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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Groundbreaking: Wah Ha Call

Wah! Wah! Call, Mexico

(Dig how they're all looking up -- sanely -- to see what's about to fall on them.  Except for the WahWah-chica, who's more concerned with telling everybody about it, and how she feels.)


Medea's mouthpieces breathlessly gushed that Malia Obama Is Safe! (Blessed Be the Goddess) after the 7.4 rumble in Oaxaca (wah-ha-cah) Mexico today.

Safe Safe Safe oh so Homeland Secure and Safe!  The galaxy chances a drawn breath.

Mal, who is thirteen, was on "Spring Break," gal-avanting around Oaxaca with twelve schoolmates. Thirteen is the biblical number of rebellion.

Few reports were issued by Medea concerning the Homeland Security of the Oaxacans.

They have a weird name, what kind of shit is that? . . . it's pretty far away . . .  they sure aren't celebrity girls.

So screw it.  No Medea value.  They're like film extras or males.  We can always get more.

Oh btw the Vacationers were escorted by 25 Security Officers, ferociously guarding our Precious Princess and Her pre-Retinue.  Let's see, 25 times $400 dollars/day (plus air fare and expenses including per diem) times 15 = no vacations for little dynamo sigh.

Giant Tesses Gal Avante

None of Medea's outlets wondered why -- in the midst of the nation's longest uh economic downturn -- thirteen schookids are Spring Breaking around Mexico on the public dime, to satisfy the petty social status and vanity of the Big Boss' daughter.

Another easily manipulated, weak father, to front the matriarchy.

Truly, the Oaxacan Walkabout is an apt comment on America.  And an apt response by the Lord.

Vacation Time is ovuh!

Better men than Barry Soetoro will ever be rot in America's streets, while Big Chief Deepockets scores points chaufferring the dotter's buddies around cool foreign lands.

Obviously, the domestic tranquility of Michelle's household trumps the Nation's needs.

This page tracks Medea behind-scenes, manipulating and employing damage control, as stories on the Empress Excursion are expunged from the Web.

The Oaxaca Whopper struck at 16.662 degrees of latitude.  Huh.  Now what might God vaguely be hinting here?. . . hm.

Just six minutes prior to the Mexico hatdance, a 6.2 rocker popped Papua (Papa-U) Indonesia.

So what?

Well, in November of 2010, the eruption of Mount Merapi in Indonesia caused PoppaObama to flee Jakarta.

. . . so . . . something in the genes perhaps . . . chaos and catastrophe following swiftly upon them.  Guess that's why they're called natural disasters.

The most obvious feature about the Indonesian serpent is that it is broken into many pieces, especially the tail, and the head is broken in two. This illustrates that the Serpent is already sentenced to death (Revelation 20:10). I think that's why Krakatau is located right where the serpent's head and tail would meet. He's like so much volcanic ash or cinders (Ezekiel 28:18).


The "God's Geography" author intuits Indonesian vulcanism, tectonics, and tsunami as elements of occulted spiritual warfare with elements topographically revealed.  Discussion of the serpent's broken head recalls Gabby Giffords and the Tucson Safeway on Oracle Road.

Head of the Class: School Days in Indonesia

From Biblical perspective, Democratic Congressional Representative, Giffords was a type of servant, or horn, or head of President/Idserpent Barack Obama.  Indonesia was Obama's home (as Barry Soetoro) from the ages of six through ten, and some speculate that Indonesia is the U.S. President's only legitimate and official nationality and citizenship.

Though the "God's Geography" author confuses a couple areas, his general thesis is correct, as is his vision of the land.  The "seed of the woman" -- Christ and the Church -- bruise the serpent's head in Genesis, and thereafter until the Throne Judgment.  We've reported like phenomena in the cracked cranium of Africa, in the pileus-crowned head of the Sinai Sorcerer, and in the near-severed dragon of Japan.

The planet is being taken back.  One rattle at a time.


  • "In light of today’s earthquake, we can confirm that Malia Obama is safe and was never in danger,” the first lady’s communications director Kristina Schake said in a written statement."

    Krist In A S[c]hake.

    yeeps , it gettin' personal.

    MA - LIAOBA - MA, any basically stuck between two Ma's, aka Barry and Seashell.

    Amazing send yer daughter to mass-murder capital of the developed western nations, though dutifully ignored for Libya and Syria, countries that were probably doing quite well, and at least had no massive drug war starring ex-soldiers, death cultists, freelance psychopaths.

    But hey 50000 dead sould, oft-decapitated, mass burials, and one wonders where else they would have sent their daughter.

    Doubtless their 'allies' in the drug cartels and Satanic cults out thar wouldn't have harmed a hair on their Christ-baiting 12+1

    They ape God with their schoolgirl coven.

    Anyhow those countries who know what's going on In Meheeko while their countries are subjected to No-Fly Zones etc etc, must recognise the sarcasm behind Malia's destination

    High Priestess of Santa Muerta?


    By Blogger aferrismoon, At 6:08 AM  

  • Krist in a Shake, love it

    make Malia's cherry!


    yup it's Schoolgirl Coven vs The Apostles, guess who america's got her money on?

    i thot same thing, the guy sends his Precious Dotter to one of the most dangerous states in north america? huh?

    why not just send her to some of the narc transfer houses in culiacan? straight to source? give her an M16?

    unfuckingbelievable -- with dozens of Guards, no less . . . this was a case of "See how Precious my Precious is"? America's Daughters are SO Protected and Precious that we can vacation them in dangerous places, and nobody dares to touch them

    see? see?

    look how Big of a Big Chief I am! if a Big Chief like me can protect schoolgirls in a rustic crimezone state, why just IMAGINE how much Homeland Security I can provide for the other 150 million grrls!

    these messages have great psychological impact on the target audiences

    this incident reminded me of Pharaoh taking office, when he made a Medea Circus out of "scoping out" the bedrooms of the girls at the Beige House, after the rooms had been cleared by Security a dozen times -- just to show his constituency HOW VERY CONCERNED our Idserpent is about evil male lurkers hiding in the Darlings' closets

    Our Pharaoh CAN and WILL make the world safe for his daughters, your daughters, heck everyone's daughters! and isnt that all that matters, really?

    great comments AF thanks

    By Blogger ray, At 2:08 PM  

  • Obama shook an archeologists hand and then the man died not soon after


    It seems that 'outrage' over the boy killed in Florida , and the race card being used, will divert everyone's attention from the two Britons shot by a black man in Florida as part of a 'gang initiation' - bet you can't find a news report that refers to him as 'black' or 'racist'.


    By Blogger aferrismoon, At 4:56 AM  

  • Obama shook an archeologists hand and then the man died not soon after

    wherever he passes, good things die

    yeah the florida shooting illustrates how gender and race are manipulated in amerika to serve the calculated, cold agenda of the New Bolsheviks

    very alinsky-ish

    after all, it was the Feminist/Identity matrix of the left that "elected" pharaoh, and that gives him and his government its manufactured consent to re-engineer the human nature instilled by God

    picking on the florida incident as representative of epidemic white racism is just another Bill Ayers shuck, reminds me of the lara logan set-up, manufactured . . . ad infinitum

    cheers AF

    By Blogger ray, At 1:29 PM  

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