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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Fat Conductor and Other Tails

Belvedere Castle, in New York City's Central Park, has this cockatrice on its transom (trans-om). You'll recall our old pal cockatrice from our previous discussion of Charles Manson's "Christmas Day 2000" artwork, in which this "magical being" spreads in winged dominion over the Arctic Sea.

BTW, the bronze cockatrice pictured above was designed Calver Vaux and sculptor Jacob Wrey Mould. (Yep Mould, I'm just the reporter folks.)

I discussed the cockatrice's power of petrification, but didn't mention that -- as with the chickatrice Medusa -- that power is considered potent post-mortem. That is, this entity's influence extends beyond Earth and mortality, and "follows" one after death, in astral/spiritual realms.

Not a pretty thought, but, I must agree, an accurate one, and an unacceptable one.

As below, so above, hmm?

Manson's cockatrice is paired with a great sea serpent -- Jormungandr, Leviathan, the
Lindworm, Wyvern, and other forms of "dragons" with powers simultaneously terrestrial, extra-terrestrial and inter-terrestrial.

Pesss-ski kreetur!

Smart too!

For purposes here, "Dragon" has two meanings beneath the various names, depictions, and emblems:

1) general chthonic power, associated psycho-socially with primal, unindividuated, matriarchal kinship groups and eras

2) a powerful individual or group, usually operating occultly; a sorcerer or magician, often a necromancer or necromantic cult

Manson's artwork refers specifically to both these types of dragon, and like Medusa and the cockatrice-dragon's post-mortem power, interests and activities transcend the mundane world, effecting both the material (celestial) cosmos, and the "spiritual" or cosmogonic realm.

That is, after all, the purpose of sorcery.

The Zodiac calls the victims of the cockatrice/dragon's afterlife power "paradice slaves." Like a transtempoal spider, he collects them from among the living for long-term use.

As Wikipedia notes, the Wyvern is associated geographically (thus geomantically) with specific locales and groups in Great Britain, including the Midland Railway. Railways and railroad personnel are associated with necromancy, as in the occult "railway yard" ritual aspects of J.F.K.'s murder.

Especially in the Western U.S., railroads are intertwined with wealth, influence, and transgenerational power, and "Midland Railway" is just suggestive enough of Midgard and of Middle Earth (i.e., the manifest of surface world, as opposed to the celestial and underworld) to be suspicious of ritual/occult involvement.

Noteworthy in this context is the fascination of many kids, especially young autistics, to the Thomas the Tank Engine series, which includes a character called the Fat Conductor, Fat Controller, or Fat Director.

Uh, am I really suggesting that pore leetul loco motive Thomas is part of an occult plot to Rule the World.

Well . . . not exactly.

I'm just saying he fits in somewheres.


Oh -- and I'm also saying, in complement to my recent McCartney post, that Ringo Starr was the original narrator of Thomas the Tank Engine, portraying the Fat Controller. He reportedly took the gig at request of his grandchildren.

Despite the awesome gifts of John, Paul and George, the Beatles wouldn't have come alive without Ringo, their heartbeat.

He has a bit of the Ban, of the dwarf about him -- yes?

Not so much as say . . . Van Morrison, who is positively spritely.

But still . . . and then there's that telltale last name, Star Key.

Yeeee Ikz.

In any magical or shamanic operation, the drum is the key instrument in changing consciousness, adding vibrations both above and below accompanying thresholds. The drumming is at the rear of the stage's "mundane set," but at the front -- the core -- of the spiritual band.

Were/are the Beatles ecstatic-shamans? Is their music a magical operation?

Charles Manson thought so.

Me too.

Like Zodiac, Charles is a connoisseur of the mind. That must be acknowledged and respected, if only for one's own good.

Wikipedia's entry on European Dragons mentions a "cult of snakes found in religions throughout the world" -- likely the aformentioned chthonic, matriarchal, pagan/ecstatic blood-cults that had (and have) more in common with extra-psychic kinship groups than with civilization.

The sophistication of the East appears in Wikipedia's description of the Oriental Serpent:

Asian dragons were benevolent, but bossy.


I don't doubt it.

Also noteworthy is the connection between the dragon and seers/oracles/prophets:

The word "dragon" came from Greek drak┼Źn, which originally meant "that which sees" or "that which flashes", from the root of the verb derkomai = "I see".

Slavic mythology has unusual dualistic dragons:

Dragons of Slavic mythology hold mixed temperaments towards humans. For example, dragons in Bulgarian mythology are either male or female, each gender having a different view of mankind. The female dragon and male dragon, often seen as brother and sister, represent different forces of agriculture. The female dragon represents harsh weather and is the destroyer of crops, the hater of mankind, and is locked in a never ending battle with her brother. The male dragon protects the humans' crops from destruction and is generally loving to humanity. Fire and water play major roles in Bulgarian dragon lore; the female has water characteristics, whilst the male is usually a fiery creature.

Also noteworthy is Smok, the Wawel Dragon.

Smok -- no doubt kin of Tolkien's Smaug! -- dwelt under Wawel Hill, beneath Wawel Cathedral and Krakow Castle: dragon-bones as foundation of Church and State. The "defeat" of Smok founded/civilized Krakow (then the "capital" of Poland).

Smocsa Jama, the "Dragon's Den" limestone cave, is still considered the "heart of Krakow."

. . . merely a tidbit of superstitious fluffery until recalling that Wewelsburg Castle in Germany was Himmler's H.Q. for occult/sacrificial activity.

The Ahnenerbe -- the "ancestral heritage research foundation" of Himmler and the SS -- was headquartered at Wewelsburg Castle. The Ahnenerbe was the necromantic/occult inner circle, chief knights of the Reich, and Ahnenerbe operatives practiced ritual magic and sought numinous ancient "objects" -- later popularized, though glossed, in Raiders of the Lost Ark etc. -- a still-unfinished "story."

As for modern activity, Michael Aquino of San Francisco's Temple of Set was reportedly a frequent Wewelsburg visitor.

OK, where did we start this ourobopost?

Oh yah, with that strange cockatrice on the trans/om (communicative conduit or tone) of Belvedere Castle in New York City's Central Park. Shades of Operation Paperclip!

I didn't put a photo of Belvedere up before -- didn't think it important-- but I guess it is now, so here y'go.

Certainly Belvedere and Wewelsburg aren't even close to exact matches -- but they're close enough, perhaps, to be kissin' kuzzins . . . .

It's the Spirit of the Thing that counts!

During 1939 to 1143, concentration-camp slave labor rebuilt Wewelsburg's North Tower (the domed tower), with the floor-mosiac of the Marble Hall called the Schwarze Sonne, or Black Sun -- a recapitulation of Egypto-Babylonian, as much as Norse/Aryan, cosmology and magic (recall the "eastering sun" of Egyptian Osiric rites, and the "underworld captives" of the Egyptian Book of Caverns.)

The mosaic is solar and chronological, divided into twelve "hourly spokes." Himmler intended Wewelsburg as axis of the coming Reich, and the Schwarze Sonne was the centerpiece, built literally in blood.

Personalistically, the spokes are 12 Reich "officers" or sorcerers, Himmler's Inner Circle, recipients of the Totenkopfring , the SS Deaths-head ring -- with the 13th the heart or "ruling ring" of the wheel. The Death's-head is a mockery, antithesis of the original life-affirming swastika.

Himmler was a shade, a tool, a projection into matter of cosmic "ringlords" operating outside of space/time constraints.

These trans-terrestrial, sol-niger ringlords are reminiscent of Tolkien's Nine Ringwraiths, and recalls the skull-symbolism and insignia among America's ruling elite. For example, both 2002 Presidential candidates were members of Yale's Skull and Bones society.

Tolkien's Ringlords eventually achieved power-of-flight, not coincidentally, upon the backs of dragons.

Which returning us to the cockatrice transom of Belvedere Castle in New York City, and our One Nation Under God, which with each passing day seems less like "democracy" -- or even like a republic/confereracy -- and more like an extension of European aristocracy, particularly in the English, French, and German ancestral lines.

Internet conspiracy theorists charge that ALL of America's Presidents have closely inbred European lineages, and the most "fringe" of the theorists, like David Icke, posit a hidden aristocracy of subterranean, shapeshifting reptilians (which, after all, is what a serpent is.)

One need not, a la Icke and others, attempt to prove the existence of subterranean reptoid mega-cities in order to make the point that America, England, and probably Canada and most of the West, has been laid hold of by a "dragon" -- an entity operating through the base, selfish, cunning, and predatory reptilian layers of the human personal and collective consciousness . . . a dragon whose capacities and capabilities encircle the planet, whether they be multinationals or occult blood-lodges.

As the Allies began to close in on Himmler, he had the remaining available Totenkopfrings -- no doubt, the most potent ones -- blast-sealed into a mountain near Wewelsburg. Others, of course, are at large.


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