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Saturday, April 23, 2011

More to the Picture I

Under an Aferris Moon and in Da Black Whole we've decoded a series of photos and stills that capture beestbelly zeitgeist.

Favorites include the Dallas Tripgoddess installment in LBJ that kicked off JFK and the NWO DeaLey Age.

Mom Ent of Imp Pact

Triangulation is for finding and/or fixing, a common geometric set of practical "solomonic" (goetic, kabbalic) magick, often attempted to bind or constrain demonic NRG. As with Zodie in his High Executioner Drag at Lake Berryessa, or the polka-dotted Love Field Trinity, costuming in such rites is standard. Triangulation shares prefix with likeminded trinity, transportation and tracing board. These are Cerelean/Demetrian agricultural rites.

Drawn into manifestation by occult preparations, and by "royal" blood, two female triangles cohere near impact, the Red and Black Trenchcoat Queans, with a superior (either sublunar or celestial) vertex above, puprlish, and a terrestrial vertex below: Jackie O, whose head and pink hat alloy the red and black, nestling almost geometrically 'tween.

In this case, because the king is already considered dead, the triangulation is for finding. Another one.

New Boss = Old Boss as Daley Center in Chicago/New Babylon rises all phoenixy from the blood-ashes of Dallas' Dealey Plaza, home of the Trinity River and Triple Bypass.

Following the Giffords' shooting, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley called for wait for it now . . . . . . Common Sense Gun Laws.

Ona Common Sense laws, to be shore, eh, Dick?

Mayor Dick recently passed the was sceptre to pal Rahm (De Bomb) Emanuel, Chief Arachnid to Mr. and Mrs. Pharaoh and the Chicago-Columbia Ma Sheen.

Like rose-futured JFK happily sailing down the Triple Underpass of Dealey Plaza, loving wife secure at side, head-shot Gabrielle Giffords, twinning headwounded William of Wales, is a gamepiece in a grand soulstruggle.

Head-wound survivors, especially during transitional/unconscious states, are especially susceptible to possession, influence, or extreme alteration of personality or character.

Last pungi post we scanned the Tucson Festival of Books photo, starring Jared Loughner and Jackie Storrer, connecting it to:

1) Loughner's literacy and grammar warnings -- those holding others to the Goddess Law Letter (dea ley) will suffer the Letter

2) Giffords as member of the U.S. House of Representatives' Literacy Caucus, and winner of the 2003 Arizona Family Literacy's Outstanding Legislator award

3) the Texas Schoolbook Depository overlooking Dealey Plaza that figured prominently in the JFK hit, supposed sniper bird's-nest of Lee Harvey Oswald, a Super Scapegoat forerunning Jared Loughner . . . continuing that fine traditon of JustSis Sistems as the TSD morphs into today's Dallas County Administration Building, where more citizens may be Administered-to; and

4) Michaelangelo's Last Judgment with flying-scroll brandishers, recalling both the scroll and ephah from Zechariah 5, and the two books of Revelation

Another Schoolbook Literacy Lesson: Gabby-in-Chains at a Grammar school modeling the Fashion of the New Order. (The Little Males were sent to recess. OK! You can come back in now, boys! We've all got our Uniforms on!)

The large crimson beads re-inforce the ubiquitous red-and-black color scheme. Part of the calendar in excised, with April reading Apri, suggesting anagram "pair" and also apres, meaning after. These interps are bolstered by the twinned 1000. The ther-mom-eter is rising, the telephone is ringing offa the hook.

Millennial signs everywhere, but Gabby's back is to it. Facing her audience she smiles nervously. Fiddles with her hands. Nervously.

Scroo-tin-ized here and at AF's, Giffords' iconic Arizona (Ona) Common Sense photo duplicates design motifs of the Last Supper and Last Judgment, either way = ov uh.

The still re-stages the stellar backdrop, dea-ley lectern, and Descending Goddess from the First Degree Tracing Board, intensifying the mnemonic, sympathetic magick.

Fairly drooling for Earth Kontrol, the Great Goddess hikes up her gown and sprints towards the lectern and its familiar id-serpent seal. You Go Grrrl!!

By close of the Sixties, America and the Anglosphere already had undergone a Romantic and Archaic revival that dwarfed the troubs, cathars, and Renaissance combined.

The soror-images present paired Rising Suns, probably analoging the "Twin Templar" mounted inconography. Soon after the Ona Common Sense sun rose in AZ, Gabby Giffords was shot while a third rising sun, drakonduo Japan, got all shook up. A to Z, alphabetic alpha-omega.

Of the Ona Common Sense still, AF writes:

The guy, behind and to the left, has his black hair parted towards GG; the young blonde girl on the right has hers also parted towards GG, creating B + W. Male + female. Left + right symmetries. Just in front of them are a white-haired and black-haired woman respectively. It's a human chessboard.

The First Degree Tracing checkerboard = Earth, the stellar object = "outer" space, and the stairway and figures, especially the lower three entities (Zechariah's Shinar plus twin storkwinged transporters) = mid-air, i.e., Earth atmospheres out, to furthest lunar elliptic.

Similarly, the Ona Common Sense tableaux displays the three atmospheres or spheres of influence/habitation. Seated on Earth/floor are two acolytes or worshippers, their blue and burnt-orange shirts exactly matching the terrestrial (lower) aspects of the AZ flag.

The upper AZ flag -- Copper Star and rays -- like the just-visible stars of the US flag, represents the heavens, or possibly a specific stellar event such as supernova. In between the seated acolytes and the AZ heavens, a la the Last Judgment, are the players -- partly mid-air, partly Earth. (See previous posts for graphics.)

The Last Judgment and Last Supper schema is inverted. Christ is ejected from the Center of the World, from power of speech and authority. Instead, at the lectern of communication and power, we find . . . well, Gabby Giffords. And very many others to come like her.

So . . . not a trade some are willing to make.

Behind Gabrielle is her celestial muscle, the Kopper King (manifesting partially in husband Mark Kelly, space-shutte commander) as US ruling the outer heavens.

Jesus out, Gabby Giffords in, imagine god's surprise. Seems like a fair trade, some housewife-playing-leader, for God's own son . . . who made this pathetic rebellious little universe.

Why not Kathy Lee Giffords, after all? Shouldn't she command God's people, too? Isn't she being sorta slighted? Or Wise Latina Sotomayor, she claims she's pretty smart . . . she only gets to be a Supreme Court Justice. That's not right, is it?


Arizona is the "Copper State". Copper (Kypros) is symbolically as well as etymologically associated with Cyprus (Kypros) and cyprian. The word "cyprian" indicates a 'wanton woman' and this meaning is traced through the word Kypris to Aphrodite Porne, Venus, Al-Uzzah. The "Great Whore" of mythology and those women who fulfill this role in magic sexualis are called "Copper Queans" or "Copper Queens".

Ona = She in Czech, so the Ona Common Sense banner is a type of flying scroll, arrows pointing in quite opposite directions. As in Michaelangelo's painting, an unseen war is underway. Adults to Gabrielle's left are neo-goddess worhippers. To her right, as discussed on AF's blog, we see dissent.

The Tin Man, having already fed the beest, is young, military-ish, wearing powder blue (celestial) and white (purified, like biblical Ancient of Days or the white-garmented). Presaging Jared's shoulder-bird, over the Tin Man's heart is a bird. Just below the bird is the word HOLLISTER, prophetic of the Japan quake, as Hollister in Kali-fornia is the "Earthquake Capital of the World."

Also suggested is holly, druidic sacrificial plant nonpariel, see James Frazer, Diana Nemorensis etc., and Christ as a holler-er.


Jesus has been removed from the cross and the three nails have transformed into the 3 metal limbs, the wheelchair carries him from the place of the cross, Golgotha. His ascencion usurped by The Virgin or childless congresswoman-cum-androgyne politician. The Copper star provides the metal of Venus often connected with 'morningstar' Lucifer, the Lightbringer.

Little Lulu.

always in and out of trouble
but mostly always in

Gabrielle is a Red-Dog Democrat, with strong Republican, or Conservative, leanings . . . a "crossover" politician.

Given this preamble, in post a'follow l.d. will grab the Ona Common Sense photo by its throat, praps it'll cough up a little more grok. We just bet it will.


  • "Head-wound survivors, especially during transitional/unconscious states, are especially susceptible to possession, influence, or extreme alteration of personality or character."

    GG still has a piece of skull not attached to her head, the brain needs to swell.


    "Surgery is scheduled in May to repair a section of her skull with a cranial implant. Surgeons in Tucson tried to preserve the portion they removed but it is now infected."

    Jackie carried some of JFKs skull around with her for hours and apparently that was the object of her affection as she clambered over him to the boot of the car.

    Ic[r]onic photos of our time - great idea, 'cept with the lack of spurious dialogue the media tacks on.

    The photos that lied about history , undone.

    Lyndon Baphomet Johnson, one hand up the other down.

    LBJ , LBJ, and JLB [ Jackie Lee Bouvier].

    Oh! ReVoir

    By Blogger aferrismoon, At 8:29 AM  

  • Surpise!



    By Blogger aferrismoon, At 11:12 AM  

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