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Monday, November 05, 2007

Kristin Kvigne, This is Your Showcase!

Golden Boy

Egypt puts King Tut on public display

By ANNA JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer

Sun. Nov 4, 6:07 PM ET

LUXOR, Egypt - King Tut's buck-toothed face was unveiled Sunday for the first time in public — more than 3,000 years after the youngest and most famous pharaoh to rule ancient Egypt was shrouded in linen and buried in his golden underground tomb.

Archeologists carefully lifted the fragile mummy out of a quartz sarcophagus decorated with stone-carved protective goddesses, momentarily pulling aside a beige covering to reveal a leathery black body.

The linen was then replaced over Tut's narrow body so only his face and tiny feet were exposed, and the 19-year-old king, whose life and death has captivated people for nearly a century, was moved to a simple glass climate-controlled case to keep it from turning to dust.

The AP article extensively quotes Zahi Hawass, Egypt's omnipresent antiquities jefe. Nuggets:

"The face of the golden boy is amazing. It has magic and it has mystery."

"I can assure you that putting this mummy in this case, this showcase, can make the golden boy live forever."

The Friday, October 26 edition of TIME online features Sir Elton John performing onstage at O2 in The Revival of London's Millennium Dome, termed "one of the few manmade objects visible from space."

Upcoming gigs, including the gymnasties already mentioned: the "long awaited return" (ptooey) of the Spice Girls, and Led Zeppelin, via promoter Harvey Goldsmith, in a one-off reunion. Zep have many overt occult connections, of course. Page owned and resided at Boleskine House, Crowley's former retort on the shores of Loch Ness.

O2's arena act at the time of TIME's publication was Disney on Ice.



[Will Walt's pipe still light? heh-heh]

Disney's cryogenic suspension is a continuing legend (and distinct possibility -- he wasn't exactly the corner grocer, folks.)

Also "in the works" for the O2 Dome is a "permanent Cirque de Soleil theatre."

Invisible Sun Circus for a resurrected sun king?

And this month, the King Tut Exhibit opens at O2 for a nine-month run.

A reversed, carbonic gestation.

O2. A rejuvenated Dome for the Re-juven. Zahi: "This showcase can make the golden boy live forever."

The ancient Egyptians were very determined. Very serious indeed. Their theocratic civilizations focused total energy, bottom to top, on the sole transformative purpose of stellar resurrection via techno-sorcery. Like the Giza pyramids, the Egyptians were not interested in metaphor. Especially in harsh lands, form follows function.

Speaking of techno-sorcery, M15 today informs via AP of Children being groomed for terror.

Most people scanning news see only the headline containing the psychobombs children, groom, and terror. The actual article contains no sexual content, but the desired images and inferences remain in the readers' minds.

Not to say that some small amount of Paki-Brit teens aren't being trained in Pakistan. Quite likely. But the headline calculatingly impacts far beyond the story content.

Interpol today announced free use of "public appeal measures" to find and arrest pedophiles.

"Perpetrators can try to hide behind the Internet, they can try to live anonymously," said [Kristin] Kvigne. "But we are policing the Internet, and we will get them."

Mean time, Dory Devlin The Mom informs of the UK pilot project that tracks kids via RFID chips embedded in school uniforms. "For safety's sake."

Brittany flitters in, enticing, Brittany flitters away, slicing and dicing. She could be sane, but she won't. Others see to that.

Goya knows some real monsters.

England is indeed under attack from within. How prophetic of M15 to concur.

Pakistan ain't the problem, tho. That's only for The Endless War on Terror purveyors.

Egypt, obviously, is the problem. Necromancy, gold, sex-magick, goddess-worship, blood, human self-deification. ME in On. The realm of Brittany, of artifice, of illusions that enslave. Beyonce sailing through the Tower Bridges astride the back of the Boy King, offering again something she never delivers, can't deliver.

Never had to begin.

Wepwawet Anubis and Co. didn't just beam-down to Jolly Olde.

They were invited in.

As part of his lifelong series of goddess-invocations, Crowley in 1910 held seven "public performances" of his Rites of Eleusis at Caxton Hall in Westminster. Replete with robes containing the Triangle Eye!

Lest this seem silly and trivial, Crowley's chosen successor in Magickally Invoking the Goddess was uberadept Jack Parsons, the "Father of American Rocketry" and co-founder (and power behind) JPL.

Far too long a story for this space. Cliff Notes: before each test launch, Parsons invoked Pan. Pan-demon, Pandemonium. He got it, too.

The American Presence in heaven ensued.

Prior posts explored the power of place in San Francisco, New Bedford, Greenwich/Greenwich Village, and elsewhere. Caxton Hall recalls Carfax Hall/Carfax Abbey, "legendary" stronghold of old worm Nosferatu (noos = serpent, fer = serpent, atu = Atum?)

Carfax is also the crossroads-center of Oxford, England, a town-square dominated by Carfax Tower. Carfax means crossroads, an association usually diabolical and blood-sacrificial. A potent place. Rome called it quadrivium. Four Corners.


Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world and home of the Rhodes Scholarship -- Cecil Rhodes and the Rhodes Trust. Cecil founded the De Beers Mining Company (diamonds and death) and sought to transmute the fading British Empire into a global "Imperial Federation" or "Imperial Union" -- a single, global enterprise and authority. He and his friends were patient and well-funded.

Such connections are documented elsewhere. Let's return to Caxton Hall at Oxford and wonder WHY a meticulous adept like Crowley chose it to advance his Re-arisen Goddess agenda . . . and why Richard Star-key also chose it for his own style of nuptials.

Egypto-Chaldean sorcery seeks immortality (divinity) through applied techno-magick. Power, sex, drugs, and rocket role. The collective will of various Egyptian civilizations was bent towards resurrection, divinity, and immortality. God does not decide who becomes stars -- nor who lives and dies.

Pharoah decides, under the Goddess' authority (the collective will of human females, expressed socio-politically.) In the modern world, Crowleyan Thelema and other self-serving, Darwinian creeds grant human beings divine will as Sole Law. Each person decides upon their own godhood. All is acceptable, as all are gods.

Khem Khaos.

But not everyone is quite prepared to dispense with the difference between what is authentic and real, and what is fake -- despite the collusion between (false) "church" and state to pretend otherwise. ("Nobody has protested against Beyonce. Never.")

Ah. Hem.

Moving from artifice to artifice, we learn that Caxton Hall was built in 1878 as Westminster City Hall. Caxton Street was originally Chapel Street. (Renamed for William Caxton, to whom we'll return. Point being, secular replaced religious in the very name of the street -- a dis-spiritment of place. Instead of acknowledging and remembering god, England paid homage to a dwarf selling indulgences. See below.)

As registry for Westminster, marriages at Caxton Hall were (are?) common, as were numerous important political meetings -- including many suffragette conclaves. From way Across the Pond, one begins to suspect if in the past five or six centuries Caxton Hall wasn't the repository and shelter of many masonic doings.

This page reports:

The Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) activities included the holding of a ‘Women's Parliament’ at Caxton Hall at the beginning of each parliamentary session, with a subsequent procession to the Houses of Parliament and the attempt (always unsuccessful) to deliver a petition to the prime minister in person. It has been the scene of many political meetings in the 20th century.

In 1476, William Caxton set up England's first printing press, a skill he learned in Bruges (now a town in Flemish Belgium; perhaps related to Temple Bruer?) Caxton translated and printed various works, a task theretofore almost exclusively handled by clergy. Thus, the Word was secularized and de-spiritualized, made accessible but also common.

Caxton governed the Company of Merchant Adventurers of London, a commercial monopoly much anticipating the spirit, if not the actual matter, of the British East India Company. The Merchant Adventurers was a trade guild with roots in the Fraternity of St. Thomas of Canterbury.

[Check the Templar Cross on the East India Co. link! Wikipedia reports the Company was commonly called "John Company" (Johannite Templars) or "Company Bahadur."

"Bahadur" strongly suggests Tolkien's fortress of fire, tower of woe: Barad-dur [bar-rad-durr']. Sauron's power was invested, globally, in the One Ring. But the visible manifestation of his power was the proto- panoptical Eye of Sauron set atop the impregnable fortress Barad-dur (which is why only the Ring's un-making could destroy the Tower.)

Barad-dur, Roger Garland

Could J.R.R. have been unaware of the correspondence between Bahadur and Barad-dur? Not impossible, but unlikely. Tolkien was a distinguished Oxford Don of global philological merit, and he and wife Edith lived all around Oxford. He'd have known plenty about the East India Companies -- British, Portuguese, and other hydraheads.

One of William Caxton's earliest printing projects (1474) involved a volume on "Chesse" -- a game and subject dear to Templars and Tessellators everywhere!

Printer's Device, William Caxton (1478)

For the trooly diligent (masochistic!), here's an enlightening essay on Willie Cax' role in the development of the first Scriptures in English. (The Gutenberg Bible appeared in Germany circa 1454.) The essay on "The King James Version of the Volume of the Sacred Law" was delivered to the Grand Lodge of New South Wales and Victoria by "Brother and Reverend" Dr. Terence McKenna.

Terence McKenna, supposed "hippie philosopher," world-expert on psychopharmacology, student of "machine elves," Archaic Revivalist, contactee of "aliens," and producer of the 2012/Timewave Zero "novelty theory."

Terence, of course, was a longstanding goddess-worshipper and goddess-revivalist. He never quite took the bull by horns. Didn't know he was a mason, tho. Figgers.

McKenna reveals that William Caxton got underway in business by printing indulgences for profit. (Selling god's authority to forgive.) Also quoteable from Terence: "These doors were opened by the new technology of printing which had a devastating effect on mankind, much the same as computers and the Internet have had on us in the last twenty years . . . ."

The black face of the Golden Boy, like that of sol niger Crow-ley or Dark Madonna Beyonce, reveals the animal-aspect of humanity -- the alchemist's prima materia amok, become cancer. Dark Anubis the Jackal, base and scavenging, waltzes back down civilization's primal meridian, clever and unconscious as a giant squid.


As I was walking down the street one day

a pretty lady looked at me

and said her diamond watch had stopped cold dead

and I said

(Robert Lamm)


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