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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Stellar Souperglue

Humpty superglues his shell
kisses the ground on which he fell
climbs the wall
and rings the wedding bell!!
All that ends up turns out
All that ends up turns out
All that ends up turns out well!!

"Long Division"

yesirree, mon droogies, Da Black Whole brings you -- and ONLY you -- the Pure Dark Matter of the universe -- the Galactic Greatest Hits, all yer Favorite Stars (and some we haven't seen around yet!!)

today, as a Special Dark Treet, we are pleezed to scrabble in the Invisible Well of the (Ding! Ding! Ding!) good ole Icecream-Wagon and fetch y'all a Nutty Buddy made o' Choco-Manna de Negrito, unadulterated by that nasty allergen moo-milch

with kosMic Sprinkles!

eat up! get lots!

plenty more where That came from



First Invisible Galaxy Discovered in Cosmology Breakthrough

Wed Feb 23,12:29 PM ET

Science - Space.com
Robert Roy BrittSenior Science WriterSPACE.com

Astronomers have discovered an invisible galaxy that could be the first of many that will help unravel one of the universe's greatest mysteries.

The object appears to be made mostly of "dark matter," material of an unknown nature that can't be seen.

Theorists have long said most of the universe is made of dark matter. Its presence is required to explain the extra gravitational force that is observed to hold regular galaxies together and that also binds large clusters of galaxies.

Theorists also believe knots of dark matter were integral to the formation of the first stars and galaxies. In the early universe, dark matter condensed like water droplets on a spider web, the thinking goes. Regular matter -- mostly hydrogen gas -- was gravitationally attracted to a dark matter knot, and when the density became great enough, a star would form, marking the birth of a galaxy.

The theory suggests that pockets of pure dark matter ought to remain sprinkled across the cosmos. In 2001, a team led by Neil Trentham of the University of Cambridge predicted the presence of entire dark galaxies.

One of perhaps many

The newfound dark galaxy was detected with radio telescopes. Similar objects could be very common or very rare, said Robert Minchin of Cardiff University in the UK.

"If they are the missing dark matter halos predicted by galaxy formation simulations but not found in optical surveys, then there could be more dark galaxies than ordinary ones," Minchin told SPACE.com.

In a cluster of galaxies known as Virgo, some 50 million light-years away, Minchin and colleagues looked for radio-wavelength radiation coming from hydrogen gas. They found a well of it that contains a hundred million times the mass of the Sun. It is now named VIRGOHI21.

The well of material rotates too quickly to be explained by the observed amount of gas. Something else must serve as gravitational glue.

"From the speed it is spinning, we realized that VIRGOHI21 was a thousand times more massive than could be accounted for by the observed hydrogen atoms alone," Minchin said. "If it were an ordinary galaxy, then it should be quite bright and would be visible with a good amateur telescope."
The ratio of dark matter to regular matter is at least 500-to-1, which is higher than I would expect in an ordinary galaxy," Minchin said. "However, it is very hard to know what to expect with such a unique object -- it may be that high ratios like this are necessary to keep the gas from collapsing to form stars."

Long road to discovery

Other potential dark galaxies have been found previously, but closer observations revealed stars in the mix. Intense visible-light observations reveal no stars in VIRGOHI21.

The invisible galaxy is thought to lack stars because its density is not high enough to trigger star birth, the astronomers said.

[patience . . .]

The discovery was made in 2000 with the University of Manchester's Lovell Telescope, and the astronomers have worked since then to verify the work. It was announced today."The universe has all sorts of secrets still to reveal to us, but this shows that we are beginning to understand how to look at it in the right way," said astronomer Jon Davies of Cardiff University in the UK. It's a really exciting discovery."

Additional radio observations were made with the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Follow-up optical work was done with the Isaac Newton Telescope in La Palma. Astronomers from the UK, France, Italy and Australia contributed to the research. The project is now searching for other possible dark galaxies.
Dark matter makes up about 23 percent of the universe's mass-energy budget. Normal matter, the stuff of stars, planets and people, contributes just 4 percent. The rest of the universe is driven by an even more mysterious thing called dark energy.

Prediction of Dark Galaxies in 2001
About Dark Matter


but, but . . . eh, Mister Science, Sir? uh, Sir?

if dark energy drives the rest of the universe, who "drives" the dark energy?

and if the Dark Energineer is a "thing," that don't say much about Science, us -- or both


"Oh it's the Fat Conductor's Railwaaaaay!"

Thomas Trackside Tunes


Sexes Faring Equally -- NOT!!

gee, whatta surprise!

now that American culture has spent the past four decades catering to every feminine whim imaginable, elevating females to godhood, demonizing, criminalizing and crushing masculinity, and establishing a (not very) covert matriarchy -- NOW our friends in the academy are assuring us that THERE IS NO PROBLEM!!

see!! girls 'n boys are FARING EQUALLY!! NO PROBLEMO!

lessee: could it be that the emerging Men's Movement is beginning to rattle the Cages of Gynocracy? because suddenly, we're not getting the Usual Propaganda about how maleness is a universal conspiracy to Keep Down Females

now we're getting the Updated Propaganda: hey, everybody's Equal, and let's all be Friends, huh?

now that boys and men are fourth-class citizens in their own country, well, suddenly it's time to call off the slavering Dogs of Feminism, and pretend that the massive (and codified) systemic discrimination against males and maleness in the modern West is . . . well, it's just an Illusion, see?

. . . so given that the Matriarchy's newest "study" has "revealed" that boys and girls are "faring equally" (lol!!) why, there's really no need for any Men's Movement, is there? . . . nor is there any need for resistance by Western men to their matriarchies within their own nations, nor to the spreading of those matriarchies (by coercion and war) to the rest of the planet


Boys, Girls Are Faring Equally, Study Finds

Wed Feb 23,12:00 AM ET

Top Stories - washingtonpost.com

By Rob Stein, Washington Post Staff Writer

Contradicting both sides in the long-running debate on whether boys or girls have it better in America, the most comprehensive examination of the overall well-being of male and female children has found that the sexes are faring about equally.

Although boys have the advantage in some areas and girls score better in others, they are doing about the same in a broad array of measures assessing essential dimensions of life, such as health, safety, economics and education, the researchers found.

"If you're on one side or the other of the gender-wars debate, you could pick a specific indicator to buttress your case," said Kenneth C. Land, a professor of demographic studies and sociology at Duke University, senior author of the study. "But if we take a step back a little and look at what the data say overall, we find that the two genders have tracked pretty closely."

The study drew immediate criticism from advocates and researchers on both sides, with many saying it glossed over crucial gaps between the sexes or used criteria that biased the results. But several experts praised the work, saying the findings could bridge the often bitter, polarized debate that occurs whenever the sexes are compared.

"This takes a more balanced view and shows that overall, it's not easier to be a boy in our society than it is to be a girl -- or vice versa," said Dalton Conley, director of the Center for Advanced Social Science Research at New York University. "We need to have a more fruitful discussion about the specific risks for each gender group, not a debate where each group is talking past each other."

The findings come amid an intense debate sparked by Harvard University President Lawrence H. Summers over math and science abilities of men and women. The study does not address that issue directly, although the researchers note that the edge boys tend to have on math tests is very small.

For the study, Land and his colleagues gathered data from a variety of large, ongoing studies, including federal health surveys, the census, crime statistics, government economic indicators and academic research projects, to track the progress of boys and girls from childhood through their early twenties between 1985 and 2001. The researchers combined 28 variables to create an Index of Child Well-Being, covering seven broad areas: health, safety, economic status, educational achievement, emotional and spiritual well-being, and social relationships.

The researchers did find differences between the sexes. For example, boys are more likely to commit crimes and be the victims of crime, but they tend to relocate less often and are less likely to be born underweight. Girls are more likely to attempt suicide but are less likely to use drugs and alcohol. Girls also score higher on reading tests and are more likely to graduate from high school and college.

Overall, the well-being of both girls and boys has improved at about the same rate and has tended to track in the same direction, the researchers concluded in a paper being published today in the journal Social Indicators Research. The study was funded by the Foundation for Child Development, a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research foundation in New York.

The findings drew immediate criticism from some feminist groups and scholars.

"This reminds me of that saying, 'lies, damn lies and statistics," said Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women (news - web sites).

"There's no question that boys and girls have disadvantages in different ways, but the variables they have chosen seem designed to show girls are doing better."

But researchers who have argued that boys are worse off than girls welcomed the findings.

"There were dozens of books claiming all sorts of misfortunes for girls," said Christina Hoff Sommers, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative Washington think tank. "This challenges the myth of the disadvantaged, short-changed girl."

David Sadker, a professor in the school of education at American University, said the study did not look at specific groups that are prone to problems, such as minorities.

"On a positive side, I think it's good to try to get beyond polemics and politics, and bring some sense of objectively to the issue, which I think they tried to do," Sadker said. "On the other side, this is an average, and I think the average covers up differences -- class and race differences. And this doesn't deal with the issue of sexual harassment."

He added: "We all know the guys are going on to make more money."


notice how even though we're all "equal" now, the academic lackeys of the gynocracy still manage to insert their feminist biases in their "objective" report: oops, we didn't "deal with the issue of sexual harassment," which Everybody Knows is oppression of females by them Evildoer Males

and likewise, note in the closing sentence how "We all know" that them Evildoer Males are still oppressing Pore Wimmins via the "make more money" myth

thus, even though the "study" has "found" that everything is Hunky Dory, and everybody's all Equal now, well, gosh, somehow, the little ladies are still getting cheated and oppressed, and therefore we're gonna have to maintain their superior and privileged cultural status (just to keep things Truly Equal, you understand, and only until still-oppressed females achieve that ever-elusive imaginative figment, "parity")

this "study" is yet another example of why Western folks should get their "news" from independant Internet sources, rather than from the Mouthpieces of Matriarchy that the media, academy and government are

Friday, February 04, 2005

The Spinless Minister

Fred's latest dose of Reality reminds me why the Big Kahuna created the Internet -- i.e., because in the modern West, the truth is otherwise permanently homeless

the first three paragraphs of Fred's new rantette are especially needful in our times of polarized lockdown between the Left and Right, Dems and Repubs -- each group having long ago fallen into the mire of Team Paranoia, each believing with absolute certainty that the "opposition" maintains a vast conspiracy against them and their faction

the truth, of course, is that the adherents of both Left and Right share precisely the same (feeble) mentality and the same infantile aversion to any information that challenges their enormous and frozen biases

their inability -- and total disinclination -- to see anything beyond the pet ideo-politics that serve them in the moment is a stunning illustration of why the nation is in Shit City


Objective Journalism And Hen's Teeth
In Search Of The Impossible

January 28, 2005

I get email from people who say they wish that journalists would engage in objective coverage of the war in Iraq. They are always indignant and often bitter, but they mean opposite things. Those against the war assert that the fascist press is slanted in favor. Those in favor assert that the leftist press is slanted against. All agree that reporters are reprehensible. I wonder whether either group has any idea what it is talking about.

When people say that they want the press to be objective, they usually mean that they want reporters to cheerlead for their point of view.

They do not want objectivity, however imagined, but concurring propaganda. Anything else, they believe, is bias.

Most of them seem to lack the sophistication to know that their particular prejudices are in fact prejudices. Since whatever they believe seems to them obviously true, they regard anything that does not support their cause as evidence of depraved indifference to truth or as outright lying. Then they attach diabolical motives. A story that does not make the war look appetizing demonstrates that the reporter hates America, espouses Marxism, and all the other perfervid twaddle that makes reporters wonder whether they are not writing for an asylum of bellicose half-wits.

To all of these I say, “Try looking at things as they appear to journalists on the ground. Ask yourself how you would cover Iraq. Then tell me what “objective” means.”

Suppose that you (I continue saying to them) are a reporter somewhere in Baghdad with a squad of Marines. An Iraqi family in a car, not knowing the patrol is there, turn the corner. The Marines open fire on the car. The parents are killed. Their young daughter, splattered with their blood, stands screaming in horror. Mommy, though dead, is still moving. Ugly things are coming out of her stomach. The girl is ten.
This happens. What do you think automatic weapons do to people? Groom them? Being a reporter, you shoot pictures. It’s what reporters do: make notes, take pictures. Report.

What next? How do you report the—is “occurrence” a suitably neutral word?--objectively?

You have no apolitical choice. People react powerfully to wounded or emotionally devastated children, particularly little girls. If you publish that picture, it will tend to turn people against the war. Not being stupid, you know this perfectly well. On the other hand if you suppress it, you will be supporting the war by hiding the truth. You know this too. It’s A or B: you file the photo or you don’t. Which?

The military will want you not to write the story at all. They can’t quite say so, but will want you to emphasize that the Marines with good reason are frightened of car bombs (which is true) and that the killing was an accident, and couldn’t you leave out the photographs? It was an isolated mishap, a colonel will say. The military’s PR apparatus will want you to write about some Marines somewhere else who repaired a school. Hawks will say that the incident was unfortunate, but necessary in pursuit of a greater good. War is hell; get over it.

Doves will say that publishing the picture will show people what is really happening, that the public has a right to know what its soldiers are in fact doing. It wasn’t an isolated mishap, they will say (and they will be right). So: What do you do?

I would file the story, and the pictures, with no hesitation at all. My job as a reporter is not to shill for the war as a volunteer amateur Goebbels, nor to play Jane Fonda Goes To Baghdad, but to report what happens. If the military doesn’t want such incidents reported, it can stop committing them.

Again, suppose that you are trying very hard to be objective, whatever you think that means. How do you do it? Reporting of necessity requires that a reporter make choices. Any choice constitutes a slant.

Do you write pleasant home-towners—boyish young Marine relaxing in the compound and remembering his high-school sweetheart waiting in Roanoke? Do you focus on the alert courage of our young men as they patrol the mean streets, etc? On the sniper who says he likes to shoot a man in the stomach so that his screams will demoralize the enemy, before maybe finishing him off? On the Marine with his eyes and half his face gone because of a roadside bomb? The twenty-seven Iraqis killed by a car bomb downtown? Beheadings? Where do you put your emphasis?

Usually journalists turn against wars. Why? Consult the foregoing paragraph. It is not because they are Commies. It is because they are there. After a few weeks on the ground, you will find yourself acquiring pronounced opinions about things. This is inevitable. No one short of a diagnosable psychopath remains emotionally remote.

You have to be very ideologically committed indeed not to be worn down by the destruction and ghastliness of it all, by the mutilated kids and head-shot snipers’ victims, by flies crawling in the mouths of the dead. This is especially true of doubtful wars of uncertain provenance and murky purpose. Remember that what appears on the screen in Dallas is sanitized, adjusted, shaped at corporate to whatever end the networks seek to promote. The reporter on the ground sees the exit wounds, the woman’s face three days gone into decomposition.

Without profound ideological commitment, you will come to loathe the military command. This will happen regardless of whether you think the particular war necessary. The military lies, and lies, and lies. The flacks of the armed services, like any other PR types, do not recognize truth and falsehood as legitimate categories, but only positive and negative. They will tell you over and over with chirpy optimism things that you know by daily observation to be false. Everything is hunky-dory. There may have been a minor problem but we’ve got it licked. It was a precision strike with a 1000-pound bomb in a residential neighborhood. The people love us because we rebuilt fifty schools.

You get sick of it. In Vietnam it was the Five O’clock Follies, the press conferences with officers lying about pacification, lying about body counts, lying, lying, lying. The spin coming out of Iraq is exactly the same.

How do you juggle all of these things? Unless you are a witting propagandist, you will find that the best you can do is report the truth as well as you can discover it, as you would want it reported to you if someone else were doing it—not let interested parties tell you how to report it, and not give a damn who likes it.

i nominate Fred as Spinless Minister for a new America, to replace the Spineless Ministers of our media and government that constantly attempt to propagandize us with the frozen, belligerent ideo-political encrustations they term "reasoned" or "balanced" views

tellingly, the Republicrats' only DMZ of agreement is that woman is better than man, and the feminine principle is superior -- morally and otherwise -- to the male principle

proving that, often, Two Rongs make a . . . well, just annuther Rong!!!!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

He Rows Under the Volcano

today i ran across the song "Holding Out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler

Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods?
Where's the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds?
Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need.

I need a hero. I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night.
He's gotta be strong and he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight.
I need a hero. I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light.

He's gotta be sure and it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life!
larger than life.

Somewhere after midnight in my wildest fantasy
Somewhere just beyond my reach
there's someone reaching back for me.
Racing on the thunder and rising with the heat
It's gonna take a superman to sweep me off my feet.

I need a hero. I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night.
He's gotta be strong and he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight.
I need a hero. I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light.
He's gotta be sure and it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life.

I need a hero. I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night.
Up where the mountains meet the heavens above
Out where the lightning splits the sea
I could swear there is someone somewhere watching me.

Through the wind and the chill and the rain
And the storm and the flood I can feel his approach
like a fire in my blood.

I need a hero. I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night.
He's gotta be strong and he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight.
I need a hero. I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light.
He's gotta be sure and it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life.

I need a hero. I'm hoXding out for a hero 'til the end of the night.

i found those lyrics at

and the "X" in the final line was copied over without alteration

and yet Bonnie pines and wonders: "Where are all the gods?"





ok ok eh, ennyway . . . Bonnie can rest assured that someone IS watching, a number of Someones probly, and as for where "all the good men have gone," well, that's a loaded question coming from a female country-n-western singer -- given that Kowboy Kulture, at least since the Forties, has been a stronghold of matriarchy

particularly in film and music, the Western Code is blindly chivalric and vengeful, and on the Ranch men are expected to exhibit automatic "respect" for, and deference to, Ma'am

the film "Slingblade" is a good example . . . the violence of the film all resulting from retribution for a woman's violation -- straight Mater Sanctitas, code-of-talion stuff

take a look at the ole Westerns from the Fifties and Sixties if you think that Kowpoke Kulture duzzn't answer to Big Mammy

Bonnie's song reminds me of a princess calling for her lover from a great and high fortress, in which she has been cruelly imprisoned by . . .


the bricks of which were cast and placed by not by the, uh, "patriarchy," but by her very own hands . . .uh whats that about fishies and bicycles again?

lol, tsk tsk

here's AH with another appropriate response to Bonnie from the most recent issue of www.angryharry.com

this mini-rant by El Angroid-O was addressed, originally, to that truly lamentable excuse for modern American maleness, "Gender Studies" Professor Hugo Schwyzer, who, like Dr. Phil and the rest of the Bedbug Horde, make their living and reputations sucking off womens' self-victimization, whilst betraying their brothers (hey, "progressives" are the Nuuvoo Police, Hugo, doncha geddit bud??? You ain't a heroic knight defending the oppressed, you're a naive boy shilling for the New Inquisition)

AH opines:

On Hugo's site ...

Angry Harry ...

Well Hugo; I'm teaching them to hate feminism as best as I can.

I loathe and detest it with all my heart.

And your notions are slightly adrift about the "men's rights" part of the men's movement.

It is much bigger and much more aggressive than meets the eye. MensNewsDaily and StandYourGround are tame fluffy bunnies as far as most men's activists are concerned. Indeed, they are mostly very antagonistic towards these two sites because they see them as too soft and pandering too much to political correctness. You would not believe how big the movement is getting nor how hostile it is becoming.




And it is soon going to explode into view.

Perhaps in a year or two.

It's all over bar the fighting.

But you must not worry too much about what will happen to women. They will be just fine.

Perhaps a little more modest.

Perhaps a little less egocentric.

Perhaps a little less self-adulating.

Perhaps a little less selfish.

And, almost certainly, less powerful.

And, do you know what?

They'll love it! No. Not all of them. But **most** of them!

You know Hugo: I was a bit like you, once upon a time.


And then, as I grew older, and the romantic gooey-eyed illusions concerning women fell away, and as I began to see women as people - rather than as women - I also began to see what they were up to - collectively - and what they were getting away with.

You're about 36.

Wait till you are 53.

Best wishes


there are thousands of "Hugos" in the social science and education departments of American colleges, happily building careers and IRAs by renouncing -- in public and classroom -- their essential masculinity

(maybe we otta go back to the old way, nobuddy under fifty can teach...)

by publicising the misandry of this particular Hugo, both AH and Glenn [Sad] Sacks have, ironically, made this ball-less little twerp mini-famous

oh, well, i suppose it's inevitable . . .

if the elder men in any culture are not permitted to advise boys and young men of less, ah, salutary aspects of female temperament and behavior, and to act as governors upon the more extreme elements of female will-to-power, then one ends up with feminized "professors" like Hugo, who remain in unconscious, child-like relationship to the feminine, whether personal or collective

. . . and spread it profitably and happily -- to our great collective pain and sorrow -- to future generations

creekie old-timers like AH and moi remember that in the Fifties and Sixties, cultural expression (especially music and film) was saturated with romanticism -- particularly the romantic (very naive) view taken by males towards females

like Fred from Fred On Everything, the Angroid provides Western culture with its Taboo Element: the voice of an observant and unapologetic male -- an Elder voice, an Initiatory voice, the voice that young men, for millennia, have relied upon to separate from Mother Society and enter into the wildwoods of individuated maleness (to the benefit of ALL tribal/cultural members)

it's a voice long censored and mocked in Western cultures -- which is why America drowns under the boyish, inexperienced "counsel" and "leadership" of bogus "professors" like Hugo Schwyzer and the other Mindless Hordes of matriarchalists

the Men's Movement is an enormous, churning, rumbling sea of magma beneath the surface of Western civilization, drawing on a Source of righteous indignation generated by millions of betrayed, disenfranchised, dissed men

. . . and by the grief of broken relationships, especially between men and boys -- this bond has already ben re-forged, and will be expressed broadly soon in the culture, an atonement -- a compromise, really -- between Father and Son

there have been MANY "Men's Movements" in the past, which we now blithely refer to as fatherhood, consciousness, civilization, religion, technology, language, spirituality etc

each of these, in its time and place, was a REVOLUTION, and was typically preceded by a war between, broadly speaking, Innovators and Conservators

the Conservators, especially in the (very) old days, was represented by literal primate matriarchy, and the Innovators were what might be termed proto-fraternities

each innovation meant a re-alignment of power, and so each was violently resisted

the current Men's Movement will be no different, and the work done over the past couple decades in the Movement has all been prelude -- that's why AH says, "It's all over bar the fighting"

the overt aspect of this ur-confrontation of gender are Coming Right Up, resulting from the "spiritual warfare" that has been raging -- in one form or another -- for many millennia

THAT's what all the yakking about Endtimes and Eschatons is really about -- not some gauzy "rapture" into Star Trek Heaven, but the battle of masculine spirit against the constant backwards gravitation to the Old Days (which are -- surprise! -- back again!)

the current Men's Movement IS the Apocalypse -- yep, the Very One we've long heard about -- and you can tell Hugo Swinezherd you heard it here last


this conference is concluded

the sign-offs are sealed

and all along the innards of this rok, from volcano to volcano, all down the Ring of Fire runs news of the gathering, the congealing, tribes, and the old stones and bones shift from their rest, and commence to burble heave and rise

AH is reading his geo/logical report correctly: the Men's Movement is going to disempower women and empower men -- not self-styled, transgenerational "elite" men, but common men with uncommon characters and abilities

hear me talkin, Hugo me lad?

and this inevitable development will be resisted by the matriarchy, but will be welcomed, when the dust settles, by the vast majority of females (and males!)

36-year-old Hugo Schwyzer doesn't -- CAN'T -- understand this, because like so many males in America, of whatever chronological age, he is still a boy

who in our matriarchy, after all, would or could have initiated him into manhood?

better late than never!

someday, if he's honest and smart, Hugo will thank AH for his baptism, and the Men's Movement for the secuity of his (currently inauspicious) future -- not for making him slightly and temporarily famous, but for making him a man

last word on this subject goes to Jeffrey Powell, Jr., a poet who is "autistic"

In light of hopeless voices changes can't be avoided
I'm staying in the likeness of molten calm.
It's hot in the crater, but like stopped stone on the surfaces, I'm hoping to master my knoll of Jupiter soon.
It is like the oldest godlike firths in the deepest recesses.
Great thunder rolling after the firestorm, warning that the dragons
still wait and watch. But giving the dreamer hope that they will not find the opening as long as the stony surface remains still.

The rain has gentled as have his tears.
The extra fair lady Ann is leaving
on the seaworthy voyage and will be in Poseidon's
realm not Jupiter's. Often the myths are the same,
but it is always known the Romans and Greeks
were fortunes apart and destinies different
Fair to drink the wine of Vulcan, but can't feed
on the ambrosia. Three ways freedom
could be won and that one remains closed.
Bitterness must be held back.
It is now understood to be the weapon of the enemy.

In the path of Mars I will search outward for Aphrodite.
And hopes and dreams of the muses
will hold a tender candle for me
till the orbits carry the life of one
into the path of Greek freedom and enlightenment.
And the fires of Vulcan are quenched
with the fair Grecian urn of contentment
and saving simplicity.

Dreams are like paintings, still and yet rimmed
with color and light, expressions of the painter's passion.
Come forth Helios lover of Aurora.