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Friday, June 02, 2006


ten-man cmmdr. and crew, PT-109

this post somehow appends my "eyes yet open" post and Egg Salad Annie's recent "Momentum Interludum Via Vanuatu"

a Normally reliable source of Annie's has been emphasizing "ten men" and "pirates/piracy" lately . . . and in a recent, rare display of very personal anger chucked a Reader's Digest at a threatening punk


the "piracy" lead suggested the theft of an entire nation, and followed recent Michael Martin Luther King and J.F.Kennedy "hits," extending along this site's continuum including discussion of Jormungandr (Leviathan, the "Beast" or "Hydra" of the Sea, etc.) in connection with Manson, Zodiac, necromancy, intelligenge ops, ritual stalking, and both physical and spiritual imprisonment

that called to mind some heretofore hidden, but essential inner-truth about connections between J.F.K.'s assassination, his PT-109 incident, and ritual necromancy involving spiritual captivity

subtitled: What Really Went Down at Plum Pudding Island?

Wikipedia's PT-109 article includes this:

Kennedy's boat was rammed by the Japanese destroyer Amagiri on August 2, 1943, in the Blackett Strait between Kolombangara and Arundel in the Solomon Islands, cutting it in half and killing two of his men. Kennedy led the survivors, clinging to the wreckage of the boat, to safety on the deserted Plum Pudding Island. An article about the experience was printed in Reader's Digest just before Kennedy's first Congressional run, and the campaign reproduced the article and distributed it to potential voters . . .

The wreckage of PT-109 may have been located; a May 2002 National Geographic expedition headed by Dr. Robert Ballard found wreckage matching the description and location of Kennedy's vessel in the Solomon Islands. However, under current Navy policy, the wreckage site is a gravesite and may not be disturbed.

hmm . . . except by them, perhaps, eh?

Geronimo drum solo, anyone?


Ballard , UC Santa Barbara grad, former Army and Navy officer, and liaison between the Office of Naval Research and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusettes, is apparently all the rage in underwater exploration, marine geophysics, and archeo-vulcanology, notching discoveries of the Titanic, deep-ocean hydrothermal vents (including huge "black smoker" vents), and new species of crabs and tube worms adapted to hydrogen sulfide venting

in 1999, Ballard's Institute for Exploration partnered with the Mystic Aquarium of Mystic, Connecticut [connect - i - cut, see "eyes yet open" post on Levitical division and reanimation] to form part of the Sea Research Foundation, Inc.

(for humans, the "sea" always infers the unconscious/primal)

Ballard's also an expert on sunken WWII wrecks, author of Lost Ships of Guadalcanal," and has led marine archeological expeditions that discovered submerged structures off the Black Sea, supportive of the "Black Sea Deluge Theory"

this story appeared on Yahoo a couple days ago

Expedition seeks clues to lost Bronze Age culture

By Richard C. Lewis

Thu Jun 1, 4:11 PM ET

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (Reuters) - An underwater explorer who found the Titanic and a team of international scientists will soon survey waters off the Greek island of Crete for clues to a once-powerful Bronze Age-era civilization.

The expedition about 75 miles northwest of Crete aims to learn more about the Minoans, who flourished during the Bronze Age, and seeks to better understand seafaring four millennia ago, the scientists said.

U.S. researchers say the Minoans were engaged in broad-based trade with other civilizations, such as the Mycenaeans on mainland Greece and perhaps with peoples as far away as the present-day Middle East.

"No one knows who the Minoans were," said Robert Ballard, an oceanography professor at the University of Rhode Island who discovered the Titanic in the North Atlantic in 1985.

"They don't think they were Greeks ... they think they might actually be Egyptian. Obviously a lot of these mysteries will be solved if we find their ships and especially their cargoes," said Ballard, who is helping lead the expedition.

Ballard's other high-profile discoveries include the remains of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy's sunken World War Two-era boat, the PT-109, in the Solomon Islands in 2002, and two ancient Phoenician ships off Israel in 1999.

The latest expedition begins on June 8 in the Sea of Crete, where scientists using sonar have already identified possible ancient shipwrecks. Using high-tech, underwater equipment, the team will probe the sites more closely, including taking photographs and mapping the area.

Mary Hollinshead, an archeologist at the University of Rhode Island and member of the expedition, said it is clear the Minoans had contact with the Mycenaeans and Egypt and Syria in the Bronze Age, but scholars know little more about the nature of those relationships.

Hollinshead and others are convinced that a key to understanding the links is finding the ships. "We have done some work on land, but what's lacking is material from the sea," she said.


The archeologists also hope for new insight into shipping in the Bronze Age, which lasted from about 3000 BC to about 1100 BC and witnessed a dramatic expansion in sea trade that went beyond the Aegean region.
Much like today, they believe, shipping was comprised of large transit vessels that could sail for long distances and local peddlers who stuck close to the shore.

The parallels may extend further than that. "You don't have just one nationality or one ethnic group running a ship," Hollinshead said. "What we're learning is the questions are much more complex than what we started with."

On another leg of the $1.5 million expedition, University of Rhode Island scientists will study the sea floor around the Greek island of Thera, site of a massive volcanic eruption around 1600 BC.

They will examine the volcano's collapsed crater for the first time with underwater remote-controlled vehicles equipped with high-definition video cameras and temperature sensors.

Thera is also important because it may help better explain the Minoans, whose name derives from Minos, a legendary ruler of Crete and purportedly the son of the Greek god Zeus.

The island, which sank into the sea after the eruption, was home to a society heavily influenced by the Minoans -- from architecture to art and possibly religion, Hollinshead said.

Since the island is buried in volcanic ash, any artifacts found there may be well preserved and hold the best clues to how Minoan culture thrived and why it ultimately waned, she said.

Ballard's connection of Minoan Crete and Egypt seems likely

with the help of the sorcerer Daedalus, "King Minos" of Crete constructed the archetypal labyrinth, with the Goddess, i.e., the Kore, as chocolate-cherry center, as prison for the Minotaur

. . . labyrinth, like incarnation on earth: easy to get into, easy to navigate, not so easy to leave

the Vanuatu and Solomon Island archipelagoes surfaced repeatedly over the past couple years -- there's some v strong unrest still deep in the people, land and sea there -- as indeed there is here, in the US -- a huge rift, partly conscious (land), but mostly unconscious (sea)

these distinct but inter-related elements and psychic realms are destroyed and re-vivified by volcano (submerged or surface) mediumship

of course there was fierce, bloody fighting during WWII in the South Pacific, especially around the Solomons (Guadalcanal etc.) -- and the whole area is notoriously unstable . . . psycho-politically, geologically

purtymuch everycollogically!

the Solomons are [v loose] "constitutional monarchies," with Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State

little dynamo smells heavy leftover stuf around the "blackbirding" policy -- mass kidnapping and coercions used to "recruit" South Sea Islanders for slavery on sugar cane plantations in the former British colony (now Australian state) of Queensland

some of these "impressed" Pacific Islander slaves (called Kanaka) ended up in English Crown-controlled British Columbia and what's now upper Washington State, where their descendants dwell still (see also the Kanak or Canaque)

"kanak" is a palindrome, thus carries double properties (those unique to "kanak" singularly and those to palindromes generically)

the vulco-political unrest in present day Vanuatu and the Solomons is influenced by factors mentioned above, especially unsettled ancestor/descendant relationships -- with both the archipelagoes and the Pacific Northwest geologically tense, reflecting unresolved psychic (oceanic, unconscious) elements surfacing amongst Kanak men and their Fathers (lava, ash, etc.)

these themes of involuntary servitude, slavery, captivity, and queenship relate directly to:

* unrest in massive U.S. prison populations, including manipulated heightening of racial antagonism

* issues of stolen and/or degraded masculinity, especially involving coerced homosexuality

* nautical organizations in the West, both overt and covert, with initiation/advancement structures with strong sadistic undertones and realities

an overt-covert example is the U.S. Navy and British Fleet, a classically covert example is Yale's "Little Pirates" Skull and Bones coven

intelligence organizations retain strong roots in sorcery, particularly derivations from the ... coincidental! . . . reign of Queen Elizabeth I, whose "Court Intelligencer" or Cheef Spy was math wiz and occultist John Dee

* recent publicity about the Skull and Bones society's alleged abduction and use of Geronimo's skull (carrying, as always, potential return and restoration, as in Yahweh's Levitical "unification fire")

* recent earthquakes and vulcanism in Vanuatu

* the functional matriarchies ("Queenslands") of the U.S., Great Britain, Canada and Australia

just speculating . . . you know, along the blood lines of "Maggie's Farm"


physical "Blackbirding" is more difficult to accomplish nowdays, so those who ever-thirst for blood, for the hunt, capture, and torture of the "greatest prey" have refocused on more "deniable" methods: state-sponsored mass-imprisonment, domestic experimentations, and various forms of psycho-spiritual impoverishment and imprisonment: the taking and making of the Zodiac's "paradise slaves," on mass scale

. . . a world of predatory rulers, and of kanak prey -- of evildoers and of non-evildoers -- with no in-between

were i Phaoroh, feeling the jello earth underfoot and the rumblesoot overhead, hearing the Kanak's song as they left the land, i'd re-figger the numbers and let them go