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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lions and Wyverns and Wurms Oh My!

Amanda Donohoe as Lady Sylvia Marsh in The Lair of the White Worm

In closely related news,

Army Castrates Heraldic Lion

Published: 13 Dec 07 12:34

Protests from female soldiers have led to the Swedish military removing the penis of a heraldic lion depicted on the Nordic Battlegroup's coat of arms.

Thanks ever so much for the centuries of dying, boys. Now we'll just bobbit off that pesky smidge of remaining manhood.

Females rule the jungle, haven't you heard? These boots are gonna walk all over you.

You're welcome, girls. Perhaps, as with circumcision victims, you can use the glans in your skin cream, a product far more expensive than you imagine. Not that you care. They're only males.

Writhing, bound, agonized little boys for your Beauty Treatments. Of course, that's not predation. Little boys can't complain; their cultures see to that. No Homeland Security or Interpol or Eff Bee Eye hunting the Skin Cream Consumers, hmm? It's all good business, indeed.

Good profitable predation. Seems liberty-lover J. Edgar had plans for mass arrests of Americans he and his goonettes deemed unpatriotic.

Didn't end up needing it, tho. The fake "revolution" of the Sixties, especially the triumph of feminism throughout the West, effectively crushed working-class males by the tens -of-millions over the next four decades. The Right began its carefully crafted War on Drugs (War on Lower-Class Males) and the Left screeched for feminism and its endless anti-male customs, edicts, laws, and punishments.

With females first-class citizens and males something considerably less, our transgenerational, self-defined "elites" easily consolidated power. Who's gonna challenge them? Privileged females, busy buying crapola? Wall Street denizens?

Defunct or corrupted unions, families shattered, daddy dumped, the churches and workplaces emasculated, dis-spirited. Ah yes, the Unprotected Class.

Poor men, en masse, became homeless men. Middle class men became poor men. But girls and women became Empowered, and that's all that matters. Just in case any uppity males slipped their conditioning, tho, the Effing Bee Eye's Biometrics Database has got ya covered, pardner.

The whole East Coast is mob-mecca. Hmm . . . dangerous. Political dissidents, however, can't usually fight back.

Yeah. Real brave.

Someone wrote recently that Criminal Justice degrees (masons use degrees also) skyrocketed over the past two decades, along with hordes of lawyers, natch. Multitudes of female graduates demanding jobs in our always-expanding, steadily profitable, recession-proof Corrections Industries.

Will these virtuous, voracious masses of female cops, prosecutors, judges, prison guards etc. be seeking fellow females to hunt down and, er, correct?

[Yup, that was the Queen of Rhetorical Questions.]

Ms. America is deeply unsatisfied that she already cages one-quarter of the planet's "criminals." She likewise is unsated by the nation's gross (and, not that it matters, unconstitutional) practice of investigating, arresting, trying, convicting, sentencing, and caging (or executing) males at far higher rates than females. Equal Protection Clause, you say?

Might as well be Santa Claus. Anyway, he's just another Evil Male. Fortunately, the FBI has him Biometrically Filed. Ha ha ha.

Yet another example of blind goddess justice popped up while composing this post. Whatta coincidence.

Texas man freed after 26 years in prison

By JEFF CARLTON, Associated Press Writer Thu Jan 3, 6:25 PM ET

DALLAS - Three times during his nearly 27 years in prison, Charles Chatman went before a parole board and refused to admit he was a rapist. His steadfastness was vindicated Thursday, when a judge released him because of new DNA evidence showing he indeed wasn't. The release of Chatman, 47, added to Dallas County's nationally unmatched number of wrongfully convicted inmates.

"Every time I'd go to parole, they'd want a description of the crime or my version of the crime," Chatman said. "I don't have a version of the crime. I never committed the crime."

Fucking males. Always got an excuse.

Yeah, I've seen the supercilious little pricks on teevee, usually with a hideous female Parole Board Chair: "Well, Mr. Chatman, we can't rehabilitate you until you confess to your crime. You must take responsibility, Mr. Chatman. Rape is an especially heinous crime, a crime that your victim hasn't forgotten, and you have 88 years remaining on your sentence. Hopefully that will give you time to think about what you have done to your victim. It's the victims of society we're concerned with here, Mr. Chatman. You're a Perpetrator. We're only trying to help you. Parole denied."

Then they're off to the suburbs in their new Volvos, ho ho ho, full of smarm and self-righteousness, to gnash their Prime Cuts before another bigscreen Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit episode.

"It is time we stop kidding ourselves in believing that what happened in Dallas is somehow unique," said Jeff Blackburn, the founder of the Innocence Project of Texas. "What happened in Dallas is common. This is Texas."

This is matriarchy, Jeff. Until you grok that, nothing really changes.

Texas is a long-time Gynogoon, strutting through the past century like a genocidal step-uncle, holding the nation hostage to oil and terrorizing the male citizenry.

Greasy little fucks. Heads so fat they need ten-gallon hats.

It's no coincidence that the current White House traitors, including but not limited to Bushies, are powerful players in Texas and members of occult fraternities that worship and serve the "Great Goddess." What's life really like under the Goddess and her punks? Re-read Chatman's story. Multiply legion.

Hail Tex-ass! Courageous and chivalrous sodomite! Champion of the privileged and the powerful, can of Lone Star in one hand, fistful of Ben Franklins in the other, gold ring through your porcine septum.

(Appropriately, key "revolutionary" Franklin was a mondo Jacobite/Grand Orient Mason.)

Nor was Chatman's experience primarily driven by race, despite his statement. A few years ago in Kali-fornia a couple middle-school girls, late for class, claimed they were molested by a "homeless man." The cops grabbed the nearest homeless schmuck (not black) and that was that.

Schmuck would still be in a cage today -- tortured, raped and mocked by fellow inmates, to the delight of Americans -- had the girls not recanted and confessed their game (not only weren't they punished, the local D.A., a woman, called them the victims of their own excuse-hoax. Yup. On live radio. Proud of herself, too, and quite sure she'd not be challenged.)

No doubt the Parole Board would be badgering and mocking and hounding Schmuck today to "confess" his horrible crime, had the girls stuck to their story.

Kafka. So passe. So understated.

Boys and men will continue to be demonized and criminalized sufficient to keep The MAchine happily humming along at Full Gulag Employment.

Hey, ho, way to go Ohio.

“I’m not saying there won’t ever be a woman in La Crosse County who’s dangerous and needs to be locked up for the safety of the community,” said [County Supervisor Keith] Belzer. “I will say that would be the rare exception rather than the rule.” Belzer said women are almost always in the system “because of some kind of relationship with a man.”

See? It's easy, it's fun, it's very profitable, and it's ever so empowering. In Femamerica, it's impossible for a man, even a putative one like Ball-less Belzer, to grovel before and pander to women sufficiently.

True, sellout males hold most official positions, but they serve women, unquestioningly. They thereby squash male competition, award themselves Alpha status, make oodles of money, and please the ladies endlessly.

So who really has the power? The "patriarchy"? Men? Get real.

One gender is Served and Protected, the other is meat on the table -- unless, of course, you "Join with Sauron. It would be wise, my old friend." (Saruman to Olorin, LOTR.)

When men break Woman's Law, it's men's fault. When women break Woman's Law, it's men's fault. Welcome back to the Old World Order.

Don't wanna be Ms. Babylon's Mystery Meat? No problem. Just keep your head down and mouth shut. It's Somebody Else's worry, anyway. Hey, how's my 401-K doing?

A headless chicken's stalking through the backyard
with a talkin' cockatoo
Three Sisters got their Eye on you
And thing's ain't always what they seem
Every day here's friday the thirteen

(Friday the Thirteenth, words and music by the artist formerly known as 'Bato')

MANCHESTER, N.H. - Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday made her closing argument to female voters in a message that could be reduced to three words.

You. Go. Girl.

. . .

With daughter Chelsea and mother Dorothy Rodham in tow, Clinton's four-event schedule highlighted what could be a history-making nomination.

Chelsea Clinton Greenwich, as our last post discussed . . . with Mammy and Crone attached to the aging sea-Nymph.

Watch the claws mind the poison stinger and whoooee lookout them monkeys bite. (Apologies to Hopper and Apocalyse Now.)

Scorpion Goddess, Mayan Codex

Ben Fairhall's taken up the Greenwich thread again, cogitating the torching of the Cutty Sark and Dover's Triple-Goddess "biohazard symbol" that also appeared in post-apocalypse Manhattan in the recently released film I Am Legend.

Fairhall rightly connects this lunar symbol with the NWO Re-arisen Goddess Scheme and with collective human regression to hindbrain dominance (expressed ideo-politically as totalitarian matriarchy):

'Synchro-mystically', this fact yields poetic confirmation that the 'real' virus is no mere germ, but a state of being equally contagious and potentially much more deadly: the 'reptilian (or predator) consciousness.'

These critters, moreover, exhibit a distinctly draconian taste for the claret. Indeed, according to the uber-geek who sold me my ticket, I Am Legend should be classified not a zombie flick at all, but a vampire one; and the correspondences between the Victorian 'myths' of Dracula, and contemporary sightings of aliens, are so numerous as to lead to the inescapable conclusion that they are different renditions of the same phenomenon.

"Mebbe" to the UFOs, but an absolute "Yes" to the conclusions of mind- control and vampiric sorcery based upon the pathological enjoyment of trauma (to others!) and unquenchable thirst for blood.

Ken Russell's 1988 The Lair of the White Worm, dismissed by many as mere kitsch and camp, and based on the 1911 "novel" by Bram Stoker, superbly connects the threads of reptilian/predatory mentalities, vampirism, the empowered modern woman, malevolent empire (here, the P.K. Dick-esque Roman Empire), ritual human sacrifice, and sexuality, especially oral sex, a semi-cannibalistic act. The "gnostic cross" also figures prominently.

The film's askew camp veneer disarms the viewer admirably, and steers away dilettantes. Wikipedia's summary is very helpful, though truncated.

Lady Sylvia Marsh embodies the human, "surfaced" dimension of the White Worm. Englishwoman Amanda Donohoe's portrayal of Lady Marsh -- especially the moment where, fanged, she spews green slime across a crucifix -- is chillingly convincing. Convinced me, on first viewing.

No acting required.

One of the hardest things to understand and accept about human beings is that many of them are mentally ill, in a malevolent way. Precisely as Russell's film illustrates, Woman (collectively) colludes with Satan, or for secularists, with evil earthly powers and institutions. Her reward is preferential status over males (excluding elites, of course!)

Read Genesis. It don't lie.

Western men, in particular, cannot accept this in regard to many Western women. It means, by extension, that Collective Mama has a scary aspect, and that's simply too traumatic to men's minds and wallets. Rather than face uncomfortably facts, they'd rather exponent the crucifixion a thousandfold, endlessly. For Somebody Else, to be sure.

Wikipedia's brief Donohoe bio reports:

In February 1991 she took part in the first lesbian kiss on American television . . . Donohoe is a feminist, a socialist and an atheist.

[Gee . . . we are sooo stunned. As usual.]

Donohoe admits to having experimented with drugs but never became addicted. She dated Adam Ant in the early 1980s and punched an obsessed fan who threatened Ant with a knife and she lived with film maker Nick Broomfield for three years. She has been open about being bisexual telling Diva magazine "My first sexual experiences were with women and if a woman comes into my life who is absolutely stunning and satisfies me emotionally, intellectually and sexually I'm not going to draw the line and say 'I can't because you're a woman'". She has been romantically linked to Sandra Bernhard and Jim Carrey.

Finally, and not trivially, Donohoe's father worked for the British Foreign Office.

A. Hem.

Not only did the Empire never end, but as Ken Russell hints, this "White Worm" far, far predates Rome. Though Rome did a fine job serving her.

Appropriately, the film is subtitled The Garden of Evil.

Yo! for Ken and His Bad Old Self. Ain't you the sly nightflyer?!

And yes, me droogs, it's a long post, I know you're tired. Wanna play "Who's Tired-er" with little dynamo?

One day L.D. will tellya his Three Sisters "story."

For now, here's Wikipedia triple-triple on Les Neuf Soeurs, the Grand Orient masonic lodge in late-eighteenth-century France that organized home support for the American Revolution -- and shoehorned women's suffrage into the French Assembly alongside abolitionism (a tactic copied in 1848 by Lucretia Coffin and Elizabeth Stanton at the Seneca Falls Convention.)

Feminism, far from being a recent spontaneous uprising against "male oppression," is in fact an extremely ancient form OF oppression AGAINST males and masculinity itself, carefully shephered and plotted down the millennia, especially in machinations of the past three centuries. Establishment of the global Gynogulag WAS and IS the reason for the American "revolution."

Doesn't have to stay that way, of course. America can still choose otherwise. Don't look like she's gonna, tho.

Hilary Clinton is famous, of course, for her "It Takes a Village" neo-matriarchal rhetoric. Stupidly, L.D. never connected her "village" reference to its obvious correlate (see previous post, "A Chelsea Morning") . . . Greenwich Village -- and nearby Columbia (as in Goddess) University.

The Village, as its known, turns out to have been Ground Zero for much of the pseudo-revolution of the Sixties, particularly in artistic and political-activism contexts.

That's up next. God willing.


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