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Monday, July 04, 2005

War in Heaven, Dispatch # 73: The Mugwumps Attack

and the Apostolic Pillar of the West bows and crumbles beneath the waves:

Piece of famous Australian landmark crumbles before onlookers

After withstanding the pounding of the sea for an estimated 6,000 years, the 45-metre (150 yard) rock pile tumbled into a collection of rocks and debris on Sunday morning before a bewildered Sydney family.

yah i'll bet they were Be Wildered alritee...

4000 BCE -- about when the major post-diluvial solar/monotheistic, patriarchal cultures "re-colonized" the planet, and modern "civilization" took off in sumer

The collapse was accompanied by a noise compared to a loud wave.
"They said it sort of shimmered or shuddered and then fractured and collapsed straight down on itself -- it was almost like a building demolition," a spokesman for Parks Victoria told the Daily Telegraph.

an implosion, not unlike the Twin Towers collapse . . .

"All that remains now is quite a substantial pile of rubble, about 10 metres above sea level."

The collapsed pillar was one of the bigger rock formations and "integral to what used to be the view," he added.

yah, the Worldview

The Twelve Apostles are giant rock stacks of varying heights in the Southern Ocean which began forming 20 million years ago when erosion gradually began whittling away the limestone cliffs of Port Campbell.

whatta Coincidence that this event occurred on the same day Comet Tempel I was struck by a US projectile -- a "probe," giving the Event a sexual aspect (as always)

under normal circumstances, the Tempel would be the feminine house/womb . . . "penetrating probe" etc etc


these days we are definitely not operating under Normal Circumstances, and given the Zoo Crew that's been at The Helm recently, the "experiment" smells more like Eleventh-Degree occultism, revolving around the ritualistic sodomy of both ancient and modern male-initiatory orders

the impacted and bursting comet reminded me of Vincent's "
The Starry Night," whose theme is also celestial/heavenly war, as the sky explodes with whorls and eruptions of "stars"

the central "whorl" or locus of energy in the painting -- the place where the whirling "host of heaven" is concentrated -- is bisected by the church-steeple, an extended needle reminiscent of the new tower planned at New York's Ground Zero

Barry N. Malzburg and Jack Dann wrote a great
"science fiction story" about the famous -- and almost cliched -- painting, casting it into an, uh, new light

and to top off today's War in Heaven offerings and insults, Little Dynamo just e-mailed the following Field Report to me, via his attorney/chef/henchman, Hector Bato

Dispatch #73
Foozler Foundation Headquarters
Official Business (No Peekee!)

Dearest Hector:

L.D. watched them poison the morning again.

No doubt you've already heard that the Tempel has been penetrated, and the Twelve cast as rubble at Typhon's feet.

L.D. is -- to say the least -- not gruntled.

At ten-thirty, three long white "trails" appear in the clean and crystalline Above, a blue so rich Vincent gave his life for it.

A half-hour later, the "vapor" had spread its wings, like White Plague, thick puffy blotches on the face of heaven.

By noon, Hector, the whole damned sky was Whited-Out -- very effective psychological tactics!

On Independence Day a pall was placed between earth and heaven, and folks looking up for hope, instead see the pallor of sickness and death.

Surely, Hector, we can do better than this?

My best to the family. Wave a couple Sparklers around for me, willya? I dunno whose country it is anymore, but, obviously, someone seems to have taken possession. . . .

Hey, come on by with the boys some time, we'll dust off the ole Foozle, croak out a couple tunes, see if we can clear these matters up a bit.

Meanwhile, Hector: until further notice, best not to drop the soap in the shower, eh?

Enjoy your retirement, tell the cacti and the stones "hullo," and don't take any wooden senoras.

Your Comrade in The Struggle,



  • We gnew to find der place!
    Dis is der place of the expanding man? Yah?

    Zoundz like it!

    Zoundz like der higher one vass in quite der pickle jar.

    Now, which one iss der third one?
    L.D.? [dats learning disabled? yah?]
    Und, who is der ray? One of the Blah-Og team? Yah?

    Zen, the Hector. Oh heck, yah, we remember der cracked pencils and zalza burrito shtick.

    To last:
    Vat's a "hullo" ?

    Good post. Yeah, it's a pickle or a hot potato. Add a couple hard-boiled eggs, some Miracle Whip, and you got a nice Mom's Potato Salad.

    By Blogger gonebye, At 9:41 PM  

  • Hm. Mighty suspicious. Freudian nightmare, maybe.

    As above, so below dear little dynamo, ray, hector ... not sure who we're actually addressing here. *Some* kinda trinity :o)

    Who possesses America these days? Hard to tell who is who and what is what. I heard today that those kissin' cousins across the Sea in London will be hosting the Olympics in 2012. Hullo!

    I dunno about potato salad, but we used to make homemade pickles and store 'em in jelly jars.

    Sez Ben: a clue! a clue!

    We surely miss your Hector. We tried to light some sparklers last night after reading Dynamo's blog, but the rain and ill winds interfered. Maybe you would consider a con-sultan-cy outside of your retirement? :o)

    Our best, again. Wooden senoras. hm. Do they look anything like gypsies?

    By Blogger Annie, At 7:19 AM  

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