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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hypnosis and Sauron's EYE

ever notice that the CBS logo (created in 1951) looks a LOT like the Devouring EYE of Sauron in the Lord of the Rings?

just a coincidence, i'm sure . . .

in my blogpost below of August 9, 2005, i wrote about the new CBS teevee series, "Close to Home," and the propagandistic ways in which the US television networks -- with collusion from the government and "intelligence community" -- constantly produce and promote shows which:

1) reinforce collective assumptions of the moral/spiritual supremacy of females over males

2) pander to the hordes of female law school graduates, enticing them to enter and perform "justice system" occupations which allow them -- under the guise of "justice," of course -- to wreak holy-hell vengeance upon the male of the species -- retribution that usually has a LOT more to do with exacting vengeance for personal/relational disappointment than it has to do with "justice"

3) disseminate propaganda that's been running full-tilt for decades now, as part and parcel of america's calculated regression to gynocracy -- the goal is to continue re-structuring western psycho-social mentalities (both individual and collective) in a feminist mold: females are inherently Good, and males are inherently Evil (and thus DESERVING of harsh punishment) -- and that, of course, is PRECISELY what western women want to hear

4) "Close to Home" features a "hot" female prosecutor gleefully and self-righteously "raining justice" down on the Male Bad Guys, who are often pursued and caged for "crimes against women and children" -- obviously, a (successful) continuation of an attempt to keep Mama's Vengeance Machine running at full throttle in the west, that the mancages may be kept full, that the "justice system" with its slavering hordes of fresh female D.A.s, prosecutors, prison guards, probation officers, "counselors," parole review boards, ad nauseum, be kept roaring along like the self-justifying blood-beast that it really is

a couple days later,
this appeared on the Net:

Buerk attacks women broadcasters

Michael Buerk said it was time for society to address the problemNewsreader Michael Buerk has said "almost all the big jobs in broadcasting are held by women" who "decide what we see and hear".

The former Nine O'Clock News presenter told the Radio Times: "Life is lived in accordance with women's rules" and men are now merely "sperm donors".

Buerk added that the "shift in the balance of power between the sexes" had gone too far.

"The result is men are becoming more like women," he said.
He cited Tim Henman and David Beckham as examples.

Most women aren't going to want an unemployable sperm donor loafing around and making the house look untidy.

Michael Buerk

His views are to be screened in a new channel Five series Don't Get Me Started! which gives some of the UK's leading opinion-formers a chance to sound off on the issues they feel most strongly about.

He said while making the programme he "came across what I considered a very personal example of the changes that have taken place".

"Almost all the big jobs in broadcasting were held by women - the controllers of BBC One television and Radio 4 for example. These are the people who decide what we see and hear", he said.

Former BBC One controller Lorraine Heggessey has left the BBC, and has been replaced by a man, Peter Fincham, while Mark Damazer is now the BBC Radio 4 controller, replacing Helen Boaden who is now head of BBC News.

The BBC declined to comment on Buerk's assertions.

Male traits

Buerk added that it was time for society to admit there was a problem.
"Look at the changes in the workplace. There is no manufacturing industry any more; there are no mines; few vital jobs require physical strength," he added.

"What we have now are lots of jobs that require people skills and multi-tasking - which women are a lot better at."

'Happy medium'

While Buerk admitted a lot of the changes were for the better, he questioned whether things had gone too far.

"Products are made for women, cars are made for women - because they control what is being bought," he said.

"Some people might argue that this is a case of the pendulum swinging over the woman's side for a change, and eventually it will find a happy medium."

He added he felt men were being given a lesser role in society.
"All they are is sperm donors, and most women aren't going to want an unemployable sperm donor loafing around and making the house look untidy."

sounds like the damn Dam is beginning to crack!

british and american government, law, media, education, etc., are MATRIARCHAL, and THAT is why our cultures are dis-spirited, fatherless, bloatedly materialistic, and without any sense of justice or honor (those being qualities developed by Those Evil Males, after all)

ALL modern western institutions are MATRIARCHAL, and we are constantly brainwashed into a male-as-criminal mentality to justify the fourth-class citizenship under which british and american males have been living for decades, and to excuse the mass disenfranchisement and caging of boys and men ubiquitous over the past four decades

CBS, the Networks, the Government, the media, the academy, the "justice system" -- like Sauron, all have waged war not just on boys and men for decades, but are attempting to annihilate MASCULINITY itself from the world

it's interesting that both the CBS and Sauron images are female/vaginal, especially the "feral center" of Sauron's Eye -- and the stem of the word "Sauron," of course, means "reptilian" or "snakelike" (as in dinosaur, tyrannosaurus, etc.) -- and along with primal reptilianism, "saur" also connotes "dominance" or "mastery," as in the russian title "tsar," pronounced the same as "saur"

mix 'em together, and Sauron suggests an ancient -- indeed primordial -- energy emerging from the depth of the human bio-psychological strata, the "reptilian" or limbic (i.e., pre-forebrain -- see, e.g. Carl Sagan's The Dragons of Eden)

EXACTLY like our modern matriarchies, a la Biblical accounts from Revelation: a Beast from the "sea," the great well of the collective human Unconscious, returning to enslave and devour all who oppose her will

finally: yesterday, A.P./YahooNews published this:

Giant Caiman Makes a Splash at L.A. Lake

Tue Aug 16, 8:24 AM ET

LOS ANGELES - Park visitors have gone from feeding ducks and fish to nourishing a scaly green creature more likely found in Amazonian swamps than a Los Angeles lake — a giant crocodile-like caiman.

Since a gardener spotted it last Friday, people have tried to glimpse the 200-pound reptile wading and sunbathing at Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park.

Like many Angelenos, the animal is an immigrant who is quickly adopting to its new home. It has already acquired, for example, a nickname matching its Latin American roots and its penchant for tortillas tossed by visitors: Carlito.

"They'll swallow anything, and if they can't swallow it, they'll tear pieces until they can eat it," said Jarron Lucas of the Southwestern Herpetologist Society.

Lucas' group, at the request of park rangers, is attempting to capture the animal with nets and a raw chicken, then give it a home at the Los Angeles Zoo. That could take a month, officials say.

Cousins to the crocodile, caimans are mostly found in Central and South America. Experts believe this one, estimated to be as long as 8 feet, was released by its owner.

"They pick up this little reptile that looks really cute when it's little. But when it gets big and starts looking and acting scary, they don't want it any more," Lucas said.

On Saturday, visitors lobbed French bread and jelly doughnuts at the park's 50-acre lake. The caiman didn't bite, though it surfaced several times.

In the afternoon, it was found sunbathing on a grassy area along the shore. When a small lifeguard boat whizzed by, the animal slid into the water and disappeared.

On Sunday, visitors scanned the waters with binoculars and video cameras while officials kept them 80 feet from shore behind yellow police tape.

"It's such an urban area, people just don't see wildlife and people run across it, and they're like, 'Oh, nature!' It scares them," said Bonnie Lea, a member of the herpetologist society.

Eight-year-old Cheyenne Espinoza was among those irked by the caiman
. She wanted to bring a metal bat from her Harbor City home, but her father wouldn't let her.

"I was going to knock the gator out," she said.

too late, Cheyenne

the Beast is already upon US

The rivers are full of crocodile nasties
and He who made kittens put snakes in the grass
He's a lover of life
but a player of pawns
Yes the king on his sunset
lies waiting for dawn
to light up the Jungle
as play is resumed
The monkeys seem willing
to strike up the tunes!

(I. Anderson)


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