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Monday, November 28, 2005

Noteach Boteach

Tom: "Directing past lives". Yes or no?
Brent: Yes
Tom: You sure that’s true?
Brent: Yes.
Tom: Would all the other guys say yes to that?
Brent: Yes
Tom: "Angels"?
Brent: Yes.
Tom: "Demons"?
Brent: Yes
Tom: Will there be fewer "demons" if you guys are happy?

. . .

Adrian: It’s us religion isn’t hasty.

"Qim Tunes"

"Fewer demons" doesn't offer the Instant Fix, the instantaneously Perfect Society that true-Believers and true-Users desire and demand (of others to be sure -- it's those others that are always The Problem!)

Just fewer demons, that'd be very tidy indeed -- notwithstanding the Immanence of the Kingdom-- gladly accepted but, given current trajectories, a long, long way away.
'Course King George and Co. have promised to exterminate all Evildoers from the planet . . . yet, somehow, I have trouble accepting that the folks at Halliburton, Bechtel, the CIA, NOW, etc. are up to exterminating themselves.

All these millennia passed, and we're still working on the Basics Here -- nothing too advanced, just figuring how best to cut down on the grosser stuff -- bombings, murder, rape, torturing each other and our "food," mass environmental degradation, and so on.

The Basics.

Sounds simple, but ain't, because the peskiest -- and nastiest -- demons are hardest to reveal, much less whup.

They are always Well Covered, so to speak, in robes of self-righteousness. Plenty of Spinmeisters surrounding them, lots of High Security. That's why they last such a looooong time.

No doubt all this seems a bit . . . underachieving of me! Someone more experienced would promise total victory, eh? An Evildoer Exterminato?

Maybe. But by individual count, "fewer demons" actually translates to fewer screaming kids being dragged into bushes, fewer electric prods in torture rooms, fewer writhing animals strapped to tables and burned with . . . well, you get the idea.

The B.T.K. mass-murderer, for example, enjoyed slowly -- very slowly -- strangling his victims.

Then, with his targets on the verge of death, he'd allow them to resuscitate, each time reviving to see . . . his friendly face looming above, smiling, playing the rope through his hands.

Then he'd repeat his little satire on incarnation, making sure that this time he was the Incarnatrix, and not the Monkey.

That's the real world. This world.

Think you can fix that?

No, no, not profit from it. We're already great at that.

Our tactics of denial and vengeance only produce more demons.

Vengeance is fun, and briefly satisfying. Everybody feels so much better, for a few minutes, that the demon got what was coming to him. (Except when the demon is a her, then we all look for the nearest male to blame.)

Which leads to our headline: who in hell is Rabbi Boteach?

And how does he fit in to the Demon Sweepstakes?

Well, first . . . it's Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, no less!

And Shmuley brays like a donkey!

In a WorldNetDaily Exclusive Commentary (which I am hereby unexclusiving), the Good Rabbi preaches:

Hatred of women that leads to rape

Posted: June 2, 20051:00 a.m.

EasternEditor's note: Parents are advised this commentary refers to language and subject matter that may not be appropriate for children and may offend some people.

© 2005 WorldNetDaily.com

Somewhere in America, a woman is raped every two minutes, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, and one-in-two rape victims are under age 18. In a national survey, 27.7 percent of college women reported a sexual experience since the age of 14 that met the legal definition of rape or attempted rape. To what can we ascribe such a shocking increase in violence against women?

Western democracies enjoy shining a light on the brutal treatment of women in the Arab world. But this does not deflect from what is going on in our own back yards and living rooms, and it will not serve to forgive the inhuman degradation of women in Western society.

In a previous article, I argued that the image of womanhood has been severely degraded by Western culture – from TV commercials to the music and fashion industries – which portray women as mindless nymphomaniacs. Negative stereotypes of women as little more than empty objects of desire, devoid of intelligence and individualized worth, have become mainstream. Not only does this sort of thinking bleed through to the women themselves and challenge them to live up to the negative portrayals, but it also seeps its way into the actions and convictions held by men.

Naturally, these degrading notions have a tremendous effect on the manner with which men view and treat the women they encounter. In some cases, when this sort of negative mentality is brought into contact with an already shaky psyche, the consequences can be deadly. Here is an extreme example that illustrates this point.

On Nov. 5, 2003, in Seattle, Wash., Gary L. Ridgway, a 54-year-old former truck painter, stood before a courtroom packed with weeping relatives and uttered the world "guilty" 48 times. In a horrible closing to what became known as the "Green River" killings of the 1980s, Ridgway admitted strangling an unthinkable number of women – mostly prostitutes and runaways – in his home or in his pickup truck while having sex with them, and then dumping their bodies around the Seattle area. With his confession, Ridgway became the most lethal serial killer in American history.

Sheriff Reichert, who started investigating the murders as a detective back in 1982, described Ridgway as a ruthless and remorseless killer who barely flinched when telling investigators about what he called his "patrolling" for prostitutes: "He said that he hated them and that it would be easy to get away with killing them." In court documents, prosecutors said Ridgway referred to his female victims as being "just garbage." Each woman, he said, was "just something" to have sex with before he would "kill her and dump her."

After the hearing Ridgway's chief lawyer, Anthony Savage, said: "I don't think we'll ever know what fueled [Ridgeway's] anger."

Hmmm. Well let me venture a guess. I have seen many loners and losers hate women. They speak of them in the most derogatory ways and often threaten them with violence. There is a direct link between the hatred that the Ridgways of this world display toward women and the culture in which they are brought up.

Here is how it works. Women in modern society are portrayed as having been put on the earth to entertain men. Men often get hundreds of e-mails per week telling them that if they click their mouse thousands of "slutty whores" will be at their fingertips to titillate them. When they turn off the computer and put on the television, they see that the networks have a special treat for them that day: the Victoria's Secret fashion show. While the models go prancing around in their skimpy underwear, the men sit salivating.

Oh yes, it is sheer bliss in prime time. The guys think, this is what life is all about. This is what women are for. They are created for my pleasure and enjoyment. When the TV show is over, the men can stroll off to strip clubs where they pay a couple of bucks and then even the underwear comes off. "Take it off b----!" they yell, and the women, smilingly, seem happy to oblige.

Now, fast forward a week, and a psychopath like Ridgway goes out for a drink. There is an attractive woman at the bar. He walks up to her. "Can I buy you a drink?" She looks at him, sees that he is dressed shoddily and notes that he is a loner and probably a loser. She says, "No thanks." He persists.

"Come on, it's just a little drink." She gets angry. "Look, I said no thanks. OK?" The barman walks over. "Come on mister," he tells Ridgway. "She said no. Now move on."

Ridgway leaves the bar. He is steaming. By the time he arrives home, he is full of rage. He is not angry that the woman rejected him or humiliated him. No, it is much worse. She does not know her place. The b---- does not know her place. He has a sense of entitlement. He is a man. She is supposed to be there for him. Everything around him tells him that women are beneath him and are created to serve him. They are just stupid sluts that want to hook up with a guy as long as he gives them something – a drink, some cash, any sort of trifle.

But this woman, and all the pretty ones in fact, why, they think that they are better than him. It is time for her to learn her place. It is just like a white supremacist who might have told a black to move to the back of the bus in the 1960s, but was greeted with a stubborn refusal to do so. The Klan guy walks away thinking, "This n----- is too uppity," and he goes back to his home and plans a method to teach this uppity black man his place.

And that is what the Ridgways of this world are thinking. They treat independent women like lower-class people who need to be taught their proper place in society. We can see how the Ridgways of our society who harm, rape and murder women come to speak of their female victims in the ways that they do as, "human filth" and "garbage." The anger they vent toward these women is rationalized as a response to the arrogance they believe their victim has shown them.

Bang. Bang. "Now I've taught her a lesson. Just try and be uppity and forget your place now that you're dead."

To say that there is no connection between the Ridgways of the world and the thousands of rapists who currently prowl America, and the culture of misogyny in which they were raised is as naïve as believing that there is no connection between white violence against blacks in the South and the culture in which white racists were raised.


In "An Intelligent Person's Guide to Judaism," Rabbi Boteach teaches that Judaism is not about death or suffering, but primarily about seeking optimism and spirituality, bringing harmony to your spiritual and material natures and achieving success. Available now in ShopNetDaily!

If you'd rather order by phone, call WND's toll-free customer service line at 1-800-4WND-COM (1-800-496-3266).

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is a nationally syndicated radio host daily from 2-5 p.m. EST on the Liberty Broadcasting Network, and was named by Talkers magazine as one of America’s 100 most important talk-radio hosts. A best-selling author of 15 books, his latest work is "Hating Women: America's Hostile Campaign Against the Fairer Sex" (ReganBooks-HarperCollins). To learn more about Rabbi Boteach, please visit his website.

No, thanks. Just sharing the planet with him is plenty.

Demons. Demons was today's subject. Some folks remove 'em, some create 'em.

The Beast ain't so easily seen, else long ago conquered:

[I]n its application to justice the dyas [couple, duality] proves once again to be an'indefinite number,' as it was often called by the ancients. Its attribute is indeterminacy and endlessness, for it never leads to a conclustion, its innermost law is eternal fission . . . the justice based on duality must be the law of talion ... retaliation and retribution are the entire content of such dualist justice. . . ."

"The justice represented by the number two is bloody, always assuring the subterranean gods of two sacrifices, as we have seen above in connection with the tellurian justice of the Erinyes ... but such justice never brings a solution ... [T]he justice conceived as duality is an eternal, never-ending conflict. Murder begets murder and the demon of the race rages down through the generations until all are destroyed."

That's from J.J. Bachofen's Myth, Religion and Mother Right, written in 1861. It's not that we don't have any truth, it's that we don't want it, and can't handle it when we get it. (J.J., btw, though writing the best tome on "classical" matriarchy to date, paradoxically was a misandrist, believing that females are inherently superior to males, individually and collectively.)

But the paradoxes of J.J. are moot in our age of True Believers.

Instead we ever hark to Rabbi Boteach who, I'll warrant, has never even been in a strip-club (or seen a naked female!)

Uh, Rabbi . . . I don't think them Evil Men yell "Take it off, baby!" anymore, if they ever did . . . at any rate, it's the MEN in strip clubs whose sexuality is being degraded, raped, and commercialized -- not the women.

They are profiting from male need and pain, and most of them thoroughly enjoy themselves. The interviewed strippers I've read about state they feel "empowered" by their control over male sexuality.

But the Rabbi isn't interested in what strippers say, or how they feel. And he's even less interested in the welfare of Them Evil Males. The Rabbi already knows what he knows, and reality doesn't budge him an inch.

Rabbi Boteach instructs his flock that they live in cultures of misogyny and the mass-degradation of females by their overlord males. He then attempts to (ahem) analyze serial killers as motivated by a woman-hating, patriarchal culture.

And that, folks, is a rabbi preaching! Jews, the Patriarchs of the Patriarchs, fergodsake. Kinda moots the Unitarians and the rest of the goddess-worshippers, don't it?!

Today I saw a teevee program on the B.T.K. (Bind, Torture, Kill) serial murderer, Dennis Rader.

Rader lived a classic double-life in the Oz-invoked town of Witchita, Kansas.

Rader's existence and methods are a grisly refutation of Rabbi Boteach. Rader wasn't a spiritual man, but he taught a spiritual lesson, far more clearly than Rabbi Noteach ever could.

Rabbi Noteach merely scapegoats and collects. Like King George and America the Predator, the Rabbi is a demon-making-machine.

Spiritual lessons consist of information we don't want to hear.

There is not "another kind" of spiritual lesson. They are all, in that respect, the same. We don't like them, passionately and historically: the crucifixion of Jesus was not an accident, nor was it a solo-gig.

Similar examples are, unfortunately, almost endless.

Rabbi Noteach trades in a grave business, demon-gogery and mob-incitement, and in hatred of maleness in general -- a suicidal loathing of his own masculinity, so depressingly common to our times.

In his failed haste and obvious desperation to find some shred of masculinity within himself, he utilizes the favorite tactic of the modern world: demonize all males, and let God sort out the innocent.

Noteach cultivates and feeds the matriarchy's emotionalism and thirst for security, protection, obedience, and vengeance, pronouncing:

I have seen many loners and losers hate women.

I think Noteach has about as much truck with "loners and losers" as he does with strippers (zee-row) -- excpet, perhaps, to sniff disdainfully as he passes them in the streets, on his way to comfy lodgings to pen another "epistle."

The Rabbi proceeds to further scapegoat "shabbily dressed loners."

Hmm. How were the Hebrew prophets dressed, I wonder? John the Baptist, for example? In fine rabinnic robes and three-piece suits?

Woe to thee, Pharisee.

In his mass-scapegoating of males, Noteach inverts the recent history of his own people. You'd think maybe the Holocaust might have taught him something about demonizing groups of people.

But nope. It's his stock-in-trade, like so many of his colleagues, of all denominations.

But now he has Himmler's whip and ring, and the suffering of other folks has provided him with unchallengeable Moral Authority. Therefore he takes advantage, spewing his bile upon the defenseless.

The Bind, Torture and Kill serial-murderer contradicts the unlearned Rabbi: Dennis Rader was well-dressed and impeccably social, seamlessly woven into the Witchita community: married, kids, house, lawn, Boy Scout Leader. He and his wife were bishops of the Christ Lutheran Church. Fine Citizen B.T.K. was President of the Church Council.

How much further shall we go?

'Cause we can go pretty deep -- just as deep as the Rabbi requires!

Were I his father, I'd get little Shmuley in a room alone and whisper:

Boy, if God needs your help whuppin his goats, I'm sure he'll hotwire you. Meanwhile, s.t.f.u., get a job raking leaves, and mind your own soul.

Mr. B.T.K. wasn't a destitute or loner -- he was a Family Values Guy, a Faith-Based-Initiative poster boy -- as intensely concerned for "protection" for his own family as he was unconcerned about the families of others.

Indeed, the mass-murderer was staunchly family-first, precisely as we are taught. (Er, except by Christ, that same Christ the Lutheran Church in Witchita is named after . . . that guy . . . uh, he actually said something quite different, something about god before family . . . but oops never mind.)

B.T.K. hired on at ADT in Witchita, installing Home Security systems for the very community he stalked, learning how to cut phone wires and bypass security.

Hmm. What's that burning smell?

Peeuuuww! . . . must be the Irony Fat in our collective heart!

Rader, like most other serial killers, wasn't a member of an empowered, elite, oppressor social group -- the "patriarchy," or men in general, as the Rabbi slanders.

Rader raged, bound, tortured and killed precisely for the opposite reasons: because he was, and is, part of a culture that detests its own men, exactly as Rabbi Boteach hates himself, and his own subjugation and weakness before females.

Rader -- as an individual, and as modern American male -- was profoundly disempowered, and a citizen of a nation not merely feminized, but grossly matriarchal, and quite as psychotic as Dennis Rader often was.

. . . and therein rests the solution to this particular puzzle.

Like many male serial-killers, Rader targeted mostly females; the males he executed happened to be "in the way," to his thinking. B.T.K. was absoultely enraged at the power females, and that feminine extension called "society," had over him.

Everthing Rader did, including his ritualized killings, was a slap-in-the-face to society, a betrayal of his inner loathing of its corrupt modern forms, its anti-male institutions and idols.

Rader's long, drawn-out stalking and fetishism were expressly designed to gain and prolong a control he never had, and saw no hope of ever getting -- a control that he correctly understood as the power of the feminine over him, especially related to his sexual preferences -- preferences that again, betray a man so powerless before his own sexuality, that he could only orgasm when his female victims were dead -- and then, only on an article of their clothing. Only after his victims were dead did he feel safe from their power over him.

B.T.K. was terrified of American women, and of the tens-of-millions of Rabbi Boteaches surrounding him. That's not psychosis. That's reality. B.T.K. was correct: they ruled him, and he knew it.

Rabbi Boteach and fellow predators desperately want us to believe that Rader only imagined feminine power, that such a thing doesn't actually exist, that Western females are helpless, disempowered victims of males and their patriarchy. The Rabbi vampirizes our collective delusion that Rader had no human-motivation -- thus, Rader can be dehumanized, cut out from the human herd, and we are all conveniently relieved from examining our part in B.T.K., and in his actions -- which are admittedly gruesome and painful, but in no way mysterious or incomprehensible. Rader's not like US, of course -- he's like those awful others . . . those, ugh, men.

Very tidy indeed. We don't have to examine our complicity in constructing and maintaining the matriarchy that drove B.T.K. to multiple murder. We don't have to examine how we raise and treat males.

All we gotta do is jump on the Demon-Wagon with the Rabbi, and enjoy the ride.

People who are out-of-control surround themselves with ritual and control: Rader, for example, became a "Commissioned Compliance Officer," a city employee, and starting running around with a badge and walkie-talkie, generally harassing chosen targets, and often using his "on-duty" time to stalk women.

Rader received a B.S. in Criminal Justice at Kansas State University, and the evangenlical Christ Lutheran Church apparently served as Rader's "command center."

Are we starting to get the Picture here?

Add them up: family man, trusted and well-liked employee, Boy Scouts leader, church bishop and president, solid citizen . . . it sounds like my own father -- pretty ideal, though not perfect, masculine roles . . . in the Fifties.

But these are not the Fifties, and whatever "patriarchy" existed then, is long, long gone now:

The lawyers clean up all details

since Daddy had to fly

"End of the Innocence" (D. Henley)

Modern America is a matriarchy, has been for at least 50 years, and the vast majority of its forms and values are female-dominated. Rabbi Noteach has it backwards. But worse, far worse, this "man of God" spreads his ignorance, and throws the lambs of the LORD upon the pyre.

Like many other male serial killers, Dennis Rader wasn't expressing America's patriarchy -- he was living the deconstruction of its manhood, the criminalization and dehumanization of maleness in the modern world.

Examples are, unfortunately, endless. Here's one from today.

Rader is a ghost of unrooted, lost American masculinity, seeking to exterminate symbols of a gynophilic, pathological nation that despises his entire gender.

The Police Chief of Witchita also attempted the Big Dodge, and was interviewed as saying:

You'll never understand this . . . .

. . . but I disrespectfully disagree . . . .

Like the good Rabbi, the Police Chief's way is America's Way: more demonization of males, more money and power and status for all the Boteachers and Police Chiefs, for the prison systems, for Oprah and her endless screeching Oprahites, for the "therapists" and prison guards and lawyers, and on and on.

Rader was a scrupulously chivalrous man, to point of not permitting other men to tell "blue jokes" around female co-workers.

Strong men don't do that. But males who fear females, and are subjugated to them, do. And that "I'll kick your ass" chivalry, so typical of American men under matriarchy, is just a thin veneer over male powerlessness. It's a way of scapegoating other males for being males, rather than confronting the problem directly -- and letting females handle the massive trauma of hearing some "blue joke" most of heard before high school.

Females pay a price for that subjugation and perfect protection, for their Gender Gendarmes. B.T.K. is part of that price.

B.T.K. was part performance art, and part spiritual lesson -- a way to warn the goddess about her own mad dogs, unleashed now everywhere on the planet. B.T.K. used the very wardrobe of Miss America, the Society of Security -- the ADT installation job, the B.S. in Criminal Justice, the officious City Inspector gig, all of it -- to rub the matriarchy's snout in its own psychosis for "perfect protection," and in society's demand that males be whatever is requisite for females and "elite" males at any historical moment.

Likewise, Rader headquartered in the local Christ Lutheran Church to satirize -- and expose -- the blatant faithlessness of the parishioners -- and of America -- in God. No people with an actual relationship to God could be so obsessed with vengeance, security, punishment, and power.

It's ludicrous, and self-negating. Vengeance and "security" both belong to God. If not, the people do not live under God and God's protection. They have deigned to become God, and are worshipping themselves.

And whatta surprise, when we examine the denominations over the past 150, we find exactly that, including the feminization of "men" like Rabbi Noteach.

Call yourselves the Church of the Living Me, or whatever. But don't claim any connection to, or authority under, "God."

Blasphemous hypocrites.

At Dennis Rader's guilty verdict many women in the gallery shot to their feet, spontaneously high-fiving, as if their horse had just won the Triple Crown.

Gloating in vengeance is fun. It feels great. But it means more demons. Lot's more.

The object is "fewer demons."

Not, ooooh, I got you back, har har har followed by a Touchdown Celebration.

Do we really care about the safety of our children?

Not really. Not enough to challenge female power in the West. We're far more interested in parading our own self-righteousness and empowering in ways that make us appear morally superior.

The way to have fewer B.T.K.s, is by truly empowering American men.

Will that wipe out forever the Dennis Raders?

No. It will cut down on them, though, steadily and sanely -- meaning fewer kidnapped children, fewer bound, tortured, and strangled folks, etc.

But that would mean giving up our Touchdown Celebrations of vengeance.

So nah -- forget it!

Unfortunately, that's not where things are heading. This is the place and age of Rabbi Noteach.

Follow him down, then, if you insist.

Just remember that when you come back up again -- and you will come back up -- Dennis Rader will still be hovering above you, with your nylons wrapped around his fist.

Power? Yes, you will have the power. Society will be on your side, ready to mete out "justice." To be sure, the State not only will authorize your thirst for vengeance, they will rush to help you effect it.

Suit yourself.

Demons teach hard lessons, and they teach for real, but like the Rabbi's ancient Israel, we are a stubborn, stubborn People.

Two-thousand years, so little progress.

As Adrain, the "religious expert" from Qim Tunes comments:

Religion isn't hasty.

We are the opposite of religion, the opposite of faith. Even the rabbis just can't wait on God.

A stubborn, stubborn people.

God is loving, but lookout! stubborner.


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