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Monday, November 21, 2005

take of It and eat

And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God.

And he blessed him, and said, Blessed be Abram of the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth

Genesis 14: 18-19

notice that "Melchizedek" did not break out any Chicken McNuggets

Ummm get behind me satan
quit ravishing the land
does it take the children
to make you understand?

"Donkey Jaw" (Dan Peek)

"Do you think the birds have a sense of what is going to happen to them?"

"Yes. They try everything in their power to get away from the killing machine and to get away from you. . . . They have been stunned [paralyzed], so their muscles don't work, but their eyes do, and you can tell by them looking at you, they're scared to death."

-- Virgil Butler, former Tyson slaughterhouse worker, Press Conference, Feb. 19, 2003.

"In current US slaughter practice, birds are hung upside down in shackles and their heads and upper bodies are dragged through a splashing electrified water trough that paralyzes the muscles of their feather follicles. Every day in this country, 25 million birds are being tortured in this manner before their throats are partially cut and they are hung upside down in a bleedout tunnel, then plunged into a scald tank, often while they are still alive. When this happens, Virgil Butler explains, "the chickens flop, scream, kick, and their eyeballs pop out of their heads. They often come out of the other end with broken bones and disfigured and missing body parts because they've struggled so much in the tank."

Humane Society sues USDA over poultry slaughter

By Christopher Doering Mon Nov 21, 6:39 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. poultry slaughter methods are cruel and raise the risk of consumers contracting a foodborne illness, the Humane Society of the United States said in a lawsuit that seeks to ensure birds are unconscious before being slaughtered.

U.S. industry practices include hanging live birds upside down in metal shackles, then moving them through an electrified water bath that paralyzes them while still conscious, the lawsuit claimed.

and folks complain about rectal probes by the Greys!

when we look into our eyelids at night, we see the black mirror of our souls

The slaughter plant treatment increases the chance that a bird will inhale feces in the water, leading to a higher bacteria level in its meat, the lawsuit said.

The case against the U.S. Agriculture Department was filed in federal district court in San Francisco. It seeks to broaden a 1958 law requiring the humane slaughter of cattle and pigs to include poultry that was later amended in 1978.

The Humane Society and the East Bay Animal Advocates said the failure of USDA to include chickens, turkeys and other birds under the act has lead to inhumane treatment.

"These birds ... are being slaughtered by methods that are not humane," said Paul Shapiro, spokesman for the Humane Society of the United States. "It's only because the USDA fails to define poultry as livestock even though any dictionary definition demonstrates that farmed birds ought to be."

The National Chicken Council, a trade group for farmers and slaughter plants, called the lawsuit "little more than a publicity stunt" that is likely to be thrown out of court.

the National Chicken Council!

Steven Cohen, spokesman for the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service, said he could not comment on the lawsuit, but added that the slaughter process in which birds are shocked and then quickly slaughtered "is standard practice in the industry."

USDA veterinarians are assigned to poultry plants to ensure practices there do not violate the law, he said.

Shapiro estimated that 9 billion birds, or about 95 percent of domestic animals raised on farms, are unprotected during the slaughter process.
The Humane Society has advocated that chicken slaughter plants adopt the use of gas before birds are processed.

The lawsuit said recent reports of abuse in slaughter plants in West Virginia, Maryland and Alabama, where workers jumped on, kicked and slammed chickens against a wall, increased the need to protect poultry.

In those cases, neither the workers nor the plants could be prosecuted because poultry are not covered under the federal law for human treatment of livestock.

The United States is the world's largest producer and exporter of poultry meat with chicken, turkey and duck production valued at about $23 billion a year.

speaking of Greys, the older i get the more alien i feel -- maybe just wishful thinking

the sickness of "raising" and killing animals under the above conditions transfers to those of us ingesting those animals, and it explains some of the psychosis and rottenness of modern human beings

each one of those animals wanted to live just as much as any of us do, i know that's a massive ontological leap for many . . .

but get used to it

to de-sacralize and infect one's own nourishment in these ways -- particularly for mere money and convenience -- is pathological, self-poisoning

hung in metal shackles before "final processing" -- sound like anyone we know, brothers and sisters?

how does a christian nation reconcile this "business" with chirst's equivalence of food and his own body?

how, for that matter, how does a pagan nation reconcile it?

if the Earth is "christ's body" -- and it is, whether you're a pagan or christian or anything else -- then by such torture we are supporting, literally ingesting, the anti-christ

. . . crucifying christ over and over again, while going on about "morality"

i'll bet at least fifty percent of the National Chicken Council are "christians" who'd be horrified, offended, and enraged to the point of hanging you at association with antichrist

but if the lord gives thought to the least sparrow, how must he feel about torturing chickens?

Jerusalem, I see you standing high
but if you lose your salvation
there'll be no tears left to cry.
Some men worship the Golden Calf
while others are bought and sold
and if we live like that
brothers we'll pay the toll

"Gospel Changes" (J. Denver)


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