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Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Shall we dance?

Mix her a double portion from her own cup.  (Revelation 18)

Massive twin twisters have touched down near Dallas and Fort Worth this afternoon, crushing homes and sending thousands of North Texans scrambling to take cover.  [April 3, 2012]

Dallas, claro que si, where it All went Down, cast die, bloodmagickal boogiefest beginning the end . . . America's public suicide, a psychospiritual and sociopolitical coup still unacknowleged . . . though not uncovered.

Cadillac lookin' like it  was sitting still
When I caught Maybelline
at the top of the hill

Maybelline, why can't ya be true?
Oh Maybelline, why can't ya be true?
You done started back
doing the things you used to do

(Chuck Berry)

Sighted and Triangulated

The cerelean King ritually slain, final impediment removed, global transition point gyrating on the banks of the Trinity River, hard upon Dealey Plaza, three dark goddesses caught by the sunlight.

Sunday the Dallas Peace Center chose Dealey Plaza, where JFK was killed almost a half century ago, as the site for a protest demanding justice in the killing of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

Very snarky . . . the Planners co-opt the plaza as Occupy Protest nexus for mass psy-ops, the sheeple protesting, chanting, demanding their own enslavement.  Bring us our chains!  No, no, the rusty ones.  Plantation-tried.  Ah, that's better.  Ooh! I feel so righteous.

Down with the White Male Patriarchy!  Hooray for the Enlightened!  Hooray for Me!

They don't know squat about Trayvon Martin, shit fifty years almost gone, they don't even know their king was killed, nor why, nor by whom . . . tessed into place gleefully, where now the Equality Elite "demand justice" to inflict their New Diversity Order, Babs II, on this shivering, wracked planet.

Yeesh.  Talk about your baaa.

Apparently God wasn't impressed by the New Dealey Plaza and the Sovereign People full of indignation about things they don't understand.

Dallas got one spinner for Old Dealey, and one for New Dealey.

New Dealey, New Order, national soil fertilized and invigorated with bright royal brainjelly, rising osiric into Dallas mid-air . . . well looka what who sprouted!

The Big Lebowski (1998) and Fight Club (1999) were perhaps the most male-positive films ever made, at least in the modern PC Age.  Unsurprisingly, then, both the Coenheads (fraternal twins) and Chuck Palahniuk were "leaked" prophetic elements of 9-1-1.

Fight Club concludes with the Millennial Couple blissfully watching the collapse of the N.Y. skyline . . . hello Twin Towers, come in, Twin Towers . . . can you read me, Twin Tornados?

Lebowski mirrors and reverses Fight Club by opening with The Dude, bathrobe-bedecked, scrawling out a check for 69 cents (an inverse or paired numeral) dated September 11, 1991 -- palindromic year, exactly one decade before the twin toppling.  Dappling doppling everywhere . . . including the pretty Love Field dress of Judge Sarah Hughes!

The Hermetic Coffin is opened and closed.

Texas Two-Step: Rites of Spring

Please feel free (tho you ain't) to stop by BENITOS TACO SHOP again sumtime for an Oswald Omelette or a Ruby Raspberry Shake, one per customer.

Or, like Lyndon, y'all just come in to say howdy.   All family here!

Get yo Caddy natty, yo Lincoln winkin'.  Interiors no extra charge.


  • Trayvon demonstration noticeable for the homage paid to the "hoodie' - Hoodwink + the criminal Hood.

    Noted also the 2 British men shot down by a man who referred to them as 'crackers' - but dat ain't racist in dis day an' rage.

    The twisters near Fort Worth skirted Arlington where LHO , or someone, lies interred.

    'Twisters' also implies the constant updating and 'twisting' of the major news story.

    Now Zimmerman fears for his life, new evidence shows he might have bben threatened, etc etc on and on.

    A Amero-Korean student, One Goh, kills students in Oakland mirroring the Virginia Tech Korean student massacre of a few years ago.

    { Don't worry , it horrible, but not a hate-crime , phew!]

    Seeds falling like rain until the cyclone sweeps them up again, America is stony ground.

    Zimmerman , twinned with Gabby's Zimmerman - one a hero the other , apparently a white Hispanic : ) a villain

    Fine flowing post


    By Blogger aferrismoon, At 4:49 AM  

  • May I buy a glass of your tears that surely must have fell when the C.E.O. goddess was not allowed the privilege of Augusta? You on par with the new, brighter Jupiter.

    By Blogger rubbell, At 8:09 PM  

  • americangoy.blogspot.com/2012/04/black-shoots-unarmed-white-hispanic.html

    "A 78-year-old Ohio man says he was a victim of a hate crime when he was severely beaten by group of youths -- who allegedly said "this is for Trayvon,....... The man, Dallas Watts of East Toledo, told police he was walking home Saturday afternoon when he was confronted by six youths, both white and black, ages 11 to 17."

    Dallas AND Watts??!


    By Blogger aferrismoon, At 1:10 AM  

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