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Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Achy Breaky Hart

Been treated like a farm animal
on a wild goose chase

West of the Jordan
East of the Rock of Gibraltar
I see the turning of the page
Curtain rising on a New Age
See the Groom still waiting at the altar

(Bob-ostrow the Maestro; from Shot of Love, 1981)

Last night Miley Cyrus (mega-popular "Hannah Montana") appeared with dad Billy Ray Cyrus on Jay Leno. Miley caught a little flak in our post of last October, "It's Like the Beatles."

Like first herpes encounters, we figgered we'd see her again. But not so soon.

The fifteen-year-old perched in the "star-seat" next to Jay, while dud, oops dad, was relegated to the "off-seat," just out of central camera shot.

At Jay's first question, hysterially popular Miley launched into a series of put-downs of Billy Ray. Clearly, Miley's a product of her nation.

Billy Ray sat silent and slightly stunned as his daughter completed her string of belittlements, sounding rehearsed, as if they'd been repeated endlessly to all and sundry, always with approving responses.

Miley's manic dump ended with Jay asking some pointedly innocuous question about dad and Miley trumpeting "Who would listen to that!" without bothering even to glace over at That.

She was glorying in her power, making it public. The audience laughed the laugh of hollow people. Doomed laughter.

Should-a seen ole Billy Ray's goateed goatface!

[Didn't work out so good for old Cyrus the Persian "prince" either. You think they'd take a hint.]

Oh well. Lil dynamo still felt bad for BillyBob, though he sowed and wrought his own humiliation. Yo, get off the Disney Channel, boy . . . while you can still hit low notes.


The audience tittered, unsure of proper response to a girl psychologically castrating her father on national television.

It was All Good, tho. Everybody made oodles of money, ratings were fab, girls felt empowered, the Disney Empire furthered many agendas, CDs flew from shelves, spinoffs spunoff galore. Within the first minute Billy Ray Cyrus, who apparently represents manhood and family values to the Cowboy Hat Crowd, was instructed in Who's Really Boss in the western world.

We're hyped that Miley/Hannah Montana is some Super Idol, but actually she's a rather insecure, mildly talented kid who'd be working at McDonald's and attending high school were not her father a glamorous hunky rich crooner.

Instead, Miley was handed her own TV show and ready-made "celebrity." By way of thanks, she prances around in New Brittany "What does sex mean?" outfits and disses her father on national television, smirking, understanding exactly what America wants, is, and sells.

Like countless other western males, Billy Ray produced a female child that dominates him. Later, she'll expect and demand domination of all males similarly.

When the world resists, she changes it, until it crumbles into cardiac carbon.

The millions of American girls like her, but lacking quite such a powerful daddy warbucks, will likewise enter society absolutely unprepared for any circumstance or reality in which their supremacy and wishes are not instantly observed and met. They will expect all men to be as spineless, submissive, and manipulable as daddy.
And if those men aren't, there'll by more laws, more mancages, more privileges and powers, more IMBRAs, and more Violence Against Women Acts to ensure compliance.
One in one-hundred U.S. adult citizens now live in cages, the MSM recently acknowledged. Ninety-two percent are men. The MSM sure as hell didn't acknowledge -- or even mention -- that.
No need for sanity or reality. We've got Miley.
Are American men 11 times more evil, more dangerous, than American women? The statistics, and common observation and sense, say no. Strangely, however, the "patriarchal justice system" says otherwise.

Lil dynamo clicked off Leno after the first detestable minute or so, but apparently Miss Miley went on to glug from a bottle of ketchup -- Heinz ketchup, her stated favorite -- and roped Leno into joining the vaguely fellatial Ritual Group Slurp.

This page has both a vidclip and a commentator who notes Miley's "loud, self-centered, disrespectul" shtick.

Of course it's misogyny, discrimination, oppression and Actionable Hate Speech to point out any of this.

Not to mention dangerous.

If Little Miley's ketchup chugging didn't carry sufficient psychosexual implicati illuminati -- in tandem with Leno's co-vampiric (tho likely innocent) "finger wound" and the very public, ongoing American Sport, Destroying Daddy -- her Heinz predilection cemented the Working.

Ketchup, of course, is Hollywood's prototypical blood-sub, in a kitch-circus kinda way. One of Skull and Bones' favorite sons, John (Scary) Kerry is hssband to Heinz fortune heireSS and global feminist/environmental activist, Teresa Heinz.

Why haven't the Global Elders scooped this prize up already?!

Wikipedia's page on her is instructive. Her maternal grandma is from Alexandria, Egypt.

Apple don't fall far from the obelisk!

Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões-Ferreira Heinz, a full-blooded Portuguese (ahem ahem) was raised princessly, then gold-dug into the Heinz family.

Marriage to Senator Henry John Heinz III, the (more ahems) plane-crash "accident" of same in 1991, and voila: Hell hath another heiress, another filthy rich, mega-empowered virago with a two-way tongue and unlimited ambition.

[Wikipedia: Heinz and six other people were killed on April 4, 1991, when a Bell 412 helicopter collided with the Senator's Piper Aerostar plane over Merion Elementary School in Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania. All aboard the two aircraft and two first-grade girls playing outside the school were killed. The helicopter had been dispatched to check out a problem when Heinz's plane was having problems with its landing gear. While moving in for a closer look, the helicopter's rotor blades struck the bottom of the plane, causing both aircraft to lose control and crash.

Coincidentally, the next day on April 5, former U.S. Senator from Texas John Tower, also a chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, died in a plane crash in Brunswick, Georgia

Won't stop to analyze this entry, but

* extremely unlikely crash; note military-type aircraft (Bell copter)

* Merion (Mary/On) Elementary School in Lower Marion Township, no less!

* two playing innocents included (assuming ritual intervention)

* crash and death the following day of a very powerful Texas Tower in Brunswick, Georgia -- one of Master Mason George Washington's five original "ports of entry" to the colonies; Superfund toxic cleanup site; named after British King George II's ancestral residence in Germany; major Naval Yard during WWII; and for Lovecraftians, "Shrimp Capital of the World." Oh, and how many folks died in the John Tower "accident"? Twenty-three -- the Masonic Prime Number.

The next year -- 1992 -- why, the lovely new billionairess Maria Teresa Heinz "unexpectedly" meets John Kerry on a "State Department junket" to the 1992 Earth Summit. Documents indicate that the outing was arranged by Bush, Sr. and staff.

And they say romance is dead. Bad droogies!

Mary Teary marries Scary Kerry! Suddenly -- and currently -- they're the Kreem of the MAssachutSET's elite, top doubles players in the larger occult/satanic networks along the East Coast. Such a nice couple! So philanthropic too!

"Earth Summit." Indeed. Typical black irony by these dildoes.

The Wikipedia' page's notes on Teresa Heinz, under Women's economic security programs and advocacy, also shout subtextually. America's streets are full of men, and Maria is championing the "Women's Retirement Initiative."

Hey! She's been hobnobbing with Global Elder banker Muhammad Yunus and his Microcredit Maytricks! (The Global Elders Uno y Dos.)

Like Oprah et al., Maria Heinz' level of sincerity and self-awareness was best exemplified (see the Wikipedia article, link above) in 2004 when a Pittsburgh MSM reporter caught her lying. Our Planetsaving Feminist denied it numerous times, at which point -- seeing her cause was hopeless, and the reporter wasn't going to crumble under Her Wrath -- she accused the reporter of her own fuckup (lying), then told the Unimportant Little Male to "shove it."

Hilary's comment on the incident was: A lot of Americans are going to say, 'Good for you, you go, girl,' and that's certainly how I feel about it.

Not, "Lying is bad, covering up is worse, and then victimizing the person who caught you is the worst."

No. Instead, it's You Go Girl. No Woman Is Illegal.

Maria Teresa's massive wealth and power permit her, like so many others, to wreak havoc on individuals (mostly men), civilization and the planet, while pretending exactly the opposite.

"Pickle King" Henry J. Heinz' biographer wrote that Henry chose the Heinz '57 number for "occult reasons." [BTW, "Heinz" is Henry Kissinger's given first name.]

The Trivia notes at bottom of the Wikipedia page on H.J. Heinz Company report connections between that company and the original (1962) film The Manchurian Candidate -- a movie so hot and honest it was yanked from distribution by Sinatra following J.F.K.'s kingkilling. In both Manchurian Candidate films America is revealed as a brainwashed closet matriarchy, ruled over by a cold-blooded Queen of Diamonds, who occultly manipulates U.S. politics, economics, public consciousness (oops currently oxymoronic), and masculinity.

Heinz' founding and corporate HQ is Pittsburgh, PA, the Keystone State. Burgh of the Pit.

In the last couple of years, Three Rivers Stadium, the chief Pennsylvania pro sports venue, was rechristened (resataned?) Heinz Field. The Heinz logo is a keystone. A keystone, prosaically, is the pinnacle or apex "locking piece" of an arch or vault.

Royal Arch Masonry, "sacred" Gothic architecture, Jerusalem Temple(s), Chaldeo-Egyptian sorcery, arks and barques. Etc.

The author of this page, gloating and mocking the Tinfoil Hat Crowd, nevertheless reports Henry the First's strange interest in "architecture" including multiple gigantic pickle structures, particularly a forty-foot long electrified "pickle" on Fifth Avenue in New York.

You have many contacts among the lumberjacks
To get you facts when someone attacks your imagination
But nobody has any respect anyway they already expect you
To just give a check to tax-deductible charity organizations

("Ballad of a Thin Man")

Holy Gherkin Tower, Robin! AKA 30 St. Mary's Axe. And a double sharp blade it is. Just axe your little dynamo! What's left of him anyway.

"Dood, they're just pickles, you know. This guy Heinz just liked pickles. You're conflating coincidences into self-referential conspiracies."

OK. How about this then. Old Henry Heinz the First's baby boy, H.J. Heinz II, graduated Yale.

Skull and Bones. Documented.

Ho ho ho.

Wakey-wakey indeed.

Like Miley fractaled, Leno-d into eternity on waves of light and sound, last February 4 NASA flung John Lennon's song "Across the Universe" towards Polaris, the North Star. (See this post's lead image, in case it's been so long you've forgotten!)

Earth as Edenic Apple, spinning through space in love, the mingled energies of female and male principles.

LOL! Think the Polarians are buying that?!
Do they want their gherkins turned into glass and steel towers, chiseled into Osirian replicata? Into financial highrises, tourist meccas?

Do the Polarians really want Maria Teresa Heinz and her Port You Giza Axe slicing through the deepness of Starry North?

We intend to answer all that promptly. Regretfully, however, we are no longer accepting kruggerands, now distatefully incorrect coinage.

Following this post, please send British Old Sovereigns or German 20-mark numisma ONLY. After authentication we'll see about Getting All Spiritual and Saving The World some more.
Sniff. Me 'n Maria Teresa 'n Henry Heinz 'n Miley. We gots a reputation to uphold.


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