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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"Silence is Health"

At first, I didn't take it seriously -- like a mediocre clown at an edge-of-town carnival.

Got up close, noticed his smile was paint.

Twenty years ago, I wouldn't have given this story or photo two looks. Chuckle, move on to sportspage.

Following is a recent post titled "Got Ya Covered" from Egg Salad Annie's blog.

Annie asks the right question -- the central inquiry of, say 2001: A Space Odyssey: what does the condomument DO -- and if having function, is the monolith's function changed when sheathed in a pink Trojan?


. . . . And speaking of Trojans . . . didn't they fall -- and hard --for this before?

Worthy questions for 21st Century folks, especially if they want their grandkids to see # 22.

Annie's comments are in blue italics:

[Now that's a lotta latex!]

Giant condom overlooks Buenos Aires on AIDS Day

Staff and agencies

04 December, 2005

Ely Times

Thu Dec 1, 11:02 PM ET

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - Sightseers in Buenos Aires got a shock on Thursday when the city‘s most famous landmark, the obelisk, was covered with a giant pink condom on World AIDS Day.

City officials used cranes to unfurl shiny pink cloth over the monolith in a campaign promoting condom use to prevent infection with the HIV virus that causes AIDS.

"It seemed like we could have the biggest impact by putting a condom on the most important symbol of the city," said Sandra Castillo, an organizer of the campaign.

Why is an obelisk the most important symbol of the City?? And why sexualize the monument? I have a very strange feeling about this whole thing - but can't even yet identify why this story is somehow symbolic of so many things that are psychotic about the current state of the World.
The obelisk, which is identical to the Washington Monument but smaller at 220 feet (67 metres) tall, is a popular tourist site.

[hm. But what does it *do* ? And why do people want to visit it? Does it transmit happy thoughts or something??]

Its colorful tip could be spotted from office buildings several blocks away.

Vilma Torres, an Ecuadorean tourist taking snapshots of the structure, said the sight was an unexpected surprise.

AIDS killed 66,000 Latin Americans in the past year, according to a U.N. report. In Argentina, the number of reported AIDS cases has fallen 45 percent since 1996, the Health Ministry said on Thursday, and the leading cause of infection was unprotected sex.

Esteban Jubitta, 18, considered the obelisk stunt in bad taste."Using this moment to make a sort of joke, it‘s showing a bit of lack of respect," he said.

Yes, Esteban - I was thinking that the cost must have been enormous. And while prevention strategies are very important, the money could have been better used.


This obelisk is the largest landmark in Buenos Aires, situated at the city's "heart." Occult/magickal, libidic, aboriginal, Spanish, and neofascist dimensions commingle in Buenos Aires' alchemical, cultural retort. For at least the last decade, the city also hosts "sex-tourism."

Like Annie, I think the "cloaking" of the obelisk is intentional, implicative far beyond mere recognition of World AIDS Day, and representative of a form of mass-psychosis in modern Western cultures.

It's also, very likely, an occult Masonic message concerning the "risen goddess," and part of a longstanding and ongoing mass-manipulation Mindfuck called the "Strategy of Tension."

Wikipedia informs that last November 1 the obelisk finished being "restored," and that:

For some time during the 1970s, during the Peronist government of Isabel Martínez de Perón, a ring-shaped sign was hung around the obelisk, with the motto El silencio es salud (Silence is Health). Although it was allegedly geared against motorists creating excessive noise, it was widely interpreted as a statement calling Argentines to refrain from expressing their political views.

Ah. "Silence is Health."

Shut your fucking mouth and you might stay alive -- though perhaps not out of the torture houses.

When a female junta-Presidente hangs a command for silent obedience around a phallic monolith in the plaza central, it's a technique of mass subjugation, directed primarly at Argentinian men, but broadly at Western males and the masculine/spiritual principle collectively.

Central and South America have brutal histories, past and current, but Isabel Peron appears to inaugurate an Era of Kali under a Terrible Goddess, fronted by secret societies, Western intelligence operatives, key military-industrial and media-government contacts, elements in the Vatican, the Mafia, and assorted other players, including American Presidents (yawn what else is new?)

Just about everybody, 'cept the neighbor's pooches and your third-cousin, apparently!

America, of course, pursues a "Strategy of Tension" in unique hydra-headed diversity -- overtly, in Unicorp and the Prison Industrrial Complex, for example, and covertly -- like hanging strings of severed ceramic penises from the ceiling of the Boulder Public Library, where schoolkids troop by . . . and calling it one's "artistic awareness statement," an aspect of "Domestic Violence Prevention."

In 1974 Juan Peron's third wife, Isabel, assumed" Argentina's Executive Office, becoming, accroding to Wikipedia, the first female President of this planet.

Consider that sentence, then match it with "Silence is Health" threats under a far-right regime. Paste in the current phallic obelisk enclosed in a huge pink "condom."

In it's article on the lovely Isabel, Wikipedia reports:

It was also around this time that Isabel met José López Rega, an occult philosopher and fortune teller. Isabel was quite interested in such matters, so the two quickly became friends. Under pressure from Isabel, [Juan] Perón appointed López as his personal secretary.

[brackets added]

Wikipedia further informs that, in addition to his position as Argentina's "Minister of Social Welfare," the versatile Mr. Rega -- popularly known as El Brujo (The Witch) -- founded "Triple A," the Argentine Anti-Communist Alliance.

As purportedly uncovered by Italian Police in 1991, El Brujo was also a member of the notorious P2 Masonry Lodge -- the Propaganda Due (Propaganda Two) society with deep ties to the Mafia, the Vatican and its Bank, far-right regimes, and Western Intelligence organizations including the CIA and the National Security Council.

P2 in Argentina, Italy, and other "independent" countries was (and assumedly still is) hip-deep in the global arms and drugs trades -- under cover of "fighting Communism" and "spreading democracy."

Here's part of an interview with RAI journalist Ennio Remondino and former CIA agent Richard Brenneke (Q = Remondino) --

Q: Excuse me, but your statements are very serious. You say that the P-2 was a creation, the financial and organizational arm of the CIA to destabilize, to run cover operations in Europe?

Richard Brenneke: There is no doubt. The P-2 since the beginning of the 1970s was used for the dope traffic, for destabilization in a covert way. It was done secretly to keep people from knowing about the involvement of the U.S. government. In many cases it was done directly through the offices of the CIA in Rome and in some other cases through CIA centers in other countries.

Richard Brenneke: "The P-2 was involved in the operation for which I ended up in court, that is the delay in the liberation of the American hostages in Iran in 1980" (known as "

October surprise").

The Wikipedia entry continues:

Richard Brenneke claims to have met Licio Gelli in Paris in October 1980, in relationship to the "October surprise". According to him, William Casey, who would later become head of the CIA but was at that time manager of the Reagan-Bush campaign, was present, as well as Donald Gregg, who became ambassador to South Korea but at that time worked for the CIA and the National Security Council.

Also interviewed, Ibrahim Razin claimed that three days before Swedish prime minister's Olof Palme's assassination, in 1986, Philip Guarino, member of the Republican circle around George H.W. Bush, received a telegram signed by Licio Gelli and sent by one of his men, Ortolani, from "one of the southernmost regions of Brazil". The telegram said: "Tell our friend that the Swedish palm will be felled."

According to Ibrahim Razin, "P-2 was at the center, one of the main participants in the illegal arms traffic, which was connected to the drug traffic from the outset. P-2 also made a substantial contribution to the recycling of large amounts of money used for this arms and drugs traffic from one country to another."

Licio Gelli, to take one shining example, is Grand Master of P2 and a Knights of Malta member -- at least if still alive -- and was liaison officer between Mussolini's Black Shirts and Hermann Goering and the Krew. Gelli is sometimes called The Puppetmaster.

He's not DeNiro in the movies, ok?

Lotsa blood and screaming. People actually die.

Gelli is linked to the 1980 Bologna Railway bombing as part of the infamous "Strategia della Tensione" mass-psychological tactic, described by Wikipedia as:

. . . a way to control and manipulate public opinion using propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare, agents provocateurs and terror. Coined in Italy during the trials of the 1970s and 1980s terror attacks and murders committed by neofascist terrorists (such as Ordine Nuovo, Avanguardia Nazionale or Fronte Nazionale) backed by deviated intelligence agencies or NATO's secret "stay-behind" networks ("Gladio"). The bombings were part of a strategy to promote an authoritative government, opposing any "historical compromise" between PCI and DC.

The night before the Buenos Aires Condom story appeared, I happened to be reseaching the "mytho-historical" Babylo-Assyrian Queen Semiramis. She ruled circa 600 BCE, but personifies a gynocentric/gynocratic regression, a facet of the feminine collective unconscious that's atemporal and psychologically dominant in tens-of-millions of modern Western females . . . and thus an immediate and very real power indeed.)

The Sumerian translation of Semiramis means "Gift of the Sea" -- reminiscent of this blog's recent posts on Jormungandr, the globe-encircling sea dragon, Midgard Serpent, Leviathan, etc.

Semiramis was "daughter of the sea-goddess" -- suggesting a figure like Tiamat, the primeval, oceanic Chaos Dragon who stalks the terrestrial and celestial "seas." The male deity "Marduk" defeated her, initiating cosmic order.

The Hydra, as discussed previously, is a transoceanic, multi-headed entity composed of interlocking (think scales!) ancient ritual/occult organizations with overlapping interests, leaders, and fronts. P2 Masonry is one head, or scale, of the Great World Worm.

In the 18th Century Italian graphic above, Semiramis is depicted as an armed Amazon.

That's not an accident, nor a mistake.

Her body language is challenging and warlike: the feminine Shadow externalized, Laura Bush preaching female-empowerment, Hilary eyeing the White House, the smothering command of La Presidente Isabel Peron hanging over Buenos Aires.

Modern folks, in techno-rationalistic false-comfort and naivete, consider Amazons "mythical beings" (when considered at all! lol)

In our times a competent Greek philosopher might call Semiramis an "empowered feminist" -- or the Spirit of Feminism itself.

Wikipedia comments:

The name of Semiramis came to be applied to various monuments in Western Asia, the origin of which was forgotten or unknown (see Strabo xvi. I. 2). Ultimately every stupendous work of antiquity by the Euphrates or in Iran seems to have been ascribed to her even the Behistun Inscription of Darius (Diod. Sic. ii. 3).

Of this we already have evidence in Herodotus, who ascribes to her the banks that confined the Euphrates (i. 184) and knows her name as borne by a gate of Babylon (iii. 155). Various places in Media bore the name of Semiramis, but slightly changed, even in the middle ages, and the old name of Van was Shamiramagerd, Armenian tradition regarding her as its founder. . . .

The irresistible charms of Semiramis, her sexual excesses, and other features of the legend, all bear out the view that she is primarily a form of Astartë, and so fittingly conceived as the great queen of Assyria.

[emphasis added]

Reference to the "gate of Babylon" is apocalyptic in the Christian tradition.

Semiramis denotes "stupendous monuments," female libidic magnetism and excess (i.e., the Kore), and the "Van" --associated in previous blog-posts (following L.A. Waddell etc.) with ancient, pre-monotheistic, matriarchal, tribal/kinship groups, in consistent practice of magick and transtemporal, mass-psychological warfare/manipulation.

. . . . Leaving us back in the dark heart of Buenos Aires, where the dirty deals go down . . . with an obelisk in a pink condom.

Egyptian obelisks are phallic objects, associated with ritual magick as both fertility symbols and weapons (knife/spear.)

Often placed as "twin guardians" or gatekeepers outside Egyptian ritual sites, obelisks were considered temples unto themselves, and like Djedi or various Near Eastern "arks," thought to contain or conserve a deity's "indwelling spirit."

Currently, Rome is the "obelisk capital of the world," and America's most famous example is, of course, the Washington Monument.

With the Buenos Aires obelisk, a phallus of mass-proportions is "covered" (in the Biblical sense, "overshadowed" or overpowered) by the archetypal female color, pink. An energic reversal is thus effected, an alchemical conuinctio performed, employing the superpotent cosmogonic tools of the opposites, as expressed in human gender.

The obelisk doesn't have to be sexualized. It's already overt, right there in the durn public square, rising Osiric and erect from Earth resurrective, Isis Transformatrix' perpetual lover-son.

One might interpret the pink condom as protecting the male member, and assign insignificant, comic, or benevolent motives to this event.

One might . . . until considering the warlike character of the Amazon Queen Semiramis; the allusions to the matriarchal, hidden Van; the weapons and drug-dealing of P2, intelligence, and other organizations (merely one example being the Reagan/Bush involvement in Iran-Contra); the re-establishment of functional matriarchy in the modern West; the involvements of El Brujo Mr. Rega (whose name is disturbingly close to Reagan); and last but not least, former President Isabel Peron's "interest" in magick and "warm embrace" of her people. "Silence is Health."

The "pinking" of the obelisk does not honor and protect it, but occults and neuters it. The rising matriarchy and the feminine ur-color, pink, silence the masculine, warn against dissent.

Sounds like the old Fatherland might be hiding inside the New Improved Der Mutterland!

Maybe that's why Woodie Guthrie's guitar was incribed:

This Machine Kills Fascists

Sometimes you take no prisoners, and whatever's On Your Side was born there.

Might have to stop standing next to windows for awhile!


Oh well. The view ain't that good anymore anyway.

Now to close and cleanse this disturbing, downer post.

First, here's Woody's son with a warning to the worm and its servants: there's nowhere to run, it's a round world and you ain't no exception.

Here's a comfort and a joy.

Here's a promise in the keeping.

Today, Medgar Evers was buried

from the bullet he caught.

They lowered him down as a king!

But when the shadowy sun

sets on the one

that fired the gun

he'll see by his grave

on the stone that remains

carved next to his name

his epitaph plain:

"Only a pawn in their game"

"Only a Pawn in Their Game" (B. Dylan)

. . . and finally, the post that Annie opened ends with this tongue-in-cheek gem discovered at the scrumptiously-named Pathetic.org -- authored by one Pug Mayne (a her!):

A Silly and Frivolous Creature Marvels at Saint Michael

gold and shiny wings, miraculous things

with metal vanes light enough for flight.

they defy physics, logic and on occasion god.


still, he stops at red lights, remembers to drop the seat

and never leaves little old ladies

alone to make their way through the crosswalks.


a right hand man's life is so decisive,

so many lost souls require a rescue

in the hour of their death and their need.

he never loses his head although on occasion

the lost souls do.


michael's eternity consists of mourning eve.

in spite of the fact she burned adam's shoes

and shaved all the hair off the cat.

it's not that he never knew her,

he's just that kind of a guy.


"some coffee? a scone?," he offers with damnation.

no need to ditch civilityon the road to perdition.

no need to impose the writhing misery of hot old hell

one minute sooner than absolutely necessary.


he rarely releases his sword upon the world

for his word usually rings true,

cutting glass unleashed and unmuted

and so he's mostly silent and still.

what you don't know and probably should

is that after you hear it, he's usually weeping.



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