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Monday, October 31, 2005

Gender Jihad and other Ma Tricks

here's an appropriate news item for this day of ghouls and monsters . . .

Islam feminists urge gender jihad

By Danny Wood BBC News, Madrid

Women from the Islamic world are attending the three-day conference Organisers of the first international congress on Islamic feminism are calling for a "gender jihad".

Organiser Abdennur Prado Pavon says the struggle for gender equality in Islamic countries involves refuting chauvinist interpretations of Muslim teachings.

The congress is being held in Spain, organisers say, because they want their message to reach the growing number of Muslim women in Europe.
Around 300 delegates are looking at women's rights in the Islamic world.
Mr Prado, of the Catalan Islamic board, believes a common misconception in the West is that women's liberation is not possible in Muslim societies.

Activists representing the Islamic feminist movement are in Barcelona to counter that view and discuss ways of achieving female equality in an Islamic context.


Among the delegates is the Pakistani feminist Riffat Hassan, regarded as one of the pioneers of Islamic feminist theology.

Also here are representatives from the international association, Islamic Feminism.

Islamic Feminism argues that the inferior legal and social status of women in Muslim countries is a result of misogynistic distortions of the teachings in the Koran.

Organisers say they want more collaboration with western feminists but say non-Muslim feminists need to challenge their anti-Islamic stereotypes.

a Gender Jihad, eh?

on one hand, we've got the American oligarchic right sending Laura and Condo around the world pushing "female empowerment" -- while males in America, and across the West, are "citizens of a lesser class"

America has sworn to hunt down all the Evildoers on the planet -- Evildoers being Muslim nations in general, and after that, any male anywhere that gets uppity, and after that, anybody not on the "side" of US GOOD GUYS

it would be fascinating to know whence came the funding and organization for this Gender Jihad International Conference . . . . U.S. and British taxpayers, perhaps?

the most powerful weapon available to fracture a nation, dis-spirit a citizenry, alienate female and male, and crush liberty is imposition of feminism/matriarchy

the insistence, principally by the U.S. and Great Britain, on taking over Muslim nations via a combination of military force and imposed Western culture (feminism) really leaves Islam with two options that are no option:

Option A. -- do nothing, and eventually their daughters, sisters, and mothers will be treating Islamic males like Western females and the merchant-elite treat Western boys and men; Islamic men can read newspapers and watch teevee -- just because America is in denial about treatment of its own males doesn't mean Islamic men (and women!) can't see what's going on in the West

Option B. -- resist, and give the matriarchy more excuses for extending the Fempire (see what them evil ragheads did this time, honey?! no wonder George has to invade them!)

the American matriarchy understands that even its vast military and propadandistic superiority can't conquer the Islamic world -- those guys are tough, and the "battle" between Christianity and Islam has been a very very long one

the only way to ensure victory is to turn the male and female citizenries of "target countries" into antagonists like they are in America and much of the West

after a few decades of "our way of life" -- complete with soaring male suicide, incarceration, and poverty rates; decreased life-expectancy for males; removal of fatherly/male influence from children; degradation and commercialization of sexuality; inferior access to public assistance for boys and men; inferior access to employment and education for boys and men; and on and on -- Islamic men will begin to internalize the mass depression, hopelessness, spiritual void, and subservience to the Mommystate that castrated Western men

bombing resistors will be moot -- our "leaders" need only stand back and watch other societies crumble from within and stampede to authoritarianism, as ours is now doing

by all means, American men should continue to rush into the warm arms of the right-wing for "protection" against their own country's anti-male culture -- the same right-wing that supports and/or arranges Gender Jihads against boys and men in other countrires, the same right-wing whose "patriarchal" Senate unanimously re-ups the unconstitutional and police-state-friendly Violence Against Women Act -- otherwise known as the Open Season on Men (Evildoers) Act

the thieves, merchantlings, and petty punks in the Western world prosecuting all these jihads are no more "Christian" than certain Crusader bands that preyed on pilgrims travelling to Jerusalem in the 12th Century -- they're looking to fill their pockets with money and their hands with power, and to do the same for their sycophantic cliques and corporate/military/bureaucratic enablers

not only do Islam and Christianity share the same god, they also share the same intermediaries, not only to the beginnings of each religion, but much further back

Islam, Christianity, and for that matter Judaism were ALL originally brotherhoods specifically organized and designed to lessen collective female power, to remove blood-sacrifice from tribal/kinship groups, to institute civilization, and to resist the "natural" regression of individuals and "tribes" to matriarchal conditions

in Ridley Scott's superb film Kingdom of Heaven, an Islamic Horde, led by Saladin, is poised to over-run and re-take the "Holy City," which is being held together under Christianity not only by many courageous warriors, but principally by its Leper King

it is the Leper King's horrific personal sacrifice, and his adherence to truly Christian values and behaviors -- not any force of arms -- which keeps the City impregnable

the Leper King is Jerusalem, and his authenticity -- and not mere stone and earth -- is the Holy City's foundation, keeping its walls upright and intact

as soon as the King dies, and a lesser, politicized, money-mad "lord" snatches the Crown, what happens?

there is no longer any "spiritual defense" for Christianity or Jerusalem, and -- exactly as in the ancient world -- god boots the Christians out and permits Islam, under Saladin, literally to walk in to the City, and raise the crescent-moon banner above it

Saladin and his army don't capture the City: it is vanquished from within automatically, by the absence of its righteous and rightful King -- all the fussin' and fightin', at that point, are moot

the tri-crescent, not coincidentally, is the modern pagan symbol for the triple goddess

historically, the dispute between Islam and Christianity has been between "two brothers" approaching the same divinity in different fashions -- as a character in Kingdom of Heaven observes: "Mohammed says 'Submit,' Jesus says 'Decide'."

Christianity focuses on individuation and the conscience, Islam on unity: even in prayer, these fundamental differences are obvious, with Islam's ritualistic, communal, and submissive prayer, and Christianity's less formal, and often wholly internal, offerings

i chose to be a Western man partly because it's my nature to defend with ferocity the individual mind, which i interpret as a sanctum of god, not to be trespassed lightly

building the egoic complexes and the partly individuated "me" that we now take for granted (and abuse) took many millennia, and a stupefying and heartbreaking amount of tears and blood -- nor was the cost limited to human beings

thus, although the ego is a necessary evil, and currently a bit too uppity, i won't see it relinqished except under very particular circumstances

my relationship to god, to the pitiful extent that exists, cannot be one of surrender -- i have no evidence that god desires my submission -- what an insecure god that would be

(Y, next thing you know, god would be wanting capitalization!)


instead, god seems to prefer that i undergo the crucible of choice every moment, taking nothing for granted and proceeding on the merits presented, in a constantly re-creative, and to some small extent co-creative, flux

that's a more dangerous way for an individual or civilization to live than Islam, but i don't think god made a mistake fashioning either the mind or the West

Islam has numerous strengths and benefits neither recognized nor understood by most Westerners, and rather than scapegoating or polarizing them, we'd be better off learning about their "wholeness" approach to spirituality, while they learn the better aspects of our "personal" approach

the rise of Western feminism and the functional matriarchies in the last century, and especially in the past four decades, changes the ancient strategies and stakes between the "two brothers"

as Islam is beginning to notice, they are soon to have their own "Gender Jihad," courtesy partly of America

feminism is also a necessary evil, and it exists in large part to allow the female both to "mirror" and to "catch up" with the masculine in the individuation process

that meant unleashing -- or at least loosening -- the beast, with females potentially transferring their individuation into collective empowerment and dragging civilization back into matriarchy

with Gender Jihad at Islam's thresh-hold, perhaps the "two brothers" will consider a lasting peace . . .

otherwise soon, instead of fighting over how to approach god, they may be fighting just to keep god alive


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