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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Global Elders I

THE ELDERS, seated above their palantir-like illumined globe, reminiscent of navigational equipment and the servants of Elizabeth I (and probably II)

Loinger boats are coming to win us
Coming to win us
Coming to win us
Loinger boats are coming to win us
Hold on to the shore or
They'll be takin' the key from the door

(Cat Stevens)

Apparently over summer The Global Elders convened under their own authority as "unbiased and independant" leaders launching attacks on the Global Village's problems.

Little Dynamo as usual was a Conspicuous Uninvitee. Lessee . . . he's elderly alright. Check.

He's bad, he's nationwide . . . yep he's global.


Hm. Well . . . mebbe it was the The!

That'd be 'El' in espanol.


Let's peek at Sir Richard Branson's Global Elders, see how Unbiased and Openminded they are.

To begin askance, below is an excerpt from Rigorous Intuition of May 9, 2007, the Comments section, as part of a discussion of 'faery' and occultism. It's included here as followup to the suspected influence of occultism and masonry in the Michaeline/Marian happenings at Garabandal.

From an FT [Fortean Times, probably] article by Therese Taylor about Lourdes. No link. Just old fashioned printed paper. Sorry.

The Cave of Massabielle has an identifiable history prior to the apparitions of 1858. This rocky outcrop on the left bank of the river Gave, a short walk from the town of Lourdes, was part of a chain of grottos, some of which opened into deep caverns within the mountains. The grottos were sufficiently notable to feature in guidebooks to the region, although one's response to them was always dependent on class and social factors.

To the educated, such natural formations were the occasion for scientific exploration and scenic appreciation; to the common people, they were sites of supernatural activity. As the 19th century anthropologist Andre Lefevre wrote: "There is hardly a single French province which does not have trees, grottoes or dolmens which are haunted by fairies. One hears of fairy pillars and rocks, fairy nooks, fairy wells, lakes, houses and chambers of fairies, wraiths and sorcerors.

"Superstitions concerning Massabielle provide evidence of a reputation both sacred and demonic, of a place both haunted and holy.When describing the area, local writer Lagreze noted that "the belief in fairies and sorcerors is dear to our mountain people", but did not record exactly what stories the grotto inspired. The fairies were also known as 'white ladies', and they lived in caves, dolmens and groves.

These nature spirits could be either well or ill disposed towards humans, and the could also be lustful, capricious, and powerful. They retained all the characteristics of pagan deities mingled with later Christian elements. The figure of a powerful or impressive Fairy Queen was often mixed up with that of the Virgin Mary, whose image she both shaped and mirrored.The fairies around Lourdes were familiar to the people of the town, and were known to live at Massabielle.

Even today, the Lourdes Grotto is known as 'Fairy Cave' among local people. Lourdes tradition also linked the area of Massabielle to the Virgin Mary. It was claimed that in the 11th century Lourdes had been dedicated in feudal vassalage to Notre Dame de Puy, and that every year green herbs from the fields around Massabielle were gathered and offered to this ancient icon.

From the end of April 1858, people began to report that they had seen visions, either at the Grotto or other locations. Most were children, but they included women and some men. Francoise Junca, who watched a group of children fall into trances at the Grotto, described how they "threw themselves on their knees, together like one man, then they would rise...weep, cry, lament, then they would suddenly fall to their knees again: and we, we followed all their changes, all their prostrations."

The eccentricity of these displays did not repulse her. She found the children to young and naive to be capable of invention, "therefore for them there was a vision, and also for us, the spectators." The Grotto, however, was a gateway to the other world, and anything might come through it.Soon, many visionaries were showing signs that they were in communication with either nature spirits or devils. Local folklore preserved chilling stories of a beautiful white lady who appeared around Massabielle.

Unlike Bernadette's Dame, she did not remain stationary but floated in the air and beckoned to the children who saw her, luring them towards the precipices. The white lights, also, would fascinate the watchers and draw them towards the caverns. Several visionaries would have stepped over cliffs or into the rushing water of the Gave had they not been restrained. The children at the Grotto sometimes exhibited signs that they were possessed.

Faery, the Little People, the Shee, are all liminal latencies thirsting backwards to the Great Mother/Goddess. The Land of Faery, like the Realm of the Mothers, is the chthonic underworld, the Great Sea of the Mind, especially its "unconscious" and preconscious components.

Fairyland has a "king," but is ruled by a queen. Spenser perceptively (if subserviently and self-preservingly) connected the archetypal Faerie Queen to Elizabeth I, whose role in occultism, global navigation and exploration, and intelligence paved the way for our modern Western synarch-cryptocracies. Through her, Great Britain ensured its prominence in re-establishing functional matriarchy, idolatry, and worship of the feminine throughout the Western world.

The list is far too long to enumerate here, but luciferianism/masonry deliberately infested the world -- particularly North America -- via the serpent's servant called Gloriana, Elizabeth I, The Virgin Queen (a direct reference to the Goddess.)

Sampling of Elizabeth's company: Dee, Bacon, Raleigh, and of course Drake, whose name at least doesn't lie.

Bistea Neptunis. Elizardabeth I, Queen of the modern age of tessellation, the planet as powergrid for crafted chesspieces.

As with Henry the Navigator in Portugal, the intent towards the "New World"-- despite lip-service to 'God' -- was always establishment of an Eternal Homeland for the Goddess.

How would the Chosen Families maintain longitudinal dominion in this New World? What would serve as fount for sure cashflow across the centuries. How would the rabble be stifled -- jitterbugged, as They say?

Poppies. Poppies. Poppies will put them to sleep.

In 1600, Elizabeth chartered the British East India Company, and all three problems were solved simultaneously. High offices in New World nations would be controlled by banks and other "merchant elite" pirates and robber-barons, with exotic substances the manipulated baseline product.

The Templars still controlled banking, and always would.

The British East India Company, or just The Company (still called that!) acted as Satan's Fence, involved in all kinds of sinister activities that eventually morphed into the worldwide arms and drug trade . . . especially opium and derivatives.

Connections between American (and Western) Intelligence and the drug/arms trade are well-documented. The War on Drugs was installed partly as weapon against young Western males, partly to guarantee monopoly by the current Company, and partly from sheer malevolence and vengeance. Only illegality ensures monopoly, as earlier versions of The Company proved with sugar, tea, and so forth.

Less well-documented are the unending connections between the Bush family -- and much of America's transgenerational, neo-Tory rulers -- and the British East India Company. Yale University, lair of the U.S. "elite" and cryptocracy, was founded and funded by Eli Yale -- employee of, and veteran opium pirate for, The Company.

We can't "vote" these God-hating, megalomaniacal, torturing, murdering fuckers out of office.

They run America -- and most of the world -- from well behind any office, and they place into office (political, religious, military, or otherwise) anybody they wish, at any time.

In reality, America long ago was re-swallowed by the Seabeast, the matriarchal British Empire, largely through the machinations of The Company in various shapeshifting guises.

America is a Luciferian, narrowly oligarchic matriarchy, designed and developed -- despite opposition from many good folks -- to operate in conjunction with Great Britain to spread a monopolized gynofascist "marketplace" around the planet.

Elizabeth II continues and consolidates her namesake's draconic tradition.

Today, happily, Yahoonews informed moi that one Sir Richard Branson, knighted by the lovely Queen Elizabeth, and chairman of Virgin Group, stepped forward as a major financier and protector of the McCann parents.

Yuup. Virgin Group.

Sir Richard's aid is designed to "clear the name" of the McCanns, despite the rather thorny fact that, presumably, Sir Richard doesn't yet know if the McCanns are innocent.

Minor Flaw in the Effort, to be sure!

For some bizarre and unexplained reason, plopped turdily into the AP story is the testimony of one John Sentamu, Archbishop of New York, who declared that the McCanns had been treated "unjustly and inhumanely, because the evidence does not stack up at all."

Now the Archbishop wants to play not only God, but Detective, capable of evidentiary analysis.

Yee. Ikez. And sheesh.

Sir Richard's wife is Joan Templeman. Yep.

Mom is named Eve.


Ain't no escape in this universe, is there?

Like the Fat Conductor, Sir Richard is heavily involved in Britain's railways, and founded Virgin Records (Sex Pistols, Culture Club, Faust.) Most ominous and telling, Virgin Record's first -- and breakthrough -- release was Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells."

Wikipedia fails to mention it, but "Tubular Bells" was the opening and recurring soundtrack behind The Exorcist.

Ah. At last. Familiar territory, Mike's Old Field.

And awaaaay we go! . . . .

Folks, that Goddess in that harbor, disguised as Lady Liberty? Oooweee she needs an exorcist. Bad.

America is indeed possessed. And she ain't strapped to nobody's bed.

She does the tying down, and the leashing.

Virgin Records logo

(note that the serpent's tail rests in the crotch of the female twins -- a second crotch is deliniated by the double-crossed legs, with open vagina, forming the capital letter M -- the M is doubled via the twin heads, suggesting MM -- Mary Magdalene, Madeleine McCann, Mother Mary, etc.)

On Feb. 1, 2007, the Queen's vassal Sir Richard opened his Virgin Health Bank to offer "parents-to-be the opportunity of storing their baby's umbilical cord blood stem cells in private and public stem cell banks after their baby's birth." [quote from Wikipedia]

Wikipedia again:

In the late 1990s, Branson and musician and activist Peter Gabriel discussed with Nelson Mandela their idea of a small, dedicated group of leaders, working objectively and without any vested personal interest to solve difficult global conflicts.

On July 18, 2007, in Johannesburg, South Africa, Nelson Mandela announced the formation of a new group, The Elders, in a speech he delivered on the occasion of his 89th birthday. The founding members of this group are Desmond Tutu, Graça Machel, Kofi Annan, Ela Bhatt, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Jimmy Carter, Li Zhaoxing, Mary Robinson, and Muhammad Yunus.

The Elders will be independently funded by a group of "Founders", including Branson and Gabriel.

Desmond Tutu serves as the chair of The Elders—who will use their collective skills to catalyze peaceful resolutions to long-standing conflicts, articulate new approaches to global issues that are causing or may cause immense human suffering, and share wisdom by helping to connect voices all over the world. They will work together over the next several months to carefully consider which specific issues they will approach.

Here are the Agenda-free Elders:

Ela Ramesh Bhatt, ardent feminist and founder of SEWA, India's Self-Employed Women's Association.

Nelson Mandela and his wife, Graca Machel, Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire and associate of the U.N.

Former Chinese Ambassador to the U.S., Li Zhaoxing, seemingly a bizarre choice for this group. He's another U.N. spook, though. And he does know something about Happy Totalitarianism.

Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights who, according to this site, is a big backer of abortion, gay "rights" and Victim Rights -- which always, esp at the U.N., means Female Empowerment/Male Disempowerment.

Lest one get suckered by all the Left/Right bullshit: Robinson is a member of the Trilateral Commission.

There is no Left or Right. Only the onrushing satanic, goddess-grovelling, avaricious, smarmy, Perfectly Diverse NWO so expertly captured by the Zimmerman/Charles film masked and anonymous. Hilary Clinton is as much Leviathan as the Bush Babies.

Difference is, they know it, and they know most of you don't.

Kofi Annan, former U.N. Secretary-General. The U.N. has, for some time, largely been a rubber-stamp for the surfacing British-American NWO cryptomatriarchy.

Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime Minister of Norway and World Health Organization Director-General. The WHO is also, largely, a compromised organization, often used as a front for less-than-exactly- humanitarian objectives. Brundtland, a diehard and outspoken feminist, is also UN-connected.

Sample wisdom from Herr oops Elder Bruntland:

The myth that men are the economic providers and women, mainly, are mothers and care givers in the family has now been thoroughly refuted. This family pattern has never been the norm, except in a narrow middle-class segment.

Women will not become more empowered merely because we want them to be, but through legislative changes, increased information, and redirection of resources. It would be fatal to overlook this issue.

Women power is a formidable force.

OK . . . how we doin' so far with our New Founders and Elders, eh? Not quite as "unbiased" as advertised.

Shuck n jive n jive n shuck
The New Boss is the Old Boss
With Elders like these
We are surely fucked.

[blush -- little dynamo stayed up all night composing that pome! send him kruggerands if you liked it or didn't]

Ah, let's see, who's next, who's next . . . . such a palette of squidlings, so many dark marbles to pluck from the seaslime!

Jimmy Carter.


A sneek. MommyZombie. Nuff said.

Desmond Tutu. Founder and Chairman of the Elders.

Anglican Bishop -- meaning his boss is the Archbishop of Canterbury -- "Church of England' political malarky pretending to be religion. Ain't nothin' to do with Jesus.

So back to Merry Olde the trail again returns, like the ouroboric Maw.

The Anglicans, by the way, are groundbreakers concerning the ordination of women. Progressive Primalists! How very ungodly! :O)

Guess who Satan's first 'priest' was. Go on. Just guess. The world will wait. . . .

Muhammad Yunus is a banker. So were/are the Templars.

But Muhammad, you protest, is a GOOD banker, creating the concept of microcredit for the poor, and founding Grameen Bank which, along with Elder Yunus himself, won the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize.

Sounds great, huh? Impeccable. Unassailable, really. No negative blowback, as our Manipulators chucklingly phrase it. Pure Teflon.

Except . . . except . . . this tidbit buried in the Wikipedia profile on Elder Madhummus:

Many, but not all, microcredit projects also retain its emphasis on lending specifically to women. More than 96% of Grameen loans have gone to women, who suffer disproportionately from poverty and who are more likely than men to devote their earnings to their families.[14]

1) Women do not suffer disproportionately from poverty in my nation, and if you think they do, come on a neighborhood tour

2) Women are not more likely than men to devote their earnings to their families. Feminist NWO-UN propaganda.

To return to our Elder Muhammad, however, that model of Fair Bankerism upon whom the planet can now safely rely egalitarially, knowing, as Sir Richard Branson's Global Elders assure, they remain "independant" of special interests.

Right. Four percent of Elder Muhammad's Grameen Bank outlays go to men, ninety-six percent go to women.

Shitfire! The Global Elders' System of Equality and Nondiscrimination is exactly like America's System.

But if you read out loud to any Western audience right now that 96 percent of a bank's loans are purposely funneled to women, the audience would invariably cheer. Loudly.

We are already programmed -- fully programmed -- for The Founders and The Elders. The world awaits them with open arms and minds scrubbed squeaky kleen. Soon we can expect the commercials . . . though they will be subtle, be assured, and won't even seem like commercials.

Footnote fourteen from that charming, prophetic Wikipedia paragraph above leads to more Sophia, more of the New Global Wisdom from our Illumined Elders. Here's Elder Muhammad, expounding on the egalitarian Global Village of edenic balance between females and males (as hinted in his loan policies):

[Interviewer's name is Negus]

Yunus: If you give a small loan to a rich person, that is not categorised as micro credit. We are meaning a small loan to the poorest person.

Negus: Why do you think that this works particularly well when the people borrowing the money are mainly women?

Yunus: Because women, we saw all along the way, have longer vision, want to change their lives much more intensively.

Negus: Just Bangladeshi women or women in general?

Yunus: I think women in general. If you are born into a poor family, if you are a woman you have seen the worst of poverty. In a cultural way in the families in Bangladesh it's the women who eats last. So if you have a scarcity in the family

Negus: She misses out?

Yunus: She misses out So everything comes in the raw deal for her. So , given a chance she works very hard to make a change to improve her life. And by training she is the most efficient manager of scarce resources. Because with the little resource she has, she has to stretch it as much as she can to look after the children, look after the family and everything else..unlike men - men want to enjoy right away. Whatever he got, whatever tiny bit of thing he got he doesn't care for much what's coming up.

Negus: One of the criticisms, and you've got your critics, is that this scheme has changed the relationship between poor Bangladeshi men and women-that it has altered the relationship completely, have you found that? Is that a problem? The men can't handle the fact it's the women who are doing it?

Yunus: The way you describe it, it could be an admiration of what we've been doing -that we've improved the relationship. It's changed for the better.... In a kind of Grameen Bank way you get more stability within a family, better relations between men and women. The husband doesn't see the wife as a kind of dependant person. He starts looking at her now as a kind of partner in the family because she also has an independent source of income.

Well, it's hard to know how to address such projectile vomitus, full of chunks and shards of plain old hatred for maleness.

Right you are, there, Elder -- favoring females over males in every aspect of culture, including employment, has worked GREAT in America at getting "more stability within a family" and fostering "better relations between men and women."

Really. It's been super. Just look around. Anywhere.

A real feelgood story. Assuming, of course, one's intent is to annihilate the family itself, not to mention destroy, perhaps forever, any possiblility of trusting and loving relations between female and male on this planet -- or anywhere else, for that matter.

Yah. Your Grameen Bank Model, your Global Village Sideshow, your pandering to women's weaknesses for power and vengeance, it's been a Big Hit the past fifty years in America. Sane folk can sure see why you and the Elders and Sir Richard and George and Hilary and the Queenie and other walking talking pathologies would want to spread America's agonized death-rattle, the incredible hostility and distrust between the genders, to the balance of Creation.

OK, that about covers the Flying Monkey Elderitch Horrors I guess, except for:



Wikipedia's entry on him includes this:

During the writing and recording of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Gabriel was approached by director William Friedkin, allegedly because Friedkin had found Gabriel's short story in the liner notes to Genesis Live interesting. Gabriel's interest in a film project with Friedkin was another contributing factor in his decision to leave Genesis.

Friedkin, of course, was director of 1973's The Exorcist, a film that, like The Wizard of Oz, had many spillovers into reality. The Exorcist horrified and enraptured American audiences because it struck at our darkest collective side: our occult/masonic bargains for wealth and power, and our matriarchal past and present, Columbia Dea, our sweet national girl, possessed by the serpent, drunk and entranced by power, writhing, overshadowed and overtaken by her pagan, satanic roots.

The Exorcist, apart from technical merits, is a work of sorcery in itself (as are all artworks, particularly visual media.) The film as Attractor enwebs all manner of creature, both by sympathy and antipathy.

For example: the film opens as Father Lankester Merrin finds an ancient statue of the demon Pazuzu during an archaeological dig near Ninevah. The ancient Biblical city of Ninevah, destroyed by Yahweh for sinful pride. Thatun. The Ninevah that's now called Mosul/Hatra, Iraq.

The Iraq where the contention currently is.

Included in Wikipedia's summary of the film is mention of subliminal imagery, particularly Captain Howdy, a cover for Pazuzu.

Along with The Exorcist and neo-Templar/pagan/lluminati/cryptocracy overtones, the other spontaneously emerging theme in these "Madeleine" posts has been the looming presence of the UN, long a bastion of feminism and purveyor of a modern pandemic, the Myth of Woman, Eternally Oppressed by Man.

And that archetypally potent MegaMyth is the de facto religion of the modern Western world -- and certainly the Global Village "spirituality" embraced and dispersed by The Founder and The Elders . . . and by ur-Founder Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin Empire.

What, in fact, is Branson's interest in Madeleine and the McCanns? Can't yet say, but it's hard to believe it doesn't involve stacking his Global Elder council with neomatriarchalists.

More to come in The Global Elders, Part II


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