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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

On Our Way To Beautiful

Hardly a day goes by anymore without some new outrage being perpetrated on western men, for the combined sin/crime of being male.

The sad truth is, I can't even come close to keeping up with the madness anymore, it's so pervasive.

However, this story demands comment.

Qantas ban on men 'discriminatory'

From: AAP

By Katherine Danks and Peter Williams

November 29, 2005

A QANTAS and Air New Zealand policy banning men from sitting next to unaccompanied children on flights implied all males were a threat to minors, civil libertarians said today.The airlines have been criticised after revelations an Auckland man was ordered to change seats during a Qantas domestic flight in New Zealand because he was sitting next to a young boy travelling alone.

Mark Worsley, a 37-year-old father of two, was approached by a flight attendant on a Christchurch to Auckland flight and told to change seats with a woman sitting two rows in front.

Both airlines today confirmed they did not allow men to sit next to unaccompanied children, with Qantas saying the move was intended to "maximise the child's safety".

"The policy reflects parents' concerns and a need to maximise the child's safety," Qantas said.

"Where possible we aim to seat children near crew areas or next to an empty seat."

Air New Zealand said the policy was common practice among airlines and that it had been in place on its domestic and international flights for "a long time".

"It's in line with other carriers' policies internationally," a spokesman for the airline said.

New Zealand's Green Party said the policy was discriminatory and it would take the matter to the Human Rights Commissioner.

The NSW Council for Civil Liberties president, Cameron Murphy, said there was no basis for the ban.

"Not all adult males are a danger to children and in the reverse, not all adult women are safe in the company of children," Mr Murphy said.
"The real concern with this is that it seems to accept that there is danger posed by all adult males regardless of their circumstances – that's wrong."

Mr Murphy said while he was not aware of the policy, there was a danger some men could be refused air travel because there was not an available seat.

"What airlines need to be doing is taking proper steps to ensure the safety of unaccompanied minors," Mr Murphy said.

The NSW Commissioner for Children and Young People, Gillian Calvert, said while the risk of an attack was "highly unlikely and probably rare", it was not impossible.

"The statistics (showing the majority of sex offenders are men) speak for themselves, so in the absence of any other test, it's one way in which the airline can reduce the risk of children travelling alone," Ms Calvert said.

Ms. Calvert, like so many of her morally-superior sistahs in the Western world, conveniently ignores the fact that most physical child abuse is perpetrated by FEMALES (most often upon males, btw.)

Therefore, shouldn't the Authorities also re-seat women on flights, under the established fact that females are more likely to punch, suffocate, kick, drop, stab, or bite children?

Obviously not.

And why not?

Because the issue isn't really the safety of children. The issue is the mass-demonization, disempowerment, and shaming of males, and the concomitant "empowerment" of females thereby.

"It's a really difficult situation for men because it's only a few men who do this sort of stuff, but when they do it they diminish all men."
New Zealand's Children's Commissioner, Cindy Kiro, said she could understand the need for airlines to consider ways to keep children safe, particularly on long-haul flights.

"They've given it some thought and I think that clearly they have some preferences that they try and accommodate and I can understand it," she said.

"It's not for me to approve or disapprove."

Gee Cinder, that's exactly what the Nazis said about the Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, Catholics, etc. after the war.

"Just doing my job."

Here's a related story from the rotten heart of the Western matriarchies.

Notice that Yolanda -- from her morally-infallible perch high atop the Victim Hierarchies of the West -- absolves the females involved from any responsibility for their actions.

Instead -- as ever in the Victimocracy we once called "America" -- the guilty party is (ta da!) an "irresponsible man."

I am stunned!

Likewise, increases in female drug-use and drug-dealing have no connection to any individual female's will. Instead, we are assured by Yolanda and our "impartial" media, the REAL perpetrator is . . . you guessed it, Evil Males "taking advantage."

The (a)moral to this story is the same one we've been hearing for decades in the West: Females=Good, Males=Bad, and if any female anywhere does something dishonest, unlawful, or even questionable, it is not her fault!

Whose fault is it?

Why bother to ask!

Posted 7/7/2005 10:36 PM

Lil' Kim latest victim of lying for men

By Yolanda Young

Rapper Kimberly Jones (aka Lil' Kim) was sentenced this week to serve 366 days in prison for her perjury and conspiracy conviction. What the Grammy winner is really guilty of is falling on the sword in an attempt to save an irresponsible man.

We've known about this epidemic since the now-defunct black news magazine, Emerge,introduced us to Kemba Smith, a Hampton University student sentenced to more than 24 years in prison for helping her boyfriend, Peter Hall, run a drug ring. President Clinton eventually granted her clemency.

Lil' Kim, sadly, is merely the latest example. On Feb. 25, 2001, a surveillance camera captured Jones standing next to her manager, Damion Butler, outside of the Hot 97 radio station, WQHT, as he fired shots at a rival rap group, Capone-N-Noreaga, which resulted in one man's injury. Jones lied before a grand jury stating that she had not seen anyone fire a gun and that she did not see Butler or another associate, Suif Jackson. During her trial, she acknowledged in testimony that the two men were freeloading, frequently spending the night at her home and otherwise taking advantage of her.

Unfortunately, Smith and Jones are not aberrations. Instead, their cases have become fairly commonplace among women. The Bureau of Justice Statistics found that the female prison population has increased from 68,468 in 1995 to 101,179 in 2003. An American Civil Liberties Union-sponsored paper, "Caught in the Net," attributes some of this increase to women who are convicted on factors related to their men using or selling drugs.

The reason women sacrifice themselves is a complicated one that often involves domestic abuse. A study conducted by the Correctional Association of New York stated that three out of five prisoners had been abused by current or prior husbands or boyfriends, and that a majority of New York City's female inmates identified partner abuse as the primary force compelling them to commit their crimes. In fact, we see this street culture reinforced on Lilkimzone.com, a Web site where fans hailed Jones as a "QUEEN of RAP" for upholding the street code and not snitching.

Jones' plight demonstrates how women, even some who are very successful, can become victims by giving men money, jobs, a place to stay and then allowing them to be disrespectful and perhaps violent.
Indeed, U.S. District Judge Gerard Lynch told her at her sentencing Wednesday: "Going to jail because you lied to protect violent men with guns is not heroic. It's stupid and it's wrong."

But Lil' Kim was in prison long before the judge brought down the gavel.

Yolanda Young is author of On Our Way To Beautiful.

"On Our Way To Beautiful" -- oh baybee, I just love this!

I think we can guess exactly who "Our" is . . . and who it isn't!

So much for the goddess "Inclusion," hmm?

Yah, Yolanda, it's EASY to be, uh, "beautiful" when you pick the spots off your soul -- and off the souls of your sistahs -- and plant their tainted evidence on Someone Else . . . with that Someone Else always being male (white men preferred, of course, but any male will do in a pinch!)

Yo, 'Landa: handsome is as handsome does, and baby, you and your krew are ugly as original sin. Your scapegoating of males reminds me of the tactics and behavior of the Klan.

You're just a Walking Hate Crime, aren't you Yolanda?


The world gets more pathological each day.

What's even worse than Yolanda's screeching sexism is the play her group-hatred gets in mainstream media outlets like USA Today.

No wonder god created the internet.

Speaking of which, here's a comment from "Geof," one of the autistic authors of Qim Tunes:

Geof: Religion is us quotes. Lie Kim. Lie Kim.

'Course, "Geof" made that statement in 1994, more than 10 years before these events -- but autistics, being retarded and all, often lose track of time.


Nobody will ever change Yolanda's mind, because it's not in the interest of her "empowerment" to change it. She has her Agenda,and her Agenda trumps everything.

I guess all we can do is wait for her spoiled, deceitful, coercive, sinister generation to die off, and hope the next one embraces sanity and love instead of self-serving madness and hate.


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