Da Black Whole

Monday, October 24, 2005

Rosa Parked the Bus is US

for every Medgar Evers and Malcolm X there were ten thousand whose names are only known in heaven

but known

all of them were black, in a manner of speaking . . . that is the color of experience

the struggle seems neverending, the Goat changes by generation, but the need for it does not

i'm not a big voodoo fan either -- one of my pet peeves -- but opening the serpent's mouth was a necessary evil . . . and let's remember that we are ALL necessary evils, hmm?

where flew that Kentucky bluebird?

noplace especially "good" methinks . . . even the Land has its sins, and if you look closely, under a shadowy son, you will see them, stark in relief, like stubbled fields of burnt corn

"from California to the New York Island"

now we'll have it out, all of it, even to each finger and each trigger, and even the dead will have no secrets

America wasn't an accident, and that serpent, like the devil's own tunes, was meant to be

in that there is comfort: works aren't wasted, like rock 'n roll, born from gospel, that is godspell, returning thence

Africa ensouled this House, remembered the mind with its first body -- regression not merely inevitable, but the very point

House of horrors, House of blood

let the corn take heart

from this a righteous kingdom will come

Today Medgar Evers was buried
from the bullet he caught.
They lowered him down as a king!
But when the shadowy sun
sets on the one
that fired the gun
he'll see by his grave
on the stone that remains
carved next to his name
his epitaph plain:
"Only a pawn in their game"

(Bob Dylan)


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