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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Travis Bickle Has Entered the Building

Sweet dreams of kingdom come.

Breakout tiptoes in, thiefly. Soljurs form ranks quackeroo, watchin n waitin on morn and his wondrous command.

In Say Goodbye It's Independence Day over at Wordpress, some tri-aligned Grade AAA eggs hatched, some didn't ... robbin' dotters, no Robin-sons.

Redwinged blackbirds plummeting from Ark-and-saw skies on Eve's New Year made grisly morning-aftersville, astral abortions, needn't summon Augustus' soothsayer to sort those guts. Like eight-point-eight shakies.

Fastforward eight days, Jared (Subway) Loughner kills six people near Tucson, after reminding:

You shouldn’t be afraid of the stars. There’s a new bird on my right shoulder. The beak is two feet and lime green. The rarest bird on earth, there’s no feathers, but small grey scales all over the body. . . I want you to imaging a comet or meteoroid coming through the atmosphere. On the other hand, welcome yourself to the desert.

No Jared it ain't safe anywhere up there. Gruesome galaxies, cunning constellations, and sublunarity thick with satellites and worse, hard as concrete at max descent velocity.

American city skies teem nightly bright.

When Jesus went on Regional Tour he sent 70 advancemen ahead prepping concert sites. The 70 extended invitations to potential fans (can see) and kicked demons out (can't see).

Roadgrading the King's Highway rrrrrrrr.

Returning, they were pinktickled at newfound abilities to exorcise. Jabbering here, jabbering there.

I beheld Satan fallen as lightning Jesus replied, extending celestially their experience of destroying "serpents and scorpions."
Jesus mentions who, and what, but not when.

Andrea Dworkin

Dragon is latin draco, devouring constellation of legions vast, with all influences attendant. In Greek dragon is dra kwn, to look or see within, with terrible eyes. Something horrible gazing through a Dwor.

Daughter of Sauron and Medusa.

I beheld Satan fallen like lightning.

Barack = lightning in Hebrew, and blessing or gift in Arabic.

Ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands . . . even as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him lord

. . . [Christ was] quickened by the Spirit, by which he went and preached to the spirits in prison, which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a'preparing

(1 Peter 3)

The days of Noah is an eschatologic triggerphrase.

Standing before the same Jerusalem Temple that soon screeched for his blood -- afterwhich razed for its blinding affront -- Jesus gives his lastdays rap-up.

But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be, for as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark

(Matthew 24)

Chirpy Gabrielle (Gabby) Giffords is the cephalically wounded Arizona Congresswoman, first name feminizing an identified biblical servant -- Gabriel, annunciate of "twin" births, Baptist John and Jesus. Giffords is from Germanic Gebhardt, geb signifying gift and hardt equalling hard or hearty. Scottish Giffords derives from gaf, meaning hook, bend, or ford. Together: a crooked gift, perhaps.

Or a barbed lance for snaring seebeesties.

Gab approximates Bab. Gabby Babby.

In a comment at Newspacemanland, AF quotes Rev. 13: And I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast.

Ephesians 2:2 calls Satan prince of the power of the air. A zona.

Youngest female ever elected to the Arizona Senate, Congresswoman Giffords fluff-landed at the U.S. Capitol in 2006/2007. Her trajectory hyperspaced with Democratic-cohort Barack Obama's "election" victory, and suddenly Gabby Giffords -- young, glib, attractive, and most especially feminus correctus -- was positioned for mondo future clout . . . perhaps a 2012 or, more likely, 2016 Presidential shoo, with the New Woman Order, by then, a foregone public conclusion.

(In addition to Newspaceman, see AF's Deus Ex Kachina and Todd Campbell's Through the Looking Glass for background. A follow-up post here is also possible.)

Gabby Giffords is a "Blue Dog Democrat," resonating both binary dog-star Sirius (associated with Venus and Shinar) and the Egyptian jackal Anubis, who "opened the watergates" at both London and New York over the past few years. Biblically, the words serpent, sea serpent, and dragon are essentially interchangeable.

Congresswoman Giffords' credentials are stellar, with hubby Mark Kelly a Navy Captain and space shuttle commander/pilot. In antiquity, as today, "navy" was synonymous with national intelligence. Edward Kelly teamed with John Dee as Elizabeth the First's chief sorcerers and intelligence officers (professions that overlap). Kelly was the "contact-point" for "special intelligences."

Mark Kelly's twin brother Scott well golly sucha surprise is current Commander of the International Space Station, ISIS.

Siriusly! Ain't it a small whirld?

Air, space, control of same. Them's the plums.

From Jezebel to Herodias to Gloria Steinem to Andrea Dworkin, Jewish females served the airprince with particular competence and joy. Jezebel's husband, Ahab, was King of Israel, but his wife ruled him utterly, doggedly, therefore god despised him likewise.

Jezzie proceeded to re-install goddess-worship, blood-sacrifice, sex obsession, stupid rituals, and the oppression/murder of god's prophets throughout the land, in the best serpentine Sidonian tradition.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords belongs to Congregation Chaverim (make that chauverim lol) in Tucson, described as a "Jewish Reform" synagogue. (Late internet reports say that Jared's mother, Amy, also belonged to Congregation Chaverim. Just to keep It All in the Egg, apparently!)

Yikes. Just yikes.

Jewish Reform means what modern "christianity" means: females run it, choose or control the rabbi/pastor, wouldn't know yahweh if he landed in their matzoh flour and sang Dixie. The men abet or cow. The English "church" went one better, got theyselves a Bonafide Druid for priest . . . one Rowan ("Don't Call Me Holly!") Williams. :O)

When god wanted Judaism reformed, his prophets reformed it, with the flame of their mouths.

Let's see who's reforming Congresswoman Giffords' Congregation Chaverim in Tucson ... ah, yes ... the lumen naturae is ..... wait for it .......... Stephanie Aaron. Hee-hee! Lookit me Mom! No beard!

Rabbi Stephanie Aaron of the State of AZAZel leads the Hebrew flock to the Promised Land.

Leetle golden cows, anybody? They're on sale!

Steffie Aaron. Rabbi Steffie. :O)

Hey, god. Hey, hey! We dare you.

Aaron was Moses' kid brother, a pet of yah's, ark buddy.

Good guy, but a warmup.

The high priest passes without a word. The spines of the wise tingle, whispering in their weary marrow beloved. The earth sniffs her longed sabbat; wintered critters, suffering and huddled, hearten a little, think spring.

And he carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness, and I saw a woman sitting upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. (Rev. 17)

Jesus pneumas Patmos John to the wilderness (desert) where PJ witnessses the principality of Shinar -- not in her original, geohistorical form as Babylon, but in full endtime regalia, wealthy and powerful beyond compare, globally obeyed. Babylon resurrected in grandeur, Queen Babylon the Great.

Recall Jared Loughner's comet/meteor remark, followed by his invitation to "welcome yourself to the desert."

The 1946 Babalon or Dianic Working of Rocket Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard in the Mojave Desert literally sought to incarnate Crowley's "biblical Great Whore" or "Scarlet Woman" -- a flesh person with "wired" megaoccult attributes . . . an extraterrestrial goddess to descend the Tracing Board SkyStair, take possession of something and/or someone, and lead the NWO into the cosmos with the New Dea-ley.

One year before that Working, the Trinity Test separated primordial matter, divorcing male and female atomic constituents. Talk about Social Conditioning.

A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent. For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. (1 Timothy 2)

When women judge men, whether from pulpit, temple, legislative chamber, court bench, or Oprah's stage, evil gets the national Green(ing) Light. Not even men are allowed to judge men.

Stern-faced, ditzy homemakers in black robes, and NFL-rejects at the local Profitprison and County Jail, yelp whoo-hoo Overtime Rates! . . . new deck around the pool. Italian slate kitchentop. Daughter needs braces.

The most powerful political organization in Kalifornia over the past three decades?

The Prison Guards Union. Number Two isn't even close.

Changin' just a few things
shootin' when the bird sings
Don't you wanna don't you wanna rain dance with me?

(B. Cummings)

Put elseways: America's full of caged boys and men that don't belong there. God doesn't appreciate predation upon his sons, particularly at falsehood or whim of woman.

Police Fear a War on Cops: At Least 11 Shot in 24 Hours

Forty floodly years ago, little dynamo prayed for cop safety, though the system was far from perfect.


American police -- like politicians, professors, judges, corporations, media, military -- all Serve and Protect woman, their Great Goddess, their Money Ma Sheen. Therefore at present and in future, until further notice, the police can petition their Benefactress to divert the bullets.

You are on your own.

Arizona's jails are so perennially sardined, the vampires er authorities build large "tent cities" to catch the honey overflow.

Phoenix in Chains

[caption, photo credit: Aferrismoon]

Along with Gabrielle Giffords, also pointed were two particular Tucson Safeway deaths, illustrating again that no Homeland is ever Secure, and no Way ever Safe, without god.

In America, Safeway is a large corporate grocery store -- Cerelean cornucopia married to capital. Tucson is two-son (brothers or twins, e.g. Kelly supra) pronounced two-sawn, suggesting the twinny Royal Axe Degree of Scottish Rite Masonry (Sons of the Serpent Tribe) which commemorates Sidonian involvement in Hebrew spiritual history.

The Old Battle-Axe

Professor Mary Daly

1) Federal District Court Judge John Roll:

Confirmed by the Senate on November 22, 1991 -- anniversary of JFK kingkill in Pallas Dallas. Federal judges receive authority to rule over others (overwhelmingly, boys and men) directly from the District of Columbia. In many U.S. courthouses today, especially in smaller jurisdictions, all the court personnel, including the "judge," are female. Except for the muscle, of course.

It's not a receding trend.

Law Enforcement is recession-proof . . . long as the enforced are the right gender. It's the Shovel-Ready Program for American men. We dig our own graves, get in, and the next guy is sold the shovel.

2) Christina Taylor Green:

Featured in the book Faces of Hope: Babies Born on 9/11, Christina Taylor Green came from a baseball family, only girl on her Little League team. Her paternal grandfather is Dallas Green, a name as semiotically loaded as grand-daughter. He managed the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball, and Christina's brother is also named Dallas . . . so as with Judge Roll and his November 22 confirmation date, Christina Green links to the grain-goddess sacrificial site of JFK's kingkill . . . Dallas, NWO womb, mothership a'hover above Love Field, where Claudia Alta Taylor Johnson presided as modor excelsis.

"Lady Bird" Johnson, from Karnack, Texas . . . circling back to New Year's Eve blackbird die-off.

Christina's father, John, scouts talent for the Los(t) Angel-Is Dodgers in Kalifornia Sur. In Revelation, Jesus via Patmos John scorches every church/angel except (codename) Philadelphia -- faithful.

Christina Green, just elected to Student Council at Mesa Verde Elementary School, longed to enter politics. Mesa = table in espanol; en ingles a flat section of land with steep sides, smaller than a plateau. Typical desert toponomy. So . . . ritual surface, likely, as with Jared Loughner's minishrine. Verde = green, so more Osiris, resurrection, and "Greening of Israel" connotations. (See J.S. Downard.)

Nine-year-old Christina Taylor Green, from a very wealthy and power-connected family, described as strong-willed, a junior-politico jumpstarting her career, apparently insisted on meeting Congresswoman Giffords outside the very unsafe Safeway.

Among anagrams for the 9/11 child,"Christina Green," are: A Rechristening, Era Christening, Crashing Entire, Creating Shrine, Reacting Shrine, Chanting Rerise, and Career Thing Sin.

The World Trade Towers, twin babylons, symbolized America's mercantile and matriarchal global dominion, built upon the agony of others. Career Thing Sin.

Career Thing Sin caught Christina Taylor Green soon and Gabby Giffords later, like Patmos John's scroll unrolled John Roll's sentence.

A flying scroll for Shinar.

Scattered about, usually hidden even from themselves, are what the bible calls "holy people," an endtimes population of indeterminate size. Whole or complete, not perfect. All shapes, sizes, ages, and stations of life.

Babylon has already caged and broken some. With all the Appropriate Documents signed, to be sure.

As an inheritance, Elisha -- protegee or spiritual son of Elijah -- asked for a double-portion of Elijah's spirit. God ok'd it, then Elijah went skywalking.

Elisha picked up Elijah's cloak, smacked the Jordan River, and barked, "Where's Elijah's God now!" The river split. Only the world's ideopolitical "systems" or artifices are ruled by the airprince.

When the Hebrew "sons of the prophets" saw Elisha, they bowed, respecting the one true god as manifested, however infintesimally, in Elijah.

So of course Elisha immediately went Testdriving, healing a barren and poisoned well in Jericho, again demonstrating authority, from god, over the natural world. On his way to Bethel:

. . . some small boys came out of the city and jeered at him, saying, "Go up, you baldhead! Go up, you baldhead!" And he turned around, and when he saw them, he cursed them in the name of the LORD. And two she-bears came out of the woods and tore forty-two of the boys. (2 Kings 2)

God protects his servants with ferocity. The nations and their princes hate that.

Wanting usual ways.

Where previously the "Sons of the Prophets" (of righteousness) recognized and honored Elisha, in 2 Kings the mockers, although young, get mauled.

Not very democratic, eh? Not respectful of the mother-child hegemony, was it? Not tolerant even of wiseass speech.

Elisha was well-known, but to repeat, the protected people are scattered anonymously. Trouble them at your OWN risk, Oprah inclusive.

Below we mention Willow Palin. Thus the instant application of 2 Kings infers the political "she-bear" Mama Grizzly, Sarah Palin. Like Gabrielle Giffords and Christina Green, Sarah's a product of western matriarchy. The Three Ma/son/ic Tenets:

1) liberty ... sounds great, pans out as code for Libertas, the Cerelean mother-goddess

2) equality ... sounds great, pans out as iniquity, bondage, fraud, domination by the mediocre, subjugation under women, and blood sacrifice

3) fraternity ... sounds great, pans out as serpent societies scratchin' each others' fat scaly backs, not Jesus' brotherhood

We've identified Zodiac previously as a cerelean boar or "satellite of the goddess" in Erich Neumann-speak.

Now-infamous is the SARAHPAC Republican campaign that "targetted" Giffords as an Air-a-Zona Democratic incumbent. The gunsights match both Zodiac's ensign and the signature of Barack Obama -- previously identified onomatologically as blessing vs. Gabrielle Giffords' gift.

The almost-completed gunsight in the Obie sig suggests, perhaps, a role not yet fully realized, by himself or one related.

Zodie departed the public (tho not private) TessBoard in 1978 by bluntly stating:

I am now in control of all things.

Pretty confident ain't he?

But take a look around.

In July 2009, Your Ad Here* covered the Willow Palin Incident, in which Demeter again raged demonstratively over Kore. (Concurrently, the Willow, Alaska, earthquake.)

Both "Your Ad Here*" and All Along the Red Line, trace Zodiac's nature as a leviathan-esque water-demon, whose ritual slayings feature and utilize that most feminine of elements.

Zodie's first solvic couples-killing was just off Lake Herman Road between Benicia and Vallejo, in Kalifornia, near both the lake and local water-pumping station . . . transfusing le serpent rouge to Rudy Hermann Guede, slayer and self-realized vampire, whose name contains not only the loaded Guede (voudoun's "first family" of vampirism) but Hermann, linking both alkhemical conuinctio (her + man, female + male coagula) and primacy of "Her."

More Ma-sonic "progressiveness."

Jared Loughner's altar is partially voudoun, including skull, burnt oranges, and colorful bric-a-brac. V typical, if downsized.

Loughner's surname roots in lough, probably from lacher, meaning Germanic healer, associated with residence near water, lache meaning lake, bay, or inlet, Scottish loch. . . like Loch Ness' shores, where both Led Zep and Crowley inhabited Boleskine. Zodie's Lake Herman killsite is only a couple miles from the Carquinez Straits, a major Pacific Ocean inlet, leading to Mare Island.

Jared is biblically derived, the Hebrew translating either YRD ("he who descended") and/or RDH ("he who shall rule"). In apocryphal Enoch, Mahalaleel names his son Jared to commemorate the descent of the "angels of the Lord" to Earth during Mahalaleel's lifetime . . . the event precipitating, necessitating, the Flood.

Antediluvial Mahalaleel and Jared constitute the YRD fallen/descent aspect of this ancient trajectory.

RDH, he who shall rule, instead is future-tensed. Iron ore. After the gold rush.

Switch all receiver circuits to CRM discriminators

-- Major T.J. "King" Kong, Dr. Strangelove

Like the "Enochian" shoulderbirds, Jared Loughner is a fallen healer, both YRD and RDH. Paradox. Dopplebot. Dr. Strangelove.

Jah-red is Jah in wrath. Fire on the Mountain.

"Go up, you baldhead!"

Huh? You talkin' to me?

As with George Sodini and others, you could say that, for a while, Jared just wasn't himself.

If Jared Loughner was busy healing -- a la Travis Bickle, from a profane/fallen station of common taxidrivers -- then what was the disease?

On January 21, Gabrielle Giffords flew to TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital in Texas, to begin rehab of her headwound.