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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Our Way Of Life = More Matriarchy

"defending" Our Way Of Life is the default buzzphrase rationalization for over-running the world nowadays

strage that our "way of life" is a REPUBLICAN administration sending Queen Laura globetrotting to Empower Women, and beating up on a few impoverished little countries so we can plant matriarchy there too

as for the Orwellian "Violence Against Women Act," its re-passage is as Done A Deel as re-upping the similarly evil Patriot Act

and with REPUBLICANS dominating all three branches of the oligarchy, fake "conservatives" no longer have any excuses for funding, supporting, and exporting feminism

the whole shuck n jive misdirection, the Blame Game that Evil Libberals, Marxists, and Outside Agitators are behind Femamerica falls apart like Reaganomics, and we see that the Right is sucking off the matriarchy even faster than the Left

also, it's sad to see men's advocates wasting time trying to convince the matriarchy to amend or reject the VAWA -- it's like asking a crocodile to hand over her teeth and play parcheesi, instead of kill n devour

. . . about as useful as the campaign to elect warren farrell governor!! (Egg McMuffin got more votes -- tee hee!!)

guys in the movement are gonna have to get a LOT more serious if they expect masculinity, in any form, to survive the next decade
and that means booting out the Rush-o-philes and the Republican traitors, along with the Hilary Harpies -- and utilizing resources effectively instead of wasting them on tactics that anybody with a lick of real-world experience knows cannot succeed


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