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Monday, October 01, 2007

Lucifer's Crown


From mysterious origins, into the bowells of Earth, through the hands of power-mad regents across darkest India, thence via the British East India Company to Queen Victoria, and eventually to the "Queen Mother," Elizabeth I, thence to Elizabeth II. [Here's a link, for those interested, in the recent Annie Liebowitz/Queen Eliz Two fiasco. More on this below.]

Fittingly, perhaps, the diamond rode atop the Queen Mother's coffin during her funeral procession in 2002.

Koh-i-noor. A trail of blood, greed, torture, murder, and psychospiritual desolation.

All roads, as with Philip Kindred Dick's Black Iron Prison, Rome Eternus, lead back -- and forward -- to the Queen, and to the Queen Mother. (Yes, I know the Queen Mother is dead. So was the Koh-i-Noor Diamond, once.)

Queen of Illusion, Princess of the Cave of Treasures, that is our Faerie Queene!

Queen Elizardeth is Matriarch of the House of Windsor, which, along with the Mountbatten House are, according to some, primo European players amongst Earth's "Black Nobility."

Srrnakes in high places.

In 1851, the British East India Company (featuring notoriously in recent posts herein) deposed the Maharajah of the Punjab, and walked off with his goodies, including the Koh-i-Noor. Hold in mind the BEIC's legacy of global drugs/arms manufacture and dealing, and its ties to the British "aristocracy" (whether titled or simply enriched/ empowered), and the BEIC's probable transition into Western (U.S./British) Intelligence and government (think Iran-Contra.)

That's not proof, of course. But it's enough for scrutiny. And proof isn't relevant anyway. If this shit's true, their asses will fry.

In the U.S. the neo-BEIC nexus is the East Coast academic cryptocracy, most famously (though by no means solely) the Skull-and-Bones fraternity of John Kerry and the Bushies. The Bush family, as earlier documented, became wealthy via the Harriman family, all with neo-BEIC connections.

It's a pirate logo, people. Theft. Enslavement. Torture. Murder. Grog. Invitation-only H.M.S. Pinafore at eleven. I'm on. Where's my masque?

Bistea Neptunis, Beast from the Sea, Leviathan, Babylon, Jormungandr: the names are legion, but all describe a rising current, a dis-spiritualization, an oceanic, primal Force consisting of many "heads" -- multitudinous spheres of influence in every part of the globe (and, of course, above and beneath it).

The wealthiest woman on Earth is also the Queen Matriarch of the planet. Elizabeth.


Tolkien's brilliant and stirring The Silmarillion traces Middle Earth back from the days of Bilbo and Frodo (Third Age) to cosmogenesis. The Silmarilli themselves -- note the aquatic "mar" core -- are three jewells that conserve primeval power in starlight form. They aren't merely jewells, as the Bible isn't simply a book.

The Silmarils are sentinet beings of ur-mana. Consider how much mineral, rock, and stone figure in the phenomenal universe. See?

Well . . . the Silmarilli are the universal Gods, the Lords, of this Mineral Realm. Tolkien doesn't discuss the properties of the Silmarils much. His work exudes authenticity, and endures, precisely because he didn't write about what he didn't know. (And did write about what he did.)

The Elf-Lord who fashioned the Silmarilli, one Feanor, transferred part of his spirit, his life-force, to the gems. Following sundry misadventures, the Silmarils were stolen, under blood, by Melkor Morgoth, Dark Enemy of the World, also a Vala, who displayed them -- a captive audience, lumen naturae -- in his Crown.

The Hope Diamond, like the Koh-i-noor, was unearthed at Golconda (see discussion below), and the two gems -- exactly like the Silmarils -- are transtemporal mineral tapestries of horror, suffering, and tragedy. The Hope Diamond is housed at the suspect and skulky Smithsonian. In reality, however, perhaps the Queen owns both, as part of her "extended" Crown Jewell, America.

Revolution? What Revolution? I don't gots to show you no stinking Revolution.

Rule Brittania.


Tolkien masterfully weaves almost the entire history of Middle Earth around the Silmarilli, hence the tome's title. Indeed their Living Light, released from the service of power and cruelty, restores the world following Middle Earth's "armageddon."

J.R.R. was almost certainly aware of the Koh-i-Noor, of the true history of the diamond and other Crown Jewells, and perhaps even of its connection to the (il)legitimacy of European "sovereigns" -- particularly the masonic Mountbatten (Battenburg, a German 'Royal' House) and Windsor families.

Despite the ludicrous new age gaga over crystals etc., certain stones do have unusual properties, as do certain pieces of wood -- properties which, in some cases, science has not yet discovered, and in other cases, only partially discovered and utilized. Medmen amongst indigenous language groups in what's now Southern California (e.g. the Cohuilla) also understood arcane properties of certain rocks and stones -- and so did Yah, thus forbiddance of "working" or inscribing stones, especially large, rare pieces of extreme clarity, particularly susceptible to influence.

ClearChannel, so to say.

Ridikillus, you riposte. Rocks are as dumb as, well, a rock.

True. Rocks are dumb. Tongueless.

But they ain't stoopid!

The Earth is quite alive. Understanding and utilizing this constitues a tremendous advantage for an adept over a modern, post-Cartesian citizenry. Dig.

On the globo-celestial chessboard, all squares and roads lead back -- and forward -- to the Queen, and possibly to the European "Black Nobility" of fraternal occultists.

Wikipedia's first paragraph notes that the Koh-i-noor was found at the curious site of Golconda in Andra Pradesh, India -- near the occult mecca of Hyderabad (Hydra-abad).

The East -- India -- stopped Alexander. He weren't no piker.

Killed him, it did. The land itself, and its oatmeal air. That might be a conspiracy, but it ain't a theory.

Inja is a darkly dark place, full of skreeking and kronking thangs, many of them (putatively) human, and India's deep places of the earth nurture things better left undisturbed.

However . . . bit late for that. Apparently the Stone has already found its Owner.

The "Gol" in Golconda has negative connotations too numerous to mention, but including Golgotha (Aramaic, 'Place of the (a) Skull) . . . that is, the place where the Serpent Forces re-enacted their matriarchal rite of blood-sacrifice, the pagan fertility King Killing extended into infinity, most recently JFK.

The snake's priests and government officials knew Christ was a king. Check the inscription. We rule, you don't . Har Har Har.

The Light of the World rots in the Tower of London.

Same old Skull and Bones. New millennium, same Templars.

Goliath, of course, was the behemoth Philistine champion, the Giant of the Land. Not that Western market-ethics bear any resemblance to philistinism. Nrrrkpfffftt with Grok Sauce.

Gollum was the transformed, de-evolved hobbit in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. He carried the Ring (the later One Ring of Sauron, Morgoth's servant, not the Silmarilli) for many years, then lost his Precious 'Birthday Present' underground, when the Ring -- volitionally, as with its sentient relatives, the Silmarilli -- electromagnetized its will in dark sympathy to Bilbo's desperate need, in a literal attempt to re-surface and return to its master, at which point global conquest was fait accompli.

Gol suffixes Mongol. The diamond dwelt among the Mogul Empire kings for at least four centuries. Morgoth is Tolkien's Lucifer. So forth.

The Indian word conda is "rock" or "mountain." Koh-i-noor translates "Mountain of Light." Obviously, it's also the suffix in Anaconda -- the large, mostly aquatic, omniverous snake.

Saur-on is Tolkien's Serpent-Lord, the Ringlord. Tolkien's "tale" is about power -- specifically, the nature of power, and the abusing and forgoing of power.

Wikipedia's second paragraph on Queen Brittania uh Elizabeth's sconestone reads:

Like all significant jewels, the Kohinoor has its share of legends. It is reputed to bring misfortune or death to any male who wears or owns it. Conversely, it is reputed to bring good luck to female owners.

Eh. Phuket. Coincidence.

Still . . . Lucy/fer, the feral firelight, morning star . . . stone is bad luck for males . . . luciferian/templar/matriarchal Queen . . . eh.

Probly not.


Continuing the Tolkien/Morgoth theme, Tracy Twyman's "The Real Tomb of God: The Grail, The Ark, the Emerald Tablet, and the Forgotten Father of Mankind" posits:

Far from being the dumb jock that modern conceptions depict him to be, with the physique and mentality of a WWF wrestler, Hercules was actually very wise. In fact, according to Plato, he was one of the kings of Atlantis. And just as Hermes possessed a magick stone which fell from Heaven (according to legend written on a jewel out of Lucifer's crown) and which had strange electro-magnetic properties, and which has been associated with the Holy Grail, Hercules also possessed a Heavenly stone, and a special golden cup that he put it in!

Writes Ignatius Donnelly in his book Atlantis: The Antediluvian World:
"The Magnet was called the 'Stone of Hercules.' Hercules was the patron deity of the Phoenicians. He was, as we have shown elsewhere, one of the Gods of Atlantis - probably one of its great kings and navigators. . . .

Yoop. Dere's dem pesky Navi Gators again.

Note also the reference above to electro-magnetism (attraction or 'sympathy' in magickal systems.)

Apparently the Queen got a little untidy . . . well, let us say indisposed . . . during a recent portrait session with the (massively over-rated) American photographer Annie Liebowitz.

The Queen arrived in white fur stole, gold-embroidered evening dress, Order of the Garter robes and diamond tiara, as requested. But Leibovitz, a perfectionist who once persuaded Whoopi Goldberg to pose in a bath of milk, had a change of heart.

“I think it will look better without the crown,” the film shows her informing the Queen. “Less dressy. The garter robe is so . . . extraordinary.”

“Less dressy?” the Queen says in response to this display of lãse-majesté. “What do you think this is?”

The Queen is then shown walking angrily from the drawing room. “I’m not changing anything,” she fumes at a flunky. “I’ve had enough of dressing like this, thank you very much.”

Hah! Actually I kind of like them snippets! That sounds decidedly human, not reptilian!

Buckingham Palace, and much of the British public, predictably fumed at release of this tape, with the Palace calling the vid "doctored" then demanding, and of course getting, an apology from the Beeb. (Can't recall if they finally got the BBC CEO's resignation.)

Bizzarely, apparently only the order of the Queen's ingress and egress from the White Drawing Room was, for reasons unexplained, confused.

The Queen's indignant blurts -- the Unroyal We must assume -- were NOT "doctored." It appears from this untitled (and unentitled!) American's POV that Buckingham Palace just wanted to shift the lens to the BBC and its execs, play Aggrieved Monarchy, and spin the whole episode as "fake."

In 1997, when Elizabeth II visited Pakistan, the Sikhs demanded return of the Koh-i-noor.

Um, sure, Sikhs, let me just get my purse . . . .

Even more dumbfoundedoodly, in 2000 the Taleban petitioned Britian for the stone's return, claiming primacy in its journey to India from Afghanistan.

Just stop, now . . . breathe, pause a moment . . . waaaaaiit . . .

The Frucking TALEBAN!? Aaack . . . lemme adjust my Trepanning Nozzle, fuzzy reception . . . .

Okee. Well. I don't make the facts. I hope.

One must nogginskratch the Taleban's detente here, tho. The Invading Infidels will voluntarily return one of the most expensive and powerful diamonds on Earth, based on . . . what? The Whiteboys might have Millennium Fever, and just box the booger back UPS?

The sun's hot in Afghanistan, yes? Yes?

Turn up the turban.

(Hey Maw! I think the noodles is cooked!)

And do we, Fellow Foozlers, despite the microanalyses of science, really know what a diamond is?

Don't be silly. Didn't make them, now, did we?

We know a tad about their uses. Thassit.

The mojomen of the Cohuilla knew more. That tradition is largely dead, as are their deepest practitioners. Good thing on both counts, probly.

Some things have wi'ii. Power is dangerous, and attracts the flies.

Yah's advice is still sound. I am stunned.


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