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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Kuwait Falls to the Empowered Condo

welcome to the matriarchy, Kuwait!

just pile your da-danglies on that leetul mound over there, you won't be needing them again

oooh Baby, are you gonna LOVE the New Boss...

same as the Old Boss!

Rice Commends Kuwait on Giving Women Vote

By ANNE GEARAN, AP Diplomatic Writer 57 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - Secretary of State

Condoleezza Rice' name=c1> SEARCHNews News Photos Images Web' name=c3> Condoleezza Rice congratulated Kuwait on Thursday for granting women the right to vote and said the conservative state can be a political model for the Middle East.

Kuwait's parliament extended political rights to Kuwaiti women Monday, but religious fundamentalists who opposed women's suffrage succeeded in attaching a clause requiring future female politicians and voters to abide by Islamic law.

It was not clear whether that meant a strict dress code or just separate polling stations and election campaigns.

"It is a historic decision. It is a courageous decision," Rice said after a meeting with Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheik Mohammed Al Sabah.

"With the empowerment of women, societies are complete.

read that one again and weep, my Muslim brethren, for the Beast is unto your door, and you have bowed before her riches and her rod

"And now as Kuwait moves toward other reforms, it will do so with its entire population active in that process."


she brings MANY ancillary "reforms"

Al Sabah noted that it took six years to get the suffrage bill through Parliament. The change will take effect with the 2007 parliamentary elections.

"Thank God, now all Kuwaitis are participating in the shaping of the future of our society," he said.


Islamic conservatives called the law a "bombshell" and accused the government of bowing to foreign pressure.

and scraping! don't forget scraping!!

They believe women's participation in politics contradicts Islam's teachings and complain it will allow women to mix freely with men.

Women can now vote in all Middle Eastern nations where elections are held except Saudi Arabia. The Persian Gulf nations of Bahrain, Qatar and Oman all have held their first elections in recent years and have allowed women to cast ballots.

"I have a lot of confidence that our Kuwaiti allies are looking hard at how Kuwait in its continued opening and liberalization of its politics can be a very important model for what else can be done" in the region, Rice said.

i think my fellow-advocates in the men's movement -- especially the conservative wing (the vast majority of the movement) needs to acknowledge exactly WITCH administration's bitch-hound is travelling the globe, shoving American gyneocracy down the throats of other nations

it ain't the "libberal, marxist, pansy" branch of politics -- it's your beloved CONSERVATIVES who are hawking feminism around the planet, like P.T. Barnum at a Rube-fest!

you boys are backin the rong pony in this race -- time to fess up and stop propagandizing for the Adversary


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