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Friday, April 29, 2011

Liberty Road Ground Zero

Liberty Road, Virginia

At a local store l.d. encountered female employees decked in the pastel chiffons and broad, flowing hats of bridesmaid-wear . . . in honor, as he overheard, of today's Royal Wedding.

A global event, apparently.

Herd critturs. Dash of Sol, pinch of Luna. Or paraphrasing masked and anonymous:

"Cows can digest grass, but men can't. And neither can l.d."

As the Western Media gleefully trumpeted, Princess Ka-hathor Middleton most certainly will not obey Whatever Dilbert she's marrying, nor even utter such execreble and heretical words.

Popular portent of the neutered NWO.

Wives, be in subjection to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.

(Colossians 3)

In the West, husbands are in subjection to their wives, and males obey females. Or else.

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.

(Isaiah 3)

One woman, Shirleen Howard, was killed and found lying on Liberty Road in the Nathalie area of the county. Several others were injured.

Liberty Road in the State of the Virgin Goddess has two lanes, seemingly going opposite directions . . . but is, nevertheless, a one-way street.

Not many folks know. Ain't it a funny old whirld?

However, most houses are not designed to fly. It can be arranged, but sometimes landings are a bitch.

As April expired and the May Queen approached the "altar" with the Dragon Prince -- bindings courtesy Archbishop Druid Rowan -- tornadoes levelled Libertas.

Halifax Co., VA - There are no rules for how to respond to a tragedy. For so many in the Nathalie area, their lives are now completely different than they were just a day ago. On Liberty Road, the worst hit, a lot of this is still sinking in. . . . [H]undreds of cars idle down Liberty Road to see the 8.5 miles of destruction - the tornado's ground zero.

"Look, look everybody's got their cell phones, cameras snapping. So I guess it's just a tour, a sight," said Monique Howard.

The street has become sacred ground for her family since her aunt, Shirleen Howard, was killed when winds up to 125 miles per hour picked up her mobile home and tossed it 50 yards away. [emphases added]

"Tornadoes snake through East Texas town of Mabank"

Widespread roof damage was reported after a series of tornadoes struck the East Texas town of Mabank (MAY'-bank).

Boy. Howd. E.

The sights one sees from the heights of Peckerwood Hill.

Pay no attention to the pronunciation behind the curtain: it appears Ma's Bank (quaintly called "Texas") is open after all! Roof's done blowed clean off. No need to leave the front door unlocked.

We'll just help ourselves.


  • Perhaps u noticed the Verger who, after most of the guests left the Wedding, cartwheeled along the red carpet. Possibly a wee pagan dance or memorial to those 'wheels' they used to tie people to, leaving them to rot.

    Anyhow name of verger : Ben Sheward

    Mabank also gives MAB ANK , queen of the fairies and the ankh so loved by the Urgypteens.

    Hey, what about this weekends deaths , finally again Osa-Ma
    [ osa = axis, in Cz, Ma - I think u met ] + Gaddafi's son and grand-daughter.

    Oba = both in Cz

    Thus Axis-Ma and Both-Ma which seems to tie in with the 2-way Liberty Rd, going in one direction

    Along with the whoops and cheers were the ominous they'll want revenge: Joy and Fear downloaded simultaneously .

    They buried Osama in the sea, within a day out of respect to Islam :0


    By Blogger aferrismoon, At 4:18 AM  

  • "Perhaps u noticed the Verger who, after most of the guests left the Wedding, cartwheeled along the red carpet."

    have no teevee and if i did i wouldnt have watched

    weddings, esp royal ones, exist for the purposes and entertainment of females, vanities and pomps, disguised death-rites, thats what turns the little devils on so much

    wanna be a princess? start acting like one baby, obedience to begin

    "Hey, what about this weekends deaths"

    exactly: "royal" wedding = 3 ded

    lol but not too loud

    speaking of u met, i lean toward "O Saw Ma, bin [been] laden" [burdened]

    but genrally i just called him bin Badboy, he never objected ;O)

    thanks for the note, i'll check in at yr shop soon for English Breakfast, we can discuss the weather


    By Blogger ray, At 1:40 AM  

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