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Sunday, May 01, 2011

More to the Picture II (Don't Dream It's Over)

Dry -dock at the Cape of No Hope (or Change!)

at far-right, Shuttle Astronut Janet Kavandi (egyptian ka + van + goddess di)

Sure, they want your NWO in hevvun! MasterCharge and American Express accepted. Go straight on up!


Following Shinar around on a Flying Scroll is bumpy, but not boring. One day we's rasslin' Jackie Storrer's celestial-scale Crossword Puzzle, trying to exorcise the Matrix that she's become.

Next day, it's infiltration of the Ona Common Sense press conference of Gabrielle Giffords. Not that we knew we'd be there. :O)

Standing at the First Degree dealey (lectern), rays of blood and alchemical gold surround Gabrielle's head, before it is very ceremoniously blown open.

The Ona Common Sense still, examined in a recent post, is masonic in structure, Renaissance/medieval in composition, triangular in occult geometry, and oppositional in tone -- an eschatologic, martial tableaux.

A precariously balanced equation.

The imago's dopplings help unlock its predictive and instructive potential. We discussed the twin acolyte photogs fronting the scene/ario, whose shirts match the lower (terrestrial) colors of the Amazona, ooop, Arizona flag.

Identification of the pairings unthaws the frozen still; suddenly the pic resembles the "Gang Summit" scene from Gangs of New York. 'Cept, of course, this ain't a movie. This is as real as the hole in Gabby Giffords' still-open skull.


Right Vertex:

Tin Man with Blonde Attendant/Aide

Sister Silver Hair with Van Man (black shirt, glasses)

Left Vertex:

Blackshirt Man w/krewcut with RedShirt Woman

Beehive Hair Woman with Blondie

A female perches on each of Gabby's shoulders, corresponding to the "stork-winged" transporters from Zechariah 5 and masonry's First Degree Tracing Board, who overlook the shoulders of the descending "goddess."

First Degree Tracing Board, descending Goddess

Space Shuttle lauch, rescheduled, re-ascending Goddess Gabrielle

Following Ja-Red's intervention, did that extraterrestrial "goddess" stride into Gabrielle Giffords' noggin, and onto Checkerboard Earth?

And if so, did that goddess subsequently re-ascend, after adjustments to Giffords' neural wiring? Leaving behind some very uncommon sense . . . spare change?

Returning to the Ona Common Sense photo: behind the Twin Transporters is, as previously identified, the Kopper King, head (intellect, consciousness) centered in the Copper Star of Arizona. Two grey-haired guardians flank him just inside the margins of the flag, with two others at far exterior. KK isn't interested in Gabby, tho -- she's a known quantity, well under kontrol.

Instead, he peers down the right vertex, sizing the opposition, their backs beckoning, an easy kill . . .

. . . imagining he's invisible. Double heh.

(Don't turn around/the Kommissar's in town.)

The woman with two kids on the left vertex corresponds to the "Down's Person" over Tin Man's right shoulder, on the right vertex. These are wild-cards or, in the political terms of the photo, Undecideds or Independents. Note the Down's Person re-examining the "Giffords U.S. Congress" placard.

What . . . exactly . . . have I been handed here?

Arrows on the war-red banner underline the polarized, martial theme. Stage-front, Tin Man and Blackshirt stare mutual daggers, very real daggers indeed, with Blackshirt's right foot already raised in pursuit. Their female counterparts -- Blonde Attendant and RedShirt Woman -- mirror the faceoff, queens across the tessboard.

As they say in southern football: agile, mobile, and hostile.

Van Man and Blondie (white top just to Giffords' left) are antagonistic polarities, but Van Man is focused on Blackshirt. With unfriendly intent.

Within the major vertices, Van Man/Blackshirt/Tin Man form a separate, inner triangle. . . their own little war. The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good.

Similar to Van Man, the boy to Gifford's left wears a black shirt with a gold slash/design. The boy's shirt also contains grey, blending black and white. He's what everybody is fighting over. Sons of Adam.

Blondie and BeeHive Hair Woman, as hinted via their b & w clothing, are complementarily allied in warfare -- probably sorcery, witchcraft, necromancy, etc. Both could be looking at Giffords . . . or at Tin Man.

Set against them on the right vertex are Van Man and Sister Silver Hair, in green dress with wreathed collar. (Just a baby waiting/for her tomorrow.)

Sister Silver Hair is holding a "Giffords" sign, but . . . well, you see where she's lined up, staring down the Redshirt Woman (Rubedo Woman, drakon). At shoulder of SSH is companion Van Man, interrupting the Kopper King's Direct Line.

Your service has been suun disconnected.

The blue field of the American stars emerge directly from Sister Silver Hair's head, like a conical cap, topped by the eagle.

The April 29 "Royal Launch" of the Space Shuttle Endeavor, commanded by Mark Kelly, was postponed due to a "faulty power source." Kelly's wife, Gabrielle Giffords, attended and expects also to appear for the rescheduled launch.

Following that, a final shuttle launch titled "Atlantis" will help secure ownership of the heavens for the NWO Homeland. "New Atlantis," of course, was the seventeenth-century utopian (dystopian) novel by Francis Bacon, part of the masonic vision ("Great Work") culminating in establishment of America and the now-manifest NWO.

Shuttle Atlantis is set for liftoff on June 28. Rather like Gabby Giffords' skull, Bacon subtitled his book "A Worke Unfinished." Winky winky.

Giffords arrived in Cape Canaveral last Wednesday to attend the launch in what was the first time she has been seen in public since the attempt on her life.

An extraordinary video showing shot Miss Giffords making her painful way up a flight of stairs into the plane that took her to Cape Canaveral was aired by ABC. The footage is tangible proof of Mrs Giffords' miraculous recovery since she was shot in the head at a political rally in Tucson on January 8.

Don't leave me hangin' boss

Boss? BOss!!?

Endeavor Kommandante Mark Kelly gives Pharaoh the NWO salute . . . sighting down the left vertex, plumb-bobbing New Atlantis.

Gonna be a brief endeavor!

Little dynamo loves little sister.

Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup

there's a battle ahead, many battles are lost

But you'll never see the end of the road

while you're travelling with me

Hey now, hey now
don't dream it's over
Hey now, hey now

when the world comes in

They come, they come to build a wall between us
We know they won't win

(Neil Finn)


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