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Monday, December 05, 2005

Your Bowls Filled, Your Wishes Received

little dynamo's British bud, angryharry , prompty informs:

Just a short note to say that I am miles behind with my emails. There are about 300 which I have not yet read!

Like that irascible, stalwart shitkicker Harry, little dynamo samewise lags by hunnerds 'n hunnerds in his correspondence, urgent messages so clogging the inbox that the Server called to complain!

Tut Tut
I admonished the man: can't you see I'm Destroying A World Menace here?

Take . . . a . . . fucking . . . number.

Why, only yesterday, dynamo received yet another congratulatory inquiry from a Mr. Umgabwe in I forget which sub-Mediterranean nation awarding a redeemable prize, informing of moneyed kinfolk, or attesting to dynamo's ownership of serious dollarage long-lost in bankvaults of which Mr. Umpqua is Regional President!

And they say god is ded.

Faithless bastids.

Like Lord Harry, under such circumstances, dynamo apologizes profusely for regrettable but necessary delays responding to your concerns, advisories, petitions and general well-wishing.

He'll get around to you all, eventually.

Don't you worry.


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