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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mean Time

Your Unintrepid Dynamo entered the grocery today (Oct. 28) incogno, shades drawn and top up, and upon opening the restroom door encountered two towheads, perhaps three and five, who turned from the faucets and their dad to regard yrs. Trooly with astonishment, full of trust in life.

A strange land is it, and every stranger in it, upon father business.

Where we need is his kingdom, where we are is Cutty Sark.

Kali-fornia scorched beneath the Witch Fire. Real dragon breath as opposed to vidgames and pretend.

Drought in the Land simultaneous with deluge.

Heaven shuts. Can't be bought or forced. What's a nation to do in face of such unreasonableness?!

Rivers in the Southeast are turning to dust. Ditto New York, California, Florida, Australia, Africa etc.

"The need to reduce water waste and inefficiency is greater now than ever before," said Benjamin Grumbles, assistant administrator for water at the Environmental Protection Agency. "Water efficiency is the wave of the future."

"Ben Grumbles"?! Say it ain't so!


In the category Perhaps They Didn't Realize They Were Missed, we discover Hundreds of 'Missing' Black Holes Found.

[Well . . . they did add quotes]

Using NASA's Chandra X-ray and Spitzer Space Telescopes, the team detected unusually high levels of infrared light emitted by 200 galaxies in the distant universe. They think the infrared light was created by material falling into "quasars"—supermassive black holes surrounded by doughnut-shaped clouds of gas and dust—at the center of the galaxies.

Mmmm . . . DOUGHNUTS!!

The Vatican took a shot at the global Left today. The Cardinal performing the mass beatification, Jose Saraiva Martins, is Portuguese.

Just in case you don't get that channel. :O)

(Portugal figures prominently in the McCann saga and in nautical and occult contexts.)

The Nations are increasingly masonic and matriarchal, and the Church -- divided in house -- smells doom.

In his Greenwich Layer Cake posts, Ben Fairhall (even if unintentionally) shows a Magickal Working from the inside. We see not the hocus-pocus of outer (profane) rituals, but the series of manifest phenomena comprising the material aspect of sorcery, the "working."

The image below is from Fairhall's Goddess of New York post.

In the Cage

The Lamb Lies Down on Fifth Avenue, eh Peter? (Mr. Gabriel is Co-Founder and financier of The Goblin Elite oopz The Global Elders.)

[She pulls hard to port, Pete. Y'all will get used to it.]

Ennyways, especially in Greenwich Layer Cake, Fairhall connects Freemasonry, holograms, Fatima/Mariolatry, Templarism, the Madeleine McCann invisible circus, and Global Timekeeping/Greenwich Mean Time (and thus, longitude and other tessellative potencies.)

The surfacing of the Beast over the past century, in particular, means subjugation to its powers, but also slowly brings its "heads" into consciousness, like the surfaced Worm surrounding North America in Manson's "artwork."

Fairhall reproduces the above biohazard symbol found April 13, 2007, on the Dover cliffs -- supposedly a commercial advertisement for a film.

However, its appearance on Dover -- with its "subterranean" military and psychospiritual history -- suggests, as Fairhall posits, the triune moon or Triple Goddess. Crescent manifestation denotes Hecate, the deathwitch, and, by extension, Typhon (Set, Neptune, Leviathan, etc., interlocking crescent moons.)

The meaning, commercial silliness aside, is possibly: the Rock of England -- and the Anglosphere -- is poisoned. Air, water, soil, body and spirit. And here's the symbol of what (who) is contaminating -- in fact, condemning -- it.

A few months after the Dover Biohazard appeared, Anubis, Opener of the Ways, satanic herald, cruised through London's Tower Bridge. Another (ahem) advertisement.

Via the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, Fairhall tracks the Green Witch to, well, Greenwich. (Thrice.) He lands -- que milagro -- on the slick crimson decks of the Cutty Sark.

In one sense, Cutty Sark stems from Burns' Tam o' Shanter -- the term is Scottish for a chemise or undershirt -- a garment just coincidentally too short to cover the "modesty" of a young witch named "Nannie." A Cutty Sark is a sort of illusion, really. A lure. Effective and ancient.

Prow of the Cutty Sark -- with "Nannie" brandishing her prize

In related sense, the Cutty Sark is Brittannia, that is, the Goddess. The ship embodies Hecate. Empowered by certain ambitious "sailors" and nautonniers, by an ancient suboceanic current, the Goddess seizes the lead, at prow. Compass and square, the masonic emblems -- construction, yes -- but also navigational tools, especially mapmaking and, of course, plotting!


"All Will Fall," Caprichos, Goya

Of course, Goya was a migogynist. Most modern commentary on him -- what exists -- assures us, one way or another, that ole Francisco was just another patriarchalist, busily oppressing the girls. Male Chauvinist Pig. Hater. Afraid of strong women.

In May of this year, a "mysterious" fire extensively damaged the Cutty Sark.

Fairhall then discusses Greenwich as site of time's beginning and end in a followup post, Greenwich Layer Cake, Second Slice. Therein, he identifies September 11, 2001 -- and not January 1, 2000 -- as true beginning of the century (and of the millennium too perhaps, tho he doesn't state that.)

Greenwich is Temporal Ground Zero, the sipapu of maritime chronometry (Saturnian) and longitudinal mapping (navigation, trade, war, precise tessellation coordinates.) Green Witch is the fixed point around which the artificed aspect of Earth rotates. A kind of Faerie Queen at forest's heart.

We're talkin' prime meridian!

Cutty Sark Station is at the center of Greenwich, Lincolnshire. Nearby, on the Thames' banks, is the Old Royal Navy College. Likewise the Royal Observatory. You get the idea.

The Sark was built in 1869 for the East Indian tea trade (formerly monopolized by the East India Company.) S he "came into her own" not via tea, however, but as a "wool trader." That is, dealing in shorn sheep. (See Goya.)

In 1905, the Sark was sold to the Portuguese Ferreira Brothers, and re-named the Ferreira. A later Portuguese owner named her Maria do Amparo.

Wikipedia observes:

The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck part three-and-a-half: The Cowboy Captain of the Cutty Sark by Don Rosa features the ship herself. In the award winning science fiction novel Blue Mars, by Kim Stanley Robinson, the Cutty Sark is portrayed sailing in one of the newly created channels on Earth following a major flood bought upon by volcanic activity in Antarctica. Cutty Sark is also mentioned in a song "Single-handed Sailor", performed by Dire Straits.

Fairhall's Second Slice concludes that 'Green Witch' represents the "sliced and diced" Earth. And to some extent, that's true.

But his entowerd princess has many phases and tales untold. Perhaps the "corn goddess" that Fairhall cites turns away and weeps not from injury, but from the sight of what -- who -- makes the corn grow.

William Cutting. Cutty. Saur. k. Quite a pair.

Greenwich Village, boho home to the East Coast Beats and many U.S. cultural icons, including Bob Dylan, clearly inspired San Francisco's Haight Ashbury counterculture: twin transcontinental hotspots. Both coasts are steeped in occulture. Other Village residents include(d) Eleanor Roosevelt, e.e. cummings, Twain, Dylan Thomas, Barbara Pierce Smith (first daughter), E.A. Poe, John 'n Yoko, and Margaret Sanger, influential feminist and eugenicist.

In 1919, The Village (as in "It Takes A") hosted Crowley's Dead Souls "exhibition."

LAM is the Tibetan word for Way or Path, and LAMA is He who Goeth, the specific title of the Gods of Egypt, the Treader of the Path, in Buddhistic phraseology. Its numerical value is 71, the number of this book. [frontispiece, The Lam Statement]


In came Wepwawet Anubis.
On October 19, 2007, the Dalai Lama was welcomed for the first time by an American President -- and presented with the Congressional Gold Medal (highest civilian honor.)

Last Sunday, the Dalai Lama arrived in Canada. He'll soon meet PM Stephen Harper. Tonight (this post was begun Oct. 28, and will be posted Oct. 30) the Dalai Lama is scheduled to deliver a lecture on "The Art of Happiness" at Rogers Centre in . . .

The link immediately above includes a photo of the Lama presenting Candian Senator Con Di Nino [huh!?] with a white scarf, called a kata.

Well, OK. Chocolates, tho, next time pls. . . . .

Anyway, when l.d. was, uh, even littler, his shorin-ryu sensei taught him katas -- not white hankies of peace, but ritualized martial arts patterns.

Glove in the fisted-rose Lama?

From Crowley's Nineteen-nineteen Greenwich "showing" of Lam, we skip to the Village's hosting the overtly masonic Washington Square Arch, at the terminus of Fifth Avenue.
Washington Square Arch

The Arch rings back the crucificato scene in Sergio Leone's "Last Judgment" epic, Once Upon a Time in the West. There, the stand-alone Roman Arch, much like the Arch at Washington Square, appears magically amidst the U.S. Southwestern desert, as Hangman's Tree -- a tool for destroying brotherhood, and for extending the Crucifixion and the Empire indefinitely. Greenwich Village was once called Washington Square [what, no Compass?!]. It was also called the "Empire Ward."

(Films like Leone's West, Scorcese's Gangs of New York, and Peckinpah's Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid aren't about the past. As with the greatest art, these films use the past to tell of current and near-future events carrying collective implications.)

London's East Greenwich is, apparently, the "gateway to Blackwall Tunnel."

The southern entrances to the Blackwall Tunnel are just south of the O2.

Wikipedia call the Tunnel "a notorious bottleneck."

Yeah. All choked up.

Originally called the Millennium Dome, the Oz-suggestive O2 opened on June 24, 2007, and hosts the World Gymnastic Championships in 2009, and Artistic Gymnastics during the 2012 Summer Olympics. (Greek Pagan Festival . . . Torch-Bearing . . . Girls running around in "Cutty Sarks" . . . 2012. OK.)

Sorcery runs off libidic juice, fear, like that -- the hypnosis of The Dance. Selling the Fantasy. 40,000 Virgins in IslamoParadise.


Bigger audience, bigger juice.

The Jubilee Railway Line serves the Greenwich O2 site. Ho Ho Ho and it ain't even Xmas.

Interior design for the O2 Arena's suites was by Christopher Ciccone -- Madonna's brother.

And they say manhood is dead!

Oh Too, pictured from the Isle of Dogs

Does this place remind anyone else of a mine? Like touch one of those golden spikes and ka-boom? The sea-urchin spines extend into both water and sky, similar to the illuminations of Yoko's Peace Tower.

Peace Fountain, St. John the Divine, Greenwich Village

Above is what Fairhall, in his blogpost of October 24, 2007, calls "a real gloomer of a monument." Amongst other correspondences, Fairhall links Greenwich, NY and Greenwich, England via a "sacred alignment."

Certainly, the crustacean-like O2 ('Millennium Dome') resembles the crabby "base" of the Peace Fountain, though the O2's claws are apparently hidden.

The thing about Mean Time, whether in Greenwich or Paris or elsewhere: it is an illusion, an artifice.

Latitude is sun, horizon, noontime, the spinning Earth. Done deal.

Longitude, tho, is a gesture, a wish, a mere convenience for various purposes, amongst them early navigation at sea. The Prime Meridian -- the zero-point basis for time calibration on Earth -- is entirely arbitrary. Might just as well be in YOUR backyard as in Green Witch, Jolly Olde.

Final Noodlebaker: an authentic Prime Meridian may exist, elsewhere from Greenwich. We must wonder if Greenwich wasn't chosen, long ago, to synchronize and effect important future events.

That, after all, is the purpose of navigation.


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