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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Your Daily Hate Crime


"Lucifer's Crown," a followup post on Elizabeth II and the Koh-i-Noor Diamond (etc.) is almost ready -- unfortunately, resources disallow.

It's a complex post, can't do it justice at present. So here's a tideover tidbit.
Above, of course, is the All Men Are Bastards (tm) Knife Block, a useful reminder of the collusion amongst business, government, the law and its enforcers, media, finance, the dark powers of this Earth -- and Woman.

A powerful alliance. The most powerful, and the most dangerous, the world has ever known.
Compared to these aligned interests, Adolph was a subway pickpocket.

As in the Garden, it is Woman's self-awarded (and God-damning) Judgment that started this aquamarine Ate Ball down the suicidal path we are now on -- and can't get off.

Most modern Western females believe -- believe collectively and absolutely -- that as females, they are entitled to wreak vengeance on the lives of males, for any alleged offense, perceived or otherwise.
In the Real Old Days, Woman believed the same.
Power is the Beast that dies hardest of all. Just ask Saur-on.
Love, otoh, is snowflake fragile.
Most of religion, from a practical standpoint, concerns little more than attempted restriction of two things -- Woman's will-to-power, and her assumption of vengeance upon males as her birthright.
Now that religion's basically kaput, or compromised by feminism, liberation politics, sexual scandals, etc., the reins are off the coal mare.
Headless and heedless, she gallops across the globe, shrieking for -- and getting -- the manblood that, for reasons still unexplained, sustains and comforts and delights her.
So far, the Nightmare has proven unstoppable and, in any broad sense, unmentionable.
If this little problem is not addressed and remedied, nothing will be addressed and remedied.

Hunting, torturing, and killing males has always been popular. It's the Most Dangerous Game (yawn) doncha know. In our liberated, egalitarian societies, however, the "free market" pumps gas on the constant conflagration that is female retribution.
Females, and certain males, derive great power (and often wealth) from this anti-dynamic. However, the destructions wrought affects us all -- and by us, I don't just mean stupid humanity. There's a world out there, full of beings who want to live and be joyful just as much as you. Consider it.

Here's a "writer," one Fern Michaels, who has gathered a tremendous amount of money and notoriety -- along with the applause and thanks of millions -- for inciting females into hating, and harming, males. For decades, at least, such pathology has become a staple of American "culture."
The lovely and delicate Fern vomits out an entire SERIES of "romance novels" whose basis is a Sisterhood (wink wink) enacting vengeance on males. The "Sisterhood" -- themselves spotless and protective souls, seeking only to Do Good in a world dominated and befouled by Evil Men -- meets regularly to try and sentence males they deem insufficiently punished by "the law." (LOL like there's some other law besides women! Dubble Jeopardy, eh MacBeth?)
Here's a sample that summarizes American culture post-1980:

For one of their number, it’s an evening filled with anticipation. Because tonight, over delicious food and in the company of those she trusts most, it will finally be time to tell her story—and for the Sisterhood to help plan her revenge. Yoko Akia’s mother was only fifteen when a wealthy man swept her off her feet with promises of love. Instead, he filled her brief life with horror and misery.
The Sisterhood has helped each other exact vengeance on rotten men before, but this time it’s different. Their target is none other than America’s favorite movie star—a brute who has conned the world into believing he’s Mister Perfect. But he’s about to learn that nobody—not even a powerful superstar—is above the Sisterhood’s special brand of payback...

Patriarchy. Right.

Misogyny. Yeah, right. It's everywhere.

I've been around both males and females longer than I'll admit, and I have never spoken to any boy or man that exhibits such overt malevolence towards females.

Does the odd serial killer hate females? Apparently.

Do many men feel antagonistic towards women, especially modern women? Yes. The genders repel, as well as attract, and always have.

But there is no mass cultural reward in hating females. Quite the opposite. Try defending youself against a female in a public place in America, if you're a man. See what happens, if you can still see.

Why does this condition persist?

It persists because Western females, and especially American females, want it to persist. Such behavior is profitable AND a sure sign of self-esteem, of empowerment and liberation. America approves heartily.
For self-styled "alpha men," of course, such behavior by women and girls keeps the niggers down.

Woman is about to "payback" herself right out of a planet, precisely as her Beloved Advisor and his psychotic punks want . . . and have always wanted.

Amogst themselves, women are unable to police their shared misandry. Hating males coheres them, instantly providing rapport, a psychosocial sugarbomb in uni-bloodstream.

With rare exceptions, women want far too much to be liked and included. They want agreement and pleasantness. Like children, most have not learned that ostracization -- and worse -- is sometimes necessary for the health of the planet and kids they constantly claim are their only concern.

Wake up, Princess. Fast. If you cannot control your Payback Planet sanctitas, if you cannot control the sadism and evil of your own gender, it is all going pfttt.


Oh ye men. If the top blows, the bottom's a goner.

As a cheerer-upper, here's an excerpt from the Good Doctor's (ret.) "Hey Rube":

There was an exact moment, in fact, when I knew Al Gore would Never be President of the United States, no matter what the TV networks said — and that moment was when the whole Bush family suddenly appeared on TV and openly scoffed at the idea of Gore's winning Florida. It was Nonsense, said the Candidate, Utter nonsense. ...

Anybody who believed he'd lost Florida was a Fool. The Media, all of them, were Liars & Dunces or treacherous whores trying to sabotage his victory. They were strong words and people said he was Bluffing. But I knew better. Of course Bush would win Florida. Losing was out of the question. Here was the whole bloody Family laughing & hooting & sneering at the dumbness of the whole world on National TV.

Gimme this guy, plus Kaufman, Kinison, Jimbo, Kindred Phil, Hicks, a dozen others . . . shit, might keep the bigtop turning. . . .

Oh wait. . . they're all dead, ain't they?

Hounded out and away-away. Sliced, diced, tarred, de-feathered, and kissed off. As Bobby puts it, "Treated like a farm animal/on a wild-goose chase."

They didn't look back in longing a whole bunch. Get my drift?

Why do I bother?

Now everybody calls him 'Donald's Duck'

but I call him my Quackeroo

It took an awful long time, incalculable agony, to plant this cornpatch.

Nobody gets everything they want, and I mean nobody. Men are not perfect, as women have figured out and publicized unceasingly.

Now the Gens must hold Medusa's mirror up to itself. 'Cause the guys these days have been disarmed -- at minimum.

It's decision time, girls. Power or love.

For every mare -- even the oldest, biggest, wildest one -- there can only be one master, one groom.


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