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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stuck on Extreme

The tornado that ripped through Dexter Thursday was a massive storm nearly a half-mile wide in some places, packing winds of 130 to 140 mph, the National Weather Service said Friday afternoon. It left a path of destruction 7.2 miles long.

The powerful tornado was rated an EF-3 on the weather service’s Enhanced Fujita scale, which ranks storms from 0 to 5. It had a maximum width of 800 yards.
That makes the tornado very unusual, said AccuWeather meteorologist Brian Edwards, especially for March.

"The majority of them are low-end ones," he said. "You start getting into significant damage at 3, 4 and 5." Storms of that intensity are much more rare, he said.

The tornado was also unusual in that it was wreaking its havoc on the ground for about 30 minutes.

"That’s a very long time to be on the ground. A lot of tornado touchdowns are very quick," Edwards said.

The typical tornado is about 50 yards wide and has a path of about 1 or 2 miles, according to information from the National Weather Service.

The storm damaged more than 100 homes, including 10 that were destroyed; uprooted trees and felled limbs; and knocked out power to much of the Dexter area.

The Dexter storm was especially rare in that it came in March, a time when tornadoes do not typically occur in Michigan.

Southeast Michigan has had only eight tornadoes in March in the last 61 years, said National Weather Service meteorologist Cory Behnke. This week there have been four, including three Thursday.

The very brief Wikipedia entry on Dexter, in its second paragraph no less, reports:

Dexter is the birthplace of biologist, women's suffragette, and philanthropist Katharine Dexter McCormick and Dr. Royal S. Copeland, US Senator from New York.

From Wikipedia's page on Katharine Dexter McCormick:

Katherine Dexter was born August 27, 1875 in Dexter, Michigan, in her grandparents' mansion, Gordon Hall, and grew up in Chicago where her father, Wirt Dexter, was a prominent lawyer.

In 1909 McCormick spoke at the first outdoor rally for woman suffrage in Massachusetts. She became vice president and treasurer of the National American Woman Suffrage Association and funded the association's publication the Woman's Journal. McCormick organized much of Carrie Chapman Catt's efforts to gain ratification for the Nineteenth Amendment. While working with Catt, she met other social activists, including Mary Dennett and Margaret Sanger. In 1920 McCormick became the vice president of the League of Women Voters.  [emphases added]

Grew up in Chicago.  We are stunned.  Whoda thunk eh?

Moneyed, privileged, spoiled, feted.  Amidst her "oppression" as an American female -- when not busy hosting society dinners -- Katharine touted rebellion at the birthplace of U.S. feminism, the State of MA.

National American Woman Suffrage Association (1913).  McCormick is at left.
Appropriately enough, the suffix of suffrage is rage.  Suffrage has proven a vicious combo of suffering and hemorrhage, culminating in a condition of permanent, entitled rage amongst Western woman, carefully cultivated by government, education, and Medea.

Permanent PMS.

A rage that requires and demands scapegoats, finding them in the male half of the population, which their States are only too happy to persecute and prosecute, for the mutual benefit of Woman and State.
Little dynamo, can you use suffrage in a sentence please?
Certainly.  For you, anything.
Nations infected by feminism suffrage horribly, then they fucking croak.

Like another example?

America's weather is stuck on extreme.

Nearly 11 feet of snow has fallen on Anchorage, Alaska, this winter. That's almost a record, and it's forcing the city to haul away at least 250,000 tons of snow. Yet not much snow has dropped on the Lower 48 this year.

The first three months of 2012 have seen twice the normal number of tornadoes. And 36 states set daily high temperature records Thursday. So far this month, the U.S. has set 1,757 daily high temperature records. That's similar to the number during last summer's heat wave, said Jake Crouch, a climate scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Six rare, but not unprecedented, March tornadoes struck Thursday in Michigan, which also set 26 heat records. Temperatures were in the 80s in some parts of the state.

Nationwide, there have been 132 tornadoes confirmed in January and February, with preliminary reports of more than 150 already in March.

Two different weather phenomena — La Nina and its northern cousin the Arctic Oscillation — shift storm and temperature patterns through the world, meteorologists say. Scientists say you cannot link a single weather event to global warming.

However, climate scientist Andrew Weaver of the University of Victoria says: "When you start to see the extreme events become more common, that's when you can say that it is a consequence of global warming."

Yessir. Take it from Andrew ('Tail') Weaver, first Lootenant of Medea.  It's Global Warming. Storm shiftage.  Arctic Oscillation. 

Ark tick off-alation, more like.

La Nina, now, at least that's close -- in this case, Godling Science is so rong, it's right!

Even a blind squirrel finds his acorns if they're attached . . . er, something like that.

As long as America's matriarchy and drive towards WomanPlanet are stuck on extreme, the nation's weather will be stuck on extreme.

As long as America rebels against God and man, the "weather" will rebel against America.

Goes for the planet, as well, having largely adopted the ways of Great Babylon.

God remembered the town of Dexter, that spawned Katharine Dexter McCormick, yet another female spoiled-brat who spent her life mocking God and persecuting the sons of the nation.

The Sons say hi!

When the Lord punishes America for her rebellion and betrayal, let the nations -- and the princes thereof -- look on her carefully, writhing in her death-throes.  Let them fear the desolation of soul and of land that following her brings.  May her rebuke turn them back to obedience and love of God.


  • "It's Global Warming. Storm shiftage. Arctic Oscillation."

    Yes its something you're not qualified to talk about, so 'pon your knees human while I invent a new scientelific appelation

    Mmmm? Glasshouse gases, nah, better make that Greenhouse. Serial Carbon Monoculture Aeration Displacemnet....yikes I feel like Shakespeare.

    Gotsa find me a title that keeps the coffers full , its all in the wording.

    'Dexter' is a well-known TV series about a serial-killer who kills killers , sweet.

    Royal SCopeland

    Suffrage - a series of intercessory prayers or petitions.

    Fine weather coverage


    By Blogger aferrismoon, At 5:51 AM  

  • news.yahoo.com/mini-tornado-rips-australian-city-015008496.html

    In da state of Queens-Land.

    Coming after the 'The Plan' being mooted in Or-Stralia.

    John Gotti was at that church for another service, not Colvins.

    Just highlighting that areas residents - arum lot indeed.


    By Blogger aferrismoon, At 6:15 AM  

  • ok thx for updating the Gotti photo

    yup tornados in the Queen's lands alrightee. . .

    leads to interestig carry-over on your Royal SCopeland nudge . . . in my response to your comments on "Spring Groundbreaking" i again mentioned when Pharaoh and Phamily moved into the Beige House, he made a big show of "scoping out" the bedrooms of his (royal) daughters


    By Blogger ray, At 2:17 PM  

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