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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Land of Enchantment

(photo courtesy New Mexico Dept. of Tourism)

N.M. alien tourism ad stirs controversy

By MARK EVANS, Associated Press Writer Mon Nov 26, 2:21 PM ET

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Instead of highlighting New Mexico's picturesque desert landscapes, art galleries or centuries-old culture, a new tourism campaign features drooling, grotesque office workers from outer space chatting about their personal lives.

"The Land of Enchantment," New Mexico's state nickname soothsez.

"Reptilian spacemen." Indeed.

Cuz droogs, the Net's awash in disinfo and bullshit about N.M. and the Four Corners, yet the area is drenched in mojo, grade A and very old.

Little dynamo resided therein many years, various times. It was not boring. Someday he'll probly tell all about it, but this ain't that day.

Much of New Mexico is still wilderness, in the best and worst senses of the word. The vistas and air liberate and cleanse, but the land is violent and tremendously charged.

No sense speculating about unverifyable fourth-hand information a la Dulce when witnessed facts are near to hand.

The State Seal shows the American Eagle overlooking the Mexican Eagle as the latter grasps a snake in one talon and a hank of cactus in the other. The Mexican Eagle (little Mexico, New Mexico), overseen by America, subdues or dominates the chthonic representatives of the wilderness-desert kingdoms, both faunal and floral.

The Seal of Mexico also features the "Mexican Eagle" (which is actually a type of falcon) grasping a rattlesnake. However, the species of snake was altered from the original depiction . . . of an aquatic serpent. The motif derives from Aztec cosmology concerning the birth of their capital, Tenochtitlan (like Atlantis, an island realm.) The Mesoamericans, however, revered serpents as agents of wisdom, and did not depict them as subservient.

Occult aspects of New Mexican aboriginal sites like Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde were discussed in the Sept. 18, 2006, post Sam Peckinpah Era Un Hombre For Sure. (Gracias a T for groundings on thatun!)

Peckinpah's Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid was set in Lincoln County, N.M., amidst the power-intrigues of yet another cabal of pathetic Mammonic slaves, the Santa Fe Ring.

Senor, Senor, can you tell me where we're headin'
Lincoln County Road or Armageddon?


The Old World Cathar/Templar/Mason/Goddess-worshippers who scouted, colonized, and covertly ruled most of what became North American merely "grafted on" to power already invested -- very intentionally invested -- in the land by aboriginal predecessors. Those sites vary around the continent, and most (Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, etc.) are well-known. One might term these Old World interests (Elizabeth I, Dee, Henry the Navigator, etc.) the Serpent Tribe relations of certain aboriginal adepts (shamans) already long in practice before European colonization. Bee-busy, preparing the land for occupation.

Much less is known and understood by the public about Southwestern U.S. aboriginal sites. Archaeological artifacts there are relatively scarce, partly because Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde, in particular, were laboriously decommissioned by aboriginals who apparently no longer desired the sites "operational."

The Southwestern sites are more "deserted" and less obviously grandiose compared to, say, Mayan pyramids. But the New Mexican "atomic character" and ancient telluric potency, heightened and manipulated by aboriginal and modern sorcerers, are not myths. Ask Japan. Neither is the siting of other key military/intelligence/psyops projects within the Enchanted Land -- often in plain view.

Many New World cultures practiced human sacrifice, and all, to my knowledge, ritually worshipped their ancestors. Necromancy is fundamental to shamanism, and the practice is shared, to say the least, by pagan/goddess-worshipping/masonic dilettantes and adepts. Their specialty is "earth-magic" -- grid tessellation, fear, vulcanism, tectonics, death/necromancy, torture, blood and other bodily substances, celestial resonances (alignments), sex/libido, magickal implements (especially large gemstones.) Demeter-Ceres, Earth-Mother stuff . . . always the same agenda, fertility/grain god sacrifices, in new masks and forms.

From the "Peckinpah" essay:

Only in recent years has Western science begun to investigate -- and to take seriously -- the prospect that sorcery, including ritual human sacrifice and cannibalism -- were fundamental practices at various Southwestern "Anasazi" sites, including Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde.

(Despite various theories, and mostly due to paucity of broad-spectrum evidence, neither anthropology nor archaeology really have much idea who the "Anasazi" really were, nor their predecessors, the "Archaics." Sufficient archeo-astronomic study has been done at Chaco to ascertain that the site Complexes were intimately connected, astronomically aligned, and very carefully and intentionally "decommissioned." In many instances, Chaco Complex structures were literally deconstructed stone-by stone. See, e.g., the Solstice Project's findings.)

The more knowledgeable (and sane) Native American medicine people of today do not share the politically correct/New Agey naivete of goofy Baby Boomers for all things aboriginal. They understand that evil dwells amongst all peoples of the earth, and most of them won't go near sites like Chaco and Mesa Verde. Bad medicine, they say . . . very bad.

Yo. The land is alive, after its own fashion. It retains and resonates the energies of its inhabitants.

Terror is particularly resonant. Sorcerers, whether archaic or modern, know this.

Amongst most pre-modern Mesoamerican cultures, public propaganda claimed that "propitiation of deities" necessitated fertility blood-rites. Underlying, however, are primal motivations of dominance and control by self-styled "elites" via techniques of mass-terror.

Same as it ever was. Spectacle is effective. See Joey Goebbels.

Blood-spectacle is particularly effective, imprinting deeply on both the individual and sub-collective (cultural/tribal) consciousness.Somehow, pre-1968, Leone [referencing Director Sergio Leone and his film Once Upon a Time in the West] got hooked-in to the sorcery/cannibalism activities of certain Southwestern aboriginal peoples and their sites.

Most magicko-architectural operations in the US appear to occur at "overt" sites like Washington, D.C. (the goddess Columbia's personal District! lol) and Nashville, Tennessee, a veritable NWO Woofer. :O)

This is meta-sorcery, hidden in plain view. Presumably a gargantual relief of Moloch would upset lunching officeworkers.

(Nashville's magickal Bicentennial Mall is discussed in Ragna Rok and Man Son Role. William Henry also scribes the subject. (Like most "researchers," tho, William is a commercialist and goddess-worshipper, at minimum. He figures the Goddess will lead him to the Grail, and pay him per diem!)

Speaking of Modeling the Wrong Behavior, Sweeping All the Clouds Away, and the NutraSweet Cookie Monster, certain Sesame Street episodes are now adults-only.

Big Sissie, wiping us all down with Lemon Pledge thirteen times a day. For our own good.

Four hundred million years old, eight feet long of poison sea serpent. Progenitor of modern spiders, mites, ticks and scorpions. The biggest bug ever.

Elsewhere this blog investigates occult elements of New Bedford, Massachusetts, including its unknown history as Founding Site of modern feminism, and its home to a King's Highway (a short commercial stretch of vehicular sadism, not unlike Edom, minus the vehiculars!)

The major city nearby is Providence -- the word often connected with masonic use, a way of avoiding "God." Scorpions suggest the Provincetown scorpion-tip (the apt-named Provincetown Spit) extending from the Massachusetts (Ma-Set) landmass into goddess Atalanta's Atlantic. [Above is just a link to Mapquest of this area, in case the link fails.]

Provincetown is a notorious gay community and resort on Cape Cod, where the Pilgrims signed the Mayflower Compact -- but presumably, not the Gay Rights Compact. Not that they don't carry compacts. [Ba-boom-boom, rimshot]

Wikipedia reports:

Provincetown grew rapidly as a fishing and whaling center. The population was bolstered by a number of Portuguese sailors who, hired to work on US ships, came to live in Provincetown . . . . [B]y the early decades of the 20th century, the town had acquired an international reputation for its artistic and literary output. The Provincetown Players was an important experimental theater company formed during this period and an example of intellectual and artistic connections to Greenwich Village that began then.

Portuguese sailors, whaling and its connection as feminist sipapu, giant sea scorpions, homosexuality, king's highway and the egyptian wilderness/desert, masonic Providence . . . then up jumps the Green Witch again.

These puzzle pieces fit the American "Eastern Establishment" fraternities, particulary Ivy League pirate/necromantic societies like the Skull and Bones of the Bushes and John Kerry . . . Kerry, Junior Senator from Massachusetts. Again -- the context is telluric magick, earth magick, massively enhanced by technology (particularly modern mega-architecture.) Noteworthy also is that "George" contains Ge (Earth) as both prefix and suffix. Roughly, the name means "God of Earth" or "Owner of Soil." The doubling reinforces and "brackets" the mater, matter, the inner meaning (or = ore.)

Similarly: Ma-Sonic. The root of enchantment is the verb chant. Music and math, Jubal and Tubal Cain.

Sticking with stingers and venom, and following on previous posts involving bees, Merovingians, psychonautic ELF buzzings, Colony Collapse Disorder, Melissae, black-and-yellow Templar colors, etc., the Charlotte (North Carolina) basketball franchise just unveiled -- for suspect and blatantly untimely reasons -- their new "Fleur de Bee" patch logo.

To l.d., as to his father, the Hive Mind represents Philip Kindred Dick's "Black Iron Prison" in all aspects, especially psycho-spiritual.

U.S. prison system a costly and harmful failure: report

By Randall Mikkelsen Mon Nov 19, 6:07 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The number of people in U.S. prisons has risen eight-fold since 1970, with little impact on crime but at great cost to taxpayers and society, researchers said in a report calling for a major justice-system overhaul.

Like Paglia said, we're experiencing a Maternal Psychosis here. But she didn't -- doesn't -- know how old, deep, and well-manipulated that disorder really is.

It'll get worse. 'Twill bee seen to. It's their meal ticket, their trump card, their ruling ring. We must be divided, seem to one another as enemies. Males, in particular, must be depicted as evildoers, as perpetrators deserving of constant individual and collective scorn and punishment. It's the only way to make the world safe.

The NWO depends, above all, on this scapegoating technique. Females, as at the beginning, are susceptible to awarded power over males. This has always been known, but largely held in "suspended animation" until the ground was prepared. Nothing pleases the enemy more than destroying love or its potential, and transforming it into selfish forms of power.

Civilization depends on compromise between female and male desires/needs, which are often biologically in opposition. Now that the State and, to lesser extent the Church, act as enablers and enforcers of collective female fiat, male-female compromise is moot. Woman orders, the State facilitates, man obeys, and suffers if not. Woman cannot resist the lure of power, man cannot live shackled. Recipe for eternal confrontation.

The "unity" offered is false, a sugarcoated coercion. A Hive that looks and tastes sweet, but stings to death. The opposite of god's kingdom.

Very Cuckoo's Nest. Paglia confirmed. Enchained in Egypt.

Whoops well wanted to follow-up on Caxton Hall etc. but it'll have to wait. Only so much Bad News at a time, eh?

Do you know their names
Can you play their games
without losin' track
and comin' down a bit too hard?

Maybe I'll be there to shake your hand
Maybe I'll be there to share the land
that they'll be giving away
when we all live together

(Bachman, Cummings)


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