Da Black Whole

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

After the Gold Rush

Rock on Gold Dust Woman

take your silver spoon
and dig your grave

Rock on ancient queen
follow those who pale
in your shadow

Rulers make bad lovers
you better put your kingdom up for sale

Pale shadow of a woman

Pale shadow of a woman

Black widow, pale shadow
she's a dragon

Gold Dust Woman
Pale shadow of a woman
She's a dragon



lead photo -- Maria "A Woman's Nation" Shriver displays what all the male blood, agony, and tears over these night mare millennia were cashed in for; for this millions of soldiers casually were spent (fortunately, mere males)

black and white -- Gold Rush prostitutes

egyptian iconography -- Nefertari and Isis, sealed; succeeding image is Isis

Flying Fem -- John Gast, American Progress (1872)

Two-headed dragon lady . . . uh, thing -- Virgin Records logo, nice going Rich

oil painting of Christ, Baptist John, and Madonna -- Sandro Botticelli (circa 1482)

Maria Shriver terminating the Terminator

Hilary swearing-in a government official (yes, really)

First Degree tracing board

lyric -- "Gold Dust Woman" (1977, Stevie Nicks)


  • I wondered when I saw the Virgin logo what the hick is that oddly shaped black whole. I guess its the abyss

    A shriver is one who takes the confession and gives absolution when the priest can't be found. Its notable that she refuses Arnie's confession by holding her hand over his mouth.

    If she had listened she might have heard about Arnie's 'love-child'.

    And when she heard she got madder 'n' hell.

    Such are the perils of marriage for more [ and more] status, there ain't a whole lotta relatin' going on.

    On a macro-scale the Feminist movement = Shriver.

    The love-child [ a boy] is the result of closing down men's words when one should , perhaps, listen

    Clinton??? Call security , maybe!


    By Blogger aferrismoon, At 3:51 AM  

  • I wondered when I saw the Virgin logo what the hick is that oddly shaped black whole. I guess its the abyss

    kore's kave in the tail of the red dragon

    On a macro-scale the Feminist movement = Shriver

    hopefully the posts herein illustrate collectively that feminism is a religion, the oldest false religion, in which females worship themselves and males supplicate and enable them (whether or not recognizing their divinity overtly)

    feminism is by far the dominant religion on the planet

    catholic church? pfft

    does the catholic church set the agendas of the western nations?

    no -- women do, thru male proxies


    By Blogger ray, At 9:43 PM  

  • I Love this post..
    The Gold Kate Moss contortionist statue is very suss....and horribly spooky..
    fuck feminism..it ain't done nothing for me except to devaluate my own personal femininity ..personally...ongoing.
    excellent post ray.

    By Blogger A13, At 2:46 AM  

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