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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting the Third Degree

"Occupy Wall Street" Movement graphic: Leaps Tall Bridges in a Single Bound!

Leave your stepping stones behind
something calls for you
Forget the dead you've left
they will not follow you


Yonder stands your orphan with his gun
crying like a fire in the sun

Look out! the saints are coming through
and it's all over now, Bab/ie Blue

Dead woman walking

Phoenix is, after all, the Resurrective City, and Tucson = two suns, like binary Sirius.

For Christmas some years back, an old friend selected The Essential Bob Dylan for little dynamo.  Like his friend, it grew on him. 

During a period in American history (early/mid-Sixties) when feminism was exploding, consolidating, and massively organizing, and popular music was romanticising and pedestalizing via I Want to Hold Your Hand and Sunshine and Lollipops, the premiere voice of Western music produced antithetical songs excoriating Core and her rising global hive.

Too powerful and honest for excision from the collective Dreaming Mind, "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" and kindred tunes tapped the big noodle not of the fake-rad Sixties, but of authentic, current revolution.

The Essential Bob Dylan rarely fails to comfort and inspire -- pasonic remedy to the masonic gynoguild, songs so far ahead of their syrupy time that they're  still rarely grokkled.   Within the first nine tracks are "It Ain't Me, Babe," "Maggie's Farm," "Baby Blue," and "Like a Rolling Stone" -- the latter possibly THE iconic Amreican song, one unflinchingly depicting the future of Big Sis and Terhood.  Truebadoric.

Popular music of the neo-Romantic, folkie Sixties simply didn't criticise the feminine; everyone was Elevating Princess, so when Bob went electric and barked out "Maggie's Farm" at the 1965 Newport [=New Left] Folk Festival, shit met fan and booing from the "enlightened" gobmob ensued.

It's sadly hilarious to read at Wikipedia the facile interprets: "cry against racism and capitalist exploitation"; "laconic look at the service industry"; "gripe to his record company"; "military industrial complex," ad nauseum.  Pete Seeger, precursive guru of the gelling Political Korrectoids that soon hijaked Working Man Leftism, American education, media, and government, scrambles to "revision" the sorry events of that day.

Here we are almost a half-century later, still trying to make the song anything except what it is: a declaration of emancipation from GlobalGrrl "Maggie" and her Family, all of whom exploit and debase the workingman protagonist to the Circus Maximus.

She talks to all the servants about Man and God and Law
everybody says she's the brains behind Pa
She's sixty-eight but she says she's fifty-four
I ain't gonna work for Maggie's Ma no more

Income and wealth disparities become even more absurd if we look at the top 0.1% of the nation's earners-- rather than the more common 1%. The top 0.1% -- about 315,000 individuals out of 315 million -- are making about half of all capital gains on the sale of shares or property after 1 year; and these capital gains make up 60% of the income made by the Forbes 400.

Kinda screams out 'Trade Towers' don't it?

But Big Changes are coming!  Instead of taking our orders from Maggie 'n Kin, soon we'll be Service Economying Jenna Bush and Chelsea Clinton.    Freedom and Libertas at last!

See?  Anyone can be Idserpent in Amer-ka!  It's all about merit, initiative, hard work, and solid entrepreneurshit.

Maggie, Gabby, Chelsea . . . same farm, same law, as we all glide smiling, topdown and limobound towards the Triple Underpass at Dealey.

The sixes sistahs, twicely thricely, grey-capped Above, pink Kore Below.  Threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn't you?

As with our lead images, red and black form the twin triangle bases, dominant NWO color motif, along with trad pink.


In the West, the tripgoddess is Hecate; in the East, Kali, chief deity of India, particularly Mumbai, as explored previously.  Here we see one-half of the Sixes Sistahs in the Obie Election Night photo.  The possessing entity manifests triune, but is essentially single, tracking genetically, as inferred by the composition's underworld crittur.

In SCAR-MONGERS, AF extends the color and numeric themes to illustrate First and Third Degree masonry-in-motion upon the updated, andorgynized Gabrielle Giffords:

This photo ,the front row, red - black/white - red. Gabby smiles manically, again subbing for the skull, next to her bestest friend, Debbie Wasserman Schultz,

in b+w, mimics the scroll with the checkerboard floor scribed upon it.

Finally Gal 3 , beaming a little less, acts for the final third of the coffin. Both red-girls hold bouquets either side of b+w girl.
The feminine trinity maninfests with solo controller present; red/black trinity with Bestest in the Box.  In the practical sorcery of modern masonry, demonic forces are contained within triangles for terrestrial employ.
Third-degree Tracing Board, black-bordered red

Remote-controlled Rock-em-Sock-em RobotsGet yours NOW for X-MasGrinnin' Gabby orbs green and blue!  (Batteries sold separately.  Offer void where prohibited.)

He seems to give himself more slack than he is willing to give two Republicans, Sarah Palin and Speaker Boehner. He was understandably upset with both for not calling or attempting to see the Congresswoman. Speaker Boehner in April of this year came to Houston, where she was rehabilitating, for the NCAA Final Four tournament, but according to Kelly, never made an attempt to see how one of his peers was doing. Kelly implied that possibly Boehner was upset over an incident that occurred shortly before the 2010 election, when Congresswoman Giffords came up to him at a restaurant where he was dining with ten others and bluntly told him "You stay out of my district...then turned and waved, and we walked toward the door."

source: The American Thinker

The Mumbai Massacre was pre-curser to certain earth changes witnessed herein.  India had just claimed the Moon for itself and was celebrating goddess-rites in Mumbai, as Shinar and Ms. America work their way back East, homeward, subterra widdershins.

More recently in feminizing India:

Beat your drunken husband if he touches you. The government will pay you a Rs 1,000 reward. The more you beat him the better as you can get up to Rs 10, 000,” he told a gathering of women, Mahila Sadassu, a government programme in Kurnool.  The minister urged women to get their drunken, abusive husbands on to the streets and beat them in full view of the public so that it encourages other women. . . .

Learning fast!

Mumbai is dedicated to Kali (approxi-mates Kelly), and an adolecent girl was killed in the attack.  Her father presided over the goddess-worshipping Synchronicity Foundation of the state of Virginia, whose members claimed visible and vocal encounters with a "goddess."  Likewise, adolescent Christina Taylor Green, born September 11, 2001 (9/11) was slain in the Gabby Giffords incident.

Springfield, in southern Missouri (Miss Houri), where Jared Loughner is being pharmakized and demanized at the U.S. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners, is County Seat of Greene County.  The "Center" is located on West Sunshine Street, underlining the solar/stellar rites in practice.  Plus a bit of good ole mock.


The Springfield Metropolitan Area, population 436,712, includes the counties of Christian, Dallas, Greene, Polk and Webster. Springfield's nickname is The Queen City of the Ozarks. It is also known as The Cultural Center of the Ozarks, The Gateway to the Ozarks, and The Birthplace of Route 66.

Peering through the Oz/ark Gateway, we spy Christian and Greene – Christina Taylor Green, slain in the state of AZ-AZ-el.

Twin sisters face mudrer charges in burning death of three toddlers.

Little dynamo was busy being homeless during the Comet Elenin fest; it sounded New Agey Stagey anyway.  Still, the presence of eleven and nine in the name is suggestive, combined with the November 22 (11/22) align of comet, earth, and sun.  November 22 is, of course, the primo sacrificial kingkill date in the United Sisterhood of America.  Thus the next few days worth watching.

The Matrones were triune, or perhaps tripartite, female deities worshipped in NW Europe during (at least) the first five centuries A.D., assoicated with motherhood and fertility.  Hellenic/Roman Diana Nemorensis was a triple-goddess, again with maternal, fertility, crop, and blood-sacrificial associations.

The form is ubiquitous in the ancient world.  Modern Wicca has revived conscious, ritual worship of the tripgoddess.


Allah was worshipped in pre-Islamic Arabia and Nabataea with a family of deities around him among which was a triad of goddesses called "the three daughters of Allah": al-Lat ("the Goddess") Al-Uzza ("Power") the youngest, and Manat ("Fate") "the third, the other". They were known collectively as the three cranes. The name al-Lat is known from the time of the histories of Herodotus in which she is named Alilat. These goddesses are said to have figured in an early version of the Qur'an - the apocryphal Satanic Verses.  [emphasis added]

Last November, in Put the Lie-Ma in the Coconut, we yammered:

November 22, 1995, the Gulf of Aqaba absorbed a 7.2 (what else?) tremble along the left-stepping segment of the Dead Sea Transom.  Note in regard to recent posts herein, at Aferrismoon, and re Trinity Site supra, the Sinai is a triangular/pentangular entity.  The Aqaba Gulf is also called the Gulf of Eilat/Elat.  Stations nine through thirteen of the Hebrew Exodus occurred in and around the port-city of Eilat, now the State of Israel’s access point to the Aqaba Gulf portion of the Red Sea.  The Semitic Great Mother Goddess is Elat or, more commonly in the Bible, Asherah.  The Ugaritic texts (pre-1200 B.C.) term her Athirat, ”Lady of the Sea”.

The Islamic al-Lat = Eilat or Asherah.

The Satanic Verses (not the Rushdie book based upon them) are disputed interpolations of Satan into Koran passages during composition and recitation by Mohammed -- temporary possession or "pushes" -- termed an "interjection upon the tongue." Orthodox Islam, of course, wishes to deny the event, as it brings the entire text into question . . . yet the incident contains the ring of authenticity.  Mohammed was only a man upon Earth, subject to demonic influence and doubt of the monotheic and masculine nature of God.

Like the Hebrew tribes, Islam has a powerful, persistent background of idolatry and goddess-worship.  Satan is said to have ear-wigged Mohammed, tempting him to pray to the "goddess":

Have ye thought upon Al Lat and Al Uzza?
And Manat, the third, the other?
Those are the elevated cranes:
truly their intercession is dearly hoped!

Sounds awful Genesis, eh?  Similar spiel.

Satan elevates these crony cranes, raising them above their stations culturally, alchemically, technologically, and most importantly spiritually, placing them on God's throne . . . suspending them in mid-air, empowering them as goddess-transporters, exactly as the two winged females of the First Degree Board.

Masonic rites aren't mumbojumbo and frantic dancing in incense-choked lodges.  They're objective, concrete, usually complex, very real events constructed and connected for occult purposes that are spiritual and often political.  The world belongs to God, but the world's ideopolitic systems are satanic.  There will be vast organization in the Kingdom, but no politics.

Cranes and storks are similar birds, belonging to separate Linnean Orders, but easy to confuse pre-Linneaus.  "Elevated cranes" recalls Chapter 5 from Zechariah, the Flying Scroll rap, much-studied on this blog as the inceptive event in the spiritual creation of America as Babylon the Great, the land under rule of Shinar.  Note that storks aren't specifically identified, but instead two women with stork-like wings:

Then the angel that talked with me went forth, and said unto me, Lift up now thine eyes, and see what is this that goeth forth.

And I said, What is it? And he said, This is an ephah that goeth forth. He said moreover, This is their resemblance through all the earth.

And, behold, there was lifted up a talent of lead: and this is a woman that sitteth in the midst of the ephah.

And he said, This is wickedness. And he cast it into the midst of the ephah; and he cast the weight of lead upon the mouth thereof.

Then lifted I up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came out two women, and the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork: and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven.

Then said I to the angel that talked with me, Whither do these bear the ephah?

And he said unto me, To build it an house in the land of Shinar: and it shall be established, and set there upon her own base.

And upon her own base she sits even now.

The lover who just walked out your door
has taken all his blankets from the floor
the carpet too is moving under you
and it's all over now, Baby blue

Stork/crane-winged women flanking descending goddess -- First Degree Tracing Board

Press Conference, Arizona (Ona) Common Sense -- note two females just above each of Gabby's shoulders, as her wings

As discussed previously in detail, Arizona is the "Copper State" containing numerous copper mines, often drenched with occult signatures.  Above we see the Copper Star framing the head of the Kopper King.

Relative to the Midian area of the Gulf of Aqaba/Elat, and the goddess Eilat or Asherah, an ancient Midianite shrine to the goddess Hathor, the Egyptian version of Kore, was excavated at Har Timna.  Hathor is the patroness of copper mines.

As AF commented concerning related lines of research:

It may seem spurious to connect the above photo, Loughner's unlegal incarceration, Gabby being led around and other events with the weather but the premise is that God Works and in mysterious ways as well as the stunningly obvious.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Aferrismoon's Earth and Space Leadership Fun!

SCAR-MONGERS, latest from AF. 

If you don't really want to know what's happening on your planet, you can probably just skip it.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Pra Ha Ha

The largest quake in state history, 5.6 magnitudinal, snarked Oklahoma on Saturday, November 5.

Earlier in the day, a foreshock of 4.7 hit Prague, OK. 

The town was settled by Czech immigrants.  (AF denies responsibility and claims he was taking pictures of birds and buildings that day.  A likely story.)

Oklahoma is v big on dea-ley.  When crossing the state lines by road, one encounters a large sign reading:


Getting their wish apparently.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

House and Home

You who bring good news to Zion
go up on a high mountain
You who bring good news to Zion
lift up your voice with a shout

(Isaiah 40)

Later on August 23, after all the shouting, a 5.8 wobbler interrupted the State of Virginia's gala celeb.  Wakey-quakey's "maximum perceived intensity" was category VII -- "very strong" -- tied for the biggest rumble east of the Rocky Mountains in well over a century, and possibly in recorded U.S. history.

Seal, State of Virginia
(nice hate hat)

Next door in Columbia's sanctuary, the mason-belisk of the goddess underwent a Stress Episode.  Westward facing.

All over Washingtoon, cell phones refilled prozac scrips.

Instead of guarding her District, mebby on Augie 23 the Goddess was vacationing aboard Princess Cruiselines?  August is prime summer-vacation time you know.  On a deckchair with a daiquiri, somewhere under the Southern Cross? 

Or the Great Goddess could be extremely busy -- still -- stepping on the chests of more downed men.  Kingkilling and Gloating are more time-consuming than many imagine.

Or mayhap on 8/23 she could have taken a sickday.  It is possible.

Perhaps it was her "womans' time."

At the recent conference on the Status of Women at the United Nations I represented Belgium. I observed that with the Obama administration the United States has joined the hardcore Marxist social engineers. . . .

I was witnessing a chapter of the Marxist push to reshape the world which triumphed in the West with the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. The Marxist agenda, however, is one of global scope and its proponents will not rest until they have eradicated every last remnant of pre-sexual-revolution morality. Since the 1960s they have acquired powerful instruments to achieve this aim. They manipulate the complicated and non-transparent bureaucracy of the UN (they fondly refer to it as “the system”), which exerts powerful pressure on the governments of the world. Through this bureaucracy they aggressively advance their cause, initiating attacks on the core-values of family-based societies, especially the judaeo-christian values that have shaped Western civilization, at every opportunity. . . .

The bureaucracies grind on, the activists launch new attacks. They constitute so massive an army, they are so relentless and dedicated that one wonders how long the few brave defenders will hold out?

Golly.  That's a lot of disasters for one nation under goddess, invisible, with libertas and justsis for some.

'Course, the year ain't over yet. 

Devastation from a rare and deadly October snowstorm lingered in the Northeast. . . .

Here's the local uh pastor.  Ess.  Ette.  Third pyramid pic, Giza(rd)y.  Sphinx no extra charge.

Fashionably cute, so attentive, leans-in. . . not like that Mean Old Grumpy God, way out there somewheres, oppressing away.  But as with Columbia's Monument and Gabrielle's Dome, the pastorette's pyramid is cracked.

God breathed himself into the human male, desiring they lead his Church, under Christ. . . and lead women, created from the male.  The male leads and covers the female from demonic influence.

Zechariah's lead cover analogs, sealing the deal.

Hm looks like a stage up front instead of an altar.  Mebbe Gaga maninfested.

The LORD'S pnumatic paternity having infused human males, he's touchy about degradations of masculinity such as homosexuality, feminism, gynocracies, submissive males, and female spiritual leaders.  Rejection of maleness is rejection of God; oppression of masculinity is war on God.

Sodom was first struck blind (physically and spiritually), then destroyed, after its male citizens attempted to rape two of Christ's servants.  Even after being struck blind, they still tried to break down Lot's door.

Two outrages: first homosexuality, then coerced homosexuality.  Two servants, two rebukes: blindness and fire.  Two towns -- Sodom and sister-city Gomorrah.  Two towers.

A personal God.  Very personal.
Outright rebellion, such as the United Sisterhood of America, is not merely political.  It's also sold back-door by apostate "churches" preaching Jesus and Father, but embracing and enforcing Babylon's commercial, economic, legal, and social systems.

Catholics with "devotional" Mariolatry -- their Redemptrix.  Let's get sirius.

Evangelicals, Presbyterians, Anglicans, Universalists, Methodists, on and on . . . females in the pulpits, females in the pews, females controlling the pursestrings and pastors . . . complicit with the world, yet expecting Rapture!

More like rupture.

In the mountains l.d. heard pastors affilliated with Chicago's Moody Church and Bible Institute preach that the Bible commands obedience to  political systems and political leaders who are in rebellion against god.   

A convenient twisting of scripture.
Jesus' command to give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's, was a pretzel to confound his enemies, who tried to squeeze him between Rome and the Israelite temple priests on one hand, and militant nationalist factions (anti-Rome Hebrew guerillas) on the other.  During those decades, Israel -- such as it was -- was under constant Imperial military and faux-civil occupation.

Jesus avoided verbal revolt against Roman tax laws, and his sorryassed adversaries slunk away bamboozled.  In one of his goofy, arrogant, poorly researched books, Michael Baigent assumes Jesus conceded to the world, i.e., Rome.  It's the common interp.

But to Jesus, everything belongs to God -- including Jesus.  Nothing belongs to Caesar.  So let's see . . . what exactly is "Caesar's" share? 

Doodlysquat is wat. 

Perfectly simple.  If you are.

Who despises the day of small beginnings?  (Zech. 4)
God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong, and the base things of the world and the despised God has chosen.  (1 Corinthians 1)

There is hardly any countervailing force which remains.  The West has found its new Imperial Mission to replace Global Christendom: enforced worship of women.

Another conifer evening, l.d. heard a Moody pastor assuring his flock that no further prophecy is occurring, or can occur.  Only what's in the Bible, already set, is valid, and any modern prophecy is false.

That assertion is at odds with many Bible passages, including Christ's prophecy through Malachi of endtimes service in the spirit and works of Elijah/Elias.

The Moody Network hawks annuities, and each pastor has something to sell:  books, tapes, Carribbean "prayer" cruises, junkets to the Holy Land to "walk in the steps of Jesus."

It's too bad, because these people, like many others, produce some good scriptural expositions.  But the churches aren't lean.  They're chubby heifers, smack in the pastures of Der Homeland.

In the desert prepare the way for the LORD; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God.  (Isaiah 40)

For example, Homeland Insecurity jefe Janet Napolitano's Methodist Church granted women full clergy "rights" in 1956, following limited "rights" in 1924.  As if priesthood is theirs to bestow -- much less a right.

Janet strugged through a harrowing life of deprivation and patriarchal oppression before Overcoming to rumba into her powerful position.

A student at Sandia High School in Albukookoo, Land O' Enchantment -- during the years yrs trooly was stationed at the Weapons Lab -- Janet was voted Most Likely to Succeed . . . hardly oracular for a life gilded and wired from getgo.

Daddykins was dean of the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, so dotter greased to pricey, private, Jesuit-run Santa Clara University (oldest Kalifornia uni) then to ultra-trad University of Virginia Law School, to learn dea-ley from the goddess' own acolytes.

While millions of other Downtrodden Females like Jan-Jan were lovingly scholarshipped through the U.S. femucation sistems to certain "achievement," those Privileged Oppressin' Males, weren't.  (Commentary accompanying link also excellent.)

Kelly, Napolitano at Memorial Service for slain in Gabby Giffords shooting (and yes that man is smiling)

As a partner in Phoenix law firm Lewis and Roca, Napoleontano completed  her requisite New Woman Order Initiation lawyering for Amerkan Victim Supremo Anita Hill, who ten years after the "offense" remembered that Clarence Thomas, an unexpected Supreme Court nominee, had sexually harrassed her.

Maybe he did, maybe he didn't; l.d. doesn't pretend to know. 

But a ten year lag in accusation reeks of ideopolitical scumbaggery: eau de feminista, Van Virginia clad in full Attack Regalia.  Dredging the past for imperfections is Satan's style.  So is building gynogulags.

(Late edit: presidential candidate Herman Cain (!) has just been accused of sexual harrassment.  Early report hereCain is self-explanatory.  Longtime readers of this loser blog recall the occult keyword Herman/Hermann, as both the site of Zodiac's first slaying, and the hospital in which Gabby Giffords recuperated.)

Lewis is an occult/masonic term, nominally a device for raising and fixing large stones, especially into complex structures.  (Like brains?)  Thus Janet Napolitano's firm of Lewis and Roca.

Homelan' Jan's Deputy Secretary is Jane Lute.  (Apparently they're all derivatives of J-a-n in that particular hive.  An androgynous nom eh?)  Lute is, or was, a Rosicrucian password, according to the barks of shorebound Pacific Coast otters.

Lute.  How very Catharic.

From '03 to '09, before her current bonbon as Homeland Honcho, Jan the Man governed Arizona, a state sauteed in ritual rigamarole resurrectUS, pink-suited prisoners, morgul mines, occult topography, and Scotts-dale football aliens.

After U.S. Congresswoman and Favorite Daughter Gabrielle Giffords' skull shattered, AZ was scorched by wildfires and smothered in bigfoot dust storms.  Not a Chamber-of-Commerce year.

Arizona is the "Copper State". Copper (Kypros) is symbolically as well as etymologically associated with Cyprus (Kypros) and cyprian. The word "cyprian" indicates a 'wanton woman' and this meaning is traced through the word Kypris to Aphrodite Porne, Venus, Al-Uzzah. The "Great Whore" of mythology and those women who fulfill this role in magic sexualis from time to time are called "Copper Queans" or "Copper Queens".

An association of the name Cyprus to Copper in Arizona is indicated by the Cyprus and Baghdad Copper Company which operates a mine near Prescott. There is a Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona that was built and operated by a copper company.

By this means one can expect to find a number of palimpsests pertaining to sex magic in the state of Arizona.

" King Kill 33"; J.S. Downard & M. Hoffman

Goddess Libertas = copper-coated Statue of Liberty = Great Whore/Babylon the Great = Venus, goddess of "love" (sex, violence, occult) -- especially helpful, try AZ U LIE KIT from AF.

I took on a sweet young foreign gun.
This lazy life is short.
Somethin' for nothin' always ended
with a bad report.

Dirty was the daybreak.
Sudden was the change
in such a silent place as this
beyond the rifle range.

I took myself a blue canoe.

(Taupin, John)

National Public Radio (NPR), smooth-tongued mouth-harp of the U.S. feminist Left, actually reported Giffords' death, before later correcting.  But the mortal head wound and recovery meme, typing and foreshadowing antichrist, was already outta basket.

Then he said, "This is wickedness!" and he threw her down into the middle of the ephah and cast the lead weight on its opening. (Zech. 5)

Raised up by Lewis, etched in Roca.

Gabby last October, masonic-mittened, ceres-el-moanally retrieving a boxwood "time-capsule" from a Tucson building.  Related posts at Aferrismoon, and herein.

In Revelation 3, Jesus comforts "little strength," endtimes Philadelphia, through Patmos John:

Behold, I will make them of the Synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

Went for the double beholds!  Infers some wonder that's particularly slobber-inducing!

(In Revelation 18, Babylon's "reward" for betrayal is a "double portion.")
Notice why he's pissed: deception about who he really loves, and who represents him.  I accepted Jesus as my Personal Savior is the Christian mantra, but it is not a relationship.  
Philadelphia, of course, means brotherly love . . . antithetical and poignant in  contexts of masonry, female church/synagogue leaders, gynocracy, etc.

Gabby's close friend and spiritual advisor, Rabbi Stephanie ('Steffi') Aaron, shepherds Congregation Chaverim in Phoenix.  Steffie matri-moanized Mark Kelly and Gabrielle Dee Giffords.

Kelly and Dee
kissin' in a tree
Blessed Be!
together again
for world to see

There's Rabbi Aaron, high priestess o' the wilderness, somewhat chipmunky, hands clasped all clerically confident, richly robed not underfed, offering  female empowerment and kabbala in the house of the Lord of Hosts.

Probly Madonna goes there too.

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. . . the LORD standeth up to plead, and standeth to judge the people. . . what mean ye that ye beat my people to pieces, and grind the faces of the poor?

Because the Daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet: Therefore the LORD will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the LORD will discover their secret parts.  (Isaiah 3, emphasis added)

left-to-right, Arizona Common Sense rally: "Mom," Van Man, Gabby (original version), Blondie

Gabby's Back in Town!  Let's talk Turkey!  It's our world, gobble gobble gobble

Gabby Giffords' hubby is astronaught Mark Kelly.  His identical twin, Scott Kelly, is former Commander (operator or functionary) of ISIS, the International Space Station.

On February 3, 2011, at the National Prayer Breakfast at which Obama also spoke, Wikipedia reports that brother Mark

Kelly offered the final prayer of the morning. The prayer was from Rabbi Stephanie Aaron, who married Kelly and Giffords, and who said the same words over Giffords’ on the night of the shooting:

In the name of God, our God of Israel, may Michael, God's angel messenger of compassion, watch over your right side. May Gabriel God's angel messenger of strength and courage, be on your left. And before you, guiding your path, Uriel, God's angel of light and behind you, supporting you, stands Raphael, God's angel of healing. And over your head, surrounding you, is the presence of the divine.
Well, it started out ok.
This may please the Healing Prayer Circle of the Marin County Women's Caucus, or the Tucson Toastmistresses, with crystals and a copy of Sophy Burnham's A Book of Angels to hand . . . but gauzy feminized angelology mixed with kabbalah and talmudism isn't kosher.
Apparently Rabbi Steffi thinks she's Solomon.  How did messing with angels work out for that dood?
And he was a king.  And God liked him!
As with Adam, listening to The MissUS ruined Solly.  His kingdom split like a thin skull.
Does the Torah say: Pray to the angel Uriel?  (Uriel!?) 
Little dynamo's bible doesn't say that, either.  Nothing about worship, nothing about supplications or directing prayers to god's critturs, including angels.
. . . except the first commandment, which says don't do it.
Angelolatry, like Solomonic/goetic sorcery, derives from Babylon, from Chaldee "priesthood" traditions and rites of blood-and-sex magick, the "sacred-whore" temple-systems of the archaic world.  During one particularly nasty patch in ancient Hebrewdom, Jezebel reinstituted, controlled, and profited from this goddess-worship/prostitution racket, with doltish approval from her pussywhipped husband, Ahab the Chumpling.

Not meriting Full Chump status.   Tool of a tool.
Pray to God, to our merciful and holy Father, our caring, beloved poppa, not to created beings who -- at best -- are mere servants.  All miracles come from God.  Sometimes it doesn't look that way.  But it is that way.

Nobody did anything worth shit on their own.  Legends of personages lead us away from Him and into hero-worship, idolatry, tragedy.

We'll all be getting on our faces before god; nobody need be proud.  Nobody will force you, and he won't have to ask.

Don't mock God with female rabbis and priests, who advise calling on what they don't understand . . . lest it appear beside you uncovered, and the vase shatter in your hands.

In wake of another 7.2 quake -- this time October 23 in Turkey, exactly two months after the Virginny Shimmy -- we see Evil Patriarchal Rapists (etc.) in the town of Van pull two Empowered Independents from the rubble.  Damn those privileged males  Always keeping us down.

Luckily it's Turkey, otherwise dual Sexual Harrassment suits on the way, with three weeks of Medea outrage at the brutal assault.

Turkey is Asia Minor, temporal locale of the seven churches/servants that Christ addressed in RevelationVan resonates the dispersed matriarchal Van/Ban/Fein serpent-tribes with roots in the ancient Near East -- the "Picts" of the British Isles; AF named an "Ona Common Sense" attendee Van Man.

Before I was born the LORD called me; from my birth he has made mention of my name.  He made my mouth like a sharpened sword, in the shadow of his hand he hid me.  (Isaiah 49)

Little dynamo isn't named Big Dynamo.  That's because he's not.  We're all at the same level before God: low.

Howdy pardner!  :O)

Modern folks, humanistics and self-actualizers, see that as unbecoming and unfair, while l.d. sees it as comforting, pleasantly reflective of reality.

Houselessness, like an obscure blog, is presented in hopes that small offerings might please our great god. 

Here is a tree that the branch put forth, the mystery of father from son.  A key is produced; at last the fold opens, a place long preparing.

Conducting symphonic, the branch rounds the sheep.  They circle and settle, nibbling at bright new grass, undisturbed by dulcimer tones across the little valley, boys at evening sport, chirpy, kicking a ball.

An imperishable city descends from heaven, silently, arcing fro and to, like a windkissed leaf.

The stream pours from the king.  He is Life, he is here, and death is dead.

Translucent walls of gold shaved so pure and thin, you can see through everyone.  Houselessness and heartbreak are far behind.  Quickly comes our home.