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Friday, November 11, 2005

The Crystalinks Rag


And Noah went in, and his sons, and his wife, and his sons' wives with him, into the ark, because of the waters of the flood.
-- Genesis 7:7

The Ragnarok theme -- like the Great Serpent itself -- doesn't seem to want to go away.The latest Sighting, datelined November 10, is of:

. . . the remains of a fierce sea monster that terrorized Pacific waters in the age of the dinosaurs. The researchers are calling it Godzilla after the legendary movie monster, but it really was an ancestor of modern crocodiles.

"Terrorized Pacific waters" . . . big HMM . . .

So the, uh, sub-theme keeps bobbing up multiform through the Ether Sea: here as Yoko Ono, there as Godzilla, and now as new-age internet superstar Ellie from the Crystalinks website.

Is Ellie of Crystalinks really Godzilla?

Maybe she already told us. Read on.

Among other titles, Ellie self-describes as a "Reiki Master," "Psychic," and "Therapist."

Very impressive!

Physician: heal thyself.

Today's post parallels my uproariously unpopular November 9 blogpost "Love Hertz, Chapter 27: Yoko is God" (don't even claim you read it, I have cybertrail hit-counts!)

In that blogong of silence, "progressive" artiste and real-estate-whiz Yoko Oh No stripped off her thin cortices and revealed a phat pons and medulla -- not to mention a reptilian countenance that'd freeze sunshine.

O! she's a Hindbrain Honey, fulla blather about "social justice," but bee neeth . . .

another Predator Princess


Whew baybee!

Today a Crystalinks page turned up that perhaps dovetails -- make that dragontails -- with motherhydra Yoko and her Rising Sisterhood.

Halloween Week 2005 page is chock-fullo revelations to herself, many of which she avoids or attempts to deflect. By cultural comparison, however, the page at least attempts self-exorcism, with Ellie calling up the beest in herself, if not with mucho gusto.


She faces her kali (if only kinda sideways! lol), but, in the end, can't quite confront the implications of her own dreams, investigations, and "synchronicities."

But unlike Yoko, Ellie tries -- and that's a good sign, if belated, for Ellie, and for this sad sad rock.

The page opens with Ellie recounting a "dream" concerning a loss, or falsification, of her own identity.

Klue Gnumero Uknow!

She finds herself in flood-conditions at lower Manhatten's Ground Zero -- former heart of occult activity in the United States. She connects her surroundings to three female names standing for recent "natural disasters" (Katrina, Wilma, Rita), but doesn't manage to align them with the "female disasters" that have swamped America -- feminism and matriarchy, the unleashing of the collective feminine Shadow.

But then, Ellie's not a Western male.

Dreemin' Ellie is in the "hospital" where her "real-life" grandson Noah was born one month prior. Hospital locales, especially operating rooms, often sublimate a dreamer's real experience of infernal states and "locations."

As Ellie perambulates the corridors, she becomes aware that her "pocketbook" and wallet -- containing her self-identity -- are "missing."

Rather than examine herself, she insteads panics and rushes to the local police station, the locus of "male" authority for feminine enforcement: a place of comfort, of female -- not male -- power.

I don't know "Ellie" from Crystalinks, nor anything about her financial status or dealings, but apparently Ellie's identity is "bound-up" or enslaved to her pocketbook/materialism.

In this, her Sisterhood is legion.

As with real-estate-mogul Yoko, it seems that Ellie's power -- like much of the matriarchy's -- resides in Woman's Purse, or in Sossity's tool of coercion, The State.

(That'd be moolah and fear. Not exactly high moral or spiritual authority.)

In "Blame it on Cain," Elvis Costello names the game, skin-the-goat:

Well if I was a saint with a silver cup

and the money got low we could always heat it up

or trade it in.

But then the radio to heaven will be wired to your purse.

Then you can run down the wave band

coast to coast, hand in hand.

Bad to worse, curse for curse.

Don't be dissatisfied! . . .

So you're not satisfied?!

Blame it on Cain

Don't blame it on me

Oh oh it's nobody's fault

but we need somebody to burn.

Turns out The Heat can't help Ellie. Her problem is not farmable to any convenient perps.

That only works in Manifest Reality, and it only works temporarily.

There's pore Ellie, in the middle of all that human and natural disaster, at Planetary Ground Zero, and the Police aren't going to arrest someone and make Ellie feel better. Goddammit all! There's nobody to arrest. Just Ellie, with her little identity problem. So what's a girl to do?

She wakes up!


What a nightmare is reality, eh?


Ellie vamooses her pesky "unconscious" and flees to the Manifest World where, after all, truths about oneself and one's country are MUCH easier to avoid and deny!

The next day, safely back in her "real world," Ellie visits her infant grandsons in Connecticut, and we see photos of her and the aforementioned Noah. All illustrations in this post are from Crystalinks. I'm sure Ellie won't mind.

First, we're shown a "normal photo" -- a "neocortical snapshot" -- of Ellie with Noah on her lap.

Just beneath, we're shown two photos that reveal quite a "separate reality" -- Ground Zero Reality -- in which Ellie's face gradually morphs, regressing, to an indistinct, more primitive visage.

Instead of smiling, comforting, nurturing Ellie, we're confronted with two images that are humanoid, but not fully human. Now we are beneath Ground Zero, and Ellie's persona has sloughed away.

What we and Ellie discover beneath the feelgoodisms are images of a Ban-dwarf, a Homo florensiensis, the shadowy and distorted features of a primal matriarch, a haunting Paleolithic deconstruction, Venus of Willendorf, the Mother Goddess again alive:

In the accompanying caption, Ellie blurts:

I look like a reptilian alien -- dragon!

(Hey, folks -- her pictures, her caption, ok?)

All I do is connect dotz.


Now, Ellie could have faked those photos, and some pathetic folk will do anything for attention. But people don't often doctor documents or photos that show themselves in a worse light.

Therefore I'm willing to run with Ellie on this one.

It is an ignored, denied, and extremely Uncomfortable Fact that the majority of child abuse is committed by females -- not by males, despite our overwhelming conditioning to the contrary -- and most of that abuse is committed against males, with the highest percentile categories of victims being infant and toddler males (DOJ stats available on request).

Put another way: although the Noahs are scapegoated and punished as the collective Perpetrators of Western cultures, in reality they are most often the victims of abuse -- and most often, their abusers are female.

There's a babe in the arms

of a woman in a rage

and a long-time golden-haired stripper onstage

and she winds back the clock

and she turns back the page

of a book no-one can write.

Oh! Where are you tonight?

(Zimmy the Bobhead)

This is NOT to implicate Ellie (whoever she is!) of anything -- I have NO personalistic knowledge of her. Obviously, in her Halloween Week 2005 essay, and in this blogpost, Ellie represents a larger feminine energy.

Also, the reality of child abuse is tempered by the fact that most caretakers of kids are female.

Moving now to the bottom photo, the most distorted one: it matches an image from the superb Ridley Scott/Bill Monahan film Kingdom of Heaven, in which the character Sibylla (Eva Green) regresses facially in the same masked-like, amorphous, primitive way, in a very brief exposure just prior to the fall of Jerusalem.

Sibylla is the King's sister, both in blood and spirit. The context is Christianity, so here, she is a Magdalene. Her face reflects the disintegration of the spiritual integrity of the Holy City, the death of the King, and her upcoming expulsion by Saladin and Islam.

Sibylla is more than just the protagonist's paramour/wife, or even the King's Sister: she is the Goddess' avatar, the primal Matriarch manifest, and like many Paleolithic goddess-figurines, her face is intentionally indistinct, not representing individual/egoic women, but Woman as collective entity and force.

Sibylla is more than a prophetess: she's Nature itself, which is why in scene-entrances she's usually preceded by an animal guardian/escort.

All this leads Ellie to an exploration of sorcery, alchemy, witches, and the ouroboric double-helix (twin serpents) of DNA.

Witchcraft then leads Ellie to Macbeth, and the infamous curse-around-the-cauldron scene with the three-witches (the Triune Goddess.) Here Ellie prevaricates, and her dragon slips away, twisting back down her brainstem at the moment her spine needed to stifffen: the witches, says Ellie, didn't really control King Macbeth with their evil, they just, well, tricked him.


Of course. That's different.

According to Ellie (and the New, Improved West), Macbeth is the Sole Perpetrator in this drama, the Lone Assassin.

Um-hm. And Lee Harvey Oswald -- he acted alone too?


Ellie relieves the primal, reptilian, Triune Feminine from responsibility in the play's tragedy, placing blame squarely where we all know it should be: on the nearest male.

Like the male "leaders" of the Western world, Macbeth was actually a very weak and manipulable king: a "man" only by genetic definition, not by behavior or character.

Read old Willie Shakes again: Macbeth WAS controlled by Lady Mac, who was the power-mad Reptilian Brains behind the duo, long before Hilary showed up

Macbeth was also strongly influenced by the curses of the Three Witches -- what we would call invective, spin, deceit, shaming, propaganda, or "advocacy research" -- use of language to effect mass psychological control and power.

Just prior to her discussion of dragonslaying, Ellie inserts an astrological illustration related to the movement of Jupiter into Scorpio on the night of her Ground Zero dream (see below).

This is an illustration of the "celestial male god" and a primordial, chthonic entity, the oceanic feminine. Like Leviathan or the Midgard Serpent, the scorpion rises from the depths of water (the unconscious, the Realm of the Mothers, the Matrix) to the surface of consciousness and reality, where it's met by the thundergod, the conservator of consciousness. Charles Manson's artpiece, Christmas Day 2000, also depicts a sea-dwelling monster surfacing or surfaced.

In the Jupiter/Scorpio illustration, the scorpion (like the crab) is a wounding entity, a carrier, and its weapon is bite or sting (cutting, puncture, cancer, etc.) inflicted upon male leadership (here, Jupiter as "celestial representative") during the specified timeframe of 10/25/05 to 11/26/06.

Ellie then discusses dragonslayers, including the LORD in Isaiah 27:1, and our Ragnokian running-theme of crocodiles resumes. She writes:

Though generally revered elsewhere in ancient Egypt, at Edfu and Dendera the crocodile is the subject of ritual slaying in temple scenes. [The Crocodile god was Sobek] The rituals of these "anti-crocodile" cults are an easy fit into the story of Horus and his struggle for kingship against Seth.

The final destruction represents victory over chaos and evil. The scene above (from the exterior of the Edfu naos, east wall, first register) shows the king driving his falcon-headed spear into the head of a crocodile as Horus extends to him a khepesh sword. The king is wearing a hemhemty-crown, worn for war and destruction. The relief is accompanied by a text to be spoken:

I hold my harpoon! I grasp my spear-shaft! Heir of the Lord of Mesen am I! I embark on my boat near the Lake of Horus and I drive back the steps of all "Those who are in the water." [...] the "hidden ones," I cut to pieces "Burning Mouths."

The "burning mouths," or more literally "hot mouths," originally referred to venomous serpents that bite with fiery poison. Horus of Edfu is depicted standing atop a crocodile, spearing it in the head. The accompanying text reads:

And behold, the enemies of Re having transformed themselves into crocodiles and hippopotamuses hurled themselves into the water. And while Re-Harakhti was seated [in his boat] and sailing over the water, the crocodiles and the hippopotamuses came nigh, and opened wide their jaws in order to destroy their enemy Re-Harakhti. Then Horus Behedety made haste and came up, with his followers behind him, armed with metal weapons, each one by name having an axe, a spear, and a chain in hand. They speared the crocodiles and the hippopotamuses, and there were brought in forthwith six-hundred and fifty-one rebel-fiends, and they were slain opposite to the city of Edfu.

Ellie then comments:

My friend, UFO researcher, Harold Egeln, sent me an update to his website. Harold, as you may recall, lives a few blocks from here, and works as a mild mannered reporter for a local newspaper, The Home Reporter. Harold also runs a UFO group called S.P.A.C.E. Harold and I are connected in many ways, after having met in June 1989 at a MUFON meeting in Manhattan. We are born in the same year - Aquarius and Leo. His 'guide' is a gray alien, he calls ZM. [Z masculine] We both have interests - and work - linked to 'time'.

Normally, I post Harold's updates on Ezine, without mentioning them here, but today an image he included in his email, caught my eye, as it seems to bring together several themes from this week's columns.

Ezekiel looks like the Roman god Jupiter [see below 'Jupiter in Scorpio'] Now look at the fallen entity ... it held the same energy of the entity in the image of me and Noah, below - Elohim, Gods from the Bible, Genesis [genetics - biogenetic eXperiment].

Read more about the book, Aliens Scriptures, Extraterrestrials in the Holy Bible, and other information in Harold's newsletter.
So who is Ezekiel - with the EZ name? Ezekiel is the Prophet of the Hebrew Scriptures. His greatest miracle consisted in his resuscitation of the dead, which is recounted in chapter 37 [10=1=Rebirth] of the Book of Ezekiel. I found Ezekiel to be a colorful character in Z's game - Metaphors in Time. Linking from that file I found a List of names referring to 'El'.

Ezekiel - Prophet of the Scriptures - Scrolls - Torahs - reminded me of the file I posted on Simchat Torah 10/26/05 - Ellie and the Torah.

Ezekiel and UFO's took me to my file UFO's in Earth's history mentioning Ezekiel - and Wheels within Wheels - the spheres of the Qabbalah which are the harmonics of creation - which takes us to Synchronicity and Carl Jung - and the Wheel of Karma - all good files to review.

Ezekiel saw a vision of dry bones returning to life (Ezekiel 37). "When Nebuchadnezzar deported the first group of Jerusalem leaders in 597 B.C., Ezekiel the priest was carried into exile in Babylon. Ezekiel saw the glory of God depart from the Jerusalem Temple because of the people's worship of other gods. When Ezekiel's wife died, he bore his grief silently to show the exiles how to bear the loss of Jerusalem. Later he saw a vision of dry bones coming back to life as a sign that God would give new life to the people. The last visions in his book describe an ideal Temple and the return of God's glory to Israel. These visions are recounted in the book of Ezekiel."

Lots of metaphors here. The image of skeleton bones returns us to Halloween - October 31 - 10/31 - new beginnings beyond time - 10/31 = 5 - feminine goddesses energies return.

Let's recap that section.

In the illustration above, Ellie points out that:

. . . the fallen energy . . . held the same energy of the entity in the image of me and Noah

Now, that confuses me, and I think it confused Ellie too. Her garbled syntax speaks for itself.

We've got a "fallen energy" in the Ellie/Noah photo, there where the "Good and Nurturing Ellie" is expected.

But now it's an "entity" that "holds fallen energy" -- and apparently, this entity is no longer connected to Ellie -- to her energy, to her desires, to her actions, to her will.

A Very Convenient Entity!

Ellie fishes around a tad, implying that "E-masculine," Ezekiel, or Jupiter is the "fallen entity" (that apparently has possessed Ellie?)

But I think she needs to look closer to home.

Ellie's doubletalk/nonsense and "replacement entity" sounds like psychological camoflage in denial that ELLIE is that "fallen entity" -- or that she represents that fallen entity in larger aspect.

Ellie concludes the section by connecting "skeleton bones" with returning "feminine godesses energies."

She right, obviously, but misses the main point: why did all those dragonslayers need to exist? Why are they almost always male? What massive Beast, what great odds, were they battling?

Ellie doesn't know -- or doesn't want to know, which in part explains why the balance of her essay attempts to deconstruct the Uncomfortable Information she's just unveiled. She goes on about why we should reject "superstition" as mere "fear and ignorance," and advises that we maintain a "higher frequency" than all that, pontificating:

It's always about adjusting your grid matrix for attraction and manifestation. You probably need to work on that.

Hmm. "You," eh?


And, uh, Ellie . . . I've got your Grid Matrix right here.


Ellie also discusses the deity El, a word contained in her own name, combined with "lie."

Jussa coincidence I'm shore!

Crystalinks is quite a site, with lots of good graphics especially. But it suffers, like the rest of Western culture, from a soft and superficial new-agey "spirituality" -- what I call the Gauzy Angel Effect.

Real spiritual work and growth often involves traumatic confrontations with, and deconstructions of, oneself. There's precious little of that in the modern West, and even less in collective Western femininity, which has made an art of self-serving deception, propaganda, and scapegoating.

This image from Ellie's essay expresses that: the smiling, innocent face offset by the sly, grinning "punkin," held in her "unconscious" left hand, and looking askance . . . also worth inspecting closely is the hidden-image of the guy in the picture frame.

Despite all, however, Ellie at least manages to begin to confront herself, as the Noah photos and her occasional comments suggest. Credit where due. A halting, tenuous start is better than quadriplegia.

Like the modern denominations, the new-age movement is corrupted by avarice, materialism, egotism and most severely, by people telling others (and themselves!) exactly what they want to hear.

The Church of Myself leads nowhere.

Spiritual progress takes place by enduring what we don't want to hear.

There's usually no money in that, just discomfort, which often benefits the world, but not oneself.

You've come a long way, baby.

Mostly backwards.

Now you're at Ground Zero, Exorcism City. It's a stark land of hidden riches.

Down she comes! Look out below!

Keep trying, Ellie from Crystalinks. There are millions of Noahs -- and one in particular -- counting on you.

And I am counting on Noah.


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