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Monday, October 24, 2005

Let the Hot Rivers Roll!!!

how refreshing!!

how Simply Loverly!!!

the BBC, that stronghold of politically correct propaganda (redundancy noted), recently got A Load of Joan Rivers

thirty years too late, but better late than never . . .

here, on BBC Radio, you can read the transcript and hear the (brief) audio exchange between the plucky Joan and some self-righteous fake named Darcus Howe

Darcus, revelling in his Morally Superior Blackness, made three mistakes:

1) implying that Joan was a racist;

2) assuming that, like everyone else he has demonized over race in the past, Joan would just shut up and not object to his little game; and

3) forgetting that he was dealing with a white FEMALE, not a white MALE, who could easily be intimidated and silenced by his racism

OOOOhhh Baybeeee! was Darcus in for a surprise! picked the Rong Victim, eh Darcus?


man, it's been a long fall from Medgar Evers to Darcus Howe!

I've seen Joan go off once or twice before on panels when PC weaklings tried to play the race/gender card . . . three cheers for Joan!

fuck off Hilary and Condo, lying sacks of shit

Joan Rivers for President!! maybe she'll knock a few more chips off a few more privileged shoulders

we'd all be better for it

[link pinched from www.angryharry.com]


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