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Friday, June 24, 2005

Save the Flowers, Just Throw Cash

Little Dynamo, who now resides in the third person, is pleased to announce his conversion to Rajneeshism, effective immediately

Dynamo reasons that after those early-Eighties murder indictments, and that nasty unfortunate business over Wife Sheela and chums poisoning the restaurants in The Dalles with salmonella . . . well, there's not much demand for Rajneeshism these days -- the field is wide-open, so to speak!

an uncluttered, pristine oasis: an abandoned, but still-holy Temple, a ziggurat of selflessness erected upon the Foundations of a Giant

so let's all join in congratulating Little Dynamo on getting saved and all, and in memory of our beloved Rajneesh, send Dynamo money and/or automobiles whenever the Spirit moves you!

do it for ole "Rog" -- he'd want you to


  • OSHO-lee u jest Little Dynamo. Please tell us you jest. er. wait. A tower? hm.
    Will there be chains of any type? Will you be serving beef burritos at the feasts? Can't there be Just A Few flowers? Will Mr. Bato be there??!!

    Do you notice an echo in this room?

    By Blogger Annie, At 5:20 PM  

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