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Friday, July 01, 2005

Play that Funky Muse Ik White Boy!


Lost notes on alchemy by Isaac Newton found

Fri Jul 1, 9:53 AM ET

LONDON (Reuters) - A collection of notes by the 17th century English mathematician and physicist Sir Isaac Newton, that scientists thought had been lost forever, have been found.

forever's a long time, and nothin ever gets that lost

The notes on alchemy were originally discovered after Newton's death in 1727 but were lost after they were sold at auction in July 1936 for 15 pounds ($27).

They were found while researchers were cataloguing manuscripts at the Royal Society, Britain's academy of leading scientists.

"This is a hugely exciting find for Newton scholars and for historians of science in general," Dr John Young, of London's Imperial College Newton Project, said in a statement on Friday.

Newton's celebrated work "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica" (or Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy) is considered one of the most important works in the history of modern science.

In it he formulates the three laws of motion and that of gravity.

Some scientists in Newton's time believed alchemy held the secret of how to transform base metals into silver or gold. Newton's notes were written in English in his own handwriting.

"It provides vital evidence about the alchemical authors Newton was reading, and the alchemical theories he was investigating in the last decades of the 17th century," Young added.

yup, that'd be ALCHEMY for all you hardheaded Science godlings out there . . . kinda like finding out your grand-daddy was gay, eh boys?


The notes will be on display at the Royal Society's annual Summer Science Exhibition in London which begins on July 4.

hmm, there's that Comet Tempel I/ July 4 date again

que coincidencia!

sounds like Sir Ike's Lost Notes heard a tune they could name!

Picking up scales and broken chords
Puppy dog tails in the House of Lords
Tell me darling
What can it mean?

Making up moons in a minor key
What have those tunes got to do with me?
Tell me darling
Where have you been?

Once upon a long ago
Children searched for treasure
Nature's plan went hand in hand
With pleasure
Such pleasure

Blowing balloons on a windy day
Desolate dunes with a lot to say
Tell me darling
What have you seen?

Once upon a long ago
Children searched for treasure
Nature's plan went hand in hand
With pleasure
My pleasure

Playing guitars on an empty stage
Counting the bars of an iron cage
Tell me darling
What can it mean?

Picking up scales and broken chords
Puppy dog tails in the House of Lords
Help me darling
What does it mean?
Once upon a long ago

"Once Upon a Long Ago" (P. McCartney)


  • "Well, darling." declared Wendy of NeverLand. I shall sew you a new shadow.

    "My lords!" cried the gods. "The Sky is on fire!"

    "Ye gods!" yelled thelords. "Bring us rain from the Well!" "Hurry! Get the bucket!"

    "We can't!" weeped the gods."Mom's been at it with the claws! It's empty. I think it was used up in the flood."

    "Get Uncle to help!" hollered the lords.

    "Not again!" wailed the gods. "He's eating snails on the bridge."

    "We can't cave in! Where are your sisters?"

    "Stirring the pot!" the lords hungrily replied.

    "Wake up the brothers, are they loafing??" demanded the gods.

    Oh what --- what can we do?

    Oh forgodsake. Send down the kid again.

    Junger Brother's Condensed Digest, Inc.
    We Leave No Tones Unsturned

    By Blogger carl, At 5:48 PM  

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