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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Eyes Yet Open, and Lives

tonite little dynamo opened up the phone lines and got outta the way, letting our callers spin the evening's thread

started with a quick look at a couple chapters in Leviticus, the Old Testament's book of codifications (principally for the Hebrew priesthood, the Levites, but also to lesser extent for the populace)

expiation and atonement of "sin" as defined by Yahweh via Moses is always accomplished via blood sacrifice, utilizing animals which stand for various segments of the population, whether in ancient Israel, modern America, or elsewhere on Earth for that matter

various blood-sacrifice prescriptions are demanded in the Old Testament, and the sacrificial schema of Leviticus 4 was: for sins by commoners, a female goat or sheep; for sins by an anointed priest, a bull; for sins by the "congregation" (i.e., not the populace-in-toto, but "inner Israel"), a bull; and for sins by one of Israel's leaders, a male goat

note that as the "sinning authority" rises in rank (e.g., from a common person, or what we'd call a "common citizen," to, say, a sin by an anointed priest), the gender of the scapegoat/sacrifice moves from female to male -- in this case, from a female goat or sheep to a bull -- obviously, a male animal

the New Testament "sacrifice to end all sacrifices," the Old Testament sacrificial schema, and modern methods of atonement-sacrifices (whether of individuals or groups, these are largely accomplished occultly and/or unconsciously) depend upon the QUALITY of the offered scapegoat -- i.e., in order that the individual or group transgression receive pardon, the sacrifice must be of sufficient quality

Leviticus illustrates the inflexible requirement of literal blood for the manifestation of the ancient Hebrew "god" and subsequent forgiveness of Mosaic-code infractions

karma and the animating energy that "passes between dead halves" by medium of blood is inferred . . . the spiritual link, or ligature, between ancestors/generations permits the incarnate individual a kind of DNA open-window for a tremendous -- and potentially eternal -- restoration, interpreted in Leviticus as sin-atonement

Levitical use of blood as restorative medium (the go-between "pathway of God") is permitted, or graced, while usage of blood for purpose of suspending animation or gathering power is antithetic, unholy, and pseudo-divine

the sacrificial entities identified in Leviticus have human correspondents (amongst the ancient Hebrew tribes and amongst all peoples), and clearly this blood-atonement system is the locus of ancient and modern Hebrew faith, as in the famous example of Abraham and Isaac (which effect "lowered the ante" from the human-sacrifice of Issac to animal-sacrifice as representative of humans -- the willingness of Abraham to give up his son satisfied God )

the Twentieth Century was awash in ritual sacrifice: world wars, Jonestown, private and group occult workings, mass-murder rites such as Manson and the Zodiac undertook, numerous assassinations of prominent people, the WTC collapse, etc.

question is: were these Levitical, hallowed, restorative rites? -- or mere acts, powerful though they be, of selfishness, pride, madness, and will-to-power? rituals intended to separate, to breed spiritual divisiveness and collective weakness, preparatory to our being "conquered" and enslaved
(in which case, we would likely not consider ourselves either conquered or enslaved!)

Helter Skelter/Total Race War was Manson's oft-stated aim, and implementation of the divide-and-conquer Hegelian Dialectic amongst race and gender in America has tossed the nation wholesale into the maw of the wolf -- fostering reactionary theo-politics; concentration of power in the hands of transgenerational, self-styled "elites"; disaster for the environment and future meteorology; decimation of the American middle class; the largest prison system in the world; missing fatherhood, broken brotherhood; widening rich/poor gaps; mass dis-spiritment, emasculation, and regression to the psycho-socio-political matriarchal id

Jesus' torture and death were quite routine (perhaps "formulaic" is a better word) blood-sacrificial-scapegoat ceremonies, squarely in the Mother Goddess/Lover Son fertility traditions that went so oft before, and continue today

as Jesus' self-prophecies make obvious, the New Osiris (Tammuz, Dionysus, Attis, etc) was well aware of his stalkers -- priests, potentates, and "evil in high places" . . . he was cognizant of the "game" as it unfolded around him like a poison rose

. . . and so was Baptist John, sacrificed to the Mother-Cult of the Virgin, even as John Lennon was

Jesus could have run . . . but the world is a chessboard, a boxed chessboard, to certain interests -- and fleeing in cold sweat terror is what the slobbering hounds and lordlings and "courtiers" WANT -- our great "global elite," noble "hunters of souls"

kookoo . . .kookoo . . . kookoo


as for the Lady, why . . . there's Sister Mary! deep in her habit

but the horns blast, the hounds bay, and lo! her breasts heave like sudden leaven, like a milk thundershower, rising, falling

see, when The Hunt is on, even Sister's blood gets up, furnacing her cheeks, faint crease of sweat on her stiff upper lip ...

then it's off to morning services! :O)

white males have been Scapegoat of Choice the past few decades, producing the anticipated and inevitable underground, prison-centered "white power" reactionary movement -- a reaction very difficult to control, because discrimination against lower-and-middle class white males is often very real

affirmative-action, Identity-atomized America produced a fractured, dis-spirited, selfish nation, with each Me Group scrambling for fixed tickets in the Victim Sweepstakes

the national death-stroke was applied by inclusion of American women in the 1964 Civil Rights Act under assumption of ongoing, and historically extensive, "oppression" by, yup, them Evil White Mens

unable to resist such a polished and purty apple, and infused with infallible conviction in her own moral superiority, the American Woman bit, and bit deep -- instantaneously placing herself in superior legal, cultural, and psychological status vis a vis every male inhabitant of the land

and placing her soul in jeopardy

not a gameshow, either! :O(

chaos, predictably, ensued . . . and folks, it may have happened by magick, but it ain't going away so easy

nuclear and extended families shattered, men and women became primary competitors (with females advantaged by law), and male suicide, unemployment, prison-rates, underemployment, durg use, homelessness, and premature death-rates soared

Grrrl Power enacted a heavy price, and it was mostly paid by American boys and men -- a bloodprice that, like oil, just keeps getting steeper

American males slowly graduated from disbelief, to bewilderment, thence either to denial (that there's any problem) or various levels of rage at second-class citizenship and at betrayal by their own women (i.e., white women)

with this cooking, little dynamo then discovered the apparent fact that Martin Luther King's given birthname was "Michael" (according to Wikipedia and other internet sources -- obviously, little dynamo doesn't have the Doctor's birth certificate . . . shit, dynamo can't find his driver's license in his own wallet!)

Michael Martin King was killed in 1968 which, in tandem with 1966, were peak/thresh-hold years of mass blood-sacrifice in a major American "spiritual undertaking"

the night before the sacrifice, M.K. delivered his "I've Been to the Mountaintop" speech at the Memphis Masonic Temple, during which he made fairly overt references to his upcoming death

the Old Testament Levitical blood-atonement pattern is intact -- Moses, like Doctor King, brought "God's word" from the mountaintop to the people, and ancient Memphis was a premiere Egyptian site of sorcery, necromancy, sonomancy, and geomancy

modern Memphis, of course, is home to "The King" and his "Graceland," and a matix for creation, distribution, and broadcast of the sonic waves called music (along, in particular, with Nashville and it's Towers/Mall)

songs are weapons, or tools, of power -- of creation and/or destruction

that's not all they are, but that's their fundament

the fact that modern people relate to songs as frivolities or entertainments changes nothing . . . indeed, such assumptions VASTLY INCREASE the occult potency of songs, musicians, and especially the interests and intents of persons and groups who "control the airwaves," so to speak (or claim/use commerical "rights" to a song -- thus de-sacralizing it, and unleashing its divisive and distopian potential)

about 1/5 of the way down the Wikipedia page on Michael/Martin, the header photo (doppleganged below) jumped out

Wikipedia's accompanying caption reads:

Martin Luther King Jr., after his arrest in February of 1956, at the age of 27. He had been arrested during the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The mug shot was found in July, 2004, during the cleaning out of a storage room at the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department. Someone had written "DEAD" twice on the picture, as well as 4-4-68, the date King was killed, though it is not known who wrote it.

like names, numbers/numerals "adhere" to human beings, and are helpful in understanding and using magical systems -- or in Unspinnng the Assassination of a Nation. . .

included in Wikipedia's discussion of the numeral "24" is object M-24 in the Saggitarius constellation; the 24 major and minor keys comprising Western "tonal music"; the 24 books comprising the Hebrew Bible, the Tanakh -- also called the Mikra [Mike-Ra]; the number of carats representing pure gold; the number of teeth in a human child's mouth; and the number of "blackbirds" (angels) baked into "Sing a Song of Sixpence's" pie (which was a sacrificial offering set before a "king")

24 also is:

the maximum number of Knights Companions in the British noble/occult chivalric society, the Order of the Garter; an unlucky denotative numeral in Cantonese due to similarity with the phrase "easy to die"; associated in Brazilian occultism due to the number's association with homosexuality and the deer (see Levitical scapegoat, supra); the number of hours per day; the frames-per-second rate of most motion pictures; and last, but not least, designation of US Interstate 24, which runs -- like the Levitical Spirit of God between deadness and deadness -- between Illinois and Tennessee

all the above correspondences pertain to the blood-sacrifice contexts surrounding Doctor King as he stood on the balcony of that cheap Memphis hotel . . . but of them all, the Interstate 24 reference leaped out like a stotting gazelle

so we'll try that road, after a brief pit-stop . . .

the "storage room clean-out" in the Montgomery Co. Sheriff's Dept. that uncovered the photo above smacks of the ark, and its various coverings and uncovering . . . also smacks of apocalypse itself, which means "uncovering"

M.K.'s "prisoner number" sums 24 (7+0+8+9)

the TWO scrawls of DEAD in blue-ink -- blue being the color of contained or "living" blood, of course -- suggest, perhaps, the Biblical first and second deaths . . . or perhaps, have more straightforward necromantic/zombie connotations (recall the Zodiac's obsession with afterlife "paradise slaves" and the Egyptian fixation on slaves or "bound captives")

the following paragraph from Paul Duggan's online article, Breaking and Dividing: Covenantal Sacrmentology suggests another Levitical/ritualistic facet to the twin "signings" of DEAD:

The ascension offering (Leviticus 1) is a tightly focused picture of this. The ascension offering (usually translated, whole burnt offering) involves all five of the animals of GenesisÊ15, and they are also divided (except the birds). What happens then is significant: the head and shoulders are "ascended" without being washed. They are considered clean already. The entrails and hindquarters need to be washed before they may ascend in smoke up to God.

the first signature DEAD appears just above M.K.'s head, as "unwashed head and shoulders" or more broadly, the "modern evolution" of the human form, neocortical; the lower DEAD appears just above M.K.'s groin/bowells, the "unwashed," unclean, and unascended portions of the body (representing the limbic/reptilian, the unraised land itself, or the geopolitical National Body of America)

thus M.K., like the nation, is broken into pieces, divided spiritually and psychologically (or, into realpolitik Red and Blue voting-bloc states, for you poli-junksters!)

M.K. and the nation thus remain indefinitely in limbo (much worse, actually) and cannot function with the national body severed, it's mind and spirit "ascended" but its mammo-reptilian body left behind, in a state of terror and despair, Earth "cut off from heaven"

in Leviticus, the re-animating Spirit of the LORD -- NOT the Egypto-Chaldean Goddess Isis -- passes between the twin DEAD zones . . . the King's Upper and Lower Egypt, uniting them:

And there came a fire out from before the LORD, and consumed upon the altar the burnt offering and the fat.

(Lev. 9:24)

as posted elsewhere on this blog, certain Highway Systems in America have strong occult undertones and magickal functions, including Interstate 80, Interstate 40/Old Route 66, Interstate 35, the under-construction Texas "International Highway," and a number of other significant routes (many routes now include subterranean fibre-optic networks and other technologies, both extant and potential)

Dwight Eisenhower -- an astute student of geopolitical magick and ancient civilizations -- championed and founded the "National Interstate and Defense Highways Act of 1956"

note the little-known DEFENSE half of that equation

Interstate 24 intersects with the major East-West artery, Interstate 40, in Nashville

Nashville, that ole Southern Charmer, hosts perhaps the most powerful sonomantic set-up on the planet, with music and other sound altered, amplified, and broadcast via the Nashville Towers/Mall [discussed and pictured in a prior post]

Wikipedia opens its descriptive passages on Interstate 24 thus:

One of the most notoriously hazardous stretches of Interstate highway in the United States is approximately 40 miles (64 km) west of Chattanooga on I-24 in Monteagle, Tennessee, where the highway goes over the Cumberland Plateau.

Compared to grades elsewhere, Monteagle's 4 to 6% grade does not come close to the steepest highway roads (Interstate 40 between Nashville and Knoxville features 5% grades in each direction), but the slope is protracted over a distance of several miles. While all motorists need to exercise caution, truckers are particularly vexed by Monteagle, and many have died going through this area.

The east bound lanes feature several runaway truck ramps where a truck with no brakes can exit into a long pit full of loose gravel to safely stop. This dangerous stretch of highway inspired Johnny Cash to write a song about Monteagle Mountain.

Another interesting tidbit about the Monteagle grade is that it sports the widest "median" of any Interstate highway. There's more than a mile between the eastbound and westbound lanes at one point. The eastbound lanes descend the mountain on one side of a ridge, while the westbound lanes ascend on the other side of the ridge.

again, we note the "descending" and "ascending" portion of the "severed artery" of I-24, reminiscent of the Levitical washed and unwashed portions of M.K.'s autographed-body

mirroring (or perhaps mocking) the primordial spiritual descent/ascent motifs, Interstate 24's most harrowing and deadly stretch is near Monteagle, TN ("Eagle Mountain," with allusions to the American Eagle)

more speculatively, this division of I-24 at the Monteagle Grade divides the road into a high-way and a low-way . . . and even the word "grade" connotes qualitative judgment

the broken road thus produces two mini I-12s, with 12 inferring two sets of apostles or holy companions -- a light, visible, overt dozen, and an occluded, sinister dozen

the murderous, separated lanes of I-24 at Monteagle illustrate the severed ligaments or vessels of the American people and land, composed of twin, or mirror-image, halves -- both of which, like its warring genders, are dead

the same prophecy and reality are inscribed on the photo of Michael King, who although twice-dead, has eyes yet open, and lives


  • Ain't nobody going nowhere on our watch!

    The 4/4/68 forms to 22 dear Sir Dynamo, and makes it even more significant to the rituals of which you write. A master number. If one were to add the "19" from the whole year (of 1968), it would form down, overall, to the number "5" That number reflects in ancient traditions to the Tz/Michael.

    By Anonymous Squeaker, At 5:57 AM  

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