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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Leanness, My Leanness (Colony Collapse Disorder)

'Lo and Behold'

(R. Zimmerman)

You must leave now, take what you need you think will last
But whatever you wish to keep you better grab it fast
Yonder stands your orphan with his gun
Cryin' like a fire in the sun
Look out the saints are comin' thru
And it's all over now baby blue

The highway is for gamblers, better use your sense
Take what you have gathered from coincidence
The empty handed painter from your streets
Is drawin' crazy patterns on your sheets.
The sky too is foldin' over you
And it's all over now, baby blue

All your seasick sailors they are rowin' home
Your empty handed army is all goin' home
Your lover who just walked out the door
Has taken all his blankets from the floor
The carpet too is movin' under you
And it's all over now baby blue

Don't always like what Bob does but respect him: the same guy who could write, perform, and believe in "Hurricane" wrote, performed, and believed in masked and anonymous (w/Larry Charles).

Getting stuck in one mindframe, one certainty, one ideology, is death -- death spreading from the individual to the nation and world.

When conditions around him changed, instead of clinging autocratically to his so-called leftism (which of course he never endorsed nor embraced), Bob nailed cultural and spiritual real-time America in masked. The film is massively Politically Incorrect. It's also superb in conception and execution, a model of great film production on a shoestring budget.

Having Bobs along didn't hurt, and the acting and background cinematographic subplots are amazing. Little wonder the film was misunderstood and ignored, however. Bob, darling of the pseudo-rad Sixties Left, makes a movie revealing the hypocrisy, failure, and horrible consequences (however unintended) of the 'Revolution'.

A hundred-million people, trusting Bob's civil-rights credentials, get their comfy, smarmy ontological rugs yanked out from below.

Bob isn't on anybody's "side." He's on the "side" of whoever, at any particular time, needs it.

Whether individual or nation, refusing to change one's worldview and bearings despited revealed reality is psychotic and self-annihilating: the death impulse.

You're either busy being born, or busy dying

(U No Who)


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A newly discovered virus may be killing bees or may be making some bees vulnerable enough to disappear, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday. . . .

CCD hit an estimated 23 percent of all beekeeping operations in the United States during the winter of 2006-7. "These beekeepers lost an average of 45 percent of their operations," the researchers wrote in their report, published in the journal Science.

Beekeepers do not find bees dead -- they simply find the hives nearly empty, with the queens alone and workers gone.



That's sciencespeak for We Ain't Got Kloo One or Two.

Be comforted that Almitee Science will propound manifold theories about this, but here's Reality, in two acts:

1) Colony Collapse Disorder (like it's PMS or something!) affected 23 percent of US bee ops last year;

2) Hives nearly empty, queen alone, workers split.

No need to belabor the point, hmm?

Nature speaketh. The rift in the fabric between human male and female redounds through Creation. It's never been otherwise, and never could be.

Symbolically, the bee is usually identified with the youthful female/feminine, i.e., the Nymph, Kore, etc., and secondarily, fermentation and drunkenness.

The human girl, thus, literally incorporates the nymphic aspects of the natural world, particularly the faunal kingdom.

To re-emphasize: these processes are absolutely real, as real as anything science has ever "discovered." That these levels of reality are largely unknown in the modern world in no way dimishes their potency or immanence.

The Minoan-Mycenean priestesses of the Virgin/Great Goddess/Pure Mother Bee were called Melissa ('bee' probably diminutive). Thus, the connection extends back to the period of the transitional matriarchies. (Bronze Age, 2700 - 1450 B.C.) [I've shit-canned all that 'Common Era' crap!]

Crossroads, will you ever let him go? (Lord, Lord)

Will you hide the dead man's ghost

Or will he lie beneath the clay

Or will his spirit fall away?

But I know that he won't stay

without Melissa

(G. Allman)

"Artists" don't usually know quite why, or how, they come up with the good stuff, nor do they always know what it, well, means most.

From a strictly personalistic sense, Melissa concerns Duane Allman's departure. Revealingly, however, Gregg Allman says:

And about 200 songs later - much garbage to take out - I wrote this song called 'Melissa.' And I had everything but the title. I thought (referring to lyrics): 'But back home, we always run... to sweet Barbara' - no. Diane...? We always run... to sweet Bertha.' No, so I just kind of put it away for a while. So one night I was in the grocery store - it was my turn to go get the tea, the coffee, the sugar and all that other s--t... and there was this Spanish lady there and she had this little toddler with her - this little girl. And I'm sitting there, getting a few things and what have you. And this little girl takes off, running down the aisle. And the lady yells, Oh, Melissa! Melissa, come back, Melissa!' And I went, 'Oh - that's it.' I forgot about half the stuff I went for, I went back home and, man, it was finished. . . .

Now, folks, if you still think these things are accidents, please see me about shares in Uranus.


So -- speaking of hiveminds, melissas, and occult operations:

I haven't followed the Maddy McCann business closely, but one thing I learned very recently was that, three weeks post-abduction (or whatever), the McCanns had visited Fatima, Portugal.

Yup. 1917 Marian Visitation Fatima Portugal. That one.

"Portugal" is currently on the Heavy Watch Shit List, for reasons enumerated in prior posts, particularly psycho-spiritual astuteness across generations, always a dangerous quantity. Portugal has an intimate gig with Mary -- and perhaps with Mariolatry, especially in light of its history with Templarism via the "Order of Christ," and with other goddess-cults.

Wikipedia informs of a fact of which I was heretofore unaware:

Fatima is not without controversy. The apparitions occurred during a period when Freemasons had gained influence in Portugal and attempted to limit the power of the Catholic Church following the republican revolution of October 5, 1910. Many Catholics felt persecuted, leading to a polarization of Portuguese society between the largely urban liberals and the largely rural and more conservative Catholics.

Now, I'm not claiming that the 1917 Fatima visitation was phony. I'm just looking.

Wikipedia continues:

Following the rise of the counter-revolutionaries in the military revolution of 1926, under General Óscar Carmona, the newly re-established government, and especially that of Prof. António de Oliveira Salazar, devotion to Our Lady of Fatima was no longer semi-forbidden. In fact, it became rather encouraged, being one of the three anecdotal elements of popular Portuguese nationalism: "Fado, Fatima, and Futbol" (commonly referred to as "the three F's").

"Futbol" is soccer. "Fado" is a mournful style of Portuguese guitar music. The word translates as "destiny" or "fate." Fatima is Fatima -- but, especially in a Catholicism supposedly worshipping Jesus as representative of the Father, here it is strangely identified as a mix of "religion" and popular nationalism.

Folks, religion is religion. It ain't nationalism, or tacos, or anything else.

V suspicious . . . reminds me that Hurricane Wilma suggest the 'Will of Ma," as Fatima suggests the Fate, or perhaps Command, of Ma.

It gets Erk-ier:

In 1992 details relating to the apparitions, which had previously been unreleased, were finally revealed. A priest who had interviewed the children at the time of the apparitions reported their description of the Lady wearing a short skirt, earrings and a necklace with a medallion. This did not accord with the norms of modesty expected of the Blessed Virgin and was not included in the official reports at the time.
In the Documentação Crítica de Fátima, Doc. 2, pp. 11–12 Cónego Formigão, who also participated in the inquiries, said:

"Jacinta declares that Our Lady's dress goes down only to her knees. Our Lady can only appear dressed, obviously, in the most decent and modest way. The dress would have to come down to her feet. Any other way constitutes the most serious obstacle to the supernaturalism of the apparition and makes us think that it is a mystification prepared by the Spirit of Darkness. But how can we explain the belief of so many thousands of people, their living faith and burning piety, the modesty and the composure they show in all their acts, the silence and behavior of the crowd, the numerous and astonishing conversions caused by the events, the appearance of extraordinary signs in the sky and on the earth, verified by thousands of witnesses? How can we explain, I repeat, all these facts and conciliate them with divine providence and the laws that rule the supernatural world, above all after the establishment of Christianity, if the Demon is the cause of such events? (Documentação, Doc. 7, pp. 66–67, cited in Armada and Fernandes, p. 190)

Uh oh.

Ear-rings. Short skirt. Medallion?!! [see 'Low and Behold' supra -- Bob's Figure in Red absolutely could be female -- it's ambiguous]

Torpedo off the port bow.

BTW, forgot to mention in the last post re the Zodiac: Portuguese people historically had various holdings in and around the Vallejo area -- particularly the Old Borges Ranch(es).

Coincidence no dowt.

BTW again forgot oops, around the end of the Nineteenth Century, the city of Vallejo hosted, upon a prominent hilltop, the Good Templars Orphange (called at another net location the "Good Serpent's Orphanage.")

Holding this and the McCann visit in mind, we turn rather tremulously to:

Conchita's Diary from the 1961-65 Marian/Michaeline visions in Garabandal, Spain -- not so removed from Portugal.

[Notice the 'we' above, in case all this shit goes Rong, then i'll have somebody else to blame]

[Good nogprosticatin' eh?]

As is other visitations, Garabandal included 'paranormal phenomena' witnessed by many. It's a tuff grok for most folks, but all manner of 'paranormal phenomena' is indeed possible, and yr umble servant is not guessing.

Question is: who or what is the origin of that phenomena?

Garabandal: four adolescent Spanish peasant girls sneak off on a frolic to pick apples (yep apples!), and Conchita's Diary reports:

The four of us remained alone; and giving it more thought, the four of us returned to pick apples.

While we were having a good time, we heard the voice of the school teacher, who, on seeing the branches moving so much, thought it was the sheep, and said to his wife Concesa:

─ Go to the garden, the sheep are wandering near the apple tree!

Hearing this, we burst out laughing. When we had filled our pockets, we hurried off to eat the apples more at peace in the path, that is in the calleja. [This is the rocky road that goes from the village to a grove of pine trees.]

When we were enjoying ourselves eating the apples, we heard a loud noise like thunder [It is interesting to recall that in Fátima, a little before the first apparition of the Angel of Peace, the shepherd children heard a noise like thunder].

And we all shouted out:

─ It seems to be thundering!

This happened at 8:30 at night [The “Great Miracle” announced for Garabandal will also happen at eight thirty at night].

When we had finished eating the apples I said:

─ Oh, what a shame! Now that we’ve picked the apples, which didn’t belong to us, the Devil will be pleased and the poor Guardian Angel will be unhappy.

Then we began to gather stones and threw them with all our strength to the left side, where the Devil is said to be.

When we got tired of throwing stones, and were more content, we began to play marbles with the stones.

Suddenly a very beautiful figure appeared to me, shining brilliantly without hurting my eyes. The other girls—Jacinta, Loli, and Mari Cruz—on seeing me in that state, thought I was having an attack, since I was saying with my hands joined together: “Oh!... Oh!... Oh!” As they were going to call my mother, they found themselves in the same state as I was and they shouted together: “Oh, an Angel!”

Then there was a short silence among the four of us... and he suddenly disappeared. And, returning to normal, and very frightened, we ran toward the Church—on the way passing the dance that was going on in the village.

Then a girl named Pili González, said to us:

─ How white and frightened you are! Where are you comimg from?
Very ashamed in confessing the truth, we said to her:

─ From picking apples! [The Vision seems to have accentuated the intense remorse and repentence the girls felt.].

And then she said:

─ For that… you are coming like this?

We all answered together:

─ It is because we’ve seen an Angel!

She said:

─ Is that true...?

We: Yes, yes... and we continued on our way in the direction of the Church. The girl told this to the others.

Once at the door of the Church, and thinking it over better, we went behind it to cry. We met some young girls who were playing and when they saw us crying they asked us:

─ Why are you crying?

We told them:


[bracketed text from site original]

Seems pretty straightforward, in a Vision kinda way.

As reported, however -- and there's little reason to doubt the actual reportage of the girl -- it has questionable undertones, that also could be interpreted as "Masonic signatures."

For example, the Masonic degree of the 'Holy Guardian Angel' would correspond, here, to the Guardian Angel potentially displeased at stolen apples. The events and expulsions from the Garden in Genesis obviously match.

Note also the strange reference to the 'poor' Guardian Angel. Remember -- these are rural village children in the early 1960s. And they're calling the angel poor.

I'll leave the reader to draw conclusions about the balance of the excerpt above, and will only add this: most occult operations are sexual/libidic manipulations, in one form or another. The more unconscious the operation is, and the more unconscious the participants are, the more powerful the effect, and the easier it is to direct or channel the effect to one's purposes.

In a brief scene from Coppola's 1992 film, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Abraham van Helsing (Anthony Hopkins) is summoned for, essentially, exorcism duties, amidst which he finds time for elsewise.

Mina and Lucy, two girls, chatter in a fountained garden. Suddenly, thunder erupts, a spattering of droplets fall, and the girls, giggling and delighted, turn their faces upwards.

The camera's P.O.V. flashes to a huge intense face in the stormy sky, gazing down with a strange look of, perhaps, concentration. It's the face of the exorcist, the vampire-hunter, van Helsing.

Keanu Reaves plays the male lead, Jonathan Harker.


The burden of the desert of the sea. As whirlwinds in the south pass through; so it cometh from the desert, from a terrible land.

A grievous vision is declared unto me; the treacherous dealer dealeth treacherously, and the spoiler spoileth. Go up, O Elam: besiege, O Media; all the sighing thereof have I made to cease.

Therefore are my loins filled with pain: pangs have taken hold upon me, as the pangs of a woman that travaileth: I was bowed down at the hearing of it; I was dismayed at the seeing of it.

-- Isaiah 21:1-3

Two final items I couldn't pass up:

Tiger Woods is perhaps the most prominent celebrity member of the Jupiter Island community (mentioned in the previous post concerning the path of Hurricane Wilma.)

Capping the avaritic theme, under Sign of the Times, a New Age bookstore owner, after making a pact with the "multiple gods associated with Wiccan belief" won 330 million dollars in a lottery.

On Sunday, September 2, Elwood 'Bunky' Bartlett, who administers reiki (RAY'kee) healing treatments and presides over Dragon Koffee Klatches, received his reward.


From the uttermost part of the earth have we heard songs, even glory to the righteous. But I said, My leanness, my leanness, woe unto me! the treacherous dealers have dealt treacherously; yea, the treacherous dealers have dealt very treacherously

Isaiah 24:16


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