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Saturday, August 19, 2006

All-American Witch City

"MoonDragon": VFW Representative and Employee

Yup I'm back, already -- had no intention of posting again to this blog so soon, but ('scuse the drama) obviously there's a WAR on for this nation and this planet -- and for the souls of human beings -- and it ain't a movie, folks.

No rest for the weary etc.

"The Exorcist" isn't just a movie, folks. Not a mere prop for fiction. How I wish it was.

In reality, it's just a dirty job that someone's gotta do.

Unpaid! :O)

So, like it or not (and I do not like it) here's What We Learned in School today!

My last post featured "Prince" Henry the Navigator (1394-1450) who, amongst other interests and titles, was a practicing, and quite powerful, sorcerer/necromancer.

Harry Potter might be a fiction, but Navigator Henry wasn't -- just ask the thousands of slaves he and his pals "stored" like sardines in the bottom-holds of their ships, and transported to various nasty destinations around the planet.

I've been studying some books by Bill Mann recently, including The Labyrinth of the Grail, whose back-jacket cover reports that it ". . . provides a startling link between modern-day Freemasonry, the medeival Kinghts Templar and the House of David."

And so it does . . . and mucho mas. Mann inherited a certain ring from his great-uncle, who was once Supreme Grand Master of the Knights Templar of Canada. Mann, like so many modern occult practitioners, is very big on goddess-worship, demon-invocation, etc., and very down on the Roman Catholic Church, which he considers an impediment to human progress. His book is a mix of bunk and extremely dangerous accurate information -- just enough to get himself, and his more naive/younger readers, in a great deal of trouble . . . and into places -- physical, psychological, and spiritual -- from which extrication is awfully difficult (perhaps impossible.)

A hard-sell to modern cultures, whose True Beliefs tend toward science and "rationalism." However, as mentioned in the prior post, for most things in the universe, one's belief is not required.

Hell can overtake a person -- or a nation -- quite without one's consent. Indeed, disbelief in malevolent psycho-spiritual forces aids the Beast.

Jesus was fully aware that he was being manipulated to re-enact a "role" as sacrificial Year-King and fertility "god." Whether in the animal/human blood-rites of the ancient world, or the modern rites of, say, animal mutilation, the shedding of blood and suffering were considered requisite to effect the ritual, typically for "procreative" purposes. The foundational tenet of Christianity is that Jesus' torture and death ENDS the very deep, very ancient, and still very much active human urge for sacrificial/fertility "representatives." The Bible emphasizes that Jesus' sacrifice was intended as a ONE-TIME event -- his blood meant to "cover" all past and future sins, especially the primal sin/event of human sacrifice itself. The "pact" between the May King and the Tauric Diana (the goddess) was meant to end with Jesus.

And with it, matriarchy was mant to end.

Obviously, neither did. Lots of work left to do, and little time left.

Not only has hell been extended temporally, but also spatially, shipped with the aid of various "navigators" to the New World. Bill Mann's book focuses on another Navigator Henry, likewise a supposed "Prince": Henry Sinclair (1345-1400), Earl of Orkney, and grandfather of William Sinclair, who built Rosslyn Chapel. Henry Sinclair's expeditions included Greenland, and present-day Nova Scotia, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Mann's text explores the occult aspects of these expeditions, including connections to ancient Meditteranean and Near East cultures -- particularly ancient Israel -- and the construction of Newport Tower and the Westford Knight.

Mann's book cannot be summarized, so I'll suffice by expanding on one particular passage. Following a discussion of cross-cultural Year-King sacrificial rituals, Mann explores the Solomonic grimoires -- texts designed to invoke, revoke, and manipulate angelic/demonic entitities: precisely the practices abhorred and outlawed by the God of the Old Testament, Yahweh.

Mann's writes:

Although there is no mention of the magic circle in the Testament of Solomon, it was suggested that the ring itself was symbolical [sic] of the circle. Accordingly, in magic it is the circle that protects the magician during the ceremony. Hence, it is to the northeast of the circle that the magician draws a triangle to confine any spirit that he might evoke (remember the triangle that was drawn to the northeast of Prince Henry Sinclair's magic circle.)

The northeastern state of Massachusetts is a stange place, and a loaded word. Among other inferences, its prefix is "Ma" (=mother), and its suffix is "set," the name of a primary Egyptian deity. Recall that the secret desire of many 15th, 16th and 17th Century "adept explorers" was the re-animation of the Goddess, the restoration of functional matriarchy, and the founding of a "New Jerusalem" in the New World. Like the sorcerer-"princes," Henry the Navigator and Henry Sinclair, many of these folk had direct ties -- or often, were ranking officials -- in pagan, "neo-Templar" orders whose practices and beliefs trace to goddess-worshipping cultures in which blood-sacrifice was the cental rite "motivating" the natural world to "produce."

Who were the victims of those sacrifices. Overwhelmingly, boys and men.

That wasn't Mary Magdalene up on that cross.

Keep that in mind as you read on.

Massachusetts has perhaps the longest history of occult, blood-rite, gynarchic activity in the U.S. Salem "fits the bill" in a sense as locus of the neo-pagan "New Jerusalem" -- ironic in that "salem" means "peace." It's a shadowy, tricksy world, however, and places and people purporting to be one thing often are the opposite.

Oh, and btw: It was a series of "false accusations" by a clique of GIRLS -- not the "misogyny" of the Evil Patriarchy -- that set off the Salem Witch Trials. Somehow that little reality always gets Ms-laid here in PC Propaganda-land.

Recently, in New Bedford, MA, I happened upon an unusual triangular "island" set amidst two opposing lanes of traffic near the "King's Highway." The island contains a large artillery piece as part of a war memorial. It was created and dedicated in 1995 by the "Polish and American World War Veterans Association, Inc." A truncated photo and very brief description of the site, under the location heading of "Mt. Pleasant and Tarkiln Hill Rd" is available here.

Tarkiln Hill Road is the adjacent extension of the "King's Highway" in New Bedford. Exploration of various connotations attached to "King's Highway" is available here. They're quite revealing, particularly the description-link connoting ancient Near Eastern trade routes -- which are actually "escape routes" out of "Egypt."

Just in case any of you "Israel lights" are interested.


The King's Highway is also central to Jim Morrison's eschatologic song, "The End." The lyric includes this:

Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane
All the children are insane
Waiting for the summer rain!

There's danger on the edge of town
Ride the king's highway
Weird scenes inside the goldmine

Ride the highway West baby
Ride the snake, ride the snake

"Summer rain" refers to fertility/fructification. The Bible calls it the "latter rain." Much of Bill Mann's book concerns the "goldmine" or "money pit" of Oak Island -- actually, an ironic term for hell. As for the "Roman wilderness," recall Phillip K. Dick's claim that the Roman Empire never really ended, merely disguised itself as the New World . . . and the New World Order.

In the "middle bloc" of the "war memorial" of the Polish League of American Veterans in New Bedford is a strange emblem, related to the homeland of Poland and, probably, in particular, to the city of Warsaw. In any case, it's an unusual "ensign" for a supposedly "patriotic" site.

Set in mosaic pattern in the triangular "island" at the northern terminus of the King's Highway is a basilisk (otherwise knows as a cockatrice, a theriomorphic occult entity discussed at length on this blog in relation to Charles Manson and his "Christmas Day 2000" artwork -- artwork which intends to invoke apocalyptic demonic forces.)

Strange bedpartners, eh? An American Vet's group and Chuckles the Kracked Klown. . . .

The association becomes less impossible, however, when one keeps in mind the occult "designs" of the groups and individuals that scouted out, and founded, the United States -- neo-Templar, neo-matriarchal groups -- and also when one keeps in mind Endtime Biblical prophecy excoriating Whore Babylon -- an empire fallen into spiritual and moral depravity that seeks to "crucify the Son of Man anew" under the occult direction of neo-pagan elements "drunk on the blood of the saints and martyrs."

As the Bible relates, the chief aim of Whore Babylon is to hunt down and kill all the "Holy People" on the planet.

In the name of National Security, to be sure.

Therefore, one is hardly shocked -- disgusted, yes, but not shocked -- to discover that the bed(ford) is absolutely FULL of bloodbugs.

Not only does the Polish League of American Veterans -- who are actually God Only Knows What -- use a demonic being as their ensign of "commemoration" -- but the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization of Salem, MA, welcomes surfers to their website thus:

Welcome to the All-American Witch City VFW Post #1524!

Uh . . . umm . . . since WHEN did a United States "All American" VFW Post describe itself as "Witch City"?

Well, I guess since America became a matriarchy, and since the Empowered Wicked Witch of the West became the "Land of Liberty's" ruling power. And here, it's relevant to recall that the Staute of Liberty was originally designed (and obviously, very intentionally installed) to represent that ur-icon of gynocracy, the "Great Goddess."

Later this month, on August 28 -- the day before Bob Dylan releases his new album -- the VFW National Convention will award, uh, Witch City "official All American" status.

Guess that Seals it, hmm?


All three of the VFW logos on the Witch City Homepage -- including the flashing, predatory eagle -- are variations on the Maltese Cross. Supposedly, this Cross identifies the "Christian warrior."

But it doesn't. Folks, the Christian Cross -- there's only one -- identifies the "Christian warrior."

Accept no substitutes, and don't drink old wine from a new bottle.

The Maltese Cross identifies a member, group, or activity of one of the legion of pagan, neo-Templar organizations associated with service to the "Great Goddess" -- the organizations discussed in this post, and in the immediately previous post titled "Krypt On and Off" (i.e., the Knights Templar, the Knights of St. John, Knights of Malta, certain Rosicrucian sects, Skull and Bones, Scroll and Key, etc.)

Amongst the "Upcoming Events" for the, blecch, Witch City VFW are a "Military Mass" at St. John the Baptist Church (he's rolling in his crypt!) and unspecified "Commemoration Prayers."

NOW -- just who exactly are the Witch Cityites "praying" TO?

Not the God of our Fathers, that's for damn sure.

All in the name of the Flag, eh boys?

I've got some bones to pick with you.

I got here first, and I'll be here when you're gone.

Adept THAT.

And just when you think all this is blasphemous and desecrating enough, well, guess what?

Down at the bottom -- the very bottom -- of the page I find this:

WebPage Design & Maintenance By:
Leather Dupris
MoonDragon Birthing Services
0 (Zero) Boardman Street

Salem, MA 01970
978- 744-5583

Hey, I'm a Vietnam-Era vet, and I don't remember any "MoonDragons" in my flight at Basic Training. And anybody named "Leather" offering "Birthing Services" wouln't have lasted one day.

Not too many "MoonDragons" on the Vet Memorial gravestones either.

Lots of "MoonDragons" put those boys underground, though.

So I hike on over to www.MoonDragon.org to see exactly WHO is designing and maintaining the VFW's presence on the Web. And I find what you just found: some psychotic, man-hating, uber-empowered, self-described BITCH who glories in her malevolence under the cover of "wellness," "therapy," "woman's wisdom," ad nauseum.

More "MoonDragons"

I supposed if I looked like these MoonDragons, I'd spend my life screeching around the planet on my broomstick, too, trying to destroy anything and everything masculine, and attempting to completely and utterly poison any possibility of loving relations between women and men.

The link to "MoonDragon's Women's Empowerment and Resouces Page" page is not to be missed. Every American should study it carefully to fully understand what went wrong with what's left of this country. I'll be sending a link of the page to various VFW organizations, and to other responsible parties.

Of particular interest to veterans, vet organizations, and the families of vets maimed and killed in action, are these nuggets of "women's wisdom," "nurturance," and female empowerment:

We hate the violence and war of man, but we do not fear when we must take a stand and fight to protect those things that need to be sacredly preserved.

Yep. These are the -- and I use this word advisedly -- "people" that the Sons of America fought and died to protect . . . so that they could stab our boys in the back, even as they lay in their graves.

Here's more from VFW Representative MoonDragon:








"Butterfly", my friend and associate. We were the night bartenders at Salem's Polish Falcons(Babysitters of drunken "2-year old" alleged adults And Co-conspirators in Body Removals)

[Hmm . . . I wonder if MoonDragon and/or Butterfly posed for the "Basilisk" emblem of the Polish League of American Veterans . . . now we know why Medusa and the Basilisk both turn men to stone]

Oh, and boys: those 2-year-olds the MoonDragons are mocking?

That'd be you. Just in case you were too drunk to get it.

More MoonDragon Nurturance:

Goddess/God grant me...
The serenity to accept the things I cannot change...
The courage to change the things I can...
And the wisdom to hide the bodies Of those people I had to kill Because they PISSED ME OFF!

OK folks, well . . . you get the idea. The saddest thing for this fallen nation is that it is rife with Entitiled, Hate-filled, Empowered MoonDragons, whose bloated, comfy lives came at the expense of our dead sons.

At least there's an excuse for the MoonDragons. They're psychotic, spoiled, self-loathing punkettes.

But there's NO EXCUSE for any element of the VFW supporting such misandrous vermin. It makes me ashamed to be a veteran, and even more ashamed to be an American. Little wonder that God despises Whore Babylon.

Oh, and one last advisory to the VFW. About your motto, "We'd Do Anything For This Country": I love my country too, but I would NOT -- would NEVER -- "do anything" for it. I wouldn't torture someone for it. I might fight for it, but I wouldn't murder someone for it.

God -- our Father, not some pathetic goddess -- comes BEFORE "your country." He created "your country," He created this planet, and He created our Sorry Asses -- though oftimes I wonder if He isn't regretting it all, especially when I see what we've descended to under the influence and power of the MoonDragons and their lackeys.

Yo, VFW: sever your relationship with this anti-American, neofascistic hatemonger -- and with those individuals and organizations allied with her, and do it N-O-W. Get your priorities -- and your relationship with God our FATHER -- back in order, doubletime quick.

Ever hear of "In God We Trust"?

I think He's had about enough of MoonDragon, and of your pathetic support for her penis-envy and threats and poisoned "patriotism."

I don't give a shit how many medals you've got. If you boys can't be men, you can never truly be patriots.


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