealing" of Babylon's wickedness as prophesied in Zechariah 5.  Doppling, satan is forced first from access to God's Throne in "open heaven" "down" into mid-air (sublunarity), then to planetary surface, then to deep bondage.

The vau or nail is the lead weight on the end of the plumbline.

The "OU" configuration also peppers Qim Tunes, in many contexts, but generally as "owe you," transactionally.  The otties often chided "normals" for their OU and UO mental diseases practical mindsets . . . everything is about getting Paid, getting Even, getting Mine, etc.  The Daley Bread of humanity.  The reptilian way.  Otties tune out those channels.

Why is autism relevant here?  Because the Final Tribe that God is busting out of "prison" and gathering to his Kingdom are "hidden pygmies," the tribe of Ben-jamin, beloved High Priest.  He's at the foot of God's Throne, he's in your lap for a nap.  :O)

Such a "tribal inclusion" and honor would then necessitate "full inclusion" and recognition for autistics amonst human beings.

In Qim Tunes, using a letterboard and fingers, staff Tom "interviews" nonverbal autistic Brent, circa 1992 in a Southern California facility:

Tom: What is required?

Brent: Task is to believe.

Tom: Believe in what your saying, you or God.

Brent: Not believe in OU's. ( He hit the nail on the head there )

This thrown-away, institutionalized, societally-useless, nonverbal "retard" advises his intellectual "better" not to believe in vanity and commerce!  Pretty moronic huh?  No wonder they kept them tied all those millennia to the village tree-stump.

Some places still do.

The parenthetical comment about "nail and head" was added by Tom, who somehow connected "OU" to vau/nail . . . which then incarnated 20 years later in AF's post, stamped on a ramp-step next to Michelle Obama herself-a!

Head, meet nail.  Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now officially VISITING Mama Obama.  :O)

Come down and sit in the dust O virgin daughter; sit on the ground, there is no throne, O daughter of the Chaldeans . . . [T]hy nakedness shall be uncovered, yea, thy shame shall be seen: I will take vengeance, and I will not meet thee as a man.

As for our redeemer, the Lord of hosts is his name, the Holy One of Israel.

Sit thou silent, and get thee into darkness, O daughter of the Chaldeans: for thou shalt no more be called, The lady of kingdoms.

I was wroth with my people, I have polluted mine inheritance, and given them into thine hand: thou didst shew them no mercy; upon the ancient hast thou very heavily laid thy yoke.

And thou saidst, I shall be a lady for ever: so that thou didst not lay these things to thy heart, neither didst remember the latter end of it.  (Isaiah 47)

(In the ancient world, virgin meant "sovereign in power and independence," not physical maidenhood.)

We know Isaiah specifically addresses "Shinar" in the last days/endtimes because his prophecy matches eschatologic Baptist John in Revelation, writing more than 700 years later:

How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.

Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.  (Revelation 18)

In the milieu of the Book of Revelation -- meaning, um, now -- what the satanic Dragon seeks to still-birth is the ManChild.  Historical Pharaoh tried to kill all Hebrew boys, hoping to preclude Jesus with the "shotgun" approach.  It failed; the child was hidden in bondage.

America's current version, Pharaobama, serves the United Sisterhood.  As matter of platform and policy, he persecutes fatherhood and sonship, being himself deprived of Dad and healthy boyhood. 

The ManChild is the prey.  The ManChild is the prize.  The ManChild changes everything.  He changes hearts, with just a look.  In the Kingdom, as Christ prophesied, all are fully mature beings.  But it takes a "little child" heart to pass in.

Dragon Inc. doesn't have that type of heart.  They want to make sure nobody else does either.

There's a litttle black spot on the Sun today

Venus is the Goddess Planet, and the only solar system planet to rotate backwards -- clockwise.  All others rotate counter-clockwise.

Prior posts, including "A Flying Scroll for Shinar," used Zechariah 5 to identify Venus with a Westward-migrating Shinar, the overshadowing spirit-of-babylon, the first Occult Stairwalker, who long ago descended to plague Earth.  One Christian writer called Venus the "travelling base" for Luciferian missions to Earth.

On June 5 the Goddess Planet transited the Sun, in a "backwards motion," that appeared to move against the Sun's forward-progress through space.  Venusian solar-transits occur in doubles, like our two-footed witch-step by Lady Obama.  Like binary Sirius.  Like like

Yeah like that.  Times a bunch. 

The Bible asserts that satan rules over the systems of Earth.  Despite  propaganda about "patriarchy," this planet remains under Eve's false authorization, and Eve's curse.

The first Venusian transit was summer before the Indonesian tsunami, an event (not accidentally) coinciding with cooperation between Joshua and "Zerubbabel."

The "King and Queen of Babylon," and their many supporters, want the "sons of the Old Testament" aborted, along with Christ's Millennium . . . no awakening of the scattered remnant across the world . . . no re-gathering of the original tribes . . . no war against exploiters and destroyers of Earth . . . no Key for the Hidden Benjaminites.  They would remain in silence and despair, in darkness.  Where most of them are now.

For out of prison he cometh to reign; whereas also he that is born in his kingdom becometh poor.

I considered all the living which walk under the sun, with the second child that shall stand up in his stead.  (Ecclesiastes 4)

The Bible routinely predicts the triumph of the ManChild, as blithely as it guarantees the overpowering of the saints in the latter and last days.  Done deal.  When something can't be avoided, just push on through anyway, keep working.

Often one can't out-power, but can out-stubborn.

Both the Judah/Zerubbabel type and the Joshua/Elisha type have imperfections or weaknesses.  Zerubbabel, the nail, is a geophysical, and thus psychological, child of Babylon; the mouths of Joshua and his Benjaminites, meanwhile, are sealed by satan.  "Waiting for the summer rain."

For this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me.

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.  (2 Corinthians 12)

Christ ascended to the right-hand of God, joined with the ineffable and holy Father as His active principle.  Christ is literally on the Throne "next to" God -- as the bible notes, the Father does not judge.  The Son judges.

Simultanously on Earth, God's chosen High Priest (Joshua) is "before the Throne of God" -- not at perfect oneness with God, but exalted and in limited authority -- a cherished child, playing before his Father's chair.

The terran High Priest shares much of the mind, spirit, heart of God/Christ, who delights in his sweet manchild ways.  At his "age of maturity" he combines priestly and "kingship" roles, direct harbinger of Christ.  That period, of the combinative fore-running Joshua, will be brief.

As otties, Joshua and the Benjaminites are split, apparent in their altered bio-neural conditions: fully in physicality, but spiritually before God . . . some are living emblems of the Spirit, who naturally exude  and receive transmissions . . . requiring little (or no) verbal exchange for understanding.  The planetary lingua franca.  Critters love and obey them; the clockwork, and the soul, of nature rests lightly in their forgotten hands.

These are part of the Manchildren, the Second Sons so feared by satan's commercial, political, propagandistic, legal and ideological systems now controlling the world.

The twin Joshuas (of Zerubbabel and Moses) were warriors acting as OT high-priests, to rebuild the Temple and bring "Israel" into the "Promised Land" -- the warm-up show for Eternity.


Won't you run, come see St. Judy's Comet
roll across the skies
and leave a spray of Diamonds in his wake.
I long to see St. Judy's Comet sparkle in your eyes
when you awake, when you wake yeah

little boy little boy little boy

(Simon Peter  Peter Paul and Simon  Garfunkle and  Simon, Paul)

Post-exilic Joshua re-enspirited the historical Second Temple, which Christ himself sanctified and defended.  This anticipates the final Temple that Joshua again consecrates to the Son of God.  Jesus finds this "temple" acceptable, and inhabits them.

Christ cannot "come in" to Earth as practical resident without suitable habitation or dwelling-place.  The red-dragon seeks to forestall and destroy the ManChild/ManChildren.  This is why the struggle against the Persian Prince (demon) for the mind of Cyrus was long and difficult.  (See Daniel 10.)

The Second Temple was an interim bridge -- the actual edifice was mostly symbolic.  It was the love, faith, effort, and obedience of the builders, especially of Joshua, that drew Yahweh's Spirit.  So it is now, with the magnetic love of Joshua.

Elisha, the spiritual "little brother" of Elijah, was also a "Second Son" High-Priest whose works and miracles closely prefigured Jesus.  His mentor Elijah had just saddled the sky-hosses for heaven, first passing on his spiritual authority and power to Elisha, objectified as the "mantle."

As Elisha is about to climb the path and begin his ministry/"ascent process" towards God, forty-two adolescent boys mock him, calling him a "baldie" and taunting him to "go up."

The boys, probably under demonic influence, were mocking God's power as illustrated by Elijah's ascent -- about which the whole town certainly would have heard.  By extension, the boys mocked a spiritual "ancestor" of Jesus, and mocked the future ascent of Christ to the Father. 

That's a lot of mocking.  Kinda like now.

The twin she-bears that burst from the forest and shredded the boys probably foreshadow the Two Witnesses and their effect on endtimes enemies and areas.

Helpful: this essay and the "Elijah" series it begins -- a deep and unusual level of understanding, especially of the two-brothers relational dynamic across time.  Desert rain.

Rain Man was a novel and entertaining, but commercial and superficial, "public-introduction" to autism.

Scorcese's Hugo delves far deeper into autistic nature -- and function -- on Earth, avoiding naturalism and realism and opting instead for "gossimer wings."

It's not just the best movie about otties ever made; it's the only film, so far, that comes anywhere close.  Gangs of New York showed Martin's potential to see acutely behind mundane events.

Almost nobody knows what Hugo was about.  Not to mention who.  That could certainly include Marty.

No joshing!

Can he fix it?

Yes he can!



on re-reading AF's "The Dating Game," he references the blotting out of the "I" in the WITCH STEP photo, yielding "WaTCh" which resonates the World Trade Towers fall; i made the following comment on his blog:

re WITCH STEP photo --


absolutely agree, i missed it, the left-leg "blank out" leaves "WTC H STEP"

her legs are thus the twin towers/pillars of babylon, also represented by the "H" -- which consists of two "towers" that are connected (as were the WTC towers, in every way but structurally)

the alternate reading, top to bottom: VISITING FOR NAIL/OWE YOU LEAD/PLUMBLINE WTC/WITCH STEP

esp if one takes "visting" in the biblical sense of "divine punishment," the phrase is legible as an indictment, as of an unrolled scroll, the steps being the folds or creases

at any rate, regardless of interp, i think the WTC and following H are 9/11 markers


Second Edit:

On the same day l.d. posted WITCH STEP TRANSIT, a blog called "The End Time" posted "A budding stick" concerning a dead branch used to prop open a window, that sprouted twin leaves.  Suddenly. 

Biblically, the budding-branch indicates Aaron, or the office of high-priest in general.  It is a token of restoration.

(Christ says that Elijah comes and "restores all things" but that's only a manner-of-speaking.  Christ restores all things.  Not "Elijah."  Elijah kind of "wanders in the way" and Jesus then "spreads the cred" and makes Elias look good, as if healing this planet was all Elijah's idea and doing.  Heh.  Right.)

There was no collusion or planning between the two sites.  As has occurred occasionally with AF, the matching posts here and at "The End Times" just emerged, uh, organically.  On the same branch, at the same moment.

Our post of January 6 -- The Sorcerer of the Sinai -- also discussed the stick contextual to the tribe of Ben-jamin.  So don't say we just hit you with it!  :O)


  • Prima Post

    Ran through it like a goddess on the runway [ being chased ]

    Virgin = Maturity

    Virgo always carries a bunch of freshly harvested crops which are only taken from the field when mature, and virgins lose their virginity when mature.

    Note today the emphasis is slowly on lowering the age of maturity so that children don't develop slowly but surely.

    The plumbline seems to mirror the straight-down collapse of the Twins and Building-dong 7.

    Though carried out by malefic sods the collapse of the Twin Towers slowly reveals God's work.

    The WTC is their 'finest work' and in their spider-hopping, self-obsessed glory a door is left ajar, just a tiny crack, and the manchild blows it open a little more , they turn and the cackles turn to screams.

    At present the bad lies about Syria really show their sickness - they just want Assad to do as he is told, or they will kill people and blame it on him. Clinton demands regime change yet her and her hubby have quite a few 'alleged' murders under their belt.

    Will get back


    By Blogger aferrismoon, At 3:27 AM  

  • The Twins restored

    The cross has two 'leaves' sticking out from either side of the central stick.


    By Blogger aferrismoon, At 7:52 AM  

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