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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"This is International Standards"

[top] High-Priestess Maria Nafpliotou illumines the Olympic Torch in front of the Hera Temple in Ancient Olympia, Greece, on March 24

[bottom] Police detain protestor of Beijing Olympics and China's "crackdown" on Tibet

Some assert that the Dalai Lama is a long-time CIA asset, so much of the anti-China U.S. press is probly Standard Ops.

The planet writhes under the Curse of Hera, Queen of the Gods, raging ruin. Olympic Torch = Illumined Torch, as in Statue of "Liberty." Both statue and torch as symbol derive from French illuminism/masonry. (The same torch, or fasci, appears on the U.S. dime's reverse.)

In Rome, the Vestal institution kept the "Sacred Hearth and Fire."

Egalitarianism, liberty, republicanism, secular equality: it all sounded so purty, didn't it?

"High Priestess" is a standard, and central, actor is various magickal/pagan rites. Hera's cult was extremely popular in ancient Greece, especially amongst females, carrying over the "grain mystery" fertility rites from the early Neolithic matriarchies into the pseudo-patriarchal classical civilizations. Pan et circensus.

"Threshing floor" of Nachon. "I am the Bread of Life." Etc.

The Rites/Mysteries -- today as in the distant past -- are chthonic Operations. Agricultural or "grain" rites are always blood-sacrificial in intent and character. Examples are ubiquitous, transtemporal and transcultural, unfortunately. JFK's kingkilling, for example, was brought to us by Heran/Demetrian Productions.

The name of the Olympian "High Priestess" is, of course, Maria. Doh-oh.

"Nafpliotou" suggests the Tribe of Napthali, whose domain was described by Josephus as the "ambition of nature, an earthly paradise." Militarism figures prominently in the Tribe's history, and "Napthali" connects etymologically to "serpent." Wikipedia: The symbol of this tribe is a gazelle -- a very quick animal. The people of Naftali were famous for being great runners.

Of course, the Greek "Marathon" originated the Olympic Games.

In the Bible a major seer and heroine of the ancient Hebrews was the matriarch Deborah. Deborah's military commander was a fellow named Barak. Barak means "lightning," dovetailing the above motifs of quickness, racing, and bright light or flame.

Satan "fell like lightning." And Osama Barack Hussein bin Clinton is the latest Global Gynogulag shill oops savior. Graduate of Goddess Columbia's own university!

Senator from Ill-i-noise, center of numerous shootings and weather anomalies in current occult Amerika. Helter Skelter.

Project Mayhem, as Tyler Durden might say. The concluding scene in Fight Club (1999), btw, closely mirrored and foreshadowed 9/11.

Explosion in Illinois suburban shopping mall, "possibly by gas leak."

Um. Add six bodies in Memphis, including two kids. Three more kids with gunshot wounds in hospital.

Valentine's Day shooting, again at a bastion of NWO brainwashing, the American campus. Eighteen injured, five dead, not counting the shooter. Four of five killed were female. Ill Noise indeed, a state particularly rife in gangsters of all kinds.

Almost makes one wish for Capone by compare!

On the same day NASA sent shooting-victim John Lennon's "Across the Universe" to the Polarians (see post immediately prior), five women were slain at the Brookside Shopping Center in Tinley Park, Illinois. Robbery, silly policetypes suspect, was the motive.

Malls are meccas of Babylon, of Columbia, of Ms. America.

Tinley Park = tin man + law+ park or ark. Illinoise hurts the soul's ears. Brook/side has religious overtones, whether of pentecostal, ecstatic Chritianity or Maya human sacrifice at the edge of the Sacred Cenote, where the victims were first indigoed, painted a rather turquoise shade of blue.

Brookside Mall is just south of Interstate 80, America's dominant east-west arterial. Mall is a homonym for "American female gangster" -- moll (often, Gun Moll.) Moll is also a Scottish Highlands town, and a Spanish grape variety.

Brookside Mall contains a Kohl's Clothing store.The Nothern Illinois University shooting took place at the heart of the campus, Cole Hall. The article reports that the Hall will be demolished.

Cole (Kohl, Coal) has a deep and varied occult signature, typically infernal and transportive/transductive of energy. The word occult contains the syllable cul or kool, a fundamental and potent sound, occasionally discernable as Sauron speaks through the Ring in the film trilogy.

The word cole means "magician" or "sorcerer," primarily as the name implies -- earth magic, blood magick, libidic magic, necromancy. All forms of energy transmission and/or vampirization. Ma-Sonic NRG waves. Nat King Cole. Cole Porter, Richard Cole (Led Zep's tour manager.) Sites or towns containing col or cole are the telluric equivalent.

On and On, 'gyptian style. You wanna be a fay-row, dontcha? From American Graffiti. Modern blood-rituals are usually more subtle than those of aboriginals, but no less numerous.

Ticking, ticking America. Total loonar eclipse.

A couple years back Obama-Man visited Nelson Mandela's former prison on Robben Island. If Oh Mama's candidacy gets nixed, he'll be in-line for a co-Ambassadorship with Oprah at Global Elders HQ! Whenever Obama appears, the Diversity Revolutionary State that rules the blasted cityscape of L.A. in masked and anonymous instantly comes to mind.

Obama Miraculosa! Invoking the Global Elders, this typically supportive piece on fellow-messiah The Dalai Lama gushes:

. . . [H]e has parlayed a global moral authority matched only by Nelson Mandela into a commanding influence over world public opinion that sometimes has political consequences.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon last week exhorted Beijing to show restraint in dealing with Tibetan unrest, for example, and the speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, visited the Dalai Lama at his Indian headquarters in Dharamsala on Friday to urge the world to "speak out against China."

[boldface added]

Ban Ki Moon!? Yee-ikez.

Uh, can I get my Moonpie to go?

Promised behind the gauzy gowns of the Heran Priestesses is a kinder, gentler planet that, well . . . just ain't.

There's a wicked wind blowing on the upper deck

There's an iron cross still hanging down

from around her neck


Of NWO prototype Abu Ghraib, Commandant Brig. General Janice Karpinsky said:

This is international standards. It's the best care available in a prison facility.

The Grrl Next Door

These aren't the worst photos. Trust me.

Speaking of carnage a la Margaret Murray, upon NASA's "Beyond the Universe" launch, Egyptian artifact collector and uber-feminist Yoko Ono blurted:

I see this as the beginning of the New Age in which we will communicate with billions of planets across the universe.

Yeah. That's the problem.

Recently eight people, including five kids, were wounded at a Los Angeles bus-stop in yet another U.S. shooting.

At 555 West Temple Street in Lost Angel Us, Kalifornicate, juts The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, consecrated and dedicated on little dynamo's birthdate in enatiodromic 2002. Archbishop of L.A. Roger Michael Cardinal Mahoney planned and oversaw Church construction, which replaced the prior Cathedral of St. Vibiana, "irreparably damaged" by the '94 Northride Quake.

Hm. Southern California's Hispanics, many of whom are still practicting Catholics, are predisposed towards Mother Mary veneration, or outright worship, as even a short stay in Mexico will confirm. Even given demographics, a "Marian church" in such a key locale is suspicious, as more Heran Temple.

Deliver Us From Evil, the 2006 documentary, was based on pedophilia incidents/allegations involving Central Valley clergy and, inevitably though indirectly, Cardinal Mahoney. Perhaps more tellingly, the Catholic Workers Movement protested the almost 200 million bucks spent on the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.

People -- mostly men -- are currently living and dying on Los Angeles streets while our "spiritual guides" erect shrines to Moomy. Angels need a new pair of shoes.

555 as numerical sequence, as event code, is confirmed by some of lil dynamo's field agents. The Cathedral's Temple Street address recalls the action and staging of the "Benefit Concert" in masked and anonymous, in the shadow of Los Angeles' Masonic Temple.

Some Internet commentators align Mahoney with heretical/masonic intra-church elements, a la Malachi Martin's Infiltrated Church. Mebbee. Ma Honey is an interesting name for a man.

It would be prototypical tactics, however, to utilize a single conceptual venue (in this case, churches generically and the St. Vibiana/Our Lady cathedrals) both to manipulate limited magickal operations and, concurrently, to cripple the priesthood and church, by extending mistrust and hysteria concerning masculinity to the general populations.

The Evil Old Patriarchy must be destroyed. Only Woman can really be trusted. They're never illegal!

Two birds with one capstone. :O)

Beneath The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is a 6000-crypt mausoleum, featuring relics of third-century martyr St. Vibiana, "patroness of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles." Her tomb, originally discovered near the Appian Way, was incribed: To the soul of the innocent and pure Vibiana.

A third-century Christian martyr, but again, typology Virgin. Her feast, September 1, is one day before the Church dedication (and, of course, in astrological Virgo.) Los Angeles' first Bishop, Thaddeus Amat y Brusi, carried St. Vibiana's remains from Rome to El Lay. Or was that Mot/Maat and Bruer?

There's a whole lot more like the above, but there ain't much more of l.d.

Now that's Equality! LOL