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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Late Spring Fields

"Lockdown Lilith"

As the comment thread to "Histe Up the John B Sail" suggests, last week we were preparing a post about Jared Loughner's incarceration and "evaluation" at the Springfield Medical Facility in Springfield, Missouri.

Springfield is a longstanding semiotic trigger-word, suggesting fertility, agriculture, blood-sacrifice and the "resurrection" of crops.

In 1998 Kip Kinkel killed his parents, then slew two students at his school, Thurston High, in Springfield, Oregon.

The pagan Beltane Window opened April 29 with the Royal Alkhemical Wedding of headwounded William and goddess Ka-hathor Middleton, who trumpeted her disobedience to a giddy world. April 29 was also the court-ordered date by which Jared Loughner, caged in Springfield, was required "psychological evaluation" by the overpaid State fakes pretending psychiatric and psychological expertise.

Here's some real psychological expertise.

Two step tyranny -- Royal Wedding skript = "Cinderella"

1) empower females over males via mass coercion, disenfranchisement, scapegoating, criminalization

2) manipulate Female Dreeming Mind using reptilian/mammalian cues

The photo underlines the event's globalism -- even the small town near little dynamo sported women in chiffon bridesmaid dresses on Royal Wedding Day. They identified fully.

Females are, largely, a collective or hivemind. Males, largely, are individuals. The more male, the more individual.

After an "outburst" at his hearing, Loughner was "escorted" from the Star Chamber by the Authorities.

Concurrently in Cape Canaveral, the celestial Beltane Window saw headwounded Goddess Gabby Giffords, Wills' Templar Twin, re-ascend the star-staircase under watchful gaze of Pappy Ptah, an aspect of the Kopper King and the new, improved, multikulti Pharocracy.

The Beltane Window closed on Bloody May Day, the most prominent blood-sacrificial date of the Pagan Calendar, with gleeful execution of the West's Preferred Scapegoat of the moment, Osama sin Laden. Operation Neptune Spear. The non-oppressed become the new oppressors.

We'd planned to post on springfield after learning that while the Beltane Window stood open, blood flowed in the Massachusetts version of spring-field.

A man who shot four people in Springfield, including two police officers, had escaped from prison to avenge the shooting of his mother, police said. Since Tamik Kirkland went missing from MCI Shirley on Monday, he allegedly took part in at least three shootings, including an incident today in which he is accused of shooting two people — one fatally — in a barbershop and later shooting two officers who had tracked him down.

Kirk means church.

From another site:

In his magisterial book The Gulag Archipelago, Alexander Solzhenitsyn recited in gruesome detail the mistreatment of inmates in prison camps in the Soviet Union. "As many as 54 prisoners may share a single toilet," he wrote. "Up to 50 sick inmates may be held together in a 12- by 20-foot cage for up to five hours awaiting treatment."

Mentally ill convicts go untreated until they "suffer from severe hallucinations" and fall "into catatonic states." Suicidal inmates are "held for prolonged periods in telephone-booth sized cages without toilets."

Some prisoners die for lack of medical care, and others kill themselves.
Actually, those quotes are not from Solzhenitsyn. They're from the U.S. Supreme Court decision last week on California's grossly overcrowded penal system

Yeah Kalifornia, open up your Golden Gate, o satanic slut.

Note, again, prominence of spring in this report on the Gynogulag from William Grigg:

The very model of authoritarian piety, Strawn conspicuously wears his "What Would Jesus Do?" wristband as he places handcuffs on the wrists of a teenager being forcibly conveyed to a distant, inaccessible dungeon. Often this is done with the knowing consent of criminally credulous parents following a "hard sell" by a pitchman for a behavior modification (BM) program, which is usually portrayed as an enhanced summer camp intended to impart "respect for authority" in a beautiful natural setting. . . .

WWASPS's Spring Creek Lodge in Montana featured a tiny disciplinary cubicle called "The Hobbit" in which some inmates were confined for weeks or months at a time and fed nothing but beans and bananas. One counselor at Spring Creek was charged with sexually molesting two boys who had been imprisoned in The Hobbit.

Not that any of this is a problem.

After all, girls and women aren't adversely affected. So, no problem.

A carefully sown Spring Field.

"The Hobbit" is typically sized for a U.S. jail cell in "institutions for men," often located in the basements of Amerika's Courthouses. Two "perpetrators" are locked in one such cell for many months or years. Harsh florescents burn 24/7, with sunlight (or any natural, i.e. god-sent) light intentionally withheld. The stagnant, poisoned air re-circulates for forty or sixty or eighty years, the same malevolence and misery constantly recycled.

Often, the only view-out of the concrete cells is a tiny slat in the door, such that female guards can leer in at their Capture all hours of day and night, that the dearies might feel more Fulfilled.

In U.S. jails and prisons, forced sexual contact between male inmates and female guards has become widespread and standard. This, on top of the brutal, masculine-destroying male-on-male prison rape that is de rigueur in Amerikan "correctional" facilities.

For every actual rape committed against a U.S. female, ten males are really raped in the mancages. And don't the grrls and stockholders love it.

Boys and men whose masculinity has been broken don't compete for jobs or educational slots -- not that they'd get them anyway. Guess it saves the hassle of rejection letters.

In many medium or small U.S. towns, the judges and court personnel are almost exclusively female -- not difficult to accomplish, following 50 years of excluding males from colleges and employment, from forcing any males with a semblance of masculinity out of U.S. kulture.

The only place males are over-represented are in the dockets and holding cells. The streets and homeless camps. The suicide stats -- especially in mammy's mancages, desgined to crush the mind and force insanity.

Longstanding is the profitable collusion between the Amerikan Woman and the vast Police Sistems of prisons, jails, lawyers, judges, court officials, bail bondspeople, probation officers, prison guards, and on and on.

The century-and-a-half rise of the Women's Movement exactly parallels the rise of the Amerikan Gulag.

Mark of the Beast

Pictured is a member of Kalifornia's "3000 Boys" prison-guards gang, part of the endtimes biblical "beast system" or Gynogulag.

The biblical "mark of the beast" is already etched into the foreheads of the vast majority of people in the Western world. Try "buying or selling" in the corporate or public-sector without subservience to the matriarchy. Spending in Amerika -- especially discretionary purchasing -- is dominated by females, young and old.

Grovelling, profiteering cowards like Joe Arpaio, the self-acclaimed "Toughest Sheriff in America," manipulate the gulag, in the name of "protecting and serving."

It's not enough to destroy the bodies of Those Evil Males. They must be crushed spiritually, and their manhood -- breathed into them by God himself -- must be annihilated cell-by-cell, for only thus can the New World be made "safe for women and children."

Jokerman Joe Arpaio: Serving the Goddess and Keeping Amerika Safe, one castration at a time.

You will wear those in hell, fatboy.

On New Year's Eve brokenhearted animals around the earth staged a mass-suicide protest.

Must be something in the water. Could be fractional geo-magnetic blrrf nnrrrgg skllllrrrpp. No doubt HAARP, or due to pollution caused by The Patriarchy and that ur-poison, testosterone!

So, what's on sale this week, honey? I haven't bought anything in at least three days! Starting to get the shakes....

Jokerman Jailer Joe Arpaio was born June 14, 1932, in the recently warned town of Springfield, MA.

Now you know something about tornadoes that meteorologists never will.

Comes as a shock to modern Amerikans, but the human male was not created for enslavement, nor to serve the whims of woman. Little boys, the joy of God himself, were not infused with God's own spirit to become cradle-to-grave tools of the FemHive and its punks.

The last time human organizations, under satanic influence, tried to lock down Adam, the planet had to be scrubbed and drip-dried.

Without the deluge, the vast majority of human beings would have gone into extreme, and terrible, bondage many thousands of years ago. As now, the planet was on the edge of mass enslavement.

Horrific as planetary destruction is, it's far better than bringing little boys into a world already arranged for their humiliation, usage, torture, degradation, and bondage. Some things are, indeed, worse than death.

Women should not be sent to prison and instead should serve community sentences, according to a new report by the Women's Justice Taskforce.

That's the Anglosphere's solution to the extreme disparity between females and males in arrest, conviction, and sentencing rates . . . and prison conditions. Inequality is fixed by instituting more inequality. This = Equality.

Last year, British judges were instructed to "be more lenient with female criminals."

Such was the recommendation of the "Equal Treatment Bench Book."

Res ispa loquitur.

The law -- dea-ley -- essentially is only for males. Females make it, males are subject to it. The JustSis Sistem.

Spring expires and the Hive Mind buzzes on, more deranged and empowered each day. Like shopping, every privilege and protection and entitlement only whets the appetite for more.

God shed the fullness of his grace and bounty on America. She responded with gluttony, cunning rebellion, and a global gulag for males.

She puts her hands and chains on the holy people, she judges men she has no business even speaking to, she tortures and destroys masculinity, strips the planet's resources for her pleasure, and pets her poodle while earth's creatures suffer under her high heels, and the jackboots of her employees.

The screams are tracers across each Amerikan night, little boys being tortured in households without presence of men, guys in cages driven insane moment-by-moment. Martial law in the Shire, happily endorsed by The People.

Suit yourselves. Have a nice Spring. But don't stand under any tall buildings, y'know?


Late edit:

SPRINGERVILLE, Ariz. -- A raging forest fire in eastern Arizona has scorched an area larger than the size of Phoenix, threatening thousands of residents and emptying towns as the flames raced toward New Mexico on Wednesday. . . .

About half of the 4,000 residents who call Eagar home were forced to leave Tuesday as the fire licked the ridges surrounding the area. The town's remaining residents and those in neighboring Springerville worried as they awaited word of whether they will have to flee, too.
"Everybody that's here is suffering from anxiety from this," Apache County Chief Sheriff's Deputy Brannon Eagar told residents

Eagar = a rage. Same name for the town and Chief Sheriff's Deputy.

There was a woman in the jungle
and a monkey on a tree
The missionary man
he was following me

Don't mess with a missionary man
Don't mess with a missionary man

(Stewart, Lennox)


  • "The only place males are over-represented are in the dockets and holding cells. The streets and homeless camps. The suicide stats -- especially in mammy's mancages, desgined to crush the mind and force insanity."

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