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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ho Ho Ho: Gettin' Froggy

Not very Christmasy, I admit, but business is business . . . found an essay called "Frogs From the Dragon's Throat," which identifies the endtime-antichrist -- or Gog from the Bible's Revelation -- as Amazons. Amazons connoted not only literal warrior-women, but also matriliny and matriarchy in general. (Interestingly, the author doesn't connect these forces with modern manifestations of amazonism, such as figures in popular film or feminism.)

Crocodiles are mentioned prominently in the essay, as is Lake Van (Ban), snake-women, the Cabiri, the Minoan/Cretan Telchines, the matriarchal Picts, and the feminine Shadow as Hecate, Medea, Circe, the Gorgons, and the Norse goddess Freya.

In regard to recent Ragnarok posts herein, and to Manson's Christmas 2000 artwork:

This would now explain why terms such as "cock/chick/cucu" and even "egg" itself appear rooted in "gog." But as you can see that "Easter egg" is rooted in Ishtar, the Gogi (and the worshipers of Rod) stem from Ishtar, the Great Mother of the occult, and the Bible's Babylon the Great.

Hecate was a symbol of the Taurus Gorgons, and she is said at times to have given birth to Circe (eponym of Circasia/Caucasia), she in turn being not only the mother of Gorgons, but of the Romans who would rule the world under the power of the Revelation-12 dragon...who in turn is the "prince" of Daniel 9:26-27. That Roman prince is associated with "abominations," even as Babylon the Great is said to be the "mother of abominations. Yet the occult depicts her as a virgin. Take your pick as to who you're going to believe.

On the above website, there is also a picture of the same coat of arms that uses a two-headed phoenix bird instead of the dragon. . . .

The circle/wheel is nothing but a serpent in this case, with tail in it's mouth (called an "Ouroboros" dragon), this representing the global/universal reach of the bloodline, or that the universe belongs by right to this bloodline. To connect the Veres, the Redones, and the Danann to Scandinavians, we find that the Ourobos was "First discovered in Egypt, and later in Greece, it is the symbol of the universe. A similar dragon is his Norse cousin the Midgard Serpent [of Loki] whose huge body circles the entire world."

The "cock" or "chick" appears in the artwork as the cockatrice or chickatrice, and the "eggs" as "segmented scales" of the Midgard Worm.

"Frogs From the Dragon's Throat" seems to link re-establishment of the "Gogi" primal feminine elements (the old goddess or Great Mother) to Biblical endtime prophecy from Daniel and Revelation, especially concerning a "primal sea-serpent" that, at one crucial level, is an ancient gynocentric alliance -- perhaps of Ban gorgonites and Atlantean/Telchine magickians, a neo-reptilian, predatory strata re-arisen from collective psychosocial depths.

The "Frogs" essay infers various ancient, occult society/Masonic connections, and prior posts here discussed Manson's artpiece and the occult lineage of Charleston, South Carolina, from which the "cockatrice" seems to emerge.

Manson's artwork and "Frogs From the Dragon's Throat" both depict a North America Babylon of present or near-future.

Geez. Well, I warned you. Not exactly jing-jing-jingle. . . .

But it sounds like a ho-ho-ho!


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