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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Civil Rights Watchdog Targets "Manosphere" as a Hate-Group

The Southern Poverty Law Center has directed little dynamo's attention to something of a "men's movement" reportedly occuring in the United States, Great Britain, and elsewhere in small pockets around the world.

Now, having heard absolutely zilcho about any "men's movement" -- much less the existence of men's problems, issues, impoverishment, criminalization, or disenfranchisement -- in the media, educational institutions, homes, offices, or government sectors across the western world for fifty years, l.d. is having trouble believing the SPLC's recent horror-stories about a hate-mongering, terrorist-cell manosphere on the internet threatening Apple Pie, Motherhood, and All Things Good.

The SPLC's Spring 2012 "Love is in the Air" Intelligence Report on U.S. domestic terrorist groups turns the Oswaldian cross-eyes on those most vicious of criminals, People Disagreeing With Feminism.  The SPLC calls it Misogyny: The Sites.

Um honey wasn't that an episode on "Special Victims Unit"?  Honey?

Love Field in the Air, indeed!  Apparently the SPLC's an offshoot of counter-intelligence, practicing anti-intelligence.

Got it down perfect!

Working closely with the Department of Homeland Security, under Janet Napolitano, the SPLC sells itself to willing True Believers as a research/investigative tool against "hate groups" and right-wing extremist organizations.  The SPLC stands foursquare for civil rights.  (Except of course the civil rights of males, particularly white males, whose civil rights are currrently suspended for the good of all.  The SPLC is, in this lone instance, foursquare against civil rights for those Oppressors.)

Woah-oh Alabam'
the devil fools with the best-laid plan


The SPLC spawned in 1971, after the actual Civil Rights Movement finished, pissed on the fire, and left town.  In 1996 the Southern Poverty Law Center was identified as the "richest national civil rights organization" by USA Today.

Ah!  Lo and Hark!  Is this the stench of Scumbaggus libertus we detect?

In 2010 the Southern Poverty Law Center, HQ'd in Montgomery, Alabama (to keep the fiscally sound memory of The Struggle alive in the Vast Donor Mind) was endowed 216.2 million dollars worth of Funds to Aid the Oppressed.  That buys a lot of Tolerance, which luckily is one of their favorite things  (. . . to lecture about internationally, not to practice, you wingnuts!)

Obviously the Concerned, Patriotic, Watchdoggy, Vigilant, Morally Astute, Chivalrous, Ever-Helpful folks down in Alabam' long ago left behind the actual poverty part of the Southern Poverty Law Center.  It sounds great, tho, on the SPLC's masthead over heavy-bond letters to their leftie donors, few of whom likewise ever endured any real poverty in their sheltered, overempowered, superficial lives.

Lawyers Morris Dees and Joseph Levin founded the righteous tolerance-enforcing SPLC, and its President is J. Richard Cohen.

Morris Seligman Dees, Jr. is SPLC Chief Trial Counsel.  His pre-SPLC background was "finance director" for the campaigns of George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, and Ted Kennedy. 

Sure, baby.  Finance Director.  Heh. 

Seligman, AZ, is an old Apache hooch settled by two families from the antebellum South.  Made their money running slaughterhouses.  Seligman lies on Old Route 66, the U.S. "Mother Road."

Mary-Ann enslaves, kills in single file, its just a job, everything's put through the grinder - the livestock, the girls, enemies. They all come out the same - schooling Nick, gunman, shoots on contract, buts its visceral , not the sterile machine gun regularity of the slaughterhouse [ in its various guises]. No death is the same, Devlin the Hunter to Mary Ann's farmer.

MA got rid of the previous enforcers by slaughtering them and turning them into sausage

[Aferrismoon's "Caul of the Wild"]
Returning to Morris Seligman Dees, the surname reflects John Dee -- chief astronomer, alchemist, hermeticist, mathemetician, and most espeically intelligence operative to Queen Elizabeth I.

Runs in the fambly don't it?

Joseph Levin also worked for Global Elder Jimmy Carter, as part of Carter's Justice Department transition team.  He's been a Special Assistant to the U.S. Attorney General and chief counsel to the Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

In other words, a pure-bred bloodsucking bureaucrat, an obedient snurfer, a winged tick of goddess Columbia's own DementoDistrict.

SPLC Legal Director/President Richard Cohen graduated from Columbia's own University, then attended Lady Virginia's School of Dealey Law.

Cohen's a Universalist churchgoer, meaning, whatever Oprah wants sounds good.  Like Rabbi Steffi's church.

Rather than attend the ark, Cohen betrays his birth-name, and destroys his tradition and his fathers.  But he's a Big-Shot.  All the lib-elite know him; floodtide income stream.  Famous Civil-Rights lawyer packing mondo cred with the Beltway Belles.

Levin and Cohen.  Renegade priests.  Servants of Jezebel.

Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.  

(Christ in Revelation 3)

The government-watch hit-list from the SPLC's "Misogyny: The Sites" includes a cornucopia of perspectives, values, and religious (and atheist) views, with no evidence of The Klan, the Aryan Nation, or even white-power in general.  No collusion.  No organziation.  No money.  No hierarchy, leader, or leaders.  Nothing resembling the SPLC's standard targets.

Connective-tissue between "manosphere" blogs is resistance to the overt, and omnipresent, hatred of fatherhood and masculinity that is a foundational tenet of the ideo-political Left, Western govenments/institutions, and suited thugs like the SPLC.

One site, "The False Rape Society," typically tracks documented instances of false accusation, usually by females against males (though not always) and usually for trivial reasons, especially vengeance.  The Society also documents how such false accusations in the U.S. are rife, how rare consequences are applied to females who falsely accuse, and the often tremendous damage to the lives of boys and men.

Yeah.  The guy's a real terrorist alright.  Should have been locked up yesterday and shown exactly who the boss really is.

How dare he document the actual truth in our hysterical police jurisdiction nation?   When we have hundreds of fiscally flush NGOs like SPLC, and our governments and media and colleges and workplaces and on and on, to sell and profit from a Rape Culture and Harrassment Hell and Oppression Olympics that doesn't exist.  (Except for males.)

Here's something called SAVE: Stop Abuse and Violent Environments.

These traitorous creeps . . . their signature is Protecting Victims, Stopping False Allegations, Ending Abuse.

The scum.  Fucking skinheaded ter'rists.  Stopping False Allegations is as sinister as it gets, eh?

Maybe a little Rendition Rumba, a little Gaga Gargle, would set them straight.  Couple years in the mancages with Bubba.  Har Har Har!

How exactly did a mild, mainstream outfit like SAVE get on the Marxist-Feminist hit-list?

Well, they're against that bloated, corrupt vat of government pork called VAWA -- the unending "Violence Against Women Act," one of the chief weapons of the matriarchy.

So, yeah, absolutely: SAVE is an extremist hate-group, too.  Deservedly on the hit-list.  Should also go on the No-Fly List immediately . . . and have all their children taken from them.  And their animals killed.  Just in case they're terrorists too.

Those ankle-bracelet-thingies, too.  Those are really shaming, that'll teach those uppity men!  Should be made to shackle-up immediately for their thought-crimes against the People.

Here's A Voice for Men, probably the most "extremist" of the SPLC's Hate Group criminals.

AVfM is the pinnacle of organized publishing (lol!) in the manosphere.  Probly not more that seven or eight folks running it all.  (Just a guess.)

The National Organization for Women has more people cleaning their toilets at night, before the Oppressed Dearies jet off to the Carribbean for this month's Equality Conference.

NOW rakes in about 10 million dollars a year, and in 2011 alone the Violence Against Women Act gobbled 730 million dollars in waste, to reward feminist organizations for doing evil, and to crush the sons of the nation.

And that's just one of the endless government programs for girls and women.  Nothing is ever produced except more hatred of maleness, and more rationalizations for same.

Ain't no recession in the misandry business.  And under Pharaoh, business is booming!

Coincidentally, the U.S. President now has sole authority to seize and render any citizen deemed a terror risk, and to "detain" them indefinitely.

Researching AVfM reveals why government-goon SPLC is gettin' skeered; the writing is powerful, factual, passionate, and utterly damning of the willful disenfranchisement, demeanment, and criminalization of Western men, with disturbing report after report exposing the machinations of the matriarchies, and the wreckage -- often inflicted with glee -- upon boys and men.

AVfM's "Fostering Discrimination Through Lies" -- merely one truthbomb -- was sure to knot the panties of the entire Gynogulag and its tens-of-millions of non-producing employees:

 Australia is gearing up to change the country‚Äôs system of laws; de-classifying men as human beings and re-classifying them as the owned possessions of women, or perhaps, as livestock.

Hyperbole?  Read the article.  The lamestream Medea only wish they could get reporters like this.

It's striking how utterly opposite the wisdom of the Bible is vs. the "wisdom" of our times and nations.  For here, before State or Church, is modern heresy:

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.  (Isaiah 3)

Amongst other womanfriendly totalitarianisms reported by AVfM is The Plan in Oz -- a nation, like most everywhere else, ruled by a wicked Western Witch --  couched under the unimpeachable title of Reducing Violence Against Women and Their Children.

You say you're opposed to their Friendly Fascism?

You are for Violence Against Women and Their Children?  You want that on your work, government, and police records, buddy?

The coercive subltlety in assuming that children belong to women exclusively ("their") and deleting any male association or involvement is beyond orwellian.

The governments, corporations, and private donors of the Western world should be pouring paychecks and praise on The Spearhead, Mensactivism, and AVfM.  Feting them as patriots and heroes in the face of self-serving bullies millions of times larger and more powerful. 

Instead, they're identified as hate-criminals and placed on the Terror Watch List.

Then there's something called Roosh V (not linked) who is devoted to

1) Roosh V

2) travel

3) screwing women

4) travelling while screwing women; and

5) Roosh V

Though not prefering U.S. women due to their arrogance and porkificity, when stuck in America and bored, Roosh V will deign to "hate-fuck" women.

Why the SPLC included this goof . . . it's beyond l.d..  A smear apparently.  Roosh V is a humping huckster of "travel books" and absurd "relationship advice" and pretends little else.  As one con-man to another, the SPLC should understand that, at least.  Roosh V is not interested in "men's rights" or anybody's rights except his own right to, well, you know.  One through five.

However, some obviously serious, effective, and often brilliant sites are included in Misogyny: The List.

Most of these "manosphere" sites are one-person gigs, a few sites small-group run.  Most are unfunded or minimally funded.  They're average guys, sometimes women, who often like each other only slightly less than feminism.  But they all understand the mortal danger, like Adam belated, that feminism is insane or -- more pointedly -- plain evil.

Thus, the only actual grassroots voices FOR civil rights in the Western world are pre-criminalized and terror-stamped.

For the -- perhaps -- hundred lone-voice, often-unfunded "manosphere" webpages in the U.S., including "father's rights" folks, there are thousands of extremely powerful feminist/"women's rights" organizations . . . not individuals, but entire orgs . . . whose staff often run into the hundreds, with budgets in the mega-millions. 

As if they're needed.  Feminist interests have absolutely ruled the entire nation for decades running, whether in media, government, graduate school, kindergarten, the office, or the coerced minds of the populace.

The SPLC and its "civil rights" scam makes State Enemies out of truthspeakers, while its own bloated bureaucracies of Equality and Diversity and Women's Rights suck the last of life, capital, and creativity from a powerless, enervated, emasculated America.

One of the SPLC's hit-list Enemies of Freedom is the site Alcuin, which unfortunately can't be linked, as it was "disappeared" immediately after the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Report was made public.

The unfunded sole-author of Alcuin is reportedly a Canadian national living in the Far East -- expressly to escape the North American gynocracy and his Standard Feminist Family.   Canada apparently extradites its citizens from foreign nations for prosecution as "hate criminals," thus the web-author perhaps felt that even in the Far East, he wasn't beyond the global arm of Big Sis.

Alcuin was a recent, but powerful, short-essayist whose incisive and brave posts were often critical of feminism . . .  and of his feminist parents and sisters, who tormented him as a child for that most terrible of modern crimes: maleness.

. . . not the grovelling "maleness" of the modern Western male, and especially not the American male, whose collusion with matriarchy is shameful.  But the maleness of the missing Alcuin, who hated the lies, deceptions, persecutions, iniquities, and free-for-all anti-masculinity of the Western world he tried (not altogether successfully!) to escape.

Intelligence Reports from the SPLC are distributed to all U.S. domestic law-enforcement agencies, and likely the U.S government is using the SPLC -- reputable as champions of the downtrodden -- as a weapon of intimidation and censorship against the only American group under legitimate oppression: lower and middle-class boys/men.

Manufacturing consent.  How Fourth Reichian.

I know Debbie, I agree . . . yes they really were dangerous extremists . . . had to be done.  Yes . . . god damn right . . . misogynists, you know.  Trying to take away Women's Rights, roll us back to the Iron Age, nothing but hate-speech . . . keep us all in chains . . . I know . . . yeah, okay, I'll see you and Hil on Friday for our usual Georgetown lunch with The Group . . . okay . . . luv u . . . bye bye!

Eve wanted what Eve wanted, planet be damned, and Adam followed her lead.

So here we are.  Not again.  Still. 

A rebellion so powerful, so subtly and intricately aligned with fallen human nature, that neither history, nor all the religions of man, nor even Global Deluge, could overcome it.  Instead, that rebellion is stronger now than ever; She is the world's true religion, along with her companion, Lucre.  The nations are deceived, half-willingly, half-entranced.  She is the greatest addiction, and greatest enslaver, of all.  Pharoahs are only tools.

When woman rules man, Satan rules everybody.  That, and not "patriarchy," is the truth about history.

Even the Kingdom of Christ on Earth will not terminate this rebellion, so old and so deep.  Humans, especially females, are full of will and cunning and slow intrigues, desiring to be their own authority, and desiring a deity reflective of themselves.  The lies one desperately wants to believe are stubborn to kill.  This rebellion will linger, and cause humanity much pain until the end, when it is finally extinguished, in the extinguishing of its directing, fallen, spirits.

The Hate Sites accused by the Southern Poverty Law Center certainly don't link to little dynamo's websites, and perhaps many aren't even aware of l.d.'s co-interest in "men's issues."  Whatever inceptive "men's movement" that these, and other folks, are nursing, little dynamo wishes them well, and salutes their service to God -- hard work, selflessness, diligence, patriotism, and courage. 

As an "unaligned outsider" it's been fun for l.d. observing male consciousness, for the first time ever, coalesce collectively . . . stir midst the Matrix, incrementally building sentience, awakening to Father. 

Some years ago the high priest indicated approval of Great Britain's "Fathers 4 Justice" efforts in particular, and for a "men's movement" in general.  He is appreciative and pleased at bold and righteous masculinity.  At this point in time, there could be no greater comfort or encouragement.

Warriors against Gorgo be comforted, though this time, Goliath isn't three times as big, but three billion. 

It won't matter.  Again.  Even bigger.

Get in on the Ground Floor of these people and their "men's movement" now -- subject of course to God.  Right now, it's the only place to be, the hot property, the sole sapling of true promise in all the West.

Something very, very big is happening, and some of these trailblazers, that the SPLC tars as "hate-groups," have shown the way.  That ride goes all the way around the world, to the end, and beyond.

God loves to turn small things of hope and goodness into very great things indeed.  Little dynamo will be praying, and watching.  


  • Hate Speech seems to translate as 'counter-revolutionary'. Fine there are those who have spoken unintelligently about a variety of human groups but now it's used against criticism of group/hive mentality.

    Anti-semitism as a ploy to stop criticism of Israel and/or Zionism is widely used today, by people who have not the slightest interest in the fate of 'Jews'or 'Israelis'.

    Not only Canadians fleeing their home countries, all the US citizens here find it near impossible to 'live' in USA, most of them cite 'quality of life', which I think means that they have freedom to speak their mind without being 'denounced'.

    Ex-Totalitarian countries KNOW what totalitarianism [ nihilist Marxist-Leninism ] looks, sounds and feels like.

    Afghani women and children killed be crazed soldier just the orher day - NOT the right kind of 'women and children' the femalists claim , compulsively, they wish to protect and progress.

    Re: the murder of Sharon Tate and her unborn [ aborted?] child:

    "Dohrn said, "First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into the victim's stomach! Wild!"[14] In greeting each other, delegates to the war council often spread their fingers to signify the fork.[9]

    In 2008, Dohrn's husband Bill Ayers wrote that Dohrn was being ironic when she made the statement about the Manson murders.[15] Ayers wrote that he always thought Dohrn's statement was intended to make a political point, "agitated and inflamed and full of rhetorical overkill, and partly as a joke, stupid perhaps, tasteless, but a joke nonetheless"

    Love the tippy-toeing around certifiable 'hate-speech'

    grand post


    By Blogger aferrismoon, At 10:03 AM  

  • Yes, this was as beautiful as spring.

    By Blogger rubbell, At 5:37 PM  

  • thanks Russell. . . and also for your previous encouraging comments

    my work doesn't please many people, to say the least, so on the rare occasion when it does, it's great to hear a positive voice


    By Blogger ray, At 2:25 PM  

  • Ex-Totalitarian countries KNOW what totalitarianism [ nihilist Marxist-Leninism ] looks, sounds and feels like.

    yeah i'd guess that America'a gyno-totalitarianism, even while appealing greatly to females, is a harder-sell in the old Eastern Bloc, where they've seen the truth about Marxism and the "systems" of the self-styled Enlightened Political Elite

    it was a disaster in the eastern bloc, and it's a disaster in amerika too

    on the Tate killings -- the full truth about this certainly hasnt emerged, but it's there, latent

    after all, Manson's "stated" purpose was incitement of race-war, and now the US has a foreign-born, satanic Idserpent, absolutely steeped in the ideology and tactics of these Sixties True Believers (Ayers, Alinsky et al.)

    most recently, Idserpent Pharaoh has been P.C. grandstanding and race-baiting over the murder of a black man

    so . . . same game, different day

    cheers AF

    By Blogger ray, At 2:42 PM  

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