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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Belt an' Window

It's winter 1943 and the German 6th, punched-out froze-up and exhausted, just surrendered at Stalingrad; doom is upon the Reich. There's only one Fatherland, and they ain't it.

Near Guadalcanal the heavy-cruiser Chicago lists, lists, bobs, disappears into the Pacific. But landward on the island, the bloodtide turns.

A little boy's thoughts break the Emperor's concentration. The old man fingers his crown, removes it two-handed to a small rattan box. Gently, he re-fits the lid. Bushido is dead. Nothing ahead but transistors and transvestites.

By February 4 of 1943, Rommel and the Axis are forced wobbly from Libya into Tunisia, where Africa's crown was sore wounded, two hundred and fifty million years back.

Next day, February 5 of 1943, at Olympia Stadium in now-defunct Detroit -- Robinson's adopted hometown -- Jake LaMotta knocks Sugar Ray out of the ring, and into Robinson's first defeat after 40 straight triumphs.

Less than three weeks later (!) at the re-re-match, Robinson defeats LaMotta. In 1951, at their sixth and final fight, Robinson takes LaMotta's middleweight belt and crown. As the President said in masked and anonymous: It's a New Day.

Jake spent the rest of his days telling anybody who'd listen that Robinson never knocked him down. Which was true. Not a donut, but true.

In 1953 little dynamo emerged ten toed-n-fingered if not quite unscathed. The war was over, nobody even mentioned it anymore. Casualties were around though, if you cared to look.

On May 16 of 2011, spacemonkey spermatozoa Mark Kelly steered Endeavor into the celestials for coniunctio with ISIS, the International Space Station, as wife Gabrielle Giffords -- holding down the fort on Planet Janet -- cheered him on and up.

The launch was rescheduled from April 29 due to "faulty power units" . . . or heater pods something something blrf. In fact liftoff was intentionally coincident to Pharaoh's pilgrimage to Memphis, Khemic Khapital Deluxe, first nome of Lower Egypt.

On May 16 in flooded Memphis, the raging, serpentine Miss Iss Ippi having crested her banks, Pharobama descended mid-air for ritely worship of Queen Isis and Pappy Ptah, whilst theatrically assessing the Disaster Zone of a modern "democratic" nation and comforting his subjects.

Anciently, Memphis was called Hikuptah, from which English derives Egypt. Memphis is Egypt. It ain't somethin' else.

Alternately bald or helmeted/crowned, Ptah was (is) the fertility/resurrective patron-deity sacred to craftsmen. Extant as a metropolis at least to the fourth millennium B.C., the (croco)Nile annually flooded Memphis, until later dam/levee technology mitigated structural damage.

Annunciate Anubis sailed into London, then New York, extending the Egyptian masonic motif of NWO operations, pummelling the Dreeming Mind. Sheeple softening.

Ptah logically followed, an establishing force. The meaning is power, expressed publically. Like constructing pyramids for oneself.

The April 29 Royal Wedding didn't unite male and female oppositorums, nor was designed thus. It (further) united Western females, who by far were its psychological and economic target konsumers.

Closing the herd.

The pagan "Beltane Window" of fertility and blood sacrifice runs from April 29 to May 1, May Day. The Alkhemical Wedding opened the window, and on May Day, Osama sin Laden got his final Scapegoat Smackdown, under codename Operation Neptune Spear.

Not Neptune Trident, the common phrasing.

Neptune Spear . . . the aboriginal weapon, associated primarily with Africa. Trident or spear, same weapon, different hand.

Leviathan, Bistea Neptunis, Brittannia Rules the Waves . . . Neptune and trident continue the established trinity themes from Dealey Plaza (Triple Bypass, Trinity River, Love Field triplegoddess etc.) -- and reflect Twin Towers facing, see below.

Thus the Old Dynasty (Dealey Crowd, East Coast fratboys/old money, neptune's trident) unites with the New Dynasty (Daley Crowd, Chicago new money, diversity elite, neptune's spear). Both serve Shinar, the Goddess, collective feminine. Anciently, Egpyt was divided into northern and southern districts, like the Hebrew kingdoms of Israel and Judah after Solomon.

Beltane Windows: nominal Xtra charge

The WTC, here superimposed with Dealey Plaza, has design connections with the wealthy Bin Laden tribe.

Black Goat-he of the fambly. Sistem works for everybody.

Ptah presides over pharonic ascencions, or changes in pharonic dynasties. White to black, on surface. Male to female, underneath.

Now it's King for King
Queen for Queen
gonna be the meanest flood
anybody's ever seen

Oh Mama!
ain't you gonna miss your best friend now?
You're gonna have to find yourself
another best friend somehow

(Down in the Flood)

Readers recall the Love Field Installation photo, with LBJ snaggled and sworn as IdSerpent in mid-air over Texas Tarmac, triangulated by rising triple deal-ties Sarah Hughes, Lady Bird, and Jackie O.

Our previous post suggested the "scrapped" original launch-date (April 29) as pretext for another mid-air tarmac rite in Florida, involving principals Great Goddess Gabby and Pappy Ptah, mirroring the sororal Royal Wedding on the same date in England.

The Gnostic/alkhemical "royal wedding" aspect of the "Great Work" seeks elevation of matter (the feminine or woman) by techno-artifice into spiritual states and realms. The First Degree Board features a golden stellar stairway, partly because heaven's for sale or, negotiations failing, taken by force. Thus: Babylon the Great.

Putt'n in the Fix.

Here's the photo/still from the Cape Carnival, oop Carnevale, make that Canaveral. Compare to the First Degree Tracing Board, illustrating the goddess' re-ascencion. (See prior post for graphics.)

AF pointed out the ritualized Egyptian-deity stance and positioning of the figure at top-left, suggesting resemblance to Ptah. (Compare also Pharobama lead image.)

Ptah (pronounced pt-ooey) -- ok not really but you get the idea

Sheshonq -- Chief Priest of Ptah, with typical "aligned feet" spellcasting powerstrut (moonwalking? lol)

Put a chain around my neck
and lead me anywhere

("Teddy Bear" -- Elvis Presley)

Subsequent photos clearly identify the isolated tarmac figure as a bicycle cop (bike just to left, out of frame). However, rather than dispel the khemic overtones of the tableaux, the new pic enhances descriptions of the Kopper King from the "Ona Common Sense" photo and press conference.

In addition to fertility and inauguration, possession by Ptah/Sheshonq suggests an apotropaic dimension to these rites. By late April, the Nile ah Mississippi was guaranteed to test, and possibly crest, the Memphis levites uh levees. Meanwhile, Egypt was in post-revolutionary froth, citizens having poured through Cairo's streets like fill in yr own simile here. thanks a lot.

Cairo: largest city on the entire continent . . . front-n-center in Africa's "cerbral cortex" -- as Pharaoh was locus, chief executive, and deity incarnate of Egypt. (See post "All the Dark Continents.)

The Sinai, and largely the southen Arabian Peninsula, protrudes as uraeus from Africa's noggin, ready to strike, overshadowing the Middle East, Inja, and points east . . . a geographic analog of the pharonic uraeus, the motile tessqueen . . . in ancient Egypt, cobragoddess Wadjet.

The Sphinx is lithic equivalent, its uraeus snicked off. Now, what meanie would treat such a nice lady like that?

Some folk can't take a yolk. Yoke.

Know the answer to the Sphinx' riddle?

Boom Boom out go the lights. Did you say something?

Biblically, Pharaoh = Satan and Egypt = slavery, especially deceit and spiritual enslavement.

Pharaobama was marketed to America, and the world, as a kind of messianic "freed slave," representing the collective social liberation of african-americans, showing that the U.S. has finally Overcome, and the world finally can unite in egalitarian luv . . . when in fact he's an Instru-mentality of bondage.

Baldness and/or helmeted heads are de rigueur in this ritual schema -- recall late images of Loughner. Likewise, the Kopper King's hair from the Ona Common Sense photo is very short. He wears the Kopper Krown star as helmet.

As topper, there's

. . . Endeavor Kommandante Mark Kelly, pictured with Homeland Security Kaiser Janet Napolitano, at a service for the Tucson slain.

Perhaps Janet is preying for more Security.

Here's Janet Planet in happier daze, after dispatching a Fleeing Flock o' Perpetrators.

Yay Princess! You go! There's no place like Homeland!

About the only jobs for males in The Homeland nowdays, come to think, are in Enforcement or Security. There might be a few fastfood slots open.

The Prison Guards' unions are doing splendidly, however, thank you Jan and Co.

Returning resurrectUS to TwoSawn, where this particular Red Line thread hatched -- not with the shooting, but with copper mines and kopper kings like Joe Arpaio, self-titled "Toughest Sheriff in America" -- and his sprawling Tent City "jails" in the desert, male inmates outfitted in emasculating pink.

Indeed, the Red Line makes many stops, with direct connexions with Southwestern U.S. "law" industries, with masonic matrices, and with Jared Loughner's flying-scroll crosswords warning to US about the whole nassty business.

Tucson south of the Phoenix, like Memphis south of the Sphinx, Giza Pyramids, and Cairo. . . Tucson, where Jose Guerena was shot down in a SWAT bullet barrage before his horrified family on May 5 -- just after working a graveyard shift at the nearby Asarco Copper Mine.

Yup. Yuppers.

A buried detail MSM readers would not grok. Unless they endured this blog.

Guerra in espanol = war.

Jose from Joseph, Joseph from Joshua who

will branch out from his place and build the temple of the LORD . . . and he will be clothed with majesty, and he will sit and rule on his throne. And he will be a priest on his throne. And there will be harmony between the two. (Zech. 6)

Call it camp til Next Time when, god willing, little dynamo comes out swinging, soon as he hears that bell ringing.


  • Hi Ray,
    That was awesome.
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  • well, aren't you the brave one lol



    By Blogger ray, At 1:31 PM  

  • hello Ray,
    Brave? bravado? bravo..
    after reading quite a few of your posts, i'm fascinated and at the same time,confirmed with some of my own fleeting impressions..
    very interesting and i have been enjoying your posts.
    cheers and regards.

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